Muslims Show Kindness To Iraqi Homosexuals

This is pretty much par for the course in parts of Arabia. In Palestine, male homosexuals are routinely murdered by the both the secular PLO and the Islamist Hamas. They actually flee to Israel to save their lives. In Lebanon, they get off easy. All Hezbollah does is beat them up (gay bash them). In Egypt, they go to prison when they catch them on a gay boat out on the Nile, but if you keep it under wraps, Egypt is actually a lot better, and all across North Africa, there is tons of homosexuality going on. Young males will play the male role in sex with guys, and as long as they play the guy, they don’t consider themselves gay. There’s a tremendous amount of this sort of thing going on in Morocco. In Arabia, it’s pretty much wide open so to speak. There is an incredible amount of at least male homosexuality going on in Saudi Arabia, but they are supposed to be discreet about it. Gay lovers can walk down the street arm in arm, but if a male and female do it, the religious police are right there on top of them. It’s almost like the worst paranoid fears of gay-hating Western religious right being played out. Homosexuality is legal, but heterosexuals are beaten and hauled off to prison. There is also lots of homosexuality in Kuwait. This is all male homosexuality, by the way. However, in the Kingdom, a lot of the Princesses (there are 1000’s of them) miserable under the weight of horrible misogyny, drink, take pills, suffer psychosomatic illnesses and depression and in particular take to lesbian affairs with each other. We don’t like first four too much, but as far as the last one goes, they need to make internet videos of them and email them to me right now. It is in Iraq where Muslim kindness towards homosexuals reaches its pinnacle. Iran is close. There they just hang young male gays who they catch while an audience watches and I guess eats popcorn and cheers or something. The Shiite militias in East Baghdad have recently shown the way by leading the world in Islamic tolerance and kindness towards gays. Male gays are kidnapped, stripped naked, tied up, and have a special glue applied to their anuses that can only be removed by surgery. I think it’s called Super Asshole Sealer or something. They make it in Iran, probably especially for this purpose. I’ve heard of covering your ass, but this is just ridiculous. Then they force feed the guys laxatives, which causes diarrhea. Since their butts are glued shut, the diarrhea has no escape route and it eventually somehow kills the poor guy. Cause of death: I have no idea. I guess a blown-up asshole or something. Shivers. Good God, what a Hell of a way to go. Best of all, the kind and loving Muslims then distribute videos of the gruesome murders on cell phones to other Muslim sickos, who gleefully watch them for entertainment. The Socialist Worker Party Trots are right, Islam is a de facto progressive religion. All us Western Lefties need to get behind it right now. Better yet, convert.

That's Funny, He Even Looks Like a Pig

Some people resemble animals. Joseph Luter, retired CEO of Smithfield Foods, the Creator of the Swine Flu and the man responsible for turning pig farming into a factory assembly line seems to physically resemble the very swine he so mistreats.
Some people resemble animals. Joseph Luter, the man responsible for turning pig farming into a factory assembly line, seems to physically resemble the very swine he so mistreats.
Joseph Luter, the King of Pig, the King of Pig Shit, the King of the Pig Shit Great Lakes, the King of Swine Flu, oh, how his honoraria do go on and on, even looks like a pig. That he acts like one too is not debatable. He says that a life without enemies is not worth living. Personally, having experienced the full and ecstatic wonderfulness of a life swarming with lots of enemies, I can’t have few enough enemies, thank you very much. Congrats, Joe, lover of enemies, you just got one more. Print this post out and read on your next personal Lear Jet flight, Joe baby. Jerk.

Photos of the Smithfield Foods Facility in Veracruz That Caused the Swine Flu

Follow the link to a translation of a Spanish language Veracruz paper with lots of photos of the wonderful Great Pig Shit Lakes, dead pigs floating in the glorious Great Pig Shit Lakes, dead pigs lying around everywhere decomposing in plain sight, carts loaded with rotting dead pigs, a winery with walls turned black due to being covered with flies, dead pig carcasses tossed in a biodigester to create energy (!). Whoa! That last one is almost like something out of Soylent Green. I would grab the photos and put them up here, but they are copyrighted, and I don’t steal stuff.

Swine Flu Is From Pigs Only, Not Birds and Humans

Although initial reports said the Swine Flu was a bizarre mixture of human, bird and swine flu strains, a mix that has never occurred before and gave rise to conspiracy theories about a bioengineered virus, new research shows that it is only a mix of two different swine flu strains. One strain is North American Swine Flu, first described in the 1930’s, and the other is the Eurasian Swine Flu, first described in 1979. Neither one has ever been contagious in humans before. What makes the flu odd is that like AIDS, it seems to have jumped species. Viruses do that sometimes, but not often. They are more likely to do that in cases of extreme environmental disruption, such as the pig shit lakes of La Gloria, Veracruz, where the virus originated. Swine and bird flu previously were in general found only in humans that had been in very close contact with either chickens or pigs. They got the virus from the animals. But this one jumped species and is now going human to human, like HIV. That’s what makes it alarming. The virus also contains a gene that has never been seen before in any human flu strain. Since no one has immunity to at least that gene, this flu has pandemic potential.

National Socialists For Israel

This is a pretty outrageous document, but ultimately it makes a lot of sense. He’s trying to get his fellow fascists off the Jew Thang by arguing that Muslims are a way greater threat to Europe than Jews will ever be. He also argues that Jews are at least culturally European, unlike Muslims. In addition, he supports the European cultured Israel in its war against the Palestinian Muslims. Israel, of course, is a National Socialist, or fascist state. I’ve been saying this for years now. Thus fascists and National Socialists everywhere should support their fellow National Socialists and fascists in Israel. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. National Socialism and fascism is potentially for everyone or its for no one. A principled fascist ought to allow that each and every state be able to set up their own fascist regime, oppress their own internal minorities, create their own BS nationalist myths, and whatnot. Of course blaming Jews for Europe’s idiot race replacement immigration policies is retarded. There are only a few Jews in Europe anymore. WW2 changed that situation in a huge way. Sure, a lot of Euro Jews push mass immigration to Europe, but they could never have done without the support of tens of millions of Gentile allies. And if Gentiles are so stupid as to be led around by the nose by a silly little insignificant pissant tribe like the Jews, they pretty much deserve what they get. Geez. If the Jews are so bad for their fellow Whites, just don’t listen to them. It should be easy enough. He is correct on Islam. Muslims in Europe are eventually bent on taking over Europe at some point and turning it into Eurabia. They do this everywhere they become a majority. It is a supremacist religion, possibly worse than Judaism, that has domination as its goal and oppression of non-Muslims as its means. They play the minority rights card as long as they are a minority, then as soon as they get majority status, minorities rights go out the window. In short, the Muslim project everywhere Muslims are a minority is a great big fat lie, dishonest at its core. Of course German Nazis supporting Zionism. Fascist parties and projects tend to support one another.

Corporate Pig Factories Produce Massive MRSA Outbreaks

One more reason these sickening pig factories suck. They’re leading the charge for the MRSA brigades. And the pig factory killed the main doctor who was complaining about it. From Nicholas Kristof, the take-home quote:

The larger question is whether we as a nation have moved to a model of agriculture that produces cheap bacon but risks the health of all of us. And the evidence, while far from conclusive, is growing that the answer is yes.


First US Death From Swine Flu

23 month old kid in Texas, a resident of Mexico visiting the US. There have been two deaths in California so far, one in Long Beach and another in La Mirada. I’m very familiar with both cities. The dead were two males, one 33 years old and the other 45. I’m guessing that they were Hispanics and possibly even Mexican citizens. The deaths are suspicious and the symptoms resembled Swine Flu, but there a dozen other diseases with similar symptoms. As of today, there are 91 confirmed cases in the US and many more suspected cases, including most of a school in New York where the students just came back from Mexico. I am afraid this thing is really going to take off. A friend of the family is a physician, smart as a whip, and he is stone worried about this Swine Flu. When the docs are worried sick, you know it’s not just paranoia. 10 more cases have just shown up in Spain, and 53 more are under investigation. Many Spaniards travel to Mexico. The WHO is debating whether to move the pandemic alert level from Stage 4 to Stage 5. There are six stages. Moving from 4 to 5 is a significant step up. United States, Canada, New Zealand, Israel, Britain, Spain and Germany have all confirmed cases of the flu. Germany is the latest, with two cases reported today. Naysayers are saying that 36,000 Americans die of the flu every year. Yes, but almost all of them are old or in poor health. It almost never kills young and healthy people. That’s what makes this flu so much different. Furthermore, even if it doesn’t kill you, this is one kickass flu. It’s likely you might be in bed for a week. What I mean is you pretty much cannot get out of bed period for a whole week. Now that’s one badass flu.

Word of the Day – CAFO

CAFO – confined animal feeding operation – is what caused the Swine Flu and is what has been causing hellacious problems since the project was initialized. It is possible for socialism to moderate the capitalist drive towards industrial livestock production. Scandinavia has made some strides.

No matter what you think of these things, the animals are confined in such small quarters (According to the glorious free hand of the market!) that their immune systems are pretty much shot. Upshot being that the continuously sick animals are pumped full of antibiotics day and night, result being worsening antibiotic resistance in humans.

If the animals were spaced far enough apart, there would be no need to prophylactically pump them with antibiotics 24-7.

But the dictates of the market (Keep in mind – this is the only system that works) mandate that the animals must be squeezed tighter than sardines with the result being mass sickness, shot immune systems, continuous antibiotic pumping, and, and the end of the day, meat-eaters like you and me and eating a dead sick animal with a shot immune system that’s been pumped til bursting with antibiotics.

In a capitalist outhouse called India, some of the worst industrial chicken farms on Earth are being nursed to ill health. It’s a perfect storm waiting to happen, and the sane Indians (not the capitalists!) have been warning about this for years to deaf ears. Money talks and bullshit walks.

Money and death is capitalism. Sanity and life is socialism. It’s not even a contest. Capitalist death beats socialist life hands down every time.

The whole thing is nuts. In any sane (not capitalist) world, there would be no such thing as CAFO’s. CAFO’s have been around for nearly 20 years, but no one seems to be able to stop them. The power of the dollar tends to get in the way of sanity.

In Mexico, there are the worst pig shit lakes ever made by man or pig, clouds of flies turning the blue sky black as far as you can see. Pig carcasses, too many to count, littering the outskirts of the CAFO’s, but no one cares! The cash is flooding in, so damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead. Capitalism ultimately makes about as much sense as a 1950’s Chicken Contest with hot rods.

