The Smearing of Mark Lepine

Don’t get me wrong here. Mark Lepine was a very, very, very bad man. He was a killer, and he murdered 14 completely innocent people. It was indeed a hate crime, as he specifically targeted women. In his suicide note, he said he hated feminists, and he said that feminists had ruined his life. The media silence about this fact was overwhelming. Mark Lapine’s rage at feminists – note feminists, not females in general – was carefully elided, and International Feminism (a “conspiratorial” international network similar to International Zionism and many other international networks) went into high gear. Lapine’s rage at feminists was dutifully erased and was replaced at rage at all women. A feminist hater (We can debate the morality of this!) was replaced with a misogynist, a woman hater (not acceptable even in my book). Marc Lepine actually had a list of prominent feminists who he intended to kill. Assuming he would have pulled off even one of these dreamed-of homicides, we would have a different case altogether. I guess it would still be wrong, because murder’s murder, but at least we could have a conversation. Instead he opened up on 14 women in an Engineering class at the prime of their lives, and the debate never even started. Marc Lepine probably did not hate women. He surely hated feminists, we know this. It’s quite possible that he hated feminists, not women, and the two, thank God, are not yet synonymous. Lepine’s homicidal rage at feminism was channeled very cunningly into a Ted Bundy-like hatred of all females, and the debate over whether feminism is Manna or shit for the West, or anything in between, never got started. Western feminists are nuts. No men in the history of the Earth have ever treated women as well as Western men have, and White Western men have treated women the best of all. Instead of being a reactionary talking point, this is a progressive and even revolutionary tribute to the White man of the West. The Left, and Western feminism, has turned this fable on its head. Instead of being the best thing to ever happen to womankind, Western Whites were the scourge, not only of the planet, but of all of Femalekind. The horrifying misogyny of the rest of the world, in particular the sickeningly backwards Third World, was erased and scribbled out. The Cave Man behaviors of Third World men were not indigenous after all. It turns out that all of this repulsive and deadly patriarchy was instead instilled in pure as snow 3rd World males by evil Western White colonialists. Prior to that, the men of the 3rd world were God’s gift to womankind. They would have all have helped found NOW, but only they were born in the wrong century. The angriest women of all should be found in the horribly oppressed world of the 3rd World. Instead, these women are the least angry and possibly the happiest. The angriest women of all, and probably the most miserable, are the women of the West, who are treated better than any females on Earth. Who are they furious at? At Western men, mostly Western White men, who have been kinder and gentler to women than any men in the history of mankind. None of this makes any sense! I want to end on an outrageous note. I don’t sympathize with the killer Lepine. But I sympathize with his mind. I agree! Kill the Western feminists! I mean that as a a harmless intellectual sentiment, not as a call to action. I have never killed a woman and I probably never will. I have never hit a woman not related to me and hopefully I never will, and I am 51 and have been round the block many times. But in my heart of hearts, I am with Mark Lepine. I want to kill the Western feminists. I really do. Every last one of them.

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32 thoughts on “The Smearing of Mark Lepine”

  1. Smearing of Mark Lepine..? Dude the guy was whacked.. a spree killer who randomly murdered people because they were female.. who knows if the people he murdered were feminists. And are all feminists bad in your book..? Like the ones who promoted woman’s suffrage ..? I really doubt that’s what you think. For reference he’s the wiki page on him:
    Apparently his father also hated women:
    Lépine was born Gamil Rodrigue Gharbi, the son of Algerian immigrant Rachid Liass Gharbi and Monique Lépine, in Montreal and was baptized a Roman Catholic as an infant. He spent much of his early childhood in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, where his father was working as a successful mutual fund salesman. The family moved back to Montreal permanently in 1968, shortly before a stock market crash led to the loss of much of the family’s assets. Gamil’s father had contempt for women and believed that they were only intended to serve men. He was verbally and physically abusive to his wife and children,once striking his son so hard on the face that the marks were visible a week later. He discouraged tenderness between mother and child, as he considered it spoiling. When Gamil was seven, his parents separated and were subsequently divorced in 1976.He lived with his mother and younger sister Nadia, seeing little of their father of whom they were afraid. Rachid Gharbi subsequently ceased contact with his children and moved abroad

