Voyeurism – What It Is and What It's Not

From the book Biological Psychiatry:

Most men, if given the opportunity to view a woman disrobing, would not avert their eyes. A man who engages in an opportunistic ‘peep’ is not a voyeur. A man who engages in an opportunistic peep is not a voyeur. The peeping must be recurrent and the urges intense.

Of course! This really is pretty crucial. If any woman is so stupid as to walk around naked or half-naked or disrobe in front of an open window which is perfectly visible to the outside world, of course anyone is likely to look at them and looking at them is not only legal but quite reasonable, particularly if she is attractive.
That a casual survey of Americans would no doubt reveal that opportunistic and legal peepers are sick fucks who need to be locked away forever and especially kept away from those sweet and innocent little snowflakes called our children shows just how far gone we are into sex offender paranoia and the idiot puritanism and must go along with it.
I do a lot of online therapy with a curious group of folks who have “pedo OCD.” They are terrified that they are pedophiles, but really they are just harmless neurotics. In truth, they have never molested a child and probably (or possibly certainly) never will.
They come to me because I wrote some articles on this illness back at the old blog. This illness is quite common, and both males and females are afflicted. The sufferer is typically young and often has extremely high morals. I don’t really know what a pedophile looks like, but I think they come off completely differently from these folks.
I was talking to one the other day and he was upset that people were posting pics of naked children on an online forum. Thing is, I think that nudist pics are still legal. Last time I checked, there were all sorts of sites up with pics of naked folks of all ages running around nudist camps. I told him I didn’t think a pic of a naked 9 year old girl was child porn, and I wondered aloud why anyone would want to look at such a boring picture anyway.
But he found these pictures horribly upsetting. I told him, “Well, you know, we’ve all seen little girls running around naked.” He was shocked and said he never had.
Then I realized that we had grown up in alternate universes. I grew up in the 1960’s, and indeed, little kids, boys and girls, used to run around naked all the time back in those days. I believe I did so myself. It was especially true when you went camping. At campsites there were all sorts of little kids running around naked. No one acted like it was a big deal at the time.
I guess in our modern pedo-obsessed and pedo-terrified world, this quite normal behavior has had the curtain drawn on it. I’m told that there are even movements to ban little girls from wearing bikinis at the beach for fear it will excite the armies of pedos, stretching far as the eye can see like columns of the Roman Legion, that pack our beaches thick as sardines in a can.
Mass hysteria, anyone?
I still wonder why anyone would enjoy seeing a naked 7 year old running around, but I guess a pedo might get off on it.


D’haenen, H. A. H. den Boer, Willner, Johan A. Paul. 2002. Biological Psychiatry, p. 1106. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley and Sons.
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9 thoughts on “Voyeurism – What It Is and What It's Not”

  1. “I do a lot of online therapy with a curious group of folks who have “pedo OCD.” They are terrified that they are pedophiles, but really they are just harmless neurotics.”
    + HARMLESS NEUROTICISM OR ‘PEDO’? – http://www.shejailbait.com

  2. You know, on the one hand I’m as put-off by the pedo-paranoia as you are, but at the same time there really *are* a lot of pedos out there – I mean people who are actually out molesting kids – so the concern is partially justified.
    Then again, from what I’ve read, most actual child molesters victimize relatives, children of close friends, or children at schools where they work, whereas most pedo-paranoia assumes that offenders are random wackos dressed in overcoats and driving large white vans. So we could probably lose a lot of the concern about some sicko seeing a naked 9-year-old and do more to educate people about the problem.

  3. More on this topic–see I will present images of very good-looking women with small, narrow jaws and compare them with women with wider jaws–to me–there is a noticable difference in attractiveness even at these very high levels–attractiveness can be quantified.
    Weak jawed: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/12/17855826_3eb8df523f_o.jpg
    Strong jawed: http://www.kapturedforyou.com/May05/053005/huddy053005z14.jpg

  4. “I still wonder why anyone would enjoy seeing a naked 7 year old running around”
    Depends if she entered puberty unusually early 😉
    …and there goes my ability to run for office.
    @ SHAWN
    If you think feminine beauty can be quantified, check out this website
    It has a bunch of interesting surveys, and it gives a pretty good explanation of why many models are unattractive to many guys. It’s basically because of all the gay dudes in fashion, and the women they view most pleasing resemble boys in appearance. I suppose that they would prefer to use girls that looked like men, however they recognize that wouldnt sell(or are weirded out by inter-gender looking people themselves) and choose something that can pass off as a girl, yet comes as close as possible to the gay ideal as possible.
    Thats why there are a lot of runway models with lean muscular arms, no tits, and squarish jaws.
    Beauty is ultimately in the eyes of the beholder.

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