Some Issues With Machismo Culture

I live with a bunch of Mexicans here and the thing is to be machismo.
In a way I don’t mind that because I’m into masculinity myself. But there’s stuff that I really hate about it too, more that women are property, we get to beat them, and the Hispanics are psychotically jealous of women and will attack other guys for looking at or messing with their women.
Who do they do this? Because she is his property! If you look at her, you are looking at his property with the intention of stealing it. If you mess around with her, you have stolen his property. Worse, I think you have completely humiliated him as a man, and attacking an Hispanic guy’s masculinity is cause for fights or homicide.
White culture is just not like this and I think this aspect of Hispanic culture is backwards and regressive. White guys don’t go beating or killing other guys for messing with or certainly not looking at their women. We’re too civilized for that, at least the White culture I was brought up with.
White guys don’t like it if you mess with their girl and might threaten you, but that’s about it. There’s a real phobia of physical violence in the White towns I have lived in.
The White guy – he might hit the girl! The whole thing is turned around. She’s the one at fault, she slept around and cheated on him. She’s a whore, slut, bitch, etc.
The cheated on guy does not blame the guy who messed with his girl – that guy is just doing what any healthy, red blooded male would do when his gf went for him. In White culture, it’s assumed if you have a beautiful woman, every other guy in town wants her.
We don’t begrudge them that – that’s normal! It’s the responsibility of the woman to keep these wolves who endlessly pursue her at bay – to ignore them, to fend them off, to not encourage them. I don’t think White culture treats women like property anymore, though we sure used to. We’ve just evolved beyond that.
Another aspect of machismo culture is that if an Hispanic woman is with her man, other males are not supposed to talk to her. So down in Mexico if she speaks Spanish and you don’t, the tour guide will ignore her and try to talk to you anyway. By talking to a woman who is with her man, you attack his masculinity.
These are just some of my beefs with Hispanic culture. Why the Left wants to import untold millions of these folks and create new Latin American states in the US and thereby obviously recreate this regressive culture is just beyond me.

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28 thoughts on “Some Issues With Machismo Culture”

    1. This is not true. Just like in all cultures..russian, armenian, german..even polish, there are extremes of behavior. Not taking pictures with babies is a made up myth that you are trying to spread to make the “machismo” issue even pettier. Machismo exists. Yes, that’s true. It’s up to the newer generations to stop this BUT picture taking…come on..your reaching!!

  1. The US only takes into account this “regressive” culture only after their apples have been picked from the orchards and their buildings cleaned. “Importing millions of these folks”? You can’t import what has already been delivered…

  2. You might be right about the jealousy/machismo
    subject, but you’ve gone too far the other way re
    (typical) (white) American male wussification, not evident as late as the 1950s.

  3. It’s not just Mexican guys who are jealous, Mexican chicks are as well. Once I was at a restaurant and after the waitress took our order I lazily allowed my eyes to linger on her as she walked away. My Mexican girlfriend became unglued. “Why are you looking at her legs? I saw you looking at her. My legs are nicer the hers” On and on. If I wore a shirt with out laundering it and she detected the slightest bit of perfume or lipstick on it she would immediately accuse me of cheating on her.
    I’ve been told by Mexican guys that Mexican girls expect Mexican men to cheat on them, but hold out some hope that constant badgering will keep white men in line.
    As an unreconstructed southerner I have a pretty piss poor view of Mexican culture, but I do respect that they still have traditional views about gender. The women have a much better sense of there femininity then American women do. Mexican girls never fart, or pick at themselves in front of their men. They never try to emasculate their man or try to be a man. They are comfortable being female. That is one of there many charms.

    1. Unfortunately, this is true. Not all, but a lot of hispanic females do tend to have self esteem issues that can drive innocent men up the wall. This is the consequence of too much male chauvinism for too many years in a society rich in culture but also rich in unfair treatment of woman. It’s up to the newer generations to change this!

    2. Where I live and grew up in America women don’t fart and pick at themselves in front of ‘their man’. this is an unfair generalization. I for one being a woman have a very strong sense of my femininity and so do many of my colleagues and friends. You’re generalizations and accusations of American women are unfair, insulting, and rude.

  4. Maybe so, Terry, but in the US, White people, at least here in California, just don’t do it all that much. They used to, sure. There’s obviously some of it, but Whites in the US must have one of the lowest wife-beating rates on Earth.

  5. cursed, yes, Mexican women and Mesoamerican women and probably Latin American women in general are extremely feminine. I was going to ask you guys about that because I have started noticing this in this Mexican (US) town I am living in. I must say that the women are very delightful, and their extreme femininity is one of their delights. I also think that their phenotype is extremely attractive, and many of them are better looking than White people. They especially look good from around teenage to about 23 or so. Some keep on looking good until about age 30, but most of the others don’t. They tend to get fat pretty damn quickly and stay that way. From teens to 23 or so a lot of them are still quite thin and they look fantastic. I also think that the White-Indian mix, at least here in CA, produces and very handsome phenotype. I honestly like Latinas way better than White women at this point.

