"What Women Want," by Alpha Unit

This is a guest post by Alpha Unit. Alpha Unit is a Black woman who is a supporter of the Black Women’s Empowerment Movement that can be seen in many Black women’s blogs on the Net. The movement is difficult to sum up. My understanding of this movement is that is it in opposition to many of the stereotypes about Blacks and Black females in particular.
They align themselves with the more assimilated population of Blacks and take offense to the notion that Blacks are rude, uncivilized, ghetto, loud, belligerent and unmannered. To put it another way, they are opposed to the Ghetto variety of Blacks.
I have noted many times on this blog that the Black community is splitting into a Ghetto Underclass style and an Assimilated or Middle Class style. The assimilated ones increasingly want little to do with the ghetto crowd. Ghetto is more of a style than an economic space – many wealthy rappers are still very ghetto, and many poor Blacks are assimilated. In particular, this group is opposed to the notion that Black females are seen as too aggressive.
Instead of just belligerently using psychological defenses to deny the issue, some Black women in this movement are investigating it with the notion towards creating what I would call a New Black Femininity.
This group of women has also been proposing that Black women open themselves up to interracial relationships, in particular with White men. This issue itself needs some examination.
First of all, Black women are the most racially loyal of any ethnic females in the US. They are much more racially loyal than Black males to boot. The reasons are diverse, but many Black females have bad feelings about White males stemming from slavery and all. Further, Black females are simply attracted to Black males. Black males are the most masculine of any males, and Black females also have high testosterone levels.
It follows that they find extremely masculine Black males very attractive on a number of levels. White females are also attracted to the hypermasculinity of Black males.
White racists say that Blacks are inherently aesthetically ugly, but Black females don’t seem to think so. Black males also think that Black females are quite attractive. Both groups grow up with each other, get used to each other, and probably find their own race most attractive, which I figure most ethnic groups do, leaving White racist lies aside for now.
Why should Black females open themselves up to the possibility of relationships with White males? Simply mathematics. Black males are increasingly scarce and there are many more available Black females than Black males. Black males are scarce due to high rates of imprisonment, probation, drug and alcohol addiction, disability, unemployment and early death. Most of the decent ones are already married, and there are quite a few gay Black men.
Deep down inside, most Black females really prefer a Black guy, no matter what the White racists say. But there’s not enough to go around. Lesbianism is not attractive to most of these women. “Man-sharing” is a new phenomenon that probably works quite well for the men but pretty poorly for the women. A lot of Black women are either going to be alone for the rest of their lives or they are going to have to branch out. Opening up to White men is a purely pragmatic decision.
There are issues between White men and Black women other than history. Many White males find Black women to be scary and too aggressive. Many Black women probably find White males to be too wimpy. Black women often complain that White penises are too small compared to the Black penises that they are used to.
White men hear about these things and want to run for the door. Personally, if I suspect a woman thinks I’m too small or too wimpy, I’m setting a new 100 yard dash record out of here.
Nevertheless, the movement shows promise, and the number of Black females dating and even marrying White males is rising. Young Black females are increasingly adventurous. Young White guys are a lot less racist than their elders and Black women are potentially part of the game plan.
This essay stems from an Internet debate I had with Alpha Unit on submissiveness and femininity.
What would it take for you to submit–freely–to another person? What would it take for you to love it?
I don’t think anybody comes into the world “submissive.” We all arrive here needy, self-centered, and demanding. Children are unreserved tyrants. An infant wants what he wants, and he wants it NOW. His will is to live, and his will is paramount.
Every human being comes into the world with the will to further his own ends. This means every female human being as well. There is nothing inherently “submissive” in being female. And female is not the same as feminine. “Femininity” and “submissiveness” are cultural imperatives, not innate ones. A woman is different from you, but she certainly is not LESS THAN you. She’s not naturally inclined to set aside her own will to satisfy somebody else. No one is.
Like anyone else, female human beings respond to incentives. They tend to do what they are rewarded for doing. They tend to avoid what they are penalized for doing.
So when a man says he wants a “submissive” woman, what exactly does he want?
For a person to set aside her own will, she has to be highly motivated to do so. She needs to know that it would be in her best interest to set aside her will. And why would a woman subordinate her will to yours? You’re going to have to persuade her. Actually, you’re going to have to SHOW her. She has to see for herself that she is better off subordinating her will to yours. Or, even better, that she’s going to LOVE subordinating her will to yours.
In spite of what some people think, this isn’t something that can be done by force. You might be able to compel obedience, but you can’t force someone to respect or trust you. And if a woman doesn’t respect or trust you, she won’t submit to you. She might do as she’s told. But she’s not a fool. She’ll know you don’t deserve her respect or trust. And you won’t get it. The odds are that she’s looking for ways to undermine you. You’ve probably made an enemy of her–and you’ll be the last one to find out.
The motivation for women to be subordinate varies across cultures. Where women are almost entirely dependent on men, they must submit to male prerogatives in order to survive. If, in order to survive, a girl must be married, then she must do whatever it takes to get and keep a husband.
(For example, if, in order to survive a girl must have a husband, and in order to have a husband she must be “circumcised,” then she’s going to be, no matter how personally brutal and incapacitating it is. The older women will see to it.)
Similarly, if a woman lives in an environment where in order to be secure she has to attach herself to a man that other men fear and submit to, then she will. And she’ll put up with whatever she needs to (You would be amazed at women will subject themselves to, and subject their children to, in order to feel secure.) I don’t believe this says anything about whether she’s inherently “submissive,” or whether she’s “naturally attracted to thugs.”
What it says is that, like any other human being, she is dedicated to her self-preservation, and that if the benefits of being in a situation outweigh the costs, then she’s there to stay.
But in a culture where the women don’t need to marry in order to survive, why would there be any premium on submissiveness? If I don’t need to attach myself to a man in order to feel safe, why would I submit to one? In this situation the man would have to persuade me to submit. I would have to know that if I completely let my guard down and let myself be vulnerable, that you’re going to “catch” me. That you wouldn’t let me get hurt for anything in the world. That I’m going to like it. (And it might even be hot.)
Because women want, more than anything else, to feel safe.

