"I Hate My Partner and Having Sex With Them is So Miserable!"

No man will ever say such a ridiculous thing. But you hear women complaining about it all the time. This whole thing about the frustration of having to have sex with someone you hate is a woman thing. Women are always complaining about having sex with their husbands or boyfriends and they don’t love them anymore, or maybe even they hate them, and therefore what a drag the sex is. I have never met one male in my entire life who ever said such a thing. If any guy ever said in a group full of guys what a drag it was to have sex with his wife or girlfriend who he hated, the whole room would start laughing and never stop. The teasing and ridicule would go on forever. So I don’t know if guys feel this way, but for sure they never talk about it. Men, if they don’t like the woman or hate her or especially, if they are turned off by her, simply stop having sex with her. It’s typical if she’s older and gains lots of weight. A middle aged guy will stay with her but he will call her a fat pig and refuse to have sex with her, and she will be crying all the time. You see this on the Maury-type shows all the time. It probably never comes up, because no man would admit in a group full of guys that he has a wife or girlfriend and nevertheless he is not getting any, but it’s possible with older guys, a middle aged guy might say, “She gained 40 pounds and she’s a fat pig! No way am I having sex with her!” That would probably be ok, because a lot of middle aged guys freely admit they’re pretty much given up sex anyway. As long as they got lots in their youth, no one cares. If some guy was so stupid as to say, “I just don’t love my wife anymore. She’s such a bitch. She’s so mean to me. Having sex with her is horrible.” When everyone stopped laughing at him (Probably never!) someone might say, “Just tie her to the bed and do it anyway!” “Just pretend you’re raping her, haha!” or maybe just “Who cares, at least she’s giving you sex. Get all you can, and call her names when you do it, haha!” Mostly if any guy admits that his wife/girlfriend is a total bitch to him, he’s in danger of being seen as a wimp, so guys don’t admit that too much. If she’s a bitch and he really fights back hard and especially if he leaves her in tears, then that’s cool. He’s not a wimp because he’s really fighting back hard and being really mean. But if he’s pussy whipped and just sits there and takes it, a lot of guys are simply disgusted with him. If she’s really mean and he fights her, guys might say, “Leave her,” or “So go get a new woman.” They might encourage him to cheat on her, since she deserves it for being such a bitch. After a while, someone might say, as a joke, “Kill her!” or, “Just kill the bitch!” Assuming he isn’t actually going to do it, that’s absolutely hilarious, and everyone will fall out of their seats for the next five minutes. Main thing is men are not supposed to need emotional fulfillment to have good sex. We are supposed to be able to have sex whether we are in love or not. If some guy said, “I can’t have sex with a woman unless I love her,” a lot of other guys would think he’s just the most incredible wuss.

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29 thoughts on “"I Hate My Partner and Having Sex With Them is So Miserable!"”

  1. This brings to mind (loosely relevant) Who bass-player John Entwhistle being divorced by his wife for calling her a dog in an interview. As she came out of the court, having got a fortune from him, she said ” Every dog has its day; I’ll be barking all the way to the bank “. A few years later Entwhistle died from a heart attack while in bed with a young prostitute. Bless his socks; they don’t make them like that any more.

  2. The reason many women hate having sex is because many of them have chosen a sex-partner for purely financial reasons.

  3. Obviously it’s an obvious thing to say but in your blog-post you didn’t even hint at the fact that more women probably hate sex than men.

  4. hate sex? really? hmmm.
    i think it’s a pretty small number of women and men that hate sex. it feels real good.
    but i agree that a lot of women choose their sex partner for financial reasons. excellent point.

  5. It’s a touch question. My last gf was my age, and she said that all the women that she had gone to school with said that they only had sex to please their husbands and have kids in marriage, then after they had kids and got into their 30’s, they all quit having sex. She was mystified that almost all of her friends seemed to hate sex. It’s a very common complaint amongst men that their women hate sex. ~50% of women suffer from low sexual desire. It’s such a problem that I demand that all women that I get involved with must like sex or I won’t even deal with them. I practically make them fill out a questionnaire at some point. Around age 35 and after women have had a couple of kids, a lot of them start hating sex. After age 40, you start hearing about even more. I’ve had some women 40-45 or so flat out tell me that they don’t like sex. They were married.
    There’s a very small number of guys who don’t like sex either.

  6. yeah. its a problem and a sad one. especially when a girl loves him as a friend and wants him to be happy. but the sex just makes her miserable and upset. a solution is defintly hard to find in this senario

  7. I read your artical and disagree. I’ve been married 19 years now and run from my wife whenever she wants to have sex…I hate it…I go to bed late and get up early to avoid her….I DON’T ENJOY BEING WITH HER….

  8. Where, o where, are these delightful feminine creatures who hate sex? Me, I’m a guy, and I’ve hated it all my life. Not because of wacko parents or wacko religion, either. I think it’s aesthetically disgusting, a pig-in-the-mud, junkyard-dog thing to do, I always have since I was a young man. I also believe sex and love/intimacy have Absolute Zero to do with one another, and if most individuals weren’t ruled by their nerve endings, this would not even be an issue.
    Me no get why you’re pissing about the poor widdle wimminses who don’t like it. Thank God for them!! I’m thrilled they’re out there! Less gross crap for me! Please!–Give them my email! My Liege, you speak of Para-fricking-dise! Chicks who don’t want it??? #YAY!!! There Is a God!