  2. Yeah, he killed 14 innocent women, true.
    Point is, it’s dubious whether he hated women or whether he hated feminists. In his suicide note he never says a thing about women, he just rants on and on about feminists. Is it possible that he liked women but he hated feminists. If so, shall we discuss what it is that’s pissing so many guys off about these feminists. Oh no! He didn’t hate “feminists”, he hated all women!
    And are all feminists bad in your book..?
    Well, my Mom’s a feminist. I told her I hated feminists and we had a talk about it and it turns out that we both hate the same thing. She calls them “radical feminists”. I’m all for equal rights but this shit has just gotten way outa hand. I’m very sympathetic to the feminists in the 3rd world, as they’re really living in some horrible misogyny. The ones here have got it made. The women who are treated better than another other women on Earth are the most furious and hateful women on Earth. The women who are the most oppressed are the least angry. The men who have treated women better than any men in the history of mankind, Western Whites, are the most despised of all by Western feminism, while the men of the 3rd world, who act like cave men and treat women like shit are given the hands off treatment.
    I live in a town that’s full of Mexicans. The men are men and the women are women. The men are extremely macho, machisimo men, masculine to the extreme. The women are traditional feminine women. Now, maybe there’s problems with that, but you know what? Those people are happy! They’re happy dammit! Women want to be feminine women. Men want to be masculine men. Western feminism feminizes men and masculinizes women. Look at your typical Western White bitch. She seem happy to you? She’s not happy! Look at your typical wimpy guy? He seem happy? He’s miserable! If a woman can’t be a feminine woman (and feminism forecloses this) she cannot be happy. If a man can’t be masculine, he can’t be happy either.
    Western feminism has ruined women are is on its way to ruining men too. The terrifying this is that it’s threatening to take over the world and infect the whole rest of the world with feminism. That rest of the world has not yet been feminist-wrecked.
    Nothing unusual about the guy’s father, he’s just a typical Arab.

  3. I live in a town that’s full of Mexicans. The men are men and the women are women. The men are extremely macho, machisimo men, masculine to the extreme. The women are traditional feminine women. Now, maybe there’s problems with that, but you know what? Those people are happy!
    I get your point but ….
    People from cultures closer to the equator in general seem happier.
    And I would say much of Asia has rather well defined gender roles but I wouldn’t described South Korea and Japan as being full of happy people. (On the contrary both nations are noted for having high suicide rates..)

  4. Uncle Milton, I ask you. Why are all these Western males flocking to Asian women and Latinas? You think this is happening for no reason?
    You mean in the US or overseas…?

