Azerbaijanis Are Not White

Norwegians left, Azeris right. For the grand prize, please point out the "Whites."
I haven’t surveyed any White nationalists on this issue, but I’m sure that the vast majority of them would insist that Azeris are “non-Whites.” After all, the scum on Stormfront threw out 100’s of proud White Armenians on the grounds that they were “non-Whites.” It’s clear to me that the people of the Caucasus are as White as White gets. They’re probably something like the remnants of some of the original European Whites. Why do you think we are called Caucasians anyway? Actually, getting booted off Stormfront is probably an honor. But back to the subject. Have you seen those genetic charts that show Iranians lining right up next to Danes and British? I have. How to make sense of this? I’m not sure, but in studying the Lombards, I discovered that when the Lombards were in the Mid-Danube region (around Hungary and the Czech Republic) around 400 AD or so, there was a curious group of people next to them at the same time. I had to look them up, but it turned out that they were de facto “Scythians”. Scythians are an Iranian group, possibly originating in Ossetia (the land of the Alans). These Iranid peoples had a strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe for many centuries. Perhaps thus the mystery of the near-cousin relationship between the Iranians and the Danes is explained. And as the above link shows, Thor Heyerdahl agrees. So… Azeris and Scandanavians, sprung from some common source (apologies to Sir William Jones)?

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19 thoughts on “Azerbaijanis Are Not White”

  1. Dear Robert
    I don’t doubt for a minute that Azeris are as Caucasian as Italians and Spaniards. I just would like to add, perhaps irrelevanty, that there are more Azeris in Iran than in Azerbaidjan itself. Linguistically, they belong to the Turkic family. I know an Azeri Iranian personally, and he has blue eyes and dark blond hair and his skin is as white as mine. Overall, he is fairer than I am.
    Regards. James

  2. The Lombards descend from Southern Scandinavia, as does virtually every major European conquering tribe… Vikings, Varangians, Rus, Burgundians, Vandals, Normans, Visigoths, Ostrogoths. These conquerers were in turn ‘conquered’ by the natives, since the Scandinavians didn’t have a particularly strong culture themselves.

  3. Interesting post Robert thanks for sharing this. When you write Iranians are related to British or Danes, do you mean Persians? Because I know you have mentioned the fact in one of you old posts that Iranian is not a synynom for Persian.
    And southern Azerbaijanis being citizens of Iran would make them Iranians too. So this would be the possible connection.
    I’d also add that there are many dark-looking Azeris I’ve seen proabably due to Persian and Kurdish influence as I’ve read there was a mass settlement of Kurds and Persian.
    Southern Azeris have also mixed heavily with Persians, so they’re most likely to look more mideastern. The last Iranian Shah’s wife for example was Azeri.
    Interesting post though, I’ll send you further info if I come across any.

  4. You said Scandinavians, but it’s even easier if you try the neighbour. Finnic languages have a huge number of ancient loanwords from Indo-Aryan languages, the Iranic languages that ruled the steppe south of the Finnic taiga and tundra zones before the Slavic expansion. Even the word Aryan is there, in Finnic languages meaning either “southern people” or “slave” (Finnish: “Arya-” = “arja-“, “slave” = “orja”).
    Turkic peoples in general have Finno-Ugric admixture from the now mostly extinct tribes that were absorbed by Turks and Slavs.
    Caucasian people are actually the most extreme “Caucasoids” in many ways. For example, Caucasoids have distinctive noses: Africans and Asians typically have low nose bridges, Caucasoids are the only race with high nose bridges. Caucasians have the most extreme Caucasoid noses. Funnily enough for the Stormfront crowd, those Jewish noses are also a Caucasoid-only trait, even more so than blonde hair or blue eyes.

  5. Dear Silver
    If you want to exclude Azeris from the Caucasian brotherhood on account of their Islamic religion, then you are using religious criteria instead of racial ones. For a WN, this is inconsistent. Race is a matter of biology and independent of religion, nationality, class, ideology or sexual orientation. WNs should accept all whites, including Jews, Muslims, gays, Commies, pacifists, vegetarians, liberals, etc. As soon as you start excluding people by any criterion other than race, you are deviating from White Nationalism and lapsing into heresy.
    Regards. James

  6. I agree with James.
    Also, I think that Azeris and even Armenians are some of the purest Whites of them all. They look a little different, but that is because they are our ancestors. I think people like the Azeris and the Armenians are like proto-Europeans. These are what the very first White people looked like. They moved into Europe and changed. If Whites won’t accept the very first proto-Whites, my God, who will they accept?

    1. You say, ‘Azeris and Scandanavians, sprung from some common source’. But their language is turkish and their ancestors are turks and they accept this. Before 20th century in middle east they were called ‘Caucasian Tatars’. They look like georgians, armenians and other locals just because they have been mixing with them for centuries . You say all this is false? Could you,please, provide me with any reliable source apart from Thor Heyerdahl’s old theory?

