La Raza Uber Alles

An Hispanic commenter on the Some Issues With Machismo post takes issue with some of the comments in the post.
First he suggests that Hispanic culture is not regressive, putting the adjective in quotes. And yet it is.
Next he suggests that we only noticed this after our apples got picked and our buildings cleaned. Once again, jobs Americans won’t do.
Finally, he says I should not complain about importing millions of Hispanics, as the millions are already here and you can’t import what is already here.
But we continue to import them, and most of them aren’t even legal anyway. Without amnesty, at least they are not legal. And theoretically we could throw them all back to Mexico at some point if they are illegal.
With amnesty, another vast flood of illegals will begin, since amnesty spurs confidence that in the US it’s legal to be an illegal alien and future amnesties will be forthcoming. Further, there will be a birthrate explosion in the vast sea of low-quality Hispanics already legalized in the amnesty. This is what happened last time.
The children of the newly amestied will be low-quality like their parents, and will create a new round of graffiti-taggers, gang-bangers, school dropouts, teen pregnancies, wrecked schools, trashed and run-down cities, welfare cases and custodians of the criminal justice system.
Illegals are low quality Hispanics from Mesoamerica. When you legalize them, they are still low-quality Hispanics from Mesoamerica. The urban poor and peasants of Mesoamerica simply do not make quality American citizens.
What do they do instead? They recreate Mesoamerica everywhere they go in the US. They don’t seem to be able to do anything else. They don’t stop recreating Tijuana after they get legalized. Legalization changes nothing.
It doesn’t help much with labor either. A newly legalized illegal does not suddenly demand a union and $20/hour. He is still a compliant, easily manipulated Mesoamerican peasant who will work for the lowest dollar available. He will outcompete real Americans for low-wage labor everywhere he goes.
As commenter James Schipper has pointed out, legalizing a mass flood of low-skilled workers will simply flood those occupations with an ocean of excess labor, further driving wages and probably working conditions into the gutter.
Illegals lower wages. They will continue to lower wages after they are legalized.
Further, legalization does not change the problems of field labor.
As far as working in the fields, with bad economic times many legal Hispanics are now doing this.
And we could always have a guest worker program.
But as soon as we legalize 12-20 million criminal invaders, most of them will decide that farm work is too good for them! This is what happened last time. And so we will need many more illegals.
There are legal workers in the UFW, but the farmers here in the Central Valley don’t want to hire them. Why? They have a backbone, a union, they fight back, and demand minimum wage. The farmers need illegals because they won’t hire the UFW!
Last time I checked, 80% of farm workers are paid below the minimum wage here in California. Yet the “farmers” control all of the press and politics in this region. “The farmers” are held aloft as if they are some glorious object of reverence. My opinion of these crooked labor-abusing capitalists is much lower.
The crowd pushing amnesty is pushing a lie. According to the lie, once we legalize X million illegals, we will seal the border forever and we will immediately arrest all illegals found in the US and deport them. Workplaces will be raided continuously to keep the new illegals at bay, and employers who hire illegals will be vigorously fined or possibly even imprisoned.
The lie is, Just let us do this amnesty once, and then we will end illegal immigration once and for all and forever.
It’s a lie! This is extremely important to recognize.
The illegal alien supporters do not want to temporarily fix a problem by amnesty and then put in a permanent crackdown that allows no further illegals. But this is the lie that they sell to us!
Look closely at the pro-illegal crowd, especially the openly treasonous Hispanic organizations.
They don’t believe in enforcing our southern border! They don’t believe in militarizing the border, they oppose more agents, they oppose the wall, they oppose more money for border patrol agents. What do they think we should do instead? I don’t know! I think they believe that anyone who wants to walk across that border ought to just be able to do so unhindered. That right there is an extremely radical position and an utterly insane notion and right off the bat ought to make the Hispanic organizations unwelcome in polite company anywhere in our land.
How about the line that once the new illegals get in, we will quickly arrest and deport them. Forget it!
Read the Hispanic organizations very closely. They oppose any and all arrests of any illegal aliens who are in the US for whatever reason. I guess they think that illegal alien criminals should be deported, but that’s not a very controversial opinion. The line of the Hispanic organizations is once you sneak past the Border Patrol and keep your nose clean, you are home free.
Workplace raids? They oppose any and all workplace raids. I have yet to see one workplace raid that the Hispanic organizations supported. Once the new illegals come in and are home free, they are safe in the workplace too.
E-Verify could easily stop this. E-Verify simply tries to enforce the law by making it almost impossible to “accidentally” hire an illegal alien who “you really and honestly thought was legal.” This is the typical lie that the employers use to justify hiring illegals. Implementing E-Verify would be trivial and enforcing it would be easy. It’s a no-brainer.
The Hispanic organizations have been in the forefront of the fight against E-Verify. They don’t think anyone should have to prove that they are a US citizen to work at any job in America. Unbelievable. That right there is such an incredibly radical position that there shouldn’t even be much of a debate about it among any sane Americans.
What about crackdowns on employers? Even Obama seems like he might be doing this, when he is not busy running around screaming amnesty at the top of his lungs. It seems almost everyone supports crackdowns on employers. Polls show up to 80% support for this. Yet we have few workplace raids in America. Once again, a tiny minority lords it over the vast majority of Americans and enforces minority rule.
The Hispanic organizations? They even oppose cracking down, fining and imprisoning the employers! I am serious, they really do. Nowadays, unbelievably, the Hispanic organizations, usually “leftwing” and “liberal” ones, are often found voicing rightwing lines about how illegal alien cheap labor is great for the economy. I am serious. I have heard Hispanic “Leftists” say this over and over on my “progressive” radio station.
This shows that when it comes to politics, race and ethnicity trumps class politics for Hispanics. It’s La Raza Uber Alles. La Raza comes first, everything else comes second. If “Leftist” Hispanics have to toss class politics in the trash can and embrace a reactionary line to advance the cause of La Raza, they will do it in a New York minute.
So once the new illegals flood across the border, and flood they will in the wake of a new mass amnesty, they will not only be home free once they sneak past the agents, they will find secure jobs doing whatever the Hell they want, and their employers can rest free knowing they can hire all the illegals they want and never go to jail.
After a while, guess what? Soon we will have millions more illegals in the US, and a whole new “illegal alien problem.” With mass amnesty, the Hispanic voter bloc will grow so large that at some point we may have to foreclose all enforcement of our Southern border forever.
This is a roundabout way of saying that all of the Hispanic organizations are de facto Open Borders advocates.
Do they want all of our borders open? Probably not. As true ethnic nationalists, they care first and foremost about La Raza, with everyone else plays second fiddle or is not in the race at all. They probably only want the Southern border open so their ethnic family can continue to flood in. It’s ethnic politics, pure and simple. I don’t think the Hispanics shed one tear about Chinese illegals or Bosnian illegals. The only illegals they care about are their racial brethren.
Regarding janitorial jobs, when I was coming of age in the 1970’s, White people and sometimes Black folks did all the janitorial work. It was a respectable job and positions never went open for lack of workers. I worked proudly as a janitor for many years. There were never any illegals working with us.