  5. The militant feminism is promoted by the jews to pit women against the white man. To bad he diden’t get the bithes that deserve to die.
    ”THE SECRET EMPIRE” about America.
    The whole issue is really easy, there is a global jew mafia that want to control the whole world and take all non-jews as their slaves. How do they do that? First the jew mafia has to control the biggest empire in mans history and that is America and the jew mafia totally controls America. What the jew mafia wants is a global police state, paid and executed by stupid americans – and they are getting it.
    Once you get the big picture it’s amazing how easy it is to control America and how easy it is for the jew mafia to make America go off and fight their wars by proxy. There are two moments that has shaped the world more then anything else the last 150 years or so, and that is communism and zionism, they are twins and they are both jewish frauds.
    To fully understand this you must understand what communism really is. Communism is about one thing and one thing ONLY – to control the state! According to the jewish racist, supremacist Talmud are the jews god’s chosen people that one day shall rule over all non-jews, in essence take all non-jews as slaves, all the wealth belongs to the jews.
    Karl Marx was a jew and what he in essence said to the other jews was: We take over the state, steal everything and take all non-jews as slaves. The reason 99 percent of all jews are communist is because communism is judaism rewritten for non-jews consumption. What communism does is that it promises the non-jews to be the new leaders and they will have anything they want.
    That the jews did in Russia in 1881, 19o5 and 1917. What the jews don’t tell the non-jews is that as soon as the jews control the state they will steal everything and take the very same non-jews as slaves. To fully understand this you MUST understand that Sovjet was totally controlled by the global jew mafia. The jew mafia planned, financed and lead the coup 1917 in Russia. To control a country you must control the secret police and that the jews did in Sovjet. Search: ”Stalin’s jews” by Sever Plocker in Ynet, both jewish.
    Communism is a jewish Blueprint for world domination. As how it was in Sovjet the jews wanted in the whole world. You can take any communist movement in any country and you will find jews behind the frontman and how this is possible is because what the jews did with Russia was to change the name to Sovjet and turned the whole country into one gigantic arms factory, toke potential leaders to be to Moscow, trained them in Marxist-Leninistiskt mumbo jumbo (in essence bullshit to distract people from the real issue: Who controls the state?) and give them all the weapons they needed to get in power. If they diden’t obey the jews they got no ammo.
    It’s very easy to control the leaders and that is one reason the jew mafia got so much power that they can control a whole country and only be a few jews. Communism was thought to have Moscow as the world capitol. It diden’t work out and then the jew mafia changed it to that Washington was going to be the worlds capitol. How do you always win a poker game? You play all hands and that is how the jew mafia operates.
    The ”Cold war” was a fraud and test of new weapon system. Why it was a fraud is that the jew mafia controlled both Moscow and Washington the whole time. Yes, l know that this sounds crazy and totally contradicting but this is a fact and this is how the jews did that. How do you control the (m)asses? You scare the crap out of people. Nuclear war Sovjet-USA = scaremongering. If you forget or is to young to remember, just look at America after 9-11 = scaremongering. Scared people = they do as their leaders tells them.
    When the jews took over Russia they forced the common man to goto war. Some refused and that is why the russian conscripts is beaten severely, if they died was of no importance and most just shut up and did as they were told. The commissaires that shot the russian soldiers that went back was jews. The movie Enemy of the state tells how that worked. All the commissaires in the move are played by jews and that is exactly how it was in real life. Just watch it and remember that all the commisaries are jews.
    When the jews took over Russia and renamed it Sovjet in 1917 they tried to wipe out everything russian. Then the jews changed it 180 degree and made the russians patriots that was fighting for the motherland during world war two. Patriotism makes better soldiers. Just compare with America, it’s the same thing. What the jews do is that they take their aganda and redefiniotins the goal to be patriotic act.
    Patrotism in America 2oo9 is to go to the other side of the planet and kill arabs. The fraud ”Cold War” is replaced with the fraud ”War on Terror”. It’s exactly the same thing except that now it’s the arab world that is the scaremongering and the enemy of the world. American imperialism hidden behind ”Spreding democracy” and ”liberate people all over the world – under the banner ”Patrotism”. Makes better soldiers.
    What the whole thing REALLY is about is that the jew mafia shall be able to enslave the whole world, that is if there are something to steal, the rest the jew mafia don’t care about. Just show me one country that has any wealth and America is ”spreading democracy” to?
    That America is building a global empire is not the question, all the evidence are there. The question is if jews run America. They do and it’s very easy to do that. You will be surprised how easy it is for a small group of mafia jews to ciontrol America. This is how they do it, they select who will and who will not be in senate and congress, and of course who will and who will not be ”president”. Anyone running for office and not 100+ percent pro Jewistan (israel) will not get any campaign money from jews.
    Jews give 50 percent of all money to democrats and 35 percent to all republicans. You can be 100+ percent Jewistan-firster, but if you is the itty -bitty -Arabs is humens too, you get nada money and you will be page twelve in the jew controlled MSM, MainStreamMedia. Say that you run for senate, there are two senatores from each state, and the jews don’t want you. What happends is that you is 50 percent down in money and your opponent gets that money. You are page twelve and the other guy is frontpage in the most flattering way. That is propaganda disguised as ”news”.
    If you make the frontpage then it’s ALWAYS in a bad context. Smear-slander and if that dosen’t do the trick they start to lie about you. The jews will tell the (m)asses anytthing about you to make them not vote for you. All the ignorant masses hear about you is negative things. Not tru? Who cares except you and your family? The masses hasen’t the time to check things up and they think, where there is smoke …
    This is how they select who will be in senate and congress. They kill people they don’t want in senate or congress. Now repeat that scam for say the last century and they got a senate and congress that votes at least 80 percent as the jew mafia tells them to vote. The ”president”? Just show me one ”president” in America that wasen’t 100+ percent Jewistan-firster. LB Johnson?
    ”Israeli attack on USS Liberty (US Navy ship)” at YouTube
    What the Global Jew Mafia wants is a global police state, paid and executed by stupid americans all under the false pretext ”Patriotism”. The American Empire is in fact a Jewish World Empire.
    What the jew mafia does is that they twist their agenda to an american agenda and get good soldier, or bad it really dosen’t matter as long as they kill the enemies of the jew mafia. The first law the jews made in Sovjet was death penalty for the bogus word ”antisemitism” and now they want that very same law on a global scale – paid and executed by stupid americans that thinks that killing arabs is a nobel course and a patriotic act, and that is where America is today 2oo9.
    Well, all americans are not stupid and know what the jews are doing and refuses to go on a killing spree on the other side of earth, but them the jews will take care of. How? America is going to have a draft, every single american, women and man alike is forced to goto the military. You can search Rahm ”Rahmbo” Emanuel + Mandatory if you don’t know this.
    Who is behind the draft? The jew mafia. One jew, l repeat, One Jew ”Rahmbo” says that all americans have to serve in the armed forces of America. He himself hasen’t done one minute in the armed forces of America, he did go to Jewistan and served in JDF Jew Destruction Forces.
    If One jew can tell and make 300 million americans be drafted, would you say that jews have power in America? The jew mafia is doing today in America exactly the same they did in Sovjet – but twice the size – turning the whole country into eternal warfare mode by applying to ”patroitism”. They did it in the first world war, off you americans went to fight the jews war. The global jew mafia wanted Russia and Palestine and they got both thanks to America.
    Then you did the same in the second world war, you saved the jew run Sovjet from collaps. And today you fight the jews proxy war all over the world. The jew mafia is going to turn America into a police state, just the same as in Sovjet. You don’t do the draft, lets say a year in prison, that should do it. The jew mafia propaganda will tell the (m)asses of America that its un-patrotic to not serve so they can maybe even make it two years in prison.
    You start to tell people that its the jews, then the jews will accuse you to an ”antisemite” and send you to jail, heavy fine, lose your job, in essence crush you. The global jew mafia does this today all over the planet. Just search Ernst Zundel for one of many, many persecuted by the jew mafia non-jews. Draft and and one law that say ”antisemitism” is punishable and the jews who controls the state have taken all non-jews as slaves.
    Zionism is why so many americans supports Jewistan. Zionism and communism are twins and the jew mafia is a zionist when its good to be a zionist and a communist when its good for the jews to be communists. What the jews don’t tell you is that its all about controlling the state and the jew mafia is controlling the state of America. The jews will tell you anything to make you help them to control the state. They did that in Russia and they do it in America.
    Did l say that you can never ever trust a communist or a zionist jew? They lie and they will tell you anything to help them to control the state. Once they do they will turn on you. The jews calls those people – Useful Idiots. It worked in Russia and it works in America.
    The jews don’t care if you call it zionism, communism or capitalism. All the jews care about is to control the state.

