"Barack Obama Wants To Cut Off Your Balls, White Man!" by Alpha Unit

This is another guest post by Alpha Unit, a Black female guest poster. Biographical information for Alpha Unit can be found here.
Barack Obama is a menace. People on TV keep saying so.
He’s going around making nice with dictators and Europeans. He’s apologizing all over the place for the imagined sins of America, when everybody knows that America doesn’t sin. He’s endangering us all by releasing highly classified Justice Department documents, when no matter what America does and no matter how many times in a month it does it, it isn’t torture.
The damage Obama has wreaked on the international stage must give way, nevertheless, to the damage he has done to the best and brightest of America. With scalpel (or hatchet) in hand, Obama has the White Man by the scrotum.
The worst fears of Thomas Dixon, “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman, and other grave-ridden defenders of white sovereignty have been realized: the primacy of The Black Phallus is nearing its apogee. And once The Black Phallus has stood aloft, the shadow it casts will cover over half the country and even parts of central America and Canada.
The nation is in crisis. The Washington Monument, a proper and venerable salute to the alabaster manhood of The Real America, stands forsaken as Lady Liberty, much in the way of a certain president’s mother, lifts her skirts to be at the receiving end of the dreaded instrument of white annihilation.
And how do I know this? Why, I read it. On the Internet. If the White nationalists and race realists are to be believed, America as we know and love it, is dead. And the demise of the White race is not far behind.
After the election all the weeping and gnashing of teeth was on full display. “Whites in America just volunteered to be slaves for a few years, providing for Blacks and Mexicans,” one typed fervidly. “After that, it’s a trip to the gas chambers.”
Another looked in horror at images of “young people of all races on college campuses and bars all over the nation yelling, screaming, shouting and hugging and kissing one another when it was announced that Barack Obama had won the presidency,” concluding that “we are done as a nation.”
One especially stricken soul even suggested that many White women voted for Obama out of fear of the hordes of raping Black males that would be unleashed upon them if Obama lost!
Yet another, sounding as if he had materialized out of the Reconstruction-era South, declared balefully that he now looked upon the White House as if it were a daughter, girlfriend, or ex-wife who had slept with a Black. “No matter the contrition, the apologies, the expressions of guilt, they are forever stained and cannot be restored.”
But two gentlemen summed it up most vividly:
“I feel wounded.”
“I feel emasculated.”
Not just upset. Not just angry or appalled. EMASCULATED. Each of them apparently feeling that someone had taken a knife and swiftly severed his balls, leaving a bloody, gaping and ultimately mortal wound.
Who knew the Creator and Guardian of Western Civilization was so…vulnerable? Forget socialism, communism, fascism, and Islamoterrorism. What wakes The Superior Male in the middle of the night, gasping and clutching his chest, is the specter of The Black
Phallus plunging into receptive white crevices.
And now that Obama is in charge, the specter looms. Never mind that White women overwhelmingly prefer White men and probably always will. The crisis of confidence in the White male, unleashed by Obama, will inflict performance anxiety on untold numbers of them.
Those who CAN get it up will be infertile. Out of frustration, White women will abandon their White boyfriends and husbands, scouring the inner cities for sub-Saharan DNA. They’ll be popping out brown babies by the boatload.
And let’s not get started about what this is going to do the White man’s morale. His demoralization will reach critical levels, to the point where he will only be able to sit helplessly by while White America is overrun by these traitorous White women, their mulatto progeny, and the uncles, aunts, and cousins of their mulatto progeny.
Once quiet suburbs will be rattled by the migraine-inducing sound of blasting car stereos. Gathered on previously pristine porches and steps all over his neighborhood will be loud-talking women with frightening hair, guzzling from 40-ounce bottles and screaming “Get over here ‘fo I whup yo’ ass!” at infants. To get from his car to the house, he’ll have to run a gauntlet of leering parolees. “We in the White House now, BITCH. Don’t go nowhere tonight. I’m-a be over there to tap that ass.”
The Real America will be unrecognizable.
Yes, the White Man evolved in harsh northern climates to be resourceful and intelligent, the race realists are more than happy to point out to us. He has had the fortitude to survive in a world where he is in the minority. His Caucasoid genetic heritage has lifted him–and the rest of mankind with him–to social and technological heights once undreamed of. And yet…it’s not enough.
None of it can stand in the face of Barack Obama. A Black guy (with Caucasoid genes) hemmed in, checked, and balanced by White guys. Doesn’t matter, though. That Negroid DNA is powerful enough to wipe out everything the White Man–over millennia–has established.
Oh, the humanity.