US Corporation Smithfield Foods Caused Swine Flu

Look no further than Smithfield Foods Corporation, the world’s largest pork producer. Since US environmental laws are too severe (shocking if one goes to any US town ruined by a nearby pig factory) Smithfield set up shop in Mexico, a 3rd World capitalist country that only the Heritage Foundation could love where anything goes and it’s Profits Uber Alles. Pan to La Gloria, a town in Veracruz, near Oaxaca, in a region where due to NAFTA Smithfield has set up shop. La Gloria is where this latest super swine flu originated. Five miles north and upwind, in Xaltepec, there are 15,000 pigs crammed into 18 warehouses. Nearby is Perote, Veracruz, where Smithfield, via its Mexican outfit Granjas Carroll (website) raises an unbelievable 950,000 pigs. Sane people have been warning for decades that the industrial and capitalist superexploitation of pigs for the international pork market was making swine flu virus evolution go into overdrive, with unforeseen consequences. In capitalist societies, anyone saying anything that hurts profits gets shut down or ignored, so these folks have been ignored for decades. Now the proverbial caca has hit the fan. A new virus, a combination of swine, bird and human flu viruses, is on the loose. It’s dangerous, and it kills about 6 This is a mystery. It is peculiar and makes no intuitive sense. One suggestion is that the elderly have already been exposed to many such viruses and already have immunity. Another theory is that a healthy immune system is more deadly in a flu pandemic, where it’s advantageous to have an aging and more decrepit immune system. A young and healthy immune system overreacts to the pandemic flu, producing far too many white blood cells that flood the lungs, and more or less overwhelm and drown them. Pretty much pneumonia in a word. In La Gloria, Veracruz, where the ultracapitalist pig factory is, over half of the 3,000 population have symptoms of swine flu. Edgar Hernandez Hernandez, age 5, is Patient Zero. Two more kids are dead. Over half the population there works most of the week in Mexico City. This is how the virus could have gotten to the capital. A perfect storm has been created with the ultracapitalist pig factories, similar to the gay bathhouses and mad promiscuity of US gay culture that spread AIDS like mad in the 1980’s. Problem is that Swine Flu is easily contagious to anyone, while HIV is mostly transmitted in the West only to IV drug users and gay males. Under “liberal” Bill Clinton, NAFTA was shoved through Congress in 1992. Soon after, thousands of farmers were shoved off their lands in Veracruz and had their lands stolen from under them. The land was to be given to huge US corporations like Smithfield. This is the true genesis of the Swine Flu Pandemic. It was caused by neoliberal capitalism! There is no way to avoid that conclusion. When you thought that the horrible pig manure lagoons of North Carolina could not possibly be surpassed, Smithfield’s super caca lakes in Veracruz seem to have taken the gold. These were some of the worst pig poop lakes ever created by modern capitalism. Swarms of flies, blocking the sun and the sky, hovered over these ponds, feasting on the oceans of pig manure. It appears that from these flies came the Swine Flu, as the Black Plague came from fleas biting rats feasting on human waste tossed from second floor chamberpots all over Europe. These flies appear to be the vector for Swine Flu. So, while capitalism claims to advance us into the modern world, instead it merely transports us to Europe circa 1350. Over half the town is sick. The residents, like villagers with pitchforks and torches, are demanding an investigation. The ultra-capitalist Mexican government has refused to even begin one. Excellent overview of Smithfield’s corporate crime career from Rolling Stone. From the UK Independent comments section. “Luter” below refers to Joseph W. Luter, III,  owner of Smithfield Farms, a particularly repellent fellow even by US corporate standards who regularly rails against vegetarians. Luter is one of the masterminds of the modern pig superfactory.

So… once again the epitome of Western Capitalism (the US), and their “Pig Barons”, steal land, evicting those who live on and work the land. They then, through factory farming and shoddy treatment of their livestock, cause half a town, perhaps more, to contract a contagious and potentially fatal disease (I say ‘potentially’, but remembering that many people have already died). So… of course, they are handsomely compensating these people? And they are providing and paying for the necessary medical care..? They are changing their farming methods? … …Surely? It strikes me that the people who live in these places need to take back their land, by force if necessary. And we should all support them. “Legal” means will not work, since the law is designed to protect capitalism, and its conceptions of property, even in the face of clear facts demonstrating the extent of harm caused by these pig-people. For all of you who are too caught up in the spectacle to engage in revolutionary activities: at least employ your pathetic “consumer ethics” and boycott Luter products. Solidarity with the people of La Gloria.

Who Were the Most Advanced Amerindians?

Your choices: 1. Incas 2. Aztecs 3. Maya I’m going to rule out the Aztecs right away because though they built some really awesome pyramids, that’s pretty much about all they did. I believe that they did not reach the mathematical and astronomical advances of the Mayas. Some even say that the pyramids were built by the Olmecs who were there previously. Why build a pyramid? Note pyramids are the first huge buildings ever built by primitive folks. Start piling rocks, dirt, sand, whatever on a flat surface. After a while, what you do you have? Wa-la! A pyramid. It’s the most simple, basic and reasonable architechtural building. Building those straight up and down things like those 9-11 towers is way harder, plus they have much more tendency to fall over. So to me it’s down to the Mayas and the Incas. I want to say Incas, with their amazing cities, incredible irrigation systems, and advanced crop breeding. Further, the Incas made it out of the Stone Age 4000 years ago, when they started making stuff of gold, silver and copper and the Mayas stayed in the Stone Age through their entire classic period that ended in 900 or so. The Mayas are an incredible tale of an extremely advanced Stone Age society! They almost don’t make sense and seem like something out of science fiction. All that great stuff they made was built with stone tools! Why didn’t they work metals? If there were any nearby, maybe they would have, but the nearest iron deposits were 1,500 miles away. By the time the Spaniards showed up in 1500’s though, the Mayas were out of the Stone Age and were making stuff, most ornaments, out of gold, silver and copper (It’s not true that the Mayan civilization completely collapsed – this is myth). Some argue that to be really out of the Stone Age, you need to make tools of metal, but I think that’s a bit silly. If you’re working metal at all, you’re beyond Stone Age. Stone Age is rocks, sticks and bone. That’s your working material. True, gold and silver are fairly easy to smelt, but so what? Working metal remains a stupendous cultural advance for any group anywhere, and many never got there. Think the Aborigines. So it’s down to the Incas and the Mayas. The Mayas had great achievements in mathematics, written language and astronomy and built some pretty amazing structures. They also built roads of stone through the rainforest, yet they had no beasts of burden nor wheels to have the animals pull behind them. So why the fancy roads? No one knows. Although they never got the wheel, the Mayas did make children’s toys with wheels on them. One could argue, so why not take the next step and make a wagon? A wagon is not much use without beasts of burden to pull it. Humans don’t really want to pull wagons. That’s donkey, camel, cow, and elephant work. The Incas were the only one to come out of the Stone Age, and they did so long ago. Once again though, they mostly made gaudy stuff and not tools with the metals. In all their achievements, they never figured out how to write down anything about what they were doing, leaving their whole civilization a gigantic question mark. They did not seem to achieve as much in the way of mathematical or astronomical advances as the Maya did. Roll the dice and see what comes up? Heads it’s Mayas. I take the Mayas barely over the Incas. Thoughts?

The Inevitable 20th Century Mass Life Expectancy Increase Myth

In the comments section, Uncle Milton disagrees that the tremendous strides that the USSR made in life expectancy were anything great, and suggests that they would have happened anyway even with a non-Communist government. This argument is regularly trotted out by rightwingers whenever we point out the tremendous achievements Communists made in the 20th Century in life expectancy. The argument is that such an increase would have happened anyway with a non-Communist government. In the case of Russia, I assume this would be a Czarist regime. First of all, I noted in response to Unc’s Czarist – Russian Orthodox Church propaganda about Ukraine being “the breadbox of Europe prior to WW1”: The Ukraine before WW1 had an incredibly low life expectancy. Life expectancy was only 35 years! Most people did not have enough food to eat, were often, sick, weak or injured, had no medical care, and died at an early age. Regular famines swept through the area, killing many. What good is “the breadbasket of Europe” if most of the people who live there are starving? To which Unc responded:

Substantial reforms were made in the early 20th centuries. Yes, I am sure during the era of serfdom which ended in 19th century there was hunger. My understanding is this was substantially reduced in immediate pre WWI period.Life expectancy was low in many countries at that time. It was skewed lower because of high infant mortality rates. I’ve seen your discussion of the comparison of China pre and post revolution regarding life expectancy and the Soviet Union but you should not compare between time periods within a country but to other similar countries over time. Taiwan had an even greater increase in life expectancy from the early 20th century to the modern era. For the Soviets I would compare life expectancy in Finland to life expectancy in the USSR.

Well, let us compare similar countries then. Russia with China, India and Albania. 1949 – life expectancy in India and China was 32. In Albania it was 35. Compare to Russia with life expectancy around 67. In particular, note the comparison of Russia with Albania. We also need to show how all progress in life expectancy pretty much ended by the early 1960’s in the USSR, and how life expectancy crashed with the return to capitalism in Russia. Clearly, endless advances in life expectancy are and were not inevitable in the 20th century at all. Russians had a longer life expectancy in the early 1960’s than they did in the 1990’s after the return to capitalism. Or we can compare Cuba to the rest of Latin America and clearly they do better with life expectancy. We can compare Kerala (run by Communists for over 20 years) with other Indian states and see that Kerala has better life expectancy. We can compare Nicaragua at the end of the Sandinista reign to the rest of Latin America and note the superior health figures. Bottom line is that capitalism seems to be bad for your health. A comparison with Finland is not ok because Finland also developed a very socialist system. Not as socialist as the USSR, but very socialist nonetheless. The freemarketeers and anti-Communists don’t like socialists much more than they like Communists, and they try to dismantle Finnish-style socialism everywhere it shows up. Taiwan did not break the records set for greatest increase in life expectancy set by Stalin and Mao. Further, Taiwan under US tutelage created a socialist-style regime after WW2. There was a huge land reform, once again needed for industrialization as in the USSR and China. And national health care, dental care and the essentials of a social democracy were installed. These socialist reforms were done by the US not out of some socialist goals but as a way to make Taiwan compare favorably on various indices when compared to China. Were there no Communist China to cynically compete with, the US would never have created Taiwanese social democracy. Further, Taiwan’s growth occurred due to a massive flood of aid from the US from 1945-1965. Even Cold Warriors like the publishers of Time-Life books, “China” in 1962 confessed that the Taiwan experiment was not reproducible in China due the huge population there and the fact that the equivalent money needed to match the Taiwan money pump in China simply was not available for donation either in the US or anyone in the world. Feeding the people of Taiwan was a difficult thing to do, but it was doable. This very rightwing book acknowledged that the main problem in China lay with feeding the population. This the Chinese Communists accomplished by the mid-1970’s. A better comparison is China and India. Both were very large countries at about the same level of development in 1949. The comparison since then has been stark. China’s shines in almost every way. Further, we can calculate that 100 million excess deaths occurred by 1979 in India as compared to China as a penalty for not following the Chinese model. In 1979, the excess deaths were continuing to occur at 4 million/year. Using basic math, we can calculate that at least 150 million and possibly up to or over 200 million excess deaths have occurred in India since 1949 by failure to follow the Chinese model.

Mexican Drug Gangs

I figure that the Mexican drug gangs or drug cartels, or whatever they are, could pretty much take the Mexican state anytime they want to. Nothing would really change, as I figure the state is already in the pay of the drug gangs anyway, right? Forget all the feel-good articles from Time and Newsweek and whatnot about “progress in the war against the drug gangs.” Truth, the “government” declared war on the “drug gangs” about 1 1/2 years ago. I put them in quotes because it’s hard to say where one begins and the other ends! Since then, there has been a horrible bloodbath in Mexico, with 10-20 homicides every day due to the Drug War. Everything was a lot more cool back when the government hadn’t declared war on the gangs and the gangs were just fighting it out among themselves. If you know anything about corruption and Mexico, you know the terms are synonymous. Many if not most of the cops are on the take and working for the drug gangs and not the “state.” Many members of the military are actually working for the drug gangs! They just take their uniforms and equipment and go work for the drug gangs instead, since they pay so much more. Most people in the West may find this confusing. As a native Californian, we went down to Mexico all the time on vacations. We don’t hate Mexico or Mexicans at all. Mexicans are part of the neighborhood, if not part of the family anymore. Nevertheless, we have no illusions about these people. We know what their culture is all about. It’s not the culture of the West! Corruption is endemic and has little to do with poverty. The richest are the most corrupt of all. It’s a corrupt culture, so about everyone is corrupt. The roots are very difficult to tear apart, but I think it has to do with the Arabized nature of Latin American culture. In addition, many Catholic societies are ridiculously corrupt. The Catholic Church has been corrupt from Day One and of course it is to this very day. If you can’t understand this about Catholicism, you don’t understand the religion and the culture it engenders. Forget the lies from Newsweek and all. Mexico is a wealthy version of a failed state. It’s always been a failed state, but now it’s a wealthy failed state. There is no way that this Drug War can stay on the Mexican side of the border, especially with Open Borders lunatics in the Executive Branch. It’s coming to the US in one way or another, like this damned Swine Flu. Which I will write on shortly!