  6. It’s happening right here in the US.
    Mexicans are not very close to the Equator. And the ones living in California are as close to the Equator as the rest of the Californian Whites, many of whom seem like they are seriously miserable!
    I think Asians are happy. Suicide is a cultural habit in Japan and in many other places and often does not have much to do with depression. I believe that Japan has a low depression rate, and NE Asians seem pretty happy to me.
    Here in California, White guys want Latinas or Asians. Some are even saying go for the Arab woman. I had an Arab gf once and she was great. Others are advocating East Indians but they are really hard to get.
    We’ve had it up to here with these White bitches!
    And as far as Black women, don’t even go there. It’s not so much they’re bitches, but more that they are aggressive. Plus they think our dicks are too small and they tend to think that we White guys are wussies and wimps, because they are used to Black supermachos. Blacks are way more masculine than White guys and we just can’t compete with them. Black women are ok, and lately a lot of them want White guys, but there’s serious problems with that.

  7. GREAT points Robert, especially your comment:
    “The men are men and the women are women. The men are extremely macho, machisimo men, masculine to the extreme. The women are traditional feminine women. Now, maybe there’s problems with that, but you know what? Those people are happy! They’re happy dammit! Women want to be feminine women. Men want to be masculine men. Western feminism feminizes men and masculinizes women. Look at your typical Western White bitch. She seem happy to you? She’s not happy! Look at your typical wimpy guy? He seem happy? He’s miserable! If a woman can’t be a feminine woman (and feminism forecloses this) she cannot be happy. If a man can’t be masculine, he can’t be happy either.”

    “In fact, the more radical feminists of the 19th and 20th centuries wholeheartedly embraced Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto…”
    Yes, of course – this is because the most prominent, radical, and subversive 19th-21st century feminist communists were and still are NEARLY ALL OF ETHNIC JEWISH ORIGIN; see:
    Though many of the original (rational, level-headed & gradualist) women’s rights activists in Europe and the Americas were intelligent and well-bred White women (and some White men, too), these radically subversive immediatist feminists of the 19th-21 centuries were not and are NOT WHITE – THEY ARE NOT OF NATIVE WHITE EUROPEAN STOCK – they are overwhelmingly of ETHNIC JEWISH STOCK.
    Thus radical late-19th-21st century feminism is revealed as nothing more than yet another subversive Jewish movement which undermines White women, White men, White children, White families, White social structures, and ultimately White countries as a whole.