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25 thoughts on “"Barack Obama Wants To Cut Off Your Balls, White Man!" by Alpha Unit”

  1. “Maybe a possible terrorist.” “There is no right for you if you are on that terrorist list. You are not a member of the american family. You don’t deserve that right.” -Rahm ”Rahmbo” Emanuel- , Cheif of Staff White House, Obama’s first appointee – a jew from Jewistan (israel).
    ”BREAKING NEWS Rahm Emmanuel Disarms America with MOSSAD computer” at youtube
    “Citizenship is not an entitlement program” -Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel-, Cheif of Staff White House.
    Or in other words from the same jew. “You got no rights!”
    “Obama’s Plan for The Draft- MANDATORY SERVICE everyone 18-25″ 0:33
    ”Commie Rahm Emanuel to Disarm America:”#1 Issue”, Gun Owners are Terrorists”

  2. No, Alpha Unit! You’re putting the horse before the cart. 9/11 was a sort of sympathetic magic voodoo where the levelling of the white man’s tallest erection diminished his collective potency, and left his collective asshole powerless to resist an assault by ‘the powers of darkness’. Bush, Rumsfield etc swaggered and flailed about trying to look virile, but they ultimately proved effete – Bin Laden got up our ass and got away with it. The door was opened and we proved too effeminate to close it again; now our collective sphincters tremble with the knowledge that we are destined to a future as ladyboy whores in the new barbarian empire. Obama is not the cause, just the most obvious symptom, to be followed by much more.
    Of course there are some idiots who point out that his administration is composed almost entirely of jewish partisan extremists…?

  3. Quoting:
    “Whites in America just volunteered to be slaves for a few years, providing for Blacks and Mexicans,” one typed fervidly. “After that, it’s a trip to the gas chambers.”
    Mort sez: LOL! Where did they get that? I thought they “proved” that the logistics of the whole genocide by gas chambers scenario were impossible! Now they’re sounding like a bunch of hysterical Jews! They’d fit right in at a ZOA meeting in 1966!

  4. “Never mind that White women overwhelmingly prefer White men and probably always will.”
    Yes, this is exactly right…women overwhelmingly prefer to breed with men of their own race – http://racehist.blogspot.com/2009/04/miscegenation.html
    The only White women who are breeding with Blacks, Hispanics, etc are very often fat, ugly, and stupid. And their loss only strengthens the overall White gene pool rather than weakens it – it means people with weak racial instincts (again, the ugly/fat/stupid/non-ethnocentric) are leaving the White gene pool and thus making the overall White gene pool stronger as a result.
    Also, Barack Obama is not out to emasculate White men — too many people forget that Obama he is half-White himself. He is also rather dorky and nerdy. And his terms will only last 8 years at the most (he could get voted out in 4), which is clearly not enough time to undermine the foundations of America.

  5. Yes, white men are easy to make fun of, aren’t they…
    Half of all white people voted against McCain, 95% of black people voted for Obama. Nothing to see here…
    Obama and the Democrats oppose immigration law enforcement and push amnesty. Nothing to see here…
    Yes, let’s be frank. Any white male who sees any problem with either of these things is just mad because his dick doesn’t work. Anyone who thinks, in this era of identity politics, that it’s strange to have a 10% minority force their candidate into office must be sexually inadequate.
    Yes, let’s take one person’s insane rant and apply it to anyone who disagrees with the current administration. After all, who could possibly think that Obama’s massive deficit spending and amnesty are potentially catastrophic, unless they secretly believe they will be sent to the gas chamber?
    Oh yes and white chicks, they absolutely hate minorities. Obama’s momma’s sexual reparations and her two deadbeat daddies are a complete fluke, and no one would be so insane as to take her example to mean that a white woman’s children are better off with a “hint of flavour”.
    Oh, and our public schools and universities are preaching white solidarity and supremacy. Just in case someone hadn’t caught on to the joke.

    1. If only there were a Black man in the White House: not the Arab-Black-White cousin of George Bush, Dick Cheney and friend of teh Queen of England.
      Funny, that out of millions of Black men in the US, whose ancestors were taken as slaves to the US, not one could be found to be President.Nope, the son of a Kenyan tribal leader, whose white mother was a Communist beatnik do-gooder, and who was at one time an honest to god Muslim in Indonesia, who has then been greased all the way by cultural Marxism to the top.
      Yep – a Black man in the White House. Surrounded by AIPAC people thicker than hair on your head.