  6. Terry, if you read the article, people are wondering if it could be true. But there are White countries where men still beat their wives a lot. The US is not one of them. You do hear about it quite a bit down South.
    Black men definitely beat women WAY more than White men do.

  7. You might be right about the jealousy/machismo
    subject, but you’ve gone too far the other way re
    (typical) (white) American male wussification, not evident as late as the 1950s.

    What do you mean, Ken?

  8. cursed, I don’t mind fanatically jealous females. At least they acknowledge that I am a straight man who is perfectly capable of cheating on them. It’s also standard feminine behavior. And it shows that she cares and wants to hold onto me for dear life. And also that I am so hot that there are all these other women out there who want me too. That’s what female jealousy is all about.
    I’ll take that over your typical sniping, critical, White bitch who does nothing but put me down anytime. The corollary is the White woman who laughs in your face and says you couldn’t cheat on me if you tried. Because no woman wants you, and because you can barely get any other woman but me anyway, and I only grabbed you as a mercy case.

  9. If genuine femininity is at one side of the spectrum than masculinity is at the other; it sounds oxymoronic, but I would describe a feminized form of masculinity as one which has been pushed much closer to the centre.
    I have noticed that while many women prefer the macho man there is a subset who prefer the metrosexual douche (google douche in google images for pictures). The douche usually tends to attract females which area highly materialistic.
    However, the douche is a different breed than the pick-up artist Mystery, who is depicted in one of the pics in the link to Roissy’s blog (as posted above). Mystery is trendy but dresses off-the-wall since it helps him women women–at least the kind he is trying to nail. But, he and others of his ilk still do not go out of their way to have a macho appearance, despite the fact that they think about getting laid 24-7.

  10. Yes I saw Mystery. He’s a macho guy, but he just doesn’t dress like one. He’s also androgynous though. Check out the New York Dolls from the 1970’s. You can see by the look on his face that he’s a macho guy. He’s just dressing up like a fag or whatever. There’s a lot of guys out there like that.
    I think his “alpha” crap is just dumb. Guys don’t really need to compete like that and chicks don’t choose guys on whether or not they are “alpha.” Not really anyway. Check out my posts on womanizers and The Man With the Golden Sperm.
    The most notorious womanizers I ever knew were not alpha male assholes. They were genuinely nice guys.

  11. I suppose you are correct about them being nice guys. But everyone remembers some asshole jock in high school who got a lot of action. But the nice guys got action in high school too, and have better chances afterwards. It seems like the guys who get get to have sex with many women are assholes because they are assholes in the minds of men, meaning many guys are jealous of them. I have noticed that most tend to be good-looking. All this crap about any guy can get any girl, etc., is a joke, unless we through money into the mix, or the more rare power and rarer yet fame.

  12. It is crap. Any guy can get any girl, WTF man? Dang. At some point reality has to set in. Most straight guys have maybe 5-6 sex partners in their lives, and I doubt if most of them look like models of movie stars.
    That guy has too much stuff on Alpha males. I don’t really agree with all that crap. I need to do a post on this some time.

    1. Yes, I would love to know your take on the whole “Alpha Male” idea. Often you see people claiming they can teach people to be “alpha males.” But I don’t think you can.

  13. I have a beautiful babygirl by a old fashioned machismo! And i think its all true 4 the most part i got beat on and treated like property and got sick of it and put him in jail. And yet i wounder if we all no this why do white women keep going 4 mexican men we are not raised to put up with bullshit like there ladys and thats fine i guess but it cant be because we are stupid? I mean even knowing all this i only date latinos.

    1. I don’t think most women want their asses kicked. But I think they like the idea that their guy will kick somebody else’s ass if necessary.

  14. Well… came late at the discussion, but I think your view of mexican culture is quite narrow. There is machismo, yes. There are guys who beat their women, yes… but this depends highly on the social class they belong. While small villages, low social status families use violence a lot, from middle to high class, educated families don’t. I am Mexican, my father has never touched my mother, no one I know had beaten the crap out of nobody out of jealousy – most likely to happen if both guys are drunk, and they use any excuse to kick each other ass in that case – and the only one boyfriend I’ve had that has been violent on my presence was Finnish, so well… there is no such a thing about white=peaceful, it’s all in the education.

  15. In the USA, white men pluck their eyebrows, let their girlfriends and wives make all the decisions, and are generally disrepected on a daily basis. I’ll take machismo any day over being an emasculated liberal wimp.

  16. This is an old post, But I was just surprised that you think white men aren’t macho and don’t start fights or beat people. You have obviously never lived in the south. Some places in the south are so socially backwards its like going in a time machine back to the 19th century. I have constantly been dealing with rednecks looking for fights since i was a kid. Still am and I’m in my 30’s!

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