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2 thoughts on “La Raza Uber Alles”

  1. Americans and legal residents need to stand behind anti-illegal immigrant heavy hitters like Duncan Hunter(R-CA) He drafted the law to construct the original border fence as a two-tier layers, with roadway between for vehicles, but as always underfunded or tabled in the Senate by anti-sovereignty legislators. In the next incumbent election, remember that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a Democrat of Arizona who took it upon herself, that E-Verify should be scrapped. There are few loyal American politicians, who draft decent pieces of legislation, but then must go against our corrupt Senate run by majority leader Harry Reid. He isn’t even loyal to the American workers in his state of Nevada, who are hurting by the downturn in construction. E-Verify would have denied any hiring in the workplace of illegal labor, offering more opportunity to people with a legal status. He was directly responsible for killing E-Verify, along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Durbin, Berris and 46 other Senators. The Democrats have already weakened the REAL ID Act, and trying to undermine ICE raids. Know who to remove from office when they are looking for your votes. Let them go and work for their friends at the ACLU, US Chamber of Commerce, the radical nuts and the special interest open-border lobby. E-Verify should be a permanent application and nobody should be exempt and should be automatic for every person on the payroll.
    It’s a shame but even national health care, a single payer system for every American–will be dictated to by the greedy, putrid organisms called Insurance Companies who have bleeding our nation dry like blood sucking leeches forever.

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