Operation Barbarossa Revisionism

Operation Barbarossa (OB) was the Nazi invasion of the USSR. OB revisionism takes many forms, the most outrageous of which is the Nazi line that OB was a pre-emptive strike because the USSR was getting ready to attack all of Europe! The Nazis were trying to save the world from Communism! This is clearly completely insane, but German nationalists, pro-Nazis, Nazis, Holocaust Deniers, neo-Nazis and anti-Semites (in practical terms, the same thing!) love to rant on about it. I don’t know one political scientist who takes it seriously. Much other OB revisionism has come out of the West, generally from the CIA and MI5 and allied intelligence services during the anti-Communist Cold War. That the USSR caused 89 Some pigs actually tally up the 27 million as more of countless murders committed by Stalin. The gall! This sort of BS is common on the Far Right in the West. A few of these folks even have university degrees, but that doesn’t mean anyone takes them seriously. Milder forms are taken by the Time Magazine crowd, still Cold Warriors and cheerleaders for US imperialism. This holds that Stalin was a crappy general and military who nearly lost the war due to his ineptness, and that he obtusely and idiotically refused to listen to his own intelligence reports warning of an upcoming OB. This nearly cost him Moscow – yes, the Nazis almost overran the capital of the USSR early on. The truth as usual is much more complicated. There were 80 reports of imminent invasion of the USSR by Germany over 8 months – one every three days. Many of these reports were being fed to the USSR from US and British intelligence (!), who, believe it or not, were eager to see the USSR and the Nazis go at it for a variety of reasons. In part they hoped that the Nazis would kick the USSR’s butt and destroy it, but they also hoped that the Nazis would be weakened in the process. Both the USSR and Germany were seen as enemies of the US and the UK, and the West wanted to see the two destroy each other. Stalin did consider that the invasion was happening when it did, and Molotov, the foreign minister, took appropriate action right away. It is very important to note the reasons for Stalin’s caution – Stalin did not want to start the war for no reason, and it had almost started many times in the immediate past. Tragic and horrible as it is, the Holodomor due to Ukrainian and Soviet mass collectivization and the purges of 1937-38 helped the USSR win the war. Never had any society in the history of mankind accomplished so much in so little time as the USSR did in the 1930’s. So much for “Communism doesn’t work.” From a backwards peasant nation, the USSR was built up into a major world-class industrial power. A piss-poor military was built into one of the most powerful armies on Earth. This could not have happened without the mass collectivization of the early 1930’s, which enabled the countryside to produce enough food to feed the rapidly growing urban working class needed for mass industrialization. The purges, horrible as they were (1 million were killed, not 10 million or 30 million or however many) were also effective. By the time of the invasion, there were almost no high-level traitors left in the USSR, and there had been quite a few in 1936. In the 1930’s, there was a huge conspiracy in the upper echelons of the USSR involving Trotskyites. The Trots knew even back then that Hitler was dead set on conquering the USSR and the Trots had made a deal with the Germans to conduct a coup during the invasion to unseat the Stalinists and hand the country over to the Germans. In return, the Trotskyites would get to rule the rump Soviet puppet state and would hand over the Ukraine, White Russia and Western Russia to the Germans. What a bunch of traitors! People wonder why some of us hate Trotskyites so much. The Trots were so nuts that they were ready to hand over the USSR to the Nazis due to their psychotic hatred of Stalin. During WW2, Trotsky argued that Communists should be “neutral” during the war. He said that the Western capitalists were just as bad as the Nazis. That was before his most excellent murder. Speaking of which, never was an icepick put to better use! As part of the milder OB revisionism, we have the line that “Stalin was unprepared for OB.” Hell. Stalin used the Good overview here.

“The Strange Saga of Sueli Guerros” by Joanna Woodhouse

Joanna Woodhouse is our latest guest author. She is a White woman who spent many years living in Brazil and now lives in Canada. She speaks fluent Portuguese and English. I believe she may have originally come from Britain. Since we have been writing on here lately about the silliness, immorality and extremism of Mesoamerican machismo in the US from a US White POV, it would be interesting to see that’s it’s as common in Brazil as it is in Mexico. It’s a well recognized thing in Brazil – it’s called a “crime of passion” where a man or a woman catches their husband/lover in bed with a person of the opposite sex, and in a fit of rage, grabs a knife and kills them both. There were a couple of families in Rio de Janeiro a while back that absolutely hated each other, a la Hatfields and McCoys. They were the Guerros and Ferreiros families. Well, a Ferreira son fell in love with and became engaged to a Guerros daughter. Her name was Sueli. His family were absolutely aghast and put all kinds of pressure on him to break the engagement. Finally he did, and Sueli, in typical Guerros rage, publicly swore vengeance and said she’d kill him. Very concerned, the young man, his father and uncle went to the local sheriff’s office to lodge a complaint against her. She turned up at the Police Station in a rage – and a huge argument ensued, during which she hauled out a gun and pointed it at her ex fiance. The sheriff decided to be a hero, and he grabbed her hand that had the gun in it and there was a struggle. During the struggle, three shots were fired: one hit Dad, one hit Uncle, and one hit ex fiance. Dad and Uncle were killed, ex fiance wounded but survived. Well, I attended her trial because I was very curious about what possible defense could be provided for her heinous act. When Sueli came into court, I and everyone else gasped. She was absolutely gorgeous – stunningly beautiful in fact. Long black hair down to her waist, slim, very busty, big liquid brown eyes, perfectly complexion, pouty mouth – well you get the picture! She was dressed in black, very demurely clad showing just a bit of cleavage but not too much, and she looked woebegone and very sad – she had been well coached. Her Defense Attorney wasn’t stupid. He saw to it that she got an all male jury, whose eyes nearly fell out of their heads as they ogled at her. You could see lust pouring out of their eyes. So what defense did her attorney put up? First of all, he told the jury that her ex fiance had “deflowered” her and had had a moral obligation to marry her. Back in those days, a virgin was considered untouchable unless a man had previously married her – because any man who deflowered her could expect a knife in his gut from her irate father and brothers. Mind you, a widow was fair game. Every man would think that, having gotten “it” on a regular basis, a widow was a mass of quivering lust and unbridled passion which any red blooded Brazilian male would feel it was his duty, nay his moral obligation to fulfill to the best of his ability, and he’d tell himself that his “ability” to do so was considerable (macho males in Brazil usually think they’re the best and hottest lovers in the world, if not the universe)! However, I digress. Sueli’s defense attorney also put up the defense that since the sheriff had grabbed her hand and struggled with her, no one could determine who’d actually pulled the trigger! He said it wasn’t “pre-meditated murder” she was simply avenging her lost “honour!” Well, that all male jury deliberated for around an hour and came back with a “Not Guilty” judgment! Brazilians understand crimes of passion, although of course, I don’t. There is no justification for taking a human life unless it’s in defense of one’s own life. So Sueli got away with a double murder – but she didn’t get away with it in the end. The Ferreiros family had Sueli’s favourite brother murdered. Notice, they didn’t murder her, but someone she dearly loved, and would therefore spend the rest of her life suffering for what she’d done to them! Of course, while everyone knew (including Sueli) that the Ferreiros family had orchestrated the murder, there was no way on Earth the justice system could prove it. As far as the Brazilian mindset was concerned, justice had been served. I think this possessive jealousy displayed by Mexicans and Brazilians isn’t a sign of how much they love their woman, it’s a deep rooted insecurity and macho stupidity. But it’s just as common in Brazil as it is down your way! C 2009 Joanna Woodhouse

Abiezer Coppe "Marxist Reading List"

I don’t usually print stuff like this, but my newest guest columnist  Abiezer Coppe is incredibly well-read. This is a list of the Marxist literature he has been through, which includes most of the seminal works of the discipline. I still maintain that we on the Left have to quit critiquing actually existing capitalism (AEC) so much and figure out some alternatives to AEC that actually not only get rid of the problems of AEC but are workable and viable. Abiezer is much better read in Marxist literature than I am. I checked out some recent stuff by Meszaros from last fall and it was pretty good stuff. Hungarian Marxist philosopher. A lot of my readers are Leftists and many are also extremely well-read, so they might be interested in this post. They will probably chime in in the comments with recommendations of their own. I agree that Marx is incredibly hard to read. Abiezer’s bio is here. To call myself a Marxist would be really overegging the pudding! After all around 1872 Karl Marx himself said “All I know is that I’m not a Marxist!”. I’m not a Marxist, I’m a Communist. And I’m definitely a humanist. I identify with Marxist humanism. Obviously I’ve absorbed Marx via membership of the Communist Party, and latterly of the Socialist Workers’ Party (the only Marxist game in the city in the 2000’s), which I quit because of its politics on various issues, and I’ve read Marx at times. But no-one can seriously call himself a Marxist unless they have read Capital Volumes 1 to 3 and can give an exposition on what they mean. I haven’t. I tried to read Volume 1, a copy of which sits proudly in my bathroom along with Trotsky’s My Life, Engels’ Anti-Duhring, Paul Sweezy’s The Theory of Capitalist Development, two books of Marxist philosophy by the inestimable American Communist Barrows Dunham (If you haven’t read him, check him out!), Engels’ Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844, Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man, David Shub’s biography of Lenin, Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution, Kent Worcester’s biography of CLR James plus various Marxist books on history (two copies of British Communist A L Morton’s – whom I  knew – A People’s History of England) and literary criticism, but I never got that far with Das Kapital. I also have wonderful volumes by British Marxist novelists Jack Lindsay (I knew him well and named my son after him) and Lewis Grassic Gibbon. I learn a lot from novelists, especially those writing in the Marxist tradition. And from Marxist poets like Neruda, Hikmet, Vallejo and Yevtushenko. The 20th century Marxists I’ve read include Gramsci, Trotsky, Lenin obviously, Bukharin (brilliant!), Rosa Luxemburg, Alexandra Kollantai, Mao Tse Tung, Lukacs, Althusser because I was a member of the French Communist Party in the 1970’s, Coletti, Fernando Claudin (his History of the Communist Movement), Meszaros (for whom I retain a great affection despite his dreadful 985 page Hegelian reading of Capital, which I did read to the end and emerged none the wiser. But his Marx’s Theory of Alienation is just brilliant in my view.), Christopher Hill and Isaac Deutscher (I knew his second wife Tamara) and EP Thompson. Marx’s Theory of Alienation and Marx’s 1844 Manuscripts, plus Lenin’s State and Revolution, The Communist Manifesto, Mao’s On Contradiction and Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution, were the first books I ever read by Marxists, after coming back from India at the age of 19, meeting Indian Communists in New Delhi and deciding the world needed to be turned upside down, as in the song about the Levellers by Leon Rosselson, the greatest British Marxist Jew songwriter ever, and still performing at 75! His albums are brilliant!