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14 thoughts on “"What Women Want," by Alpha Unit”

  1. We should convince Black females and Asian males to fuck each other, or Black females and Hispanic males.

  2. Yeah you’re right. WN talk should be about Whites.
    American Thinker is not WN. It’s just conservative. I like it sometimes, esp the posts on Islam. Some good writers over there.
    I figure most Hispanics, Blacks and Jews are de facto Hispanic, Black and Jewish nationalists, mostly in a good way. I don’t see why Whites couldn’t be the same, but almost all WN’s are really nasty racists. WN should be about promoting the interests of your people, not about racism. You can promote the interests of your group without being a racist ass.

  3. I like it when intelligent White Nationalists like “Guessedworker” at http://majorityrights.com/index.php/weblog/, or “Tanstaafl” at http://age-of treason.blogspot.com/Age-of-treason.blogspot.com , or whoever runs http://www.occidentaldissent.com/
    go up to glib Ivy League Jews like Lawrence Auster http://www.amnation.com/vfr/ who are trying to pass for white and politely show them the door. That’s sport. But for shits and giggles I like to laugh along with Alex Linder (VNN) and his pal Craig Cobb (Podblanc) at Angela Davis and Cornel West’s Blackademy minstrel shows. What ever happened to Blofly and Slappy White? How come Tavis Smiley never interviews them?

  4. “Why do you say that, Shawn?”
    It was really an off-the-cuff remark, said with sarcasm. I have a weird sense of humor. The major downside about text communication is that it is hard to convey sarcasm at times.

  5. I heard about one once. I taught at a Black school and there was a good looking Black woman there who said she had an Asian bf. Part of the problem is that a lot of Asian guys are super racist and really hate Blacks. They mostly hate Black guys, but I guess they are not wild about Black women either.
    Black women are the most aggressive and masculine of all women (but I still think a lot of them are hot anyway). That doesn’t mean they are dykey or anything. To me it means more than Black women are alpha people. Asian guys are the least masculine and the least aggressive guys. They’re not gay; they are just far away from the macho scale. So a paring of the least masculine males with the most masculine females seems doomed from the start. Asian guys probably see Black women are terrifying and Black women probably see Asian guys are ultrawimps.

  6. Olive,
    I think there may be some wiggle room in contemporary art for WNs get the point across to white audiences that we’re giving the store away to a rising tide of ungrateful color. In order for this bitter pill to make it past the cultural gatekeepers, though, it has to be delivered with a certain degree of stealth. This is where the “art” comes in.
    In exposing the hubris of minority victimhood and opposition ethnocentricism I am stuck with irony, which has become a tired postmodern trope, and satire which isn’t considered serious by critics unless it has acquired the gravitas of history. Unfortunately, the arts here and abroad are totally devoid of any WN thinking thanks to their complete Judaization. Non-Left leaning artists is an oxymoron except maybe in the home made pagan music subculture where some disgraced pre-WWII nationalist philosophers and forgotten artists have been resurrected as ammunition in the critique of globalism.
    I’m not kidding when I admit that Alex Linder, Craig Cobb and even Tom Metzger make me laugh. For me they’re like George Carlin on crack and laughing is a lot more fun than banging your head against a wall trying to argue about race with a nation of clueless citizens who couldn’t wait to rush out and put an apparent Kenyan in the presidency.

