Should US Jews Be Added to the Threatened Species List?

An incredible 2 If this keeps up, we won’t have the Jews to kick around anymore, to twist a famous Richard Nixon phrase. There won’t be any Jews. Conversion will complete the job that Hitler started, though much more humanely. All of you anti-Semites will either have to pick on someone your own size or take up some new all-encompassing hobby. I like birdwatching, but I understand that philately and model trains are about as obsessively engrossing as anti-Semitism, except it’s hard to project your rage onto a postage stamp or a miniature boxcar. What are you anti-Semites going to do when the Jews are all gone? Throw a party? Conduct a never-ending crypto-Jew Easter egg hunt? Inquiring minds want to know.

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30 thoughts on “Should US Jews Be Added to the Threatened Species List?”

  1. Dear Robert
    Things are moving in the right direction. Ideally, all the real Jews will move to Israel and all the other ones will abandon Judaism altogether. The truth of the matter is that Judaism outside Israel has been a burden for Jews and an irritation for Gentiles. Judaism is the only blood and soil religion that exists. It is a religion that was meant for people that carry the precious blood of Abraham and live on the sacred soil of Israel. It is one ofthe ironies of history that the members of the only blood and soil religion in the world were forced for almost 2000 years to live among people of different blood and on a foreign soil. According to Judaism, a Jew living outside of Israel is in Galut, that is,in exile.
    However, since 1948, Jews no longer have to live in Galut. They can take a plane to Israel and live in their Holy Land. If they refuse to do that, then it is only logical that they abandon Judaism altogether.
    Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jewish “race”. That’s totally different from the disappearance of Judaism.
    One of the biggest obstacles to the assimilation of Jews are the anti-Semites who see Jews as a race. To them, a converted or lapsed Jew is still a Jew. Assimilation is a two-way street. It means a willingness to join and a willingness to receive. The racial anti-Semites aren’t willing to receive ex-Jews, so they discourage Jews from joining non-Jews.
    It is not anti-Semitic to say that Judaism is incompatible with full assimilation because Judaism tells its adherents that they belong to the people of Israel and that their country is Israel. That means that aJew in the US can’t say: my country is the US and my people are the Americans. At most he can say: my countries are Israel and the US and my peoples are the Jews and the Americans.
    Actually, a Jew who abandons the religious aspect of Judaism does not necessarily abandon the ethnic part of Judaism. The senior Catholic clergyman in France was until recently Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger, who was born in a Jewish family but who converted to the Catholicism of the French family that adopted him in WWII. He was once asked whether he still considered himself a Jew, and he answered: “How can I ever separate myself from my people?” Weren’t the French lucky for having as the archbishop of Paris a man who refers to the Jews when he says ” my people”? Lustiger illustrates how religious conversion and national assimilation aren’t necessarily the same for Jews who embrace another religion. A fully assimilated Jew is one who sees Israel as a completely foreign country. That is the litmus test.
    Regards. James

  2. Are you sure they’re really converting to Christianity and not just becoming atheists? The former would surprise me, the latter wouldn’t.

  3. Most of the Jews in Israel are atheists yet still identify as Jews. According to the law of return you do not have to subscribe to Judaism but merely have Jewish ancestry. I always hear Jew use terms like half-Jew, etc. If someone’s mom is a Jew, by Jewish law, he or she is also a Jew.
    By this reasoning, there is no reason to assume that Jews cannot be Jews culturally and ethnically, while being Christians. Just in the same way you see Italian, Irish, German, people, who consider themselves Christians. Messianic Jewish groups, such as Jews for Jesus, recognize that Jews can be Christians because Jewish law allows for one to be considered Jewish based solely upon ancentry. Jesus and Paul did not stop being Jews when they promoted Christianity.

  4. Commenter “Sleep” is correct – VERY FEW Jews convert to Christianity…you statements and stats are incorrect Mr. Lindsay, as is the source you used. Modern Jews are converting to ‘non-religion,’ that is atheism and agnosticism – and definitely NOT Christianity.
    The vast majority of Jews today in Western countries never really had any connection to the religion of Judaism, or only barely. They rarely if ever went to synagogue or had anything to do with Judaism except in a vague cultural sense. Their status as a Jew is solely ethnic and vaguely cultural, not religious. Their Jewish ancestors had a connection to the Jewish religion, but they do not (or only barely). Thus they aren’t really ‘converting’ to anything, more just like abandoning religion altogether – they are ‘converting’ from a barely there Judaism to nothing…from 99% secular to 100% secular.