Stalin Was a Jew

Bla bla bla. So says a deranged anti-Semite named E. Thomson (pseudonym), a byline I have been seeing a lot on anti-Semitic sites lately. Since the only links are to a Turkish nationalist site or Alex Linder’s Nazi site, I’ll just reproduce the nonsense here for kicks and so as not to give those idiots the traffic. All of the hallmarks of severe pathological 20th Century European anti-Semitism are on display in this short piece: Judeo-Bolshevism; the USSR as a Jewish-run country; pro-Nazism; Operation Barbarossa revisionism (Operation Barbarossa revisionism refers to the theory that the Nazi invasion of the USSR was pre-emptive war because actually the USSR was getting ready to invade all of Europe!); ethnic, organic or blood and soil ultranationalism; opposition to multiculturalism; USSR as a genocidal platform to murder millions of “Russian Gentiles; extreme anti-Communism; Jews as “Khazars”, not Jews; and the new capitalist Russia as a Jew-run entity. It adds a few interesting twists. Anti-Semites are nothing if not inventive! Stalin as a Jew (!!??); Cold War as a fake diversionary war between Jews on both sides to keep the Gentiles down and in check; Putin as a Jew (!?); the USSR as a continuation of the Jewish (!!??) Czars’ imperialism, in particular their desire to conquer all of Europe (!?), rich US Jews gave the USSR the atom bomb in the 1950’s (!?), and last but not least, a huge fake German Nazi army being guarded by Jews (WTF!) on the shores of France waiting to invade Britain as a feint to fool Stalin into invading Europe. Interestingly, he caps Khazar but leaves “Jew” lowercase. What’s the point? Jews don’t exist, only these weird Khazar-thingies do? He also refuses to cap “Bolshevism.” Why not? To show how much he hates them? Stalin was studying for the Orthodox priesthood, Russian Orthodoxy not being known for being Jew-friendly, but never mind! Lots of nice Jewish boys study for the priesthood, especially to be priests of anti-Semitic religions. Really! I am wondering if the DSM should add an Anti-Semitic Psychosis disorder to the list of psychotic disorders on Axis 1 in the next edition.

The Myth of Stalin’s Nationalism

by E. Thomson

The Germans have an erroneous saying that “lies have short legs”. The reality is that lies are like camels, they have exceedingly long legs and survive the hottest, driest, most brilliant light of criticism. A recent newsletter has once again revived the Big Lie that Red Russia, the former Russian Empire of the non-Russian Tsars, had been ‘liberated’ from Khazar (jew) rule by Djugashvili (Jewson) “Stalin”, a Khazar from Tiflis, Georgia, whose mentor, Kaganovich, was of the same nationality: Khazar. As a matter of definition, a multi-national entity is not “a nation”, therefore when people prate about “nations”, they fall into the jew-Boas’ trap of equating “nation” with territory. Nations are biopolitical entities, not geopolitical, and members of a nation can exist anywhere on earth. On the other hand, no amount of crowding and cramming of nations into a given territory can produce a nation, merely an unstable, multi-national empire, such as Russia and North America. Who did the Khazar emperor, “Stalin” liberate the disparate Gentiles of the Red Russian Empire from? “The jews!” say the myth-mongers. Not only that, but “Stalin” declared “Communism in one country! The name, COMINTERN was duly changed to COMINFORM. Wiser scholars know that “Stalin” was merely changing tactical labels, for he was continuing the Khazar imperial policy of expansion which his congener, “Trotsky” (Lev Davidovitch Bronstein) had failed to carry out previously. Moreover, the jews remained in all important positions in the Soviet state, particularly in the police apparatus. Top-ranking military officers were either Khazar (Ashkenazim) or married to Khazars, like Brezhnev, whose jewish wife I’ve seen a picture of. Even now, I shudder when I recall that gargoyle! I suspect that Brezhnev volunteered to go to the battle of Stalingrad so he didn’t have to look at his Khazar wife, who would have made The Wicked Witch look like a beauty queen. “Stalin” purged several thousand Khazars and he replaced them with fellow Khazars. He did the same with millions of his Gentile subjects, whom he did not replace, but simply tightened the conditions of terror and enslavement of the survivors. The head of the Cheka/NKVD/KGB, propaganda (Ilya Ehrenberg), and every government department remained Khazar. “Stalin” continued to expand Khazar imperialism with military might and terror in Spain and Finland, but his main goal was to achieve what his rival, “Trotsky”, had failed to achieve in the 1920s: the conquest of Europe! We need not take into account the reports I have obtained from German high altitude aerial reconnaissance observers, that Red Russia was completing its preparations for the massive invasion of Europe in 1941, a few weeks too late. One observer told me that the territory of the Khazar Soviet Empire looked like a huge sand table model from his altitude: “The smoke of endless trains revealed that the Russian (sic) rail system had been converted into a gigantic conveyor belt. Trains brought military equipment from east to west and took farming and factory equipment, along with grain and livestock from west to east.” Former Soviet Military Intelligence officer (GRU) “Suvorov” substantiates this statement in his book, “The Icebreaker”, in which he includes the names and numbers of the Red Army units en route to the west, when the German attack caught them on the hop. “Stalin” apparently believed that Operation Sealion (the touted German invasion of Britain) was genuine, whereas Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of Red Russia) was the ‘real thing’, and the German units which were, according to bogus intercepted radio traffic, standing on the French coast, were really under the large noses of Khazar observers. “Stalin” changed nothing about jew-bolshevism, except some names and propaganda labels. The Khazar rulers remained and their policy of imperial expansion was intensified. Another indicator that the jews remained in control of Red Russia was in the fact that the jews of Britain and North America continued their staunch and substantial support for the Stalinist regime, before, during and after World War II. The jew-bolshevik policies had made the rich Russian Empire into a financial and agricultural basket case, so overseas jews made sure their Red Monster was given continual life-support in the form of funding, food and technology, such as the atom bomb. The myth that Red Russia became “jew-free” and “nationalist” under “Stalin” was part of the other hoax called “The Cold War”. The fact that Mr. Posner of Moscow and Mr. Posner of Washington DC report the ‘news’ to each other’s Goyim should provide another clue. Former KGB/FSB jew, Putin, and his Khazar congeners still rule the remnants of the former Soviet empire, which his fellow jew bandits continue to loot, along with recycled ‘aid’ funds from the jews’ western dominions. The jews still rule Russia, and they do not have Russian interests at heart! ORION!

The Enigma of the Womanizer

The womanizer, or, as I call him in his most notorious formation, The Man With the Golden Sperm, is a strange fellow. Much of what you hear about him are lies, and he is poorly understood. It’s said that he hates women and is secretly gay, but I am convinced that this is nonsense. Womanizers love women. They really, really, really love women. I think most guys don’t really like women that much. Well, they like them, but not like the womanizer does. When it comes down to it, your man’s man would rather hang out with the guys. A lot of other guys are sort of scared of women or never got that comfortable around them, including married men. Further, the more masculine a guy is, the more alienated and disturbed he is by typical feminine behavior, and the more he finds it offensive in men and silly and nonsensical in women. So in highly machismo cultures like Latin America and Arabia you also find a lot of misogyny, and when the guys want to hang out, they hang out with guys. When the girls want to hang out, they hang out with girls. In order for a guy to hang out with the ladies, he has to respect femininity and the female nature on some basic level. Machismo is all about contempt for femininity in oneself, other males and frankly in general. The womanizer on the other hand, while definitely a masculine guy in a way, likes women so much that most of his friends are women. The most notorious ones I knew had women coming and going all the time, seemingly all day and all night, like some kind of weird sexual revolving door. The phone was always ringing, and there was often a woman on the end of the line. I would go out with these guys, and females would go into hypnotized stares just being in the presence of this guy, this Man With the Golden Sperm. Many of their friends were females, and their female friends were always vicariously fucking the womanizer via fixing their friends up with him. So let us put to rest once and for all the notion that the womanizer hates women. Quite the opposite. He’s addicted to them, in some ways the way an addict is to dope. He can’t get enough of them. He’s drowning in a sea of females. It’s true that womanizers don’t treat women very well, but I would argue that that doesn’t mean that they hate them. They don’t treat them well, but they still really love them. Does that make sense? Most of the most notorious womanizers I have ever known, including yours truly back in the day (Not so much these days, unfortunately!), were somewhat androgynous guys. They were not full-on macho man’s man types. I think part of the success of the womanizer is that he likes women so much because he has so much in common with them. And strangely, it is the fact that the womanizer is “in touch with his female side” that makes women so attracted to him. No, they are not having lesbian sex with a girl with a dick. But he is sort of one of the girls in a bit of a strange way, but then he’s not either, he really is a man, and you better believe it. He’s definitely a sexual threat since he has a cock and knows how to use it, but then again he’s not because he’s so approachable. The most notorious ones I knew were always being approached by females. Females were always touching them, walking up to them and sitting on their laps, walking close to them, grabbing them, teasing them. If you asked them why they did that, they would say, “He’s just so…approachable.” Other guys would watch with their mouths open and ask, “How the Hell do you do it, man?” Some womanizers are even soft, sensitive and androgynous in bed, and females actually like this. Females who had sex with these guys tell me that it was a weird experience, and sometimes they almost felt like they were having sex with another woman! But nevertheless they loved it anyway. And some of these guys have confessed to me that when they had sex with females, they felt like a woman having sex with another woman, like a lesbian with a dick. They said it was a weird feeling, but if the chick is young and beautiful, hey, the sex is still great anyway. As far as whether the womanizer is an “asshole who uses women” as the line goes, it’s hard to say. Most of the real notorious ones I knew had it made. Women basically approached them all the time. They barely even had to try, and when they did, their approaches were quite welcome. It isn’t so much that these guys are chasing women, but that in many cases, females are chasing them. Sure he goes through women like underwear, and I’m sure there is some resentment on the part of the women, but not as much as you think. A lot of the females seemed to be delighted to play along and put a notch in their belt by bagging The Man With the Golden Sperm. Although resentment was evident in former girlfriends of these guys, you could tell that the females still sort of loved them in a way. How could they not? I am convinced that in most females of all ages, even in the coldest and most broken of  female hearts, there is a tiny section set aside for their eternal love for The Man With the Golden Sperm. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

Jane Harmon is Jewish, or Jews Uber Alles

I never knew that, but a very large number of surnames with “man” at the end are Jewish here in the US. “Mann” at the end is often German. Here we get tangled up in the horrible and ultimately genocidal mess called “Germans and Jews”, not nearly so simple as either German or Jewish nationalists would have you think. As a friend of mine with some German (and apparently Jewish) ancestry told me, “Bob, there’s an old German saying. There’s a little Jew in every German.” Wow! This must have made Hitler’s task so hard, and indeed it did. Hitler simply could not kill off every German with a bit of that nasty Jewish race in their blood, or he would end up killing off most of Germany! It sad but true. And in the genocide of at least the German Jews, the Nazis were in some very perverse way killing themselves. To kill the Jew was to kill the German. Why? Because the German and the Jew had become one. If you don’t agree, think about it! Anyway, back to Jane Harmon. I don’t know much about her, but I believe she is a good progressive Democrat from California, with all the greater good and some bad that that entails. She always seemed to be in with the Israeli Lobby, which mystified me. I figured she was a captive of Jewish money. The truth turns out worse. She is imprisoned in the gulag of Jewish blood and ancestry. She has to give succor to the tribe; she can’t help it. If you read the news, you will find that Jane Harmon is being accused of being an Israeli Agent of Influence. She escaped the bribery trap, but she’s still an ethnic nationalist at core, and her dual loyalty is a fact, not a matter of argument. The progressive Jewish politicians here in California are often great progressives, and of course we love them for that, but when it comes to the Tribe, race and ethnicity trumps all. It’s Jews Uber Alles, the race over everything. On Israeli issues, these fine progressives are often incredibly and confusingly reactionary. As with Hispanic liberals and Leftists, race and ethnicity trumps all. La Raza Uber Alles. The Jews Uber Alles. The race comes first, class or progressive politics second or not at all. No real problem there, but why don’t White liberals and Leftists have the right to the same primacy of race and ethnicity over class? Why are we exempt?