  7. Born in British India in 1865, Rudyard Kipling was educated in England before returning to India in 1882, where his father was a museum director and authority on Indian arts and crafts. Thus Kipling was thoroughly immersed in Indian culture: by 1890 he had published in English about 80 stories and ballads previously unknown outside India. As a result of financial misfortune, from 1892-96 he and his wife, the daughter of an American publisher, lived in Vermont, where he wrote the two Jungle Books. After returning to England, he published “The White Man’s Burden” in 1899, an appeal to the United States to assume the task of developing the Philippines, recently won in the Spanish-American War. As a writer, Kipling perhaps lived too long: by the time of his death in 1936, he had come to be reviled as the poet of British imperialism, though being regarded as a beloved children’s book author. Today he might yet gain appreciation as a transmitter of Indian culture to the West.
    The White Man’s Burden
    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Send forth the best ye breed–
    Go bind your sons to exile
    To serve your captives’ need;
    To wait in heavy harness,
    On fluttered folk and wild–
    Your new-caught, sullen peoples,
    Half-devil and half-child.
    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    In patience to abide,
    To veil the threat of terror
    And check the show of pride;
    By open speech and simple,
    An hundred times made plain
    To seek another’s profit,
    And work another’s gain.
    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    The savage wars of peace–
    Fill full the mouth of Famine
    And bid the sickness cease;
    And when your goal is nearest
    The end for others sought,
    Watch sloth and heathen Folly
    Bring all your hopes to nought.
    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    No tawdry rule of kings,
    But toil of serf and sweeper–
    The tale of common things.
    The ports ye shall not enter,
    The roads ye shall not tread,
    Go mark them with your living,
    And mark them with your dead.
    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    And reap his old reward:
    The blame of those ye better,
    The hate of those ye guard–
    The cry of hosts ye humour
    (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:–
    “Why brought he us from bondage,
    Our loved Egyptian night?”
    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Ye dare not stoop to less–
    Nor call too loud on Freedom
    To cloke (1) your weariness;
    By all ye cry or whisper,
    By all ye leave or do,
    The silent, sullen peoples
    Shall weigh your gods and you.
    Take up the White Man’s burden–
    Have done with childish days–
    The lightly proferred laurel, (2)
    The easy, ungrudged praise.
    Comes now, to search your manhood
    Through all the thankless years
    Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom,
    The judgment of your peers!
    (1) Cloak, cover.
    (2) Since the days of Classical Greece, a laurel wreath has been a symbolic victory prize.

  8. “But in a culture where the women don’t need to marry in order to survive, why would there be any premium on submissiveness? If I don’t need to attach myself to a man in order to feel safe, why would I submit to one?”
    This was part of the social contract that governed relations between men and women for millennia. Women submitted to the authority of husbands, fathers, etc. and in return, men did the dirty work, furnished protection and status, and provided the necessities of life.
    Today, women no longer see these things as deriving from a submissive relationship with a man, and have changed their behavior accordingly. Yet men are still expected to show the traditional deference to women also known as chivalry, and in most cases do. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

  9. Great comment Mort. I never really thought of it that way. I just bought the feminist line that we tyrannically enforced our patriarchal male dictatorship over them because we were stronger and they couldn’t fight back. In truth, of course, it was a contract all along, two parties, with both signing on the dotted line.
    We’re still fulfilling part of our half of the contract, and they have bailed on theirs. Great.

  10. Robert, I had a much longer post written, but I felt that it didn’t make the point clearly enough. Women have ALWAYS had the sole power, the most important power, to make babies. The history of man can largely be seen in the light of competition for access to this power. To varying degrees throughout history, men have had the ability to coerce women into producing their offspring.
    It is an extremely recent phenomenon for women to have control over their reproductive function. From there, we almost immediately reached a point where women have unilateral control over procreation. Straight women can fuck 24/7, and through birth control and abortions they would never be at risk of having unwanted children. Lesbians can procreate without ever so much as looking at a male.
    Men these days have sex at their own risk – if for whatever reason you get a woman pregnant, you are on the hook for her decision. Whether or not you want the kid, you are forced to support it financially. There can be no social contract when the power is all on one side. Men are rapidly becoming obsolete in Western society. I don’t think that women have “bailed” on the contract, I simply think that the factors which made the contract necessary no longer apply.

  11. That’s a really great comment, RR. I haven’t really thought about any of that stuff too much. Too bad there is no birth control for men. Some of my friends got fixed and decided to have no kids. For sure that’s one way! You can screw all you want and never knock up anyone.

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