    Re: those “feminists” agreeing with Karl Marx because they were 99.999999999999999999999999999% Jewish. When puzzled by some baffling societal criminal psychosis, always cherchez le juif — nine times out of ten you’ll have your answer. Part of the answer in this case, incidentally, may be Jewish women on average are hyper-androgenic compared to the more feminine Euro women on average. I’d like to see that investigated in a formal study — should be extremely easy. Euro women are the most feminine of all women in terms of hormonal balances and, I dare say, in terms of brain circuitry as well. Excessively masculine Jewish women will naturally be more attracted to women’s lib, which is of course a masculinizing movement, than women of other races who are hormonally less masculine.

  8. “and I probably never will”
    Lol at the word probably. Man,it annoys me when people freak out at words used like that. Mainly because I dislike absolutes in many settings.

  9. If you want to gain insight into Marc Lepine (note spelling) and his motives, I suggest you read the book his mother has written. The english version is called “Aftermath” by Monique Lepine.
    You will find that, ironically, had the women’s movement worked a bit quicker on some fronts, such as enforcing maintenance payments, better enforced domestic violence laws, etc., Marc may not have suffered the torment that led him to this dreadful act. Marc himself along with his mother and sister was a victim of domestic violence inflicted by his father. If these societal attitudes that at one time kept women and their children in abusive situations, that damned single mothers to a life of poverty, that left new mothers to suffer post-partum depression in silence, how many other Marc Lepines would be out there today?

    1. Indigoyello, your comment was so well written and profound, it prompted me to do some research into marc lepine’s background. There is a great Macleans interview which sheds some light.
      Copy/paste *Maclean’s Interview: Monique Lépine*

  10. Men hate feminists because they hate that so many Women are smarter than they are. The only way they avoided this obvious fact for so long was by oppression and terrorization of all things Feminine (including the Earth).
    Men made our societal rules up. Men created modern allopathic (AGAINST the body) medicine. Men created all the AGAINST NATURE institutions like Monsanto etc. This society was created by ALL MEN, and the rules havent changed much, now have they?
    Just because Women are able to go to school now and have a song played on the radio, doesnt change the fact that this is indeed a patriarchal society, created by men for men.
    Anyone wondering why Women are leading in many areas today should read A. Montague’s book The Natural Superiority of Women…. and it IS written by a man!

    1. Women are not smarter than us men. Men were bigger and stronger so they imposed themselves on women. Plus, Woman Rule probably doesn’t work very well.
      I think we live under the Matriarchy, not the other way around.
      Women are not better than men in general, but on a few things they are better than us.

    2. Quote from top email…
      “I don’t sympathize with the killer Lepine. But I sympathize with his mind. I agree! Kill the Western feminists! I mean that as a a harmless intellectual sentiment, not as a call to action ……
      But in my heart of hearts, I am with Mark Lepine. I want to kill the Western feminists. I really do. Every last one of them.”
      Who wrote the above comment please? ….
      “Kill the western Feminists”… “I want to kill the western Feminists…????????????
      I am confused as to who wrote this, but it is VERY deranged. He says it is not a call to action, but it is, and to make sure, he repeats it twice. Why do so many males think violence is the solution for everything?

    3. I wrote it. If you think it’s deranged, so be it. It should say, Kill the Gender Feminists, or Kill the Radical Feminists, something like that, because Kill the Feminists would mean to kill me, since I’m one too.
      Thinking about it, I hope nobody actually does it, so it’s no call to action or anything like that. I certainly don’t want it to be.
      But I do hate the Gender Feminists. I really hate them. I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate them. With every fiber in my body.
      The feeling comes and goes, and lately I haven’t been thinking about it much, because I’d rather not focus on those that I hate.
      You might be interested in that I actually a feminist myself. An Equity Feminist. I also support 2nd-wave feminism, post-feminism and the Riot Grrrls Movement. I came out of the hippie and punk rock movements, and those were some pretty empowered chicks. The liberation of women was one of the platforms, of course, and in a lot of the 3rd World, it’s still necessary. I dislike misogyny and I love women. I don’t like the misogyny of a lot of porn. I’m also an extreme libertine and one of the things that I hate most about the Gender Feminists is their hatred and pathologization of male sexuality.
      You know, these Gender Feminist bitches just out and out hate us. They’ve basically out and out declared war on us, and the effects of that war are all through our society. If you go to feminist web sites, their hatred against us just bristles right off the page. It’s repellent.
      I’m for women’s rights, but I can’t help notice that women from the least liberated countries are the nicest of all. I’ve been involved with Mexican, Peruvian, Brazilian, Colombian, Argentine, Egyptian, Turkish, Jamaican, Indian, Iranian, Thai, Filipina and Chinese women, and in general they are way nicer than American women. The more you liberate them, the uglier they act. I’m hoping that’s not true, but I’m wondering if it is.
      Feel free to talk to me about what feminism means to you and why you are a feminist, and let’s see how much we agree on.

