Fascism and the Left Redux

A commenter notes on the If Italy Won the War post that as a Leftist, I probably would have found a lot to like in Mussolini’s fascism. That’s dubious but interesting. The fascists’ co-opting of the term “socialism” is confusing. Socialism is ultimately an economic system, not a political system, and it is surely possible for fascists and ultranationalists to adopt a socialist program. In general, they have not, but it’s still possible. But we would still oppose them.
There’s a lot of overlap. The Vietnamese, Chinese and Soviet Communists all attacked national minorities in a fascist-like way. The Communist Romanian government was even pro-natalist, outlawing abortions. I always figured that pro-natalism was pathognomic of facism, but life’s not simple. Pol Pot was an ultranationalist, a virulent racist, but nevertheless a Communist. Stalin practiced outright genocide against national minorities, and so did Mao. That’s generally considered a fascist thing.
In Italy, fascism was not all that socialist. The whole thing was designed to cement the class structure in place through some “alliances of the classes” thing and thereby end class warfare. But in capitalism class warfare can never end, so it’s all an illusion. National socialism was never implemented in Germany. Hitler himself cared nothing about economics one way or the other; he was interested in nationalism and nothing else.
Mussolini started out as a socialist but moved right pretty quickly. The fascist brownshirts were in the streets attacking the Left, the labor unions, the peasants, as early as 1921, when the crisis in Italian semi-feudal capitalism reached its peak and the peasants were virtually up in arms. Why should we get behind that? The Communists and even socialists were enemies with the fascists from the start.
Anyway, the extreme nationalism of the fascists would be at odds with the internationalism and pro-minority rights stance of the Communists and socialists. The whole beef between the Communists and the fascists is really about nationalism. That’s really the take-home point in this whole never-ending and typically ill-informed debate. The fascists hate us so much because we are so dubious about nationalism.

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3 thoughts on “Fascism and the Left Redux”

  1. “National socialism was never implemented in Germany. Hitler himself cared nothing about economics one way or the other; he was interested in nationalism and nothing else.”
    That’s bullshit – paradoxically, National Socialist Germany was the country where socialism/semi-socialism in Europe has been most successfully implemented, and in only 12 short years. Too bad it was never able to mature (because National Socialist Germany was destroyed by the international Jewish plutocrats and their lackeys) in order to show the world the definite benefits of socialism.
    In terms of about the past 100 years of history, when various nations and peoples have attempted to assert their independence by trying to break free from the slave-chains of the international Jewish supremacist money-masters, wars have been waged against them in order to beat them in to submission and so called ‘democratic’ puppet governments and ‘capitalist’ economic systems have been immorally installed to further dispossess them of their national sovereignty, steal their resources, and exploit their citizens under false claims of ‘open markets’ and ‘free trade.’
    For instance, did you know that Saddam Hussein and his toppled Iraqi government had socialist origins under The Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party? Most leftists have no idea that Iraq was a reasonably advanced and secular semi-socialist country until it was invaded, conquered, and ultimately wrecked by the United States of Israel. Indeed, many countries like National Socialist Germany, Fascist Italy, Imperial Japan, etc had true ethnic nationalist socialist economic systems (by popular/democratic demand of their citizens) until they were invaded, conquered, plundered, and ultimately controlled by the roving Jewish plutocrats and their (American/British/Soviet) henchmen.
    It seems that as soon as a country manages to assert its national sovereignty along comes the USA and the UK (and formerly the USSR), which are obviously under the strict control of the international Jewish money-master control freaks, who then proceed to wage war against them in an attempt to smash all semblances of true independence and national self-determination in order to install so called ‘democratic’ governments and ‘capitalist’-’free market’ economic systems which are actually not at all free or capitalistic but merely dominated by rootless and globalist parasitic Jew plutocrats who seek to utterly control and exploit the citizens/resources of once free nations and peoples and foment wars between various factions (because wars are very profitable).
    I am of the opinion that socialism can only succeed in ethnically/racially homogeneous nations, or ones that are very close to being so (meaning less than 5-10% ethnic minorities; and these ethnic minorities must be willing to accept 2nd class citizen status because of their weaker position via their small numbers)…a nation that is ethnically/racially homogeneous, where the population is and perceieves itself to be ‘one people,’ will be MUCH more open to socialistic redistributive policies because it is truly benefiting members of the majority indigenous race/ethnicity rather than a bunch of ethnic minorities, non-indigenous hangers-on, rootless parasites, or so called ‘market-dominant minorities’ (like the Chinese in South Asia; Jews in Russia and Eastern Europe; Parsees in India; etc).
    In many respects, the internationalism of mainstream socialism/communism IS the problem with mainstream socialism/communism – no surprise there though given that Jews have nearly dominated socialism/communism for the past 150 years, and everything that Jews meddle in is eventually corrupted…thus international Jewish socialism/communism was, is, and always will be a failure, while nationalistic non-Jewish socialism (i.e., ethnic nationalism + socialism for the indigenous majority) is/was a success and holds great promise in the future.

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