Photo of Slim Virgin of Lamerpedia

This is one of the most obnoxious and evil members of the Wikipedia Cabal, Slim Virgin.

Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.
Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.

She is an incredibly interesting human being. I don’t have time to go through the whole story of her role on Wikipedia; it’s worthy of a novel. But her arrival on Wikipedia has been one of the most regrettable things that ever happened to the online Enpsychopedia. Here is a pretty good summary of the sorry state of affairs on the online Enpsychopedia:

Particularly around the period discussed (2006ish), the Wikipedia “community” was a total disgrace. People like SlimVirgin wielded way too much power in a grossly uneven fashion, and used the farcical policies (in this case the Conflict of Interest policy) at a whim to attack or ban opponents.
As a result, numerous people were mistreated, and these people were not going to take it lying down. A myriad of long lasting disputes developed, which Slim made no attempt to relinquish or resolve. This made SlimVirgin arguably Wikipedia’s most regrettable arrival, alongside people like Grawp, JzG, WillyonWheels etc.
Anyone disagree with that?
The exception I would have to take is to the implication that Wikipedia is now or ever will be different than it was then.
The dynamics that we watched being played out in this particular trajectory is built-in, generic, and persistent. It pollinated the blooms and germinated the seeds that flowered again and again as o relinquish or resolve.

All of the folks listed here, Essjay, FeloniousMonk, Jayjg, KillerChihuahua, SlimVirgin, um yeah, they’re Jews. They’re a bunch of Jews. They have horns behind their ears, they drink kid’s blood on holidays, and when they pass, they are buried standing up. The only one I don’t know about is KillerChihuahua. The rest I think are part of the notorious Wikipedia Jew Conspiracy.
I’m getting tired of writing about this crap because I get called an anti-Semite every time I do. Also, all of these people are assholes, and my life is way too full of familiar assholes as is without having to write about complete stranger assholes. Right now I want all the assholes, including the Wikipedia Jew assholes, to jump in a spaceship and make a failed attempt to colonize a nearly planet.
Anyway, back to the story. Why the Wikipedia Jews? I don’t know. Jews are great conspirators; well, some Jews are great conspirators. Nobody really knows why, but I suspect that hyperethnocentrism is involved.
Wikipedia was tailor-made for Jewish conspirators. They might as well have hung a billboard outside advertising the place and telling them to all swarm on in. The temptation of controlling one of the world’s major fonts of information, to a certain type of Jew, is like a cookie jar to kid. No way can they keep away from that.
Every time I write about this I always have to discuss whether or not this mean Jews R’ Evil. I don’t think so. I think it means Jews R’ Smart and the rest of us are a bunch of dumbfucks. Any ethnocentric ethnic group or sociopolitical interest group with an agenda to push should try to grab the horns of Information and ride them into the sunset, brainwashing the hoi-polloi all the way to the bank.
Anyway, Slim’s career is very interesting. She is extremely intelligent, and I think she went to Oxford or some great school like that.
She is extremely fragile. When you see her, you know this. She looks like she’s going to fall apart if you look at her wrong. And that’s what she spent most of her time at Oxford doing – falling apart. She liked some guy, but I guess he didn’t like her back, or something. She fell apart again, this time for good. She left college and moved back to Canada where she lives alone. She is reportedly extremely shy and is still very fragile emotionally.
She’s skinny, and that’s why she’s called Slim. She’s a vegetarian and as her name implies, she’s into celibacy. That means she doesn’t like to fuck other humans. This is possibly a good thing as at least her genetic line will cease.
There is a lot of talk over whether or not this woman is a Mossad spy. She’s too much of a flake and an emotionally not ok person to be a Mossad spy. There’s a lot of talk over whether she’s one of dem Jews or not. I guess she’s a Jew.
She lives alone in Canada, eats bean sprouts, never gets laid, and spends all of her time on Wikipedia. She has no life. Her life is Wikipedia. On Wikipedia her story is one of endless corruption and drama and weird, bizarre entanglements, deceits, conspiracies, abuses of power and just general evilness. She is a master of the Net and has more sockpuppets and aliases than you can imagine. The stories of her endless conspiracies are more confusing than a Thomas Pynchon novel.
You can start here if you’re bored, but it goes on for 37 years (I mean pages) and you’ll probably die of natural causes or boredom before you finish.
The moral to the story? The moral to the story is lameness. Slim Virgin is lame. The Wikipedia Jews are lame. Wikipedia itself is way lame.

Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.
Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.

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16 thoughts on “Photo of Slim Virgin of Lamerpedia”

  1. Her name is Linda Mack. She went to Cambridge University, where she suddenly changed her accent one day (form Canadian to British). Her boyfriend was killed in Lockerbie, and ever since then she’s had a screw loose. No idea if she’s Jewish. Worked for ABC news to investigate Lockerbie, but was dismissed when ABC realized she was a plant and feeding internal ABC stuff to the police/intelligence services.

  2. Skinny witch. I’ve heard of her; Neil Clark, good British journalist and blogger (though sparsely), had some problems with her – I can’t remember the details though. That was interesting wasn’t it?

  3. User:Jayjg is WAAAAAAAAAAY worse than User:SlimVirgin is or ever was.
    Jayjg the Canadian Jew/Zionist is a one man censorship machine. He is a gargantuan control freak despite Wikipedia policy against owning articles. Being a control freak is of course a typical Jewish personality trait, but this Jayjg guy takes it to the most fanatical extreme humanly possible – he and his Jewish clique believe that they literally own or are in charge of nearly EVERY single article, category, template or page dealing with Jews, Judaism, Zionism, Israel, etc on Wikipedia. It is all truly sickening what has occurred with this guy and his Jewish gang because their blatant POV (they don’t even bother to hide their POV anymore) goes against everything Wikipedia stands for.
    Every vigilant person who cares about freedom of knowledge, accuracy, and non-censorship has a duty to monitor Jayjg’s edits and revert them or challenge them as necessary; see his edits at the following link:

  4. She HAD to of digitally modified that picture with pic editing software or else she is wearing very blue coloured contact lenses in that picture – those eyes are just far too unnaturally blue looking to be her real eyes. If they are real, they are beyond creepy – reminds me of the eyes of a very deep coldwater fish or something – maybe she is a Pisces? 😉
    My verdict=she is likely another Jew (or partial Jew…..maybe 1/4-1/8?…..likely of Russian-Jewish descent like so many of the Jews in Canada [used to the cold and can tolerate the minimal sunshine], SO MANY Russian Jews try to go crypto)…with those eyes she is trying to look more Northern European by lightening her features like so many of those Marranos do.
    However, kudos to her for fighting back against the increasingly corrupt Wiki system a bit lately – she had her adminship (volunatarily?) removed, quit editing Wikipedia for a long while, argued hardcore on some talk pages with big time editors and she even posted some very critical stuff at the Wikipedia Review website at one point:
    However, now she is back in the thick of things again, editing full speed ahead once more – like so many others, she can’t quite beat that Wiki-addiction. Jews are very prone to obsessive and addictive behaviors – OCD is epidemic amongst Ashkenazi Jews as a result of their extensive inbreeding.

  5. Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She’s actually kind of hot for a psycho broad.
    You think she’s hot? WTF?!??!? I’m starting to wonder about the quality of broads in the rainbow coalition of sex partners you’ve had over your life, dude.
    Her face strikes me as fairly Jewish though not obviously, strikingly so. Anyway, it’s clear from her activities on Wikipedia that she’s a Jew.

  6. Worked for ABC news to investigate Lockerbie, but was dismissed when ABC realized she was a plant and feeding internal ABC stuff to the police/intelligence services.
    If true, this is fascinating, considering that Lockerbie was probably a Mossad op, like most “Islamic” terrorism.

  7. Silver: Ok, that’s funny. I gotta admit, racists are a laugh a minute when they’re in a good mood. Alex Linder is one of the funniest guys around. So he’s a Nazi, so what? A lot of racists are falling down hilarious.

  8. Yeah, you’ll think it’s funny when I track you down and murder you, Silver, you Arab vermin. Typical fucking Arab or German subhuman scum.

  9. PJ, here’s a tip: no one thinks anyone on the internet is really tough. And I’ll say it: No one actually thinks Jews are tough. It’s not good or bad; it just is what it is. But here you are, a Jew (or so you claim) on the Internet. Draw your own conclusions.

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