  11. Just came across your spiel. Way to go, General Generalizer. Can you produce statements any more sweeping and pointless? Any legitimate debate is made of specific ideas supported by specific evidence. The rest is just opinion and nobody cares what you think. Okay, so you couldn’t get laid in high school. Too bad but becoming a geek malcontent won’t help your cause.

    1. Why shoot the messenger? If there’s a bigger moron on the internet than Robert Lindsay, I can’t imagine who it could be. Lindsay’s views are so half-baked, misinformed and plain stupid that I first thought it was some kind of really poor satire. Sadly, no, Lindsay really is as big an idiot as he makes out. Congrats, Mr. Lindsay, you’re finally good at something.

  12. Robert, I’ve got some issues with your opinion piece here.
    That the evidence was changed to show Lepine’s hatred was towards feminists holds no real bearing…it may be duly noted, but does that change the fact that he killed 14 women? Whether they were or were not feminists themselves is inconsequential; they were humans nonetheless. And guess what? Feminists are humans as well. Granted, some have extreme and incorrect views, but do you not as well? If you’re willing to suggest killing them, I’d say you do.
    On that line, “Kill the Western feminists! I mean that as a a harmless intellectual sentiment, not as a call to action . . . I want to kill the Western feminists. I really do. Every last one of them. ” …What are you thinking? Of course that’s a call to action…There are plenty of people like Mark Lepine, Robert, and they’ve gone on rampages based on less inflammatory material. They couldn’t tell the difference between an opinion or a ‘call to action’. If it’s not a ‘call to action’, don’t say it.
    No one needs to die over beliefs; Religion’s got that shit covered quite well.
    One final point: Just because Western (White) Men treat women better as opposed to those in Third World Countries, doesn’t absolve the way we can -and have- treated women. In the way you put it, it’s LIKE (like, key word here) you’re saying it’s okay that some Western Men beat their wives because Middle-Eastern Men kill theirs…I doubt you believe that, but as I said, it’s the way you put it.

  13. Anyone who advocates killing those he doesn’t like is sick. You dislike someone so you want to kill them, or advocate killing them? You should be locked up. This has nothing to do with feminists of any kind, that you pretend it does says that you are a victim of your own delusions.
    Your entire rant can be summed up with: “I don’t like some people. I want to kill them”. The same as any other homicidal nutjob throughout history. That the object of your twisted rage is different from that of a skinhead or a Jihadist is meaningless.
    I hope you get the psychological help you need before you kill whoever you decide has ‘wronged you’, whether it ends up being men, women, or domestic animals. Failing that, I hope this blog attracts law enforcement and you get shut down preemptively.

  14. I’d like to understand these two terms a little better, gender feminism and radical feminism. Can you express and/or define what they represent to you and what you think they might mean to the woman who fit these terms?

  15. I agree with your article, nothing new to state
    But I admire your banning principle, any use of logical fallacies or personal insults=ban. “a person that uses personal attacks during a logical discussion is merely acknowledging their stupidity.”
    If you have any more resources to understand the killer’s motivations, please link them 😀

  16. Interesting article.
    I remember watching the knews when this tragedy first broke. One of the aspects of the story that appeared the first day, but was dropped from coverage by the second day was that apparently Levine was a victim of reverse discrimination. There were male/female quotas and although his marks were higher, they allowed females with lesser marks to take his place. He felt cheated. He was discriminated against because he was male.
    The following day all mention if this was dropped. I guess they decided to view/present the story as unprovoked in any way.
    I, like you, feel nothing but sorrow for the victims. They were innocent. However, whenever I hear commentary about the massacre, I am shocked that this important motive and detail is forgotten. At some point, there needs to be a respectful discussion about how affirmative action plans create situations where human beings are “reverse discriminated” against. And make no mistake, discrimination is always wrong, never fair, and always scars the emotional well being of the victim.

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