No Jail For Subprime Crisis Criminal Scum

Let’s get one thing straight here. The crooks who engineered the Subprime Crisis are criminals! They are criminals the same way that your average street ghug is a criminal. It’s only that the financial crooks are regarded as “successful men” in the sickening capitalist system, rewarded with all the beautiful women (pussy), money, social status, political power and everything else that capitalism rewards financially successful men with. I am by no means arguing that all financially successful people in capitalism are as low as the dirtiest street thug garbage, though it is certainly an interesting argument! Let’s leave it for another day! Surely the Subprime crooks are crimanals. If what they did wasn’t against the law (and it most cases it apparently was) it should have been. No decent or moral society (Yet another argument! Can a capitalist society ever be either? How and why? And give sources.) would allow allow to be legal the moral crimes that the Subprime Crooks committed, whether proscribed by law or not. The real news is that the Subprime Crooks are off the hook. The FBI has said so, and they said so many months ago. Late last year, the FBI said that there would be few to no arrests in the subprime affair. Because almost all US politicians were intwined with them? Not only that. But as the FBI said, a huge section of the FIRE (Finance, insurance and real estate) had broken the law and the FBI simply lacked resources to go after all them. Not enough agents, not enough money, not enough federal prisons. Almost all of the financial criminals would have to go free, even though they are surely as worthless as your average Black thug who holds up a mini-mart with ski mask and a .38. In other words, they would have to throw probably half of Wall Street in jail. Clearly this cannot be done, but I for one think it would be pretty cool!

Nationalize the Federal Reserve Bank

It’s a great idea, and not only that, but the anti-Semites might even love it too! How often can you promote a great progressive project and get most of the anti-Semites on board too? Not too often. In other words, chance of a lifetime for an Alliance Made In Hell. Truth is, Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve makes no sense from any progressive standpoint. What benefit does International Jewry get from it (and there is an ethnic network, almost synonymous with International Zionism)? I don’t know. Maybe someone can clue me in. But Jews are 2 Gentiles can’t be Fed Reserve governors? Why not, we are too stupid? C’mon. What does your average Jew get out of Jewish domination of the Federal Reserve? Does he get a check from Jewish Central Control every month? C’mon. So why support it? Ethnic nationalism, ethnic loyalty? Why? If you don’t get a cut, and it isn’t really “good for the Jews” anyway, why bother? Jewish domination of the Fed does one thing very well. It sends the anti-Semites into a mad feeding frenzy and gives them tons of solid evidence to back it up. Put the Jews in charge of all the money in the US! Great job! What’s the point, from the Jewish POV? How is putting the Jews in charge of the US money supply good for Jews? It’s good for the anti-Semites, no doubt, but is it good for the Jews? Jewish readers, have the Federal Reserve Jews issued you a check yet? Ok, so why support them? Aside from the whole nauseating Jewish thing, there is an excellent progressive argument for just nationalizing the whole Fed anyway. The Fed is up to their stinking armpits in this latest mass corruption/Organized Crime Spree called the Subprime Crisis, and there are some excellent reasons for nationalizing the Fed, a quasi-nationalized, but not nearly nationalized, institution.

La Raza Uber Alles

An Hispanic commenter on the Some Issues With Machismo post takes issue with some of the comments in the post. First he suggests that Hispanic culture is not regressive, putting the adjective in quotes. And yet it is. Next he suggests that we only noticed this after our apples got picked and our buildings cleaned. Once again, jobs Americans won’t do. Finally, he says I should not complain about importing millions of Hispanics, as the millions are already here and you can’t import what is already here. But we continue to import them, and most of them aren’t even legal anyway. Without amnesty, at least they are not legal. And theoretically we could throw them all back to Mexico at some point if they are illegal. With amnesty, another vast flood of illegals will begin, since amnesty spurs confidence that in the US it’s legal to be an illegal alien and future amnesties will be forthcoming. Further, there will be a birthrate explosion in the vast sea of low-quality Hispanics already legalized in the amnesty. This is what happened last time. The children of the newly amestied will be low-quality like their parents, and will create a new round of graffiti-taggers, gang-bangers, school dropouts, teen pregnancies, wrecked schools, trashed and run-down cities, welfare cases and custodians of the criminal justice system. Illegals are low quality Hispanics from Mesoamerica. When you legalize them, they are still low-quality Hispanics from Mesoamerica. The urban poor and peasants of Mesoamerica simply do not make quality American citizens. What do they do instead? They recreate Mesoamerica everywhere they go in the US. They don’t seem to be able to do anything else. They don’t stop recreating Tijuana after they get legalized. Legalization changes nothing. It doesn’t help much with labor either. A newly legalized illegal does not suddenly demand a union and $20/hour. He is still a compliant, easily manipulated Mesoamerican peasant who will work for the lowest dollar available. He will outcompete real Americans for low-wage labor everywhere he goes. As commenter James Schipper has pointed out, legalizing a mass flood of low-skilled workers will simply flood those occupations with an ocean of excess labor, further driving wages and probably working conditions into the gutter. Illegals lower wages. They will continue to lower wages after they are legalized. Further, legalization does not change the problems of field labor. As far as working in the fields, with bad economic times many legal Hispanics are now doing this. And we could always have a guest worker program. But as soon as we legalize 12-20 million criminal invaders, most of them will decide that farm work is too good for them! This is what happened last time. And so we will need many more illegals. There are legal workers in the UFW, but the farmers here in the Central Valley don’t want to hire them. Why? They have a backbone, a union, they fight back, and demand minimum wage. The farmers need illegals because they won’t hire the UFW! Last time I checked, 80 The crowd pushing amnesty is pushing a lie. According to the lie, once we legalize X million illegals, we will seal the border forever and we will immediately arrest all illegals found in the US and deport them. Workplaces will be raided continuously to keep the new illegals at bay, and employers who hire illegals will be vigorously fined or possibly even imprisoned. The lie is, Just let us do this amnesty once, and then we will end illegal immigration once and for all and forever. It’s a lie! This is extremely important to recognize. The illegal alien supporters do not want to temporarily fix a problem by amnesty and then put in a permanent crackdown that allows no further illegals. But this is the lie that they sell to us! Look closely at the pro-illegal crowd, especially the openly treasonous Hispanic organizations. They don’t believe in enforcing our southern border! They don’t believe in militarizing the border, they oppose more agents, they oppose the wall, they oppose more money for border patrol agents. What do they think we should do instead? I don’t know! I think they believe that anyone who wants to walk across that border ought to just be able to do so unhindered. That right there is an extremely radical position and an utterly insane notion and right off the bat ought to make the Hispanic organizations unwelcome in polite company anywhere in our land. How about the line that once the new illegals get in, we will quickly arrest and deport them. Forget it! Read the Hispanic organizations very closely. They oppose any and all arrests of any illegal aliens who are in the US for whatever reason. I guess they think that illegal alien criminals should be deported, but that’s not a very controversial opinion. The line of the Hispanic organizations is once you sneak past the Border Patrol and keep your nose clean, you are home free. Workplace raids? They oppose any and all workplace raids. I have yet to see one workplace raid that the Hispanic organizations supported. Once the new illegals come in and are home free, they are safe in the workplace too. E-Verify could easily stop this. E-Verify simply tries to enforce the law by making it almost impossible to “accidentally” hire an illegal alien who “you really and honestly thought was legal.” This is the typical lie that the employers use to justify hiring illegals. Implementing E-Verify would be trivial and enforcing it would be easy. It’s a no-brainer. The Hispanic organizations have been in the forefront of the fight against E-Verify. They don’t think anyone should have to prove that they are a US citizen to work at any job in America. Unbelievable. That right there is such an incredibly radical position that there shouldn’t even be much of a debate about it among any sane Americans. What about crackdowns on employers? Even Obama seems like he might be doing this, when he is not busy running around screaming amnesty at the top of his lungs. It seems almost everyone supports crackdowns on employers. Polls show up to 80 The Hispanic organizations? They even oppose cracking down, fining and imprisoning the employers! I am serious, they really do. Nowadays, unbelievably, the Hispanic organizations, usually “leftwing” and “liberal” ones, are often found voicing rightwing lines about how illegal alien cheap labor is great for the economy. I am serious. I have heard Hispanic “Leftists” say this over and over on my “progressive” radio station. This shows that when it comes to politics, race and ethnicity trumps class politics for Hispanics. It’s La Raza Uber Alles. La Raza comes first, everything else comes second. If “Leftist” Hispanics have to toss class politics in the trash can and embrace a reactionary line to advance the cause of La Raza, they will do it in a New York minute. So once the new illegals flood across the border, and flood they will in the wake of a new mass amnesty, they will not only be home free once they sneak past the agents, they will find secure jobs doing whatever the Hell they want, and their employers can rest free knowing they can hire all the illegals they want and never go to jail. After a while, guess what? Soon we will have millions more illegals in the US, and a whole new “illegal alien problem.” With mass amnesty, the Hispanic voter bloc will grow so large that at some point we may have to foreclose all enforcement of our Southern border forever. This is a roundabout way of saying that all of the Hispanic organizations are de facto Open Borders advocates. Do they want all of our borders open? Probably not. As true ethnic nationalists, they care first and foremost about La Raza, with everyone else plays second fiddle or is not in the race at all. They probably only want the Southern border open so their ethnic family can continue to flood in. It’s ethnic politics, pure and simple. I don’t think the Hispanics shed one tear about Chinese illegals or Bosnian illegals. The only illegals they care about are their racial brethren. Regarding janitorial jobs, when I was coming of age in the 1970’s, White people and sometimes Black folks did all the janitorial work. It was a respectable job and positions never went open for lack of workers. I worked proudly as a janitor for many years. There were never any illegals working with us.

Some Issues With Machismo Culture

I live with a bunch of Mexicans here and the thing is to be machismo. In a way I don’t mind that because I’m into masculinity myself. But there’s stuff that I really hate about it too, more that women are property, we get to beat them, and the Hispanics are psychotically jealous of women and will attack other guys for looking at or messing with their women. Who do they do this? Because she is his property! If you look at her, you are looking at his property with the intention of stealing it. If you mess around with her, you have stolen his property. Worse, I think you have completely humiliated him as a man, and attacking an Hispanic guy’s masculinity is cause for fights or homicide. White culture is just not like this and I think this aspect of Hispanic culture is backwards and regressive. White guys don’t go beating or killing other guys for messing with or certainly not looking at their women. We’re too civilized for that, at least the White culture I was brought up with. White guys don’t like it if you mess with their girl and might threaten you, but that’s about it. There’s a real phobia of physical violence in the White towns I have lived in. The White guy – he might hit the girl! The whole thing is turned around. She’s the one at fault, she slept around and cheated on him. She’s a whore, slut, bitch, etc. The cheated on guy does not blame the guy who messed with his girl – that guy is just doing what any healthy, red blooded male would do when his gf went for him. In White culture, it’s assumed if you have a beautiful woman, every other guy in town wants her. We don’t begrudge them that – that’s normal! It’s the responsibility of the woman to keep these wolves who endlessly pursue her at bay – to ignore them, to fend them off, to not encourage them. I don’t think White culture treats women like property anymore, though we sure used to. We’ve just evolved beyond that. Another aspect of machismo culture is that if an Hispanic woman is with her man, other males are not supposed to talk to her. So down in Mexico if she speaks Spanish and you don’t, the tour guide will ignore her and try to talk to you anyway. By talking to a woman who is with her man, you attack his masculinity. These are just some of my beefs with Hispanic culture. Why the Left wants to import untold millions of these folks and create new Latin American states in the US and thereby obviously recreate this regressive culture is just beyond me.