  5. “Conduct a never-ending crypto-Jew Easter egg hunt?”
    I’m betting on that one, as they pretty much do that even now. Or we could all help them out by submitting names of fictitious public and historical figures to “Jew Watch.”

  6. Ok you guys convinced me. The article is a bunch of crap. Jews are not converting out in huge #’s, although clearly some Jews do. I know a couple of Jews who converted to Christianity, one to Judaism. Rather than becoming a “Jews for Jesus”, they pretty much just leave the Jews behind. Other secular Jews sometimes still like them, but the more nationalistic Jews or Zionists seem to really really really despise them. To this group, it is like there is nothing more evil than for a Jew to convert to Christianity.
    I know one Jewish guy who is a practicing Hindu! Thing is, he still has a pretty strong Jewish identity. Even when they convert out, there still seems to be a strong Jewish ethnocentrism gluing them all together. Weird how that works.

  7. At least one very prominent jew converted to Christianity – Bob Dylan! He even brought out an album called ‘Saved’ ( forgettable) where he delivered every lyric in the manner of an old time rabble-rouser preacher. What do you make of that? It’s the least he could do after having his photo taken at the wailing wall in the 60s. His conversion was the last interesting thing he did until his recent radio shows, which are a lot more entertaining than any of his music since Street Legal round about ’78. Still, he had a longer inspired period than any of them.
    Leonard Cohen converted to Buddhism and went into a monastery for a long time. He had to come out and go on tour again because his manager had ripped off all his savings, as they do. Can’t help wondering why he bothers – is it to pay the rent in the monastery?
    Anyway, as everyone has pointed out – most jews are atheists – the nicest thing about them – so religion isn’t a big part of jewish identity. I suspect most of the rabbis are atheists too, since their main role now seems to be as bag-carriers and grassroots organisers for the ziocon mafia.

  8. I find the notion that most Jews who convert out become Buddhists to be completely insane. I would love to see some data backing this up.
    I haven’t known that many Jews who converted out. I have met 3 Jews who are Christians, one who is a quasi-Christian, 2 who are Muslims (!), 1 who practiced Shenriko (or something) (!?) and 1 who is a Hindu (!!).
    Shenriko is some kind of Japanese religion where they dance around a lot. I’m not sure of the spelling. The guy who converted to Shenriko was a very famous science fiction author and I met him just before he died. He came and stayed with me for a while. He still had an incredibly strong Jewish identity, trust me.
    I think Olive is right that most Jews just don’t convert out or practice other religions.
    To be honest , the Christianity I most prefer is similar to the secular Judaism that many Jews practice. I have found Catholicism the most similar and comfortable to the secular of any type of Christianity. Watered down Protestantism leaves me cold.

  9. James Schipper: “Judaism is the only blood and soil religion that exists.”
    Not true, there are others….Shintoism is a religion closely tied up with Japanese ethnicity and the country of Japan; also Tibetan Buddhism is tied to the land of Tibet, and the ethnic Tibetans.
    There are many ethnoreligious groups and ‘racial religions’ which exist around the world, though Jews are just the most well known.

  10. I think it’s because the top universities are roughly one third jewish, and the non-theistic nature of buddhism appeals to the over-educated.

  11. Arum Shinriko was not the name of Avram Davidson’s religion. It’s called Tenrikyo. I don’t know much about it, but you could Google it. It’s apparently related to Shinto.
    Buddhism sounds like a drag to me. No services, no praying, what’s the point? What’s the point of a religion with no sociable religious services?

  12. interesting article. It seems interesting how Jews can be so ethno-centric yet have a high intermarriage rate at the same time. mabe organized jewry makes jews seem more ethno-centric than they real are. however the projections in decline don’t take into account the possibility of Israel emmigration.

