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In response to the Lebanon: No Talks With Israel post, Olive observes:

The Lebanese Forces blogs are still pretty pro- Israel. There are ten thousand Lebanese Maronites living in Israel, mostly from the LF.

I’m sure the LF blogs are still pretty pro-Israel. No surprise there. I’m sure UNIFL is still pro-Israel too. The Lebanese Forces are the Maronite Phalangists who supported Israel and formed the SLA (South Lebanon Army) supported by Israel. They were so hated inside Lebanon that most of them decided to take off for Israel when Israel gave them the chance.
The rest mostly left for the US where they make up the “Free Lebanon” movement. This UNIFL crowd gives an illusory view about what the Christians left in Lebanon think. The truth is there is much difference between the Christians left in Lebanon and the Lebanese Christians outside of Lebanon.
The one outside Lebanon are as I have described. The ones inside Lebanon are much different now. Sure, they hate Hizballah and the Palestinians. But most of them don’t like Israel much anymore either, especially after that latest Israeli invasion. During that invasion, the Lebanese Christians were threatening to take up arms. They said they were going to fight both Hezbollah and the Israeli invaders.
Most recently, many Maronites have gone over to Maronite former General Aoun who is now in alliance with Hezbollah. Lebanese politics is Arab politics squared. It’s all about alliances and little about ideology.
It is true that in S. Lebanon there are still Christian villages full of former SLA members. Villages full of Hezbollah supporters may be just over the next hill. The former SLA members are quiet now and have essentially reinvented themselves as Lebanese patriots. Why do they get along and not kill each other? Forgive and forget. It’s the Lebanese way. If not for this, they would have all exterminated each other in orgiastic mass slaughters long ago.

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3 thoughts on “More On Lebanese Christians”

  1. I think the truth is somewhere between. I know a number of Lebanese, and most of the Christians were well-disposed toward Israel, at least in the sense that they thought Israel could be used to their advantage.
    That changed virtually 100% with the 2006 attack. The Christians didn’t like seeing their country indiscriminately blown to bits any more than anyone else, and now their attitude toward Israel can only be described as white-hot fury. I would go so far as to say that any Lebanese today who don’t feel that way must be on the Mossad payroll.

  2. That’s pretty interesting Olive, thx for that.
    But some of the Maronites are very pro-Israeli. I know this for a fact. Others don’t care much one way or the other.

  3. There are a few. Michael Maloof, one of the top neocons, is pro-Israel and was in with Douglas Feith and the rest.
    The whole UNIFL crowd is pro-Israel, or at least they were anyway.
    After that latest Lebanon War though, I know what you mean, Olive. It was pretty brave of you to say that kiddo.

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