"Barack Obama Wants To Cut Off Your Balls, White Man!" by Alpha Unit

This is another guest post by Alpha Unit, a Black female guest poster. Biographical information for Alpha Unit can be found here. Barack Obama is a menace. People on TV keep saying so. He’s going around making nice with dictators and Europeans. He’s apologizing all over the place for the imagined sins of America, when everybody knows that America doesn’t sin. He’s endangering us all by releasing highly classified Justice Department documents, when no matter what America does and no matter how many times in a month it does it, it isn’t torture. The damage Obama has wreaked on the international stage must give way, nevertheless, to the damage he has done to the best and brightest of America. With scalpel (or hatchet) in hand, Obama has the White Man by the scrotum. The worst fears of Thomas Dixon, “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman, and other grave-ridden defenders of white sovereignty have been realized: the primacy of The Black Phallus is nearing its apogee. And once The Black Phallus has stood aloft, the shadow it casts will cover over half the country and even parts of central America and Canada. The nation is in crisis. The Washington Monument, a proper and venerable salute to the alabaster manhood of The Real America, stands forsaken as Lady Liberty, much in the way of a certain president’s mother, lifts her skirts to be at the receiving end of the dreaded instrument of white annihilation. And how do I know this? Why, I read it. On the Internet. If the White nationalists and race realists are to be believed, America as we know and love it, is dead. And the demise of the White race is not far behind. After the election all the weeping and gnashing of teeth was on full display. “Whites in America just volunteered to be slaves for a few years, providing for Blacks and Mexicans,” one typed fervidly. “After that, it’s a trip to the gas chambers.” Another looked in horror at images of “young people of all races on college campuses and bars all over the nation yelling, screaming, shouting and hugging and kissing one another when it was announced that Barack Obama had won the presidency,” concluding that “we are done as a nation.” One especially stricken soul even suggested that many White women voted for Obama out of fear of the hordes of raping Black males that would be unleashed upon them if Obama lost! Yet another, sounding as if he had materialized out of the Reconstruction-era South, declared balefully that he now looked upon the White House as if it were a daughter, girlfriend, or ex-wife who had slept with a Black. “No matter the contrition, the apologies, the expressions of guilt, they are forever stained and cannot be restored.” But two gentlemen summed it up most vividly: “I feel wounded.” “I feel emasculated.” Not just upset. Not just angry or appalled. EMASCULATED. Each of them apparently feeling that someone had taken a knife and swiftly severed his balls, leaving a bloody, gaping and ultimately mortal wound. Who knew the Creator and Guardian of Western Civilization was so…vulnerable? Forget socialism, communism, fascism, and Islamoterrorism. What wakes The Superior Male in the middle of the night, gasping and clutching his chest, is the specter of The Black Phallus plunging into receptive white crevices. And now that Obama is in charge, the specter looms. Never mind that White women overwhelmingly prefer White men and probably always will. The crisis of confidence in the White male, unleashed by Obama, will inflict performance anxiety on untold numbers of them. Those who CAN get it up will be infertile. Out of frustration, White women will abandon their White boyfriends and husbands, scouring the inner cities for sub-Saharan DNA. They’ll be popping out brown babies by the boatload. And let’s not get started about what this is going to do the White man’s morale. His demoralization will reach critical levels, to the point where he will only be able to sit helplessly by while White America is overrun by these traitorous White women, their mulatto progeny, and the uncles, aunts, and cousins of their mulatto progeny. Once quiet suburbs will be rattled by the migraine-inducing sound of blasting car stereos. Gathered on previously pristine porches and steps all over his neighborhood will be loud-talking women with frightening hair, guzzling from 40-ounce bottles and screaming “Get over here ‘fo I whup yo’ ass!” at infants. To get from his car to the house, he’ll have to run a gauntlet of leering parolees. “We in the White House now, BITCH. Don’t go nowhere tonight. I’m-a be over there to tap that ass.” The Real America will be unrecognizable. Yes, the White Man evolved in harsh northern climates to be resourceful and intelligent, the race realists are more than happy to point out to us. He has had the fortitude to survive in a world where he is in the minority. His Caucasoid genetic heritage has lifted him–and the rest of mankind with him–to social and technological heights once undreamed of. And yet…it’s not enough. None of it can stand in the face of Barack Obama. A Black guy (with Caucasoid genes) hemmed in, checked, and balanced by White guys. Doesn’t matter, though. That Negroid DNA is powerful enough to wipe out everything the White Man–over millennia–has established. Oh, the humanity.

“Why Boycott Israel” by Abiezer Coppe

Abiezer Coppe is the pen name of a British Leftist who is a good friend of mine. His biography is here. The subject of this article has been done many times, but most folks still don’t understand it very well. There is a big debate on the Left about whether or not to boycott Israel. Some say yes, others say no. Here Abiezer lays out the case for boycotting Israel.

Why Boycott Israel

by Abiezer Coppe

In the past the world knew how to fight criminal policies. The boycott on South Africa was effective, but Israel is handled with kid gloves: its trade relations are flourishing, academic and cultural cooperation continue and intensify with diplomatic support. This international backing must stop. That is the only way to stop the insatiable Israeli violence. We are calling on the world to stop Israeli violence and not allow the continuation of the brutal occupation. We call on the world to condemn and not become an accomplice in Israel’s crimes.

The above is part of a document signed by leading Israeli artists, writers and intellectuals and ordinary citizens during the war on Gaza and published on January 7th 2009. It is not the first (see Matzpun.) Matzpun is the Hebrew word for conscience. This IS a matter of conscience. If you knowingly buy Israeli goods you are complicit with the war crimes of the Israeli state. If you unknowingly buy Israeli goods now is the time to inform yourself, now is the time to stop. Not buying Israeli goods is ethical shopping. Palestinian organizations have been calling for the boycott of Israeli goods for years. We should finally listen. The war on Gaza was not fought against an army, but against the civilian population with the most modern, deadly and in some cases illegal weapons. 1434 civilians died and over 5,000 were injured. Over 300 children died. Gaza does not have an army. Gaza does not have an air force. Gaza is an overcrowded strip of land bordering Egypt, contains nearly one and a half million Palestinians, many of whom are the descendants of those who fled southwards in 1948, driven out by the Jewish militias, an illegal act of ethnic cleansing, accompanied by massacres of unarmed civilians in Tantura, Deir Yassin and other villages, over 400 of which were then razed to the ground. Israel has not changed its nature in the intervening years since its foundation in 1948. Schools, hospitals and police stations in Gaza were repeatedly targeted by the Israeli Air Force in January. Israeli soldiers confronted and killed unarmed civilians in their houses. Shells containing white phosphorous, an illegal weapon which burns human flesh down to the bone, were dropped on a UN school. A UN compound containing provisions and supplies for Palestinians, which repeatedly contacted the Israeli army beforehand, was shelled and set on fire. These are war crimes. Illegal Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME for short) weapons were used in Gaza. These weapons shred the body and sheer off limbs leaving a stump that does not bleed. They are illegal. What is more, the killing goes on since the ceasefire. Gaza is now a killing field. Gazan civilians cannot leave their cage. Gaza has been blockaded for three years. The blockade is illegal in International Law. The Palestinians of Gaza are malnourished for want of food. They continue to die for want of access to hospital treatment. Over 99 Gaza is not allowed to trade. Gazan fisherman are not allowed to fish. The remains of the Gazan economy have been destroyed by the Israeli bombing. Antiquated sewerage systems have been smashed by the bombing. The water is not safe to drink. What is the word that describes Israel’s treatment of Gaza? If you are in any doubt check out this article by a Jewish Israeli historian, Ilan Pappé. If you knowingly buy Israeli goods you are supporting this. Who can defend this? What am I talking about here? Ask yourself. Can we stand by and let this happen? Does history have to repeat itself? Things are not much better in the Palestinian West Bank, illegally occupied for 41 years by the Israeli army. Unemployment is 70 Over 40 No Palestinian is allowed to bear arms, unless he is working for the Israel state. There is no legal recourse for Palestinians, either for the killings or for the land confiscations. A wall snakes across Palestinian land, isolating Palestinian towns like Qalqiliya, now entirely surrounded by a 25 foot wall, cutting off Palestinian villagers from their own olive groves and farmland. 600 checkpoints on the West Bank staffed by bored, frustrated youths of the Israeli Defence Forces, monitor and control all Palestinian movements. People are delayed for hours at checkpoints on the whim of the Israeli army, and women have given birth at a checkpoint and lost their babies. Over 11,000 Palestinians are in Israeli jails, many for years without charge. Many of them are under 18. 18,000 Palestinian homes have been illegally demolished on the West Bank since 1967. 30,000 new housing units are planned this year on confiscated Palestinian land around East Jerusalem. Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank is far worse than Apartheid ever was. South African blacks were part of the Apartheid economy, not a surplus population with levels of unemployment running at 70 There was no question of ethnically cleansing the South African blacks from their homeland. Palestinians are not welcome or safe in Gaza and the West Bank, and increasingly they are not welcome as citizens of Israel. Arbitrary mass arrests greeted the largest ever peaceful Israeli demonstration of 150,000 people in the Galilean village of Sakhnin. Peaceful Palestinian protests in Hebron on the West Bank were greeted with mass arrests and live ammunition. Who can defend this? Who would tolerate it here? What is this democracy that the EU states embrace with open arms? We saw the deafening silence of the international power elite, on both sides of the Atlantic, during the illegal war on Gaza. The international boycott of South Africa, coupled with the resistance of the ANC, was pivotal in bringing De Klerk to the negotiating table and ending the formal existence of Apartheid in South Africa. Israel is an even more oppressive case of colonial rule of a subject population, in which the UK has been complicit from the beginning. I believe that a mass international boycott campaign can bring pressure to bear on the Israeli state to seek a resolution of the conflict with the native Palestinians that is based on the minimum requirements of justice and the International Consensus as represented by the United Nations annual vote on the resolution of the conflict, and the rulings of the International Court of Justice in the Hague, not the US Road Map to Nowhere. This is the absolute minimum, and can only become an agenda for resolution of the conflict if made a demand of an international mass boycott movement. Who cannot support this? Do not be complicit! Supporting the boycott in whatever form you can sends out a clear message both to the Israeli regime and our own rulers: This is unacceptable. This must stop. Here are some resources for further investigation. The illegal war in Gaza and Gaza war crimes, by Richard Falk, an American Jew. A campaign started by Muslims The Big Campaign. Jason Kunin, a Toronto Jew, on Why Boycott Israel? Anti-Gaza War by Israelis. Understanding the Crisis in Gaza. The Jerusalem Post. Boycott campaigns do make a difference. Ronnie Kasrils, a South African Jew, on why Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is far worse than Apartheid.