    1. Jews are funny folks. Even when they intermarry or don’t have kids at all, they are still ethnocentric as Hell. Even Jewish converts turn extremely ethnocentric and paranoid quite quickly. Strange thing to observe.

      1. Well, that’s what happens when you are raised from birth to believe that your tribe (hence, your ‘DNA’) is ‘G-d incarnate’.

  13. I am going to marry a nice Jewish girl and covert her away from Judaism so there is one less Jew to make trouble in the MidEast. Only kidding.
    But seriously, do Jews really need to be in the Middle East when America gives them all they want in the US even if it means discriminating against other people so Jews can have the top jobs? Why do American Jews who could live a much better life in the US go to Israel? To make trouble for Muslims?
    And you wonder why Muslims are up in arms against the US. They have no right to be in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

  14. Regarding Jish ethnocentrism, we had to read a ton of articles more than usual for some Israel classes at school. Every single time the article describes Israelis living in the united States there is a cryptic reference to a special bond that unites all blah blah blah. You are prolly already familiar with the phony playing-up of the imaginary anti-Semitic threat to justify Israel (a much less safe place to be a Jew than the US), since much of Jish mythohistory is nothing more than a Cohen saying, oh, don’t go outside [the tribe], there are scary monsters that will bite your head off as soon as you spot a nice shiksa, and by the way never question us, and demonstrate your loyalty to us and your uniqueness from the monsters in a million little ways every day. In one article an Israeli businessman claimed he “couldn’t” speak his language on the cell phone in front of USians (we all know how considerate these people are, especially when driving). This is a well established pattern in Jish media: an outsider looks at that and sees consideration for the feelings of strangers, an initiate sees that and feels the threat of the surrounding and unsympathetic ignorant thugs. There are lots of vague quotes about how, while it’s nice to work in the US, Izzies tend to congregate (much like any other immigrant community at any level of income) because of special bond that zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. These articles are almost all from Ha’aretz and you’ll see the patterns we mention if you follow anything about Izzies living abroad.

    1. I don’t mind US Jews all that much, as they’re pretty assimilated. You have a choice. Either be a Jew or assimilate and become a human being. Many US Jews are choosing the latter, and I applaud them.
      The Israelis in the US, however, are some of the worst Jews around. As my Mom says, “Well, they are REALLY Jewish!” The Israelis in the US are the Super-Jews who actually wear the suit with the big S on the front when they go into the phone booth to change outfits.
      One guy on the Net said he had met many Israelis in New York and he didn’t like a single one of them. They were belligerent, aggressive, in your face, rude, shameless, hostile, unpatriotic and thoroughly disloyal to the US and loyal to Israel instead. He would go apply for jobs with them, and they would immediately and shamelessly ask him if he were Jewish. Because they openly and brazenly discriminated against non-Jews and only hired their own. Funny how the Justice Department never cracks down on this employment discrimination.
      He said about 1/2 of their companies were some kind of extremely shady – crooked – quasi-legal enterprises engaged in some kind of sleazy or shady this or that. The companies were often houses of cards that tumbled down regularly. The author was a New York Jew and he said that the Israeli New Yorkers were the scum of the Earth.
      As far as I’m concerned, they can stay in Israel! I don’t really want them in my country.

      1. Surely for those familiar with Jish lore the worst insult to a Jew possible must be to place him at the wrong end of a Polack joke (Polacks being at one time the Jish equivalent of African American slaves, which is part of why there is so much hostility to Jews in that part of the world). You know, expeditions to the sun undertaken at night and all that. Nevertheless in the indispensable Asimov joke book omnibus we found at a used book store and don’t pay enough attention to, an omnibized Asimov joke book from the seventies (the coming-out period of American Jews in popular culture) does just this. Asimov makes clear in notes added later and in the jokes themselves that this was a direct reaction to Israeli superiority complexes, which grated on galut Jews. Part of Zionism is this Nazi idea that people belong in their Homelands and they are weakened by being away for too long, thus the stereotypical weakness of Jews became an edifying mythological support for the supposed greatness of Izzies; in other words even being Jewish doesn’t necessarily cut it with some Tzahal pinheads.

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