  6. And anyone who thinks that Obama is in the White House as a representative of black people deserves to be ridiculed; he’s just some feel-good window dressing for the same old shit.

  7. Barack Obama doesn’t represent any “people.” He represents certain interests, like any other politician.

  8. What bothers me is that whenever myself or others disagree with Obama’s radical policies, it is assumed that we’re just “upset that a BLACK MAN is in the White House”.
    It also annoys me that the 13% black population is acting like they rose up and overthrew the whites to install a “BLACK MAN” in the White House, just like many blacks act as if they “overcame” slavery or “achieved” civil rights. All of these black “victories” were spearheaded and ultimately achieved mostly by progressive whites, but the whites never get any credit.
    What’s even worse is that Obama is about as far from “black” as the son of a Kenyan can be. While I certainly don’t believe that blacks have any “right” to “finally” hold the highest office in the land, given their relatively small proportion of the population, I would have gladly voted for a black candidate with good ideas and a solid track record.
    Instead we got a completely unknown, unaccomplished globalist corporate puppet who won the election on wishy-washy platitudes and the catastrophic mismanagement of the previous administration and opposition campaign. Obama is not a symbol of black progress so much as proof that our affirmative action culture ignores the truly disadvantaged and merely elevates the prominence of the most privileged NAMs to create the illusion of equality and assuage white guilt.

  9. @racerealist:
    Nowhere in the piece I wrote do I claim that Obama is a symbol of black progress.
    Nowhere in the piece do I claim that criticism of Obama constitutes being upset that a black man is in the White House.
    What is ridiculous in the extreme is for any white man to declare that he feels “wounded” or “emasculated” because Barack Obama is president.
    The fact that there are legitimate criticisms of Obama does not mean that there aren’t people out there who are incensed that this country has a black man as president. Their disgust over it is in plain view for anyone who wants to read it.

  10. “What is ridiculous in the extreme is for any white man to declare that he feels “wounded” or “emasculated” because Barack Obama is president.”
    Of course I agree with that, and I think the emotional response by blacks was equally ridiculous. These visceral reactions are both expressions of tribalism, and I object to the notion that blacks are entitled to tribal loyalty but whites aren’t.

  11. Tribal loyalty.
    I’m well aware of the demands of “tribal loyalty.” I’ve been berated for being insufficiently loyal to the “tribe” myself.
    I guess every tribe needs its loyalty police.

    1. Robert this makes me wince…That maybe you’re tracking people posting on your articles and releasing tidbits of their info to the public if you do not agree.

  12. I couldn’t care less what colour Obama is or what threat he poses to my manhood. At my age I’m past caring about that sort of stuff. All I know is that at long last us Europeans feel we have our own stake in the US Presidency. About time too, with America having run the show for so long (placing its missiles in our back yard, for instance, and saying to the Soviets: “You want to start something? Come over here and try it!” ) Dangerous times. And as for George Bush – he dragged my country into the most ill-judged and downright illegal foreign adventure in its recent history (Iraq, of course) and did he ask my permission first? Did he f***! Thanks to Caucasian George, there are areas of my home town of Burnley where I don’t feel 100% safe any longer, local moslem resentment about the “Crusade” being so strong. For pity’s sake, Bush actually used that word in the early days! Had the man no grasp at all of the implications of what he was saying, of the nuances of language? Barack Obama has an obvious understanding of the currents of history (absolutely essential in a US President) and at least he is gifted with the power of speech. But maybe the problem I’m having with some of the comments about his race stem from the fact that I don’t understand American irony? Anyway, I feel I’ve joined this discussion too late in the day, and all my wit and wisdom, like the flower in the poem, will waste its fragrance on the desert air. Well that’s it – I’ve been at this computer far too long, and I’m for my bed. Don’t you guys go starting any wars while I’m sleeping, you hear?

    1. I’m new to this site, so thanks for making me feel welcome. From the beginning I’ve found some of the opposition to President Obama rather scary. Something primitive, feral and very dangerous seems stirring in the white reactionary psyche. You continue to lash these people into a frenzy with your ridicule, it makes them break cover, but please, be careful.

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