Death Watch 2000

Well, here I am, staying at my Mom’s house for a while anyway. My father came home from the hospital. Turns out he was pretty much dying all along in there, but the hospital ghouls never really leveled with us and came out and said it. Instead we got happy faces and, “He’s going to recover just fine!” and then the next day, “So, do you want to pull the plug then?” or “We are setting up an appointment for you with the End of Life Specialist!” Cool! That’s just the person I want to meet after struggling to survive yet another day in 2009 America – the fucking End of Life Specialist! What kind of a job is that anyway? How do they sleep at night? I think gravedigging would be more pleasant. After we pieced it all together, it started to make sense. The inability to swallow, presented as a horrible development by the docs but never explained properly, makes sense now. He stopped swallowing not because of a damn tube down his throat for two weeks (the lie they told us) or because of having pneumonia (pneumonia doesn’t make you quit swallowing) but because he was starting to die. That’s one of the many fucked-up things that happens to you when you start dying. You quit swallowing. You just can’t do it anymore. On the next to last day in the hospital, he developed a golden staph infection of the blood. Probably MRSA. Blood infection means septicemia. Septicemia kills you. MRSA is one of the most evil superbugs on the face of the Earth, and it hearts US hospitals to the max. Every hospital in the US is infected to rock bottom with MRSA. It’s all over the community too, but most of us are too healthy to show any signs. I’m trying to figure out how to keep from becoming a carrier myself, but it seems that the MRSA is worse than the zombies in Night of the Living Dead. It’s worse than a Great White Shark in terms of being near-unkillable. It hearts soap and most antiseptics and the more you use them, the more superbug babies you breed. MRSA’s are really small but sometimes I think I see the fuckers flying around. Since they’re unkillable anyway and are also flyswatter-resistant, there’s nothing to do but hide behind the covers. Anyway, all of the relatives have been coming around, which is ok, since unlike most Americans, I actually like my relatives, even though many of them are actually crazy. But generally they’re not mean or nasty. So as long as they are nice and crazy, it’s cool. I’m kind of like that myself. So it’s Death Watch 2000, but you don’t to score any points for kids and little old ladies and there’s no winner at the end. The hospital released him to home with instructions, “No food.” Cool! Just what every human wants – starvation. Well, the hospital lied again and we got him to eat some semi-dissolved ice cream. He opens his eyes now and again and is able to say a few words once a day or so. Actually, it’s a good thing dying folks can’t talk much. Can you imagine the shit they would be saying? That would probably be even worse than dying. So the relatives all gather around this dying guy and everyone’s all smiling and happy and stuff (Why?!). They’re cheering him on with every word and swallow of ice cream. People walk out the door and shout, “Hang in there old guy,” but he’s passed out and can’t hear. I look at them like, “I can’t believe you said that.” His kidneys are failing – probably MRSA. Respiratory failure is ongoing. This is what I get to listen to all night while I try to sleep. I’ve always enjoyed heavy breathing, but not this kind. I’m drinking lots of wine. I’ll telling off all the morons who are ordering me to have a good day. This hospice guy came over. He was really cool but I don’t see how he does it. All does is the Dead and Dying Scene. Shit, he deserves $200K a year just for putting up with that and staying sane. He showed up, minced no words,  and recited the unhappy facts. There will no antibiotic treatment of the MRSA. He’s already gotten every antibiotic known to man and any more of them will just kill him from the antibiotics themselves. There’s lots of morphine around and we get to administer it sometimes. Dammit, give me some! I want some of that shit! Anyway, he will probably be headed out in less than a week. I get to get up in the night and check on the dying guy and make sure he’s not dead yet. This ensures a great night’s sleep. This should be driving me nuts, but I’m sort of handling it, which is testimony to my awesome psychological defenses. Speaking of the End of Life Specialist, don’t you think America needs to see one? I do!

Sendero Stages Another Huge Deadly Ambush – 13 Dead

Press release out of Lima. Sendero is still in the Ene, and they have not been able to move out of there too much.

The Vizcatan is a long term base for Sendero. This attack took place in Ayahuasco, south of the red-shaded region.
The Vizcatan is a long term base for Sendero. This attack took place in Ayahuasco, south of the red-shaded region.
This part of Huanta in Ayacucho is in the Ene.
Provinces of Ayachucho. Huanta can be seen at the top.
Provinces of Ayacucho. Huanta can be seen at the top.
They’ve gotten a lot stronger in recent days though. They are taxing the coca traffickers and seem to be well-supplied with weapons and uniforms.
Detailed Map of Ayacucho. Ayahuasco is just east of San Pedro de Cortis at the top of the map.
Detailed Map of Ayacucho. Ayahuasco is just east of San Pedro de Cortis at the top of the map.
The group is still very small, but they are clearly growing explosively compared to their very low levels of 2003-2007.
This is pretty much where Sendero is at these days - as you can see, it's a small area of the country.
This is pretty much where Sendero is at these days - as you can see, it's a small area of the country.
I am going to very, very tentatively support the new Sendero until someone can show me that there is some viable alternative for this ruined nation. Those who oppose Sendero are requested to produce evidence of a viable alternative to them. Sendero was pretty much smashed around 1992 or so. Here it is, 17 years later, and nothing is even 1 Pretty weird that the Prime Minister of Peru (a hard rightwinger) is a Jew. WTH? How many Jews are in Peru anyway? Sun Apr 12th 2009 LIMA Communist Party of Peru (PCP) rebels in Peru have staged one of their deadliest attacks in years, killing 13 soldiers in an ambush of a military patrol in the country’s remote southeast. On Saturday the attack from the PCP used dynamite and grenades, and their victims included a captain, a junior officer and 11 soldiers. The assault, one of the deadliest by the Maoist guerrilla group in the past decade, also left one soldier missing and two more wounded. “Most of the soldiers plunged over a cliff,” but the circumstances of the deaths and the fall off the mountainside were not immediately clear. The ambush came only hours after one soldier was killed and four were wounded in another PCP attack on a military patrol in the same area of Ayacucho department, 550 kilometers (341 miles) southeast of the capital Lima. The ‘defense minister’ said an army unit and a helicopter have been dispatched from Huanta city to help the survivors of the ambush and hunt down the Maoists. The latest ambush came barely 48 hours after Fujimori was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in crimes committed by an army death squad during his 1990-2000 rule. He is accused of conducting a “dirty war” to fight both the Maoist PCP and Tupac Amaru rebels. The PCP have grown bolder in their attacks and have made the coca growing region along the Apurimac Ene river their stronghold, allying themselves with local peasant masses. Sociologist Jaime Antezana said there have been 11 Maoist attacks on military patrols in the past 11 months, adding that the military “fare the worst.” “These are not isolated but systematic attacks. We’re dealing with highly mobile rebel forces who since 2005 have been expanding their presence in the coca growing valley in southeastern Peru,” the expert in rebel and drug violence told RPP radio. Prime Minister Yehude Simon decried Thursday’s ambushes as “desperate responses by the Shining Path in the face of advances by the armed forces” in Apurimac Ene. Thursday’s attack was the deadliest since an October 10 rebel ambush that killed 14 people — 12 soldiers and two civilians — in nearby Huancavelica Department. There have been 21 rebel ambushes since July 2003 that have left 35 soldiers, 23 police and more than a dozen civilians dead. The region is just northwest of Ayacucho, where the PCP was founded in the 1960s and from where it has operated for more than two decades.

"What Women Want," by Alpha Unit

This is a guest post by Alpha Unit. Alpha Unit is a Black woman who is a supporter of the Black Women’s Empowerment Movement that can be seen in many Black women’s blogs on the Net. The movement is difficult to sum up. My understanding of this movement is that is it in opposition to many of the stereotypes about Blacks and Black females in particular. They align themselves with the more assimilated population of Blacks and take offense to the notion that Blacks are rude, uncivilized, ghetto, loud, belligerent and unmannered. To put it another way, they are opposed to the Ghetto variety of Blacks. I have noted many times on this blog that the Black community is splitting into a Ghetto Underclass style and an Assimilated or Middle Class style. The assimilated ones increasingly want little to do with the ghetto crowd. Ghetto is more of a style than an economic space – many wealthy rappers are still very ghetto, and many poor Blacks are assimilated. In particular, this group is opposed to the notion that Black females are seen as too aggressive. Instead of just belligerently using psychological defenses to deny the issue, some Black women in this movement are investigating it with the notion towards creating what I would call a New Black Femininity. This group of women has also been proposing that Black women open themselves up to interracial relationships, in particular with White men. This issue itself needs some examination. First of all, Black women are the most racially loyal of any ethnic females in the US. They are much more racially loyal than Black males to boot. The reasons are diverse, but many Black females have bad feelings about White males stemming from slavery and all. Further, Black females are simply attracted to Black males. Black males are the most masculine of any males, and Black females also have high testosterone levels. It follows that they find extremely masculine Black males very attractive on a number of levels. White females are also attracted to the hypermasculinity of Black males. White racists say that Blacks are inherently aesthetically ugly, but Black females don’t seem to think so. Black males also think that Black females are quite attractive. Both groups grow up with each other, get used to each other, and probably find their own race most attractive, which I figure most ethnic groups do, leaving White racist lies aside for now. Why should Black females open themselves up to the possibility of relationships with White males? Simply mathematics. Black males are increasingly scarce and there are many more available Black females than Black males. Black males are scarce due to high rates of imprisonment, probation, drug and alcohol addiction, disability, unemployment and early death. Most of the decent ones are already married, and there are quite a few gay Black men. Deep down inside, most Black females really prefer a Black guy, no matter what the White racists say. But there’s not enough to go around. Lesbianism is not attractive to most of these women. “Man-sharing” is a new phenomenon that probably works quite well for the men but pretty poorly for the women. A lot of Black women are either going to be alone for the rest of their lives or they are going to have to branch out. Opening up to White men is a purely pragmatic decision. There are issues between White men and Black women other than history. Many White males find Black women to be scary and too aggressive. Many Black women probably find White males to be too wimpy. Black women often complain that White penises are too small compared to the Black penises that they are used to. White men hear about these things and want to run for the door. Personally, if I suspect a woman thinks I’m too small or too wimpy, I’m setting a new 100 yard dash record out of here. Nevertheless, the movement shows promise, and the number of Black females dating and even marrying White males is rising. Young Black females are increasingly adventurous. Young White guys are a lot less racist than their elders and Black women are potentially part of the game plan. This essay stems from an Internet debate I had with Alpha Unit on submissiveness and femininity. What would it take for you to submit–freely–to another person? What would it take for you to love it? I don’t think anybody comes into the world “submissive.” We all arrive here needy, self-centered, and demanding. Children are unreserved tyrants. An infant wants what he wants, and he wants it NOW. His will is to live, and his will is paramount. Every human being comes into the world with the will to further his own ends. This means every female human being as well. There is nothing inherently “submissive” in being female. And female is not the same as feminine. “Femininity” and “submissiveness” are cultural imperatives, not innate ones. A woman is different from you, but she certainly is not LESS THAN you. She’s not naturally inclined to set aside her own will to satisfy somebody else. No one is. Like anyone else, female human beings respond to incentives. They tend to do what they are rewarded for doing. They tend to avoid what they are penalized for doing. So when a man says he wants a “submissive” woman, what exactly does he want? For a person to set aside her own will, she has to be highly motivated to do so. She needs to know that it would be in her best interest to set aside her will. And why would a woman subordinate her will to yours? You’re going to have to persuade her. Actually, you’re going to have to SHOW her. She has to see for herself that she is better off subordinating her will to yours. Or, even better, that she’s going to LOVE subordinating her will to yours. In spite of what some people think, this isn’t something that can be done by force. You might be able to compel obedience, but you can’t force someone to respect or trust you. And if a woman doesn’t respect or trust you, she won’t submit to you. She might do as she’s told. But she’s not a fool. She’ll know you don’t deserve her respect or trust. And you won’t get it. The odds are that she’s looking for ways to undermine you. You’ve probably made an enemy of her–and you’ll be the last one to find out. The motivation for women to be subordinate varies across cultures. Where women are almost entirely dependent on men, they must submit to male prerogatives in order to survive. If, in order to survive, a girl must be married, then she must do whatever it takes to get and keep a husband. (For example, if, in order to survive a girl must have a husband, and in order to have a husband she must be “circumcised,” then she’s going to be, no matter how personally brutal and incapacitating it is. The older women will see to it.) Similarly, if a woman lives in an environment where in order to be secure she has to attach herself to a man that other men fear and submit to, then she will. And she’ll put up with whatever she needs to (You would be amazed at women will subject themselves to, and subject their children to, in order to feel secure.) I don’t believe this says anything about whether she’s inherently “submissive,” or whether she’s “naturally attracted to thugs.” What it says is that, like any other human being, she is dedicated to her self-preservation, and that if the benefits of being in a situation outweigh the costs, then she’s there to stay. But in a culture where the women don’t need to marry in order to survive, why would there be any premium on submissiveness? If I don’t need to attach myself to a man in order to feel safe, why would I submit to one? In this situation the man would have to persuade me to submit. I would have to know that if I completely let my guard down and let myself be vulnerable, that you’re going to “catch” me. That you wouldn’t let me get hurt for anything in the world. That I’m going to like it. (And it might even be hot.) Because women want, more than anything else, to feel safe.