  7. Dear Silver
    Actually, I understand perfectly. I’m all in favor of homogeneous nation-states. The homogeneity I have in mind is primarily linguistic, cultural, religious and ideological, secondarily educational and economical and only finally racial. If everybody in a country speaks the same language, shares in the same basic culture, has roughly the same religion and ideology, enjoys basic literacy and numeracy and a decent income, then it should really not matter very much if some are a bit darker than others.
    Shared ancestry is totally unimportant. It doesn’t matter who your ancestors were but who you are. To attach great importance to ancestry is backward-looking. It is like saying that Gugliani and Dukakis are less American than Clinton or Bush because their ancestors aren’t from North Western Europe.
    Much of what seems like racial strife is in fact ethnic strife. The hostility between Hispanics and old-stock Americans is not primarily about race but is a typical conflict between newcomers and an established group, sharpened by considerable cultural differences.
    Suppose that the Turks in Germany had all managed to learn German in a decade and behaved essentially like Germans do, then there would be negligible hostility toward them. The fact that Turks are on average a few shades darker than Germans is not the essential cause of the hostility that they often encounter.
    In Belgian there are profound divisions betweens the Flemish and Walloons, which have absolute nothing to do with race. The Germans and Brits, two North Western peoples, were bitter enemies in two wars. The hostility between Protestants and Catholics in Ulster does not in the least have racial causes. The least that one can say is that racial homogeneity may be a necessary condition for unity but it certainly is not a sufficient condition.
    Cheers James

  8. I have casually come across this article. I am azeri living in london and people usually by mistake think I am italian. In my country some people look whites some are not and armenians does not look more europeans than us. It varies from nordic looking types to arabic looking ones.

  9. One of my best friends is Azeri from Karabakh (now under occupation by Armenia) and his entire family is more white then mine and they definitly have a Caucasus-culture at the core which again is compatible with the European culture but very often Azeris are excluded simply because they are Muslims but then again most of the Caucasus is Islamic, we cant deny their white heritage.
    PS: I encountered an interesting video on youtube about the common roots of Scandinavia and Azerbaijan, watch it here:

  10. idiot armenian, armenians are a semitic hebrew people and any one who have seen them knows that armenians are very semitic, while azeris are of the khazars and cousins to ashkenazims, they also look really white, ur obsession and inferiority complex is nothing of hidden, every one knows armenians are lying idiots.

  11. Hi,
    Some of us are white and some of us aren’t, it is simple as that. Our neighbors use pictures of non white Azeris to prove that there are no white people in Azerbaijan, which is very false. There are just as many whites as non whites in Azerbaijan. The white population of Azerbaijan look like southern europeans, some look slavic. The non white population is dark skinned, dark haired, sometimes mongoloid. We are no different than any other Latin country with its white and non white population, I don’t understand why some people would deny our existence. There are even more whites among Azeris from Northern Iran.

  12. CuriousAngel, the world, especially the so-called civilized portion of it is full of racists who don’t know what they are. Many foreigners living in the US or Europe realize that they have a certain skin color and they must be categorized according to it -something unheard of in their hometown.
    White people favour other white people and believe in the existence of a joint community of benign, God-believing white races. Everyone else must be tagged by their skin colors.
    Please don’t care if these people label you as white or black. You had better continue living without caring whether your grocer has a darker skin than you or not. Just remember, we are all humans and we must not be judged or categorized by our skin colors.

  13. Hello there!
    I am Azeri and I am white! And as a matter of fact I do not think that there no Azeri person which is non white. Ad even the ones with darker hair or eyes are white. And our dark people are way lighter than Spaniards and Italians and even some French. People think of us as Asians or non white because of our region and religion. But as a matter of fact the white race did spring our from Kafkaz-Caucasus and we really are indigenous people. I travel through Europe a lot and when I am in France they think I am French, when in Greece that Greek and when in Bulgaria that Bulgarian and so on. And think there is a lot of truth in Pr. Thor’s theory. And are indigenous Caucasians and of a Turkic origin as well. But our roots go to deeper than just that. I thank very much who support us and not let racist people to talk about us like I do not know what and try to somehow sort us out like white and non whites. Which is a very much racist stuff to me and I hate racism!
    Thanks again friends!

  14. Hi I am 100÷ Azeri by blood and I am blond, blue-eyed and fair-skinned, so generally I can easily pass for nordic type. I have seen plenty of English, French, German and Russian people who are more darker than me. There are plenty of nordic-type Azeri people like me, however, not majority, while majority have dark hair, brown eyes and in terms of skin color we are 50/50 in terms of tanned and light. The darker type of us is majority and can easily pass for Italian/Greek/Spaniard. We also have people of very dark (which is rare) who can pass for Arab. But the lighter type will not be able distinguished by appearence from French or northern Italian, while very light type (which is rare) can pass for Baltic/Scandinavian. Azeris are of White/European race, yes we generally look a bit darker than general Europeans and we have a bit more people with curly hair and thicker lips and probably women are more curvy, but that does not make us to be classified/considered as some other race rather than White/European/Caucasian.

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