  9. Living Personification: I don’t think that will work. While they don’t necessarily want to give it to you, they do want you to want them to give it to you. To them, we’re like mirrors confirming their desirability.
    But if you don’t want it, what is your purpose for wanting to be around women? I’m confused.

  10. You know, I think that in a few generations, a higher percentage of people will dislike sex, but like kids.–only if that is true if the religion effect merely increases an already existing trend in females–
    People who like sex but dont like kids will not breed(abortion). the other two types will continue. I wonder which type will have more kids.

  11. A ha. But women don’t pester men for sex…typically.
    Women have sex with men they hate because they want an easy life and unfortunately, it’s the quickest way to shut them up.
    Men are ruled by testosterone and as the saying goes…’any hole is a goal’.

  12. this post and comments give me a “what planet are these people on” feeling…
    robert, since this is your blog, i guess i’ll ask you… what’s your point? you give many two-dimensional examples of how men/women are (supposedly), and there’s some sarcasm in there that makes me think you’re trying to be critical (combined with the “gender studies” file flag), but you never make your point… you just kind of describe some scenes without analyzing the scenes themselves. maybe you’re counting on us knowing what you are thinking – i feel you don’t clearly state your interpretation because you somehow assume we all know what it is… it’s like a “white people are all… but black people be all…” stand-up routine, but with no punchlines. 😉
    there absolutely are men who don’t like sex, and women who can’t imagine life without it. but beyond this, i think a major factor is the “marriage trap” (the pressures of which extend to lesbians and gays), and how we let it consume our sexualities such that the loss of sexual desire for our “life partner” becomes mistaken for a loss of desire for sex in general… when really it is about the lack of positive sexual experiences in mid- to later-life which causes us to give up, get depressed, wonder if we “still have it in us” (men or women), assume our drop in sexual desire must simply be because we’re “getting older.”
    if we’re lucky, we stumble into a torrid affair that reminds us of what is possible, and shake us out of emotionally induced frigidity and impotence… which i would gamble is the cause for the majority of cases. it’s like being born again, people…
    and, by the way, a LOT of women find their sexualities in their 40’s and 50’s…. a LOT of them… praise jeebus!

  13. Confused, you are right about one thing…hating sex with a partner as a result of frustrations and monotony…sex feels good with new partners and especially when there is a feeling of assumed perfection though uncertain. I hate having sex with my wife because she only cares about kids and not my finances. Like one said in responding to your blog, women choose partners mostly on financial grounds.

  14. This article and most of the responses seem rife with generalizations that are based on supposition and not fact.
    This is neither helpful nor enlightening.

  15. i have been married for 6 years and from the very early begging of my marrige i hated fucking my wife she is the Mrs. Nag in bedroom she kills the desire of sex in me and she only cares about sleeping.
    I will divorce her or even kill her.lol

  16. Married 40 +years and we have had sex maybe 25 or 30 times, and I’m not at all interested in sex,intimacy and love. I prefer to just be left alone, I don’t like being touched by anyone including the wife or any one. I break out in a cold sweat and start to shake. I try to avoid crowds and espicially crowded elevators. I have to have space! My wife claims she has her needs, I told her go else where to have those needs taken care of. I like our arrangement and naturally my wife hates it, but I really don’t care whether she likes it or not.

    1. selfish, and foolish. You’ll learn that you are woefully wrong about a great many things all too late.

  17. Before I put a ring on that cunt’s finger we fucked like rabbits. She took it in every hole. Ass, cunt, mouth. We had a great time. Once you put the ring on her cunt finger and you say, “I do”, sex drops down to like 1% of the time. Can’t tell you when was the last time I stuck that cunt in her ass
    I used to enjoy fucking that cunt all the time. Now I just do it to blow my load and get off. Slappin the meat myself gets old quick so I need that cunt. However, I’ve been seriously considering getting me a side piece that enjoys to fuck.
    Guys, do yourself a HUGE favor…DO NOT GET MARRIED! Your girlfriend will follow the evolution of the female species and turn into a Royal CUNT! You will hate your life and wish you never married that stupid bitch cunt. trust me!
    You’re probably saying, “That will not happen to me” If you are, you’re in for a RUDE awakening.
    If you’re already married, LEAVE BEFORE YOU HAVE CHILDREN! I would leave my cunt wife in a heartbeat, but I have two beautiful children with her. That’s the only reason why I’m still under the same roof with this shit, bitch, twat, cunt!

    1. I agree with you… Once my cunt became my wife I was doomed. Now, we only fuck a few times a month (it used to be a few times a week). Now, I jack off. It would be better if she was fucking someone else, at least then, I would get the satisfaction of knowing that she was a hotwife and I could get off on knowing that someone else was cumming in her. I could at least jackoff to that.

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