Photo of Slim Virgin of Lamerpedia

This is one of the most obnoxious and evil members of the Wikipedia Cabal, Slim Virgin.

Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.
Slim Virgin in all of her glory. She's actually kind of hot for a psycho broad. This photo is interesting because it seems to be one of the only photos of Slim Virgin known to man.
She is an incredibly interesting human being. I don’t have time to go through the whole story of her role on Wikipedia; it’s worthy of a novel. But her arrival on Wikipedia has been one of the most regrettable things that ever happened to the online Enpsychopedia. Here is a pretty good summary of the sorry state of affairs on the online Enpsychopedia:

Particularly around the period discussed (2006ish), the Wikipedia “community” was a total disgrace. People like SlimVirgin wielded way too much power in a grossly uneven fashion, and used the farcical policies (in this case the Conflict of Interest policy) at a whim to attack or ban opponents. As a result, numerous people were mistreated, and these people were not going to take it lying down. A myriad of long lasting disputes developed, which Slim made no attempt to relinquish or resolve. This made SlimVirgin arguably Wikipedia’s most regrettable arrival, alongside people like Grawp, JzG, WillyonWheels etc. Anyone disagree with that? The exception I would have to take is to the implication that Wikipedia is now or ever will be different than it was then. The dynamics that we watched being played out in this particular trajectory is built-in, generic, and persistent. It pollinated the blooms and germinated the seeds that flowered again and again as o relinquish or resolve.

All of the folks listed here, Essjay, FeloniousMonk, Jayjg, KillerChihuahua, SlimVirgin, um yeah, they’re Jews. They’re a bunch of Jews. They have horns behind their ears, they drink kid’s blood on holidays, and when they pass, they are buried standing up. The only one I don’t know about is KillerChihuahua. The rest I think are part of the notorious Wikipedia Jew Conspiracy. I’m getting tired of writing about this crap because I get called an anti-Semite every time I do. Also, all of these people are assholes, and my life is way too full of familiar assholes as is without having to write about complete stranger assholes. Right now I want all the assholes, including the Wikipedia Jew assholes, to jump in a spaceship and make a failed attempt to colonize a nearly planet. Anyway, back to the story. Why the Wikipedia Jews? I don’t know. Jews are great conspirators; well, some Jews are great conspirators. Nobody really knows why, but I suspect that hyperethnocentrism is involved. Wikipedia was tailor-made for Jewish conspirators. They might as well have hung a billboard outside advertising the place and telling them to all swarm on in. The temptation of controlling one of the world’s major fonts of information, to a certain type of Jew, is like a cookie jar to kid. No way can they keep away from that. Every time I write about this I always have to discuss whether or not this mean Jews R’ Evil. I don’t think so. I think it means Jews R’ Smart and the rest of us are a bunch of dumbfucks. Any ethnocentric ethnic group or sociopolitical interest group with an agenda to push should try to grab the horns of Information and ride them into the sunset, brainwashing the hoi-polloi all the way to the bank. Anyway, Slim’s career is very interesting. She is extremely intelligent, and I think she went to Oxford or some great school like that. She is extremely fragile. When you see her, you know this. She looks like she’s going to fall apart if you look at her wrong. And that’s what she spent most of her time at Oxford doing – falling apart. She liked some guy, but I guess he didn’t like her back, or something. She fell apart again, this time for good. She left college and moved back to Canada where she lives alone. She is reportedly extremely shy and is still very fragile emotionally. She’s skinny, and that’s why she’s called Slim. She’s a vegetarian and as her name implies, she’s into celibacy. That means she doesn’t like to fuck other humans. This is possibly a good thing as at least her genetic line will cease. There is a lot of talk over whether or not this woman is a Mossad spy. She’s too much of a flake and an emotionally not ok person to be a Mossad spy. There’s a lot of talk over whether she’s one of dem Jews or not. I guess she’s a Jew. She lives alone in Canada, eats bean sprouts, never gets laid, and spends all of her time on Wikipedia. She has no life. Her life is Wikipedia. On Wikipedia her story is one of endless corruption and drama and weird, bizarre entanglements, deceits, conspiracies, abuses of power and just general evilness. She is a master of the Net and has more sockpuppets and aliases than you can imagine. The stories of her endless conspiracies are more confusing than a Thomas Pynchon novel. You can start here if you’re bored, but it goes on for 37 years (I mean pages) and you’ll probably die of natural causes or boredom before you finish. The moral to the story? The moral to the story is lameness. Slim Virgin is lame. The Wikipedia Jews are lame. Wikipedia itself is way lame.

Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.
Oh, screw Dikiepedia anyway.

The Smearing of Mark Lepine

Don’t get me wrong here. Mark Lepine was a very, very, very bad man. He was a killer, and he murdered 14 completely innocent people. It was indeed a hate crime, as he specifically targeted women. In his suicide note, he said he hated feminists, and he said that feminists had ruined his life. The media silence about this fact was overwhelming. Mark Lapine’s rage at feminists – note feminists, not females in general – was carefully elided, and International Feminism (a “conspiratorial” international network similar to International Zionism and many other international networks) went into high gear. Lapine’s rage at feminists was dutifully erased and was replaced at rage at all women. A feminist hater (We can debate the morality of this!) was replaced with a misogynist, a woman hater (not acceptable even in my book). Marc Lepine actually had a list of prominent feminists who he intended to kill. Assuming he would have pulled off even one of these dreamed-of homicides, we would have a different case altogether. I guess it would still be wrong, because murder’s murder, but at least we could have a conversation. Instead he opened up on 14 women in an Engineering class at the prime of their lives, and the debate never even started. Marc Lepine probably did not hate women. He surely hated feminists, we know this. It’s quite possible that he hated feminists, not women, and the two, thank God, are not yet synonymous. Lepine’s homicidal rage at feminism was channeled very cunningly into a Ted Bundy-like hatred of all females, and the debate over whether feminism is Manna or shit for the West, or anything in between, never got started. Western feminists are nuts. No men in the history of the Earth have ever treated women as well as Western men have, and White Western men have treated women the best of all. Instead of being a reactionary talking point, this is a progressive and even revolutionary tribute to the White man of the West. The Left, and Western feminism, has turned this fable on its head. Instead of being the best thing to ever happen to womankind, Western Whites were the scourge, not only of the planet, but of all of Femalekind. The horrifying misogyny of the rest of the world, in particular the sickeningly backwards Third World, was erased and scribbled out. The Cave Man behaviors of Third World men were not indigenous after all. It turns out that all of this repulsive and deadly patriarchy was instead instilled in pure as snow 3rd World males by evil Western White colonialists. Prior to that, the men of the 3rd world were God’s gift to womankind. They would have all have helped found NOW, but only they were born in the wrong century. The angriest women of all should be found in the horribly oppressed world of the 3rd World. Instead, these women are the least angry and possibly the happiest. The angriest women of all, and probably the most miserable, are the women of the West, who are treated better than any females on Earth. Who are they furious at? At Western men, mostly Western White men, who have been kinder and gentler to women than any men in the history of mankind. None of this makes any sense! I want to end on an outrageous note. I don’t sympathize with the killer Lepine. But I sympathize with his mind. I agree! Kill the Western feminists! I mean that as a a harmless intellectual sentiment, not as a call to action. I have never killed a woman and I probably never will. I have never hit a woman not related to me and hopefully I never will, and I am 51 and have been round the block many times. But in my heart of hearts, I am with Mark Lepine. I want to kill the Western feminists. I really do. Every last one of them.

Capitalism Will Soon Kill My Father

My father is 87 years old, and the hospital has given him 2 weeks to live. According to the vampires in the hospital, my father is a lost cause. They are washing their hands of him, and recommending hospice care. Hospice care is not available here (the beds are all full in the greatest health care system on Earth), so he is coming home to die, with the whole family around to witness the glorious spectacle. If he dies, which is possible, it’s clear that the US health care system, and US capitalism, will have killed him prematurely. We have already stated over and over on this blog that whatever the advantages of capitalism, bottom line is that capitalism kills, while conversely socialism saves lives. The more socialism, the more life, the more time on Earth, and the better your health while you are here. The more capitalism, the more death, the sooner and more premature death, the less time we have on Earth, and the sicker we are while we are here. In other words, capitalism is bad for your health. Not only that, but capitalism is dead serious deadly the same way that smoking and heavy drinking are. Socialism saves lives and prolongs life, the same way that cessation of smoking and moderate drinking do. It’s fascinating that public health authorities do not take note of this obvious fact. Our economic system is deadly in the same way as dope and cigs and cocktails. How come capitalism doesn’t come with a warning label attached? How come when you go to the doctor, you don’t get warned about the dangers of capitalism the same way you get lectured about a few extra pounds, the occasional joint, a few too many drinks, or the pack a day habit? Here is what happened: My father fell in the kitchen, home alone, while my mother was working. The injury quickly became badly infected. He went to the hospital and was discharged early (For capitalist economic reasons?) with a still-active infection, which got dramatically worse at home, so he had to be readmitted, where it got much better again and actually was cured. But in the hospital, he got pneumonia. Unbelievably, he was discharged early with “a touch of pneumonia”. He was sent home, and within a week the pneumonia had so accelerated that he nearly died at home in front of my eyes. He was readmitted to the ICU, where he spent two weeks on a respirator, and the pneumonia got better. It was eventually diagnosed as BOOP. It’s a very interesting illness and those interested in health may wish to read the link. The BOOP got better, he was put on steroids to treat it, and the ventilator was removed. A breathing tube was inserted in the nose, but this is better, because a ventilator is pretty much life support, and a tube is just like an emphysema patient who needs an oxygen tank. The oxygen began to be reduced on the breathing tube. He was also on a feeding tube. There were attempts to remove the feeding tube, but he was unable to swallow, probably from the Mother of All Sore Throats from having a breathing tube down his throat for 2 weeks. This was seen as a catastrophe and a death sentence by the vampires (I mean doctors!). They kept saying that he would never swallow again. I did research on dysphagia, and AFAICT this is utter nonsense. A tube down your throat probably causes temporary dysphagia, but no way is it permanent. Almost all long term dysphagia in the US is either in stroke victims (swallowing part of the brain is killed), Alzheimer’s (one more thing they can’t do), or the terminal end-stage dying (one more thing that shuts down). He’s not in any category. He got a blood clot in his leg, and it was treated with Coumadin, but eventually that caused gastric and rectal bleeding, so he had to be taken off of it. He got an atrial fibrillation from the pneumonia, but it went away. Problem is the BOOP is only slowly getting better, but that’s par for the course. Contrary to the executioners (Excuse me, the doctors!) this is rarely a fatal disease. In a recent review, only one patient was actually killed by the disease, and it took 1 1/2 years to kill them. A few others died, but from other stuff. The illness itself has a low fatality rate in the modern era, but it can take up to 6 months to 1 year to get better. The feeding tube is out because they are worried about aspiration pneumonia, and a gastric tube cannot be inserted due to gastric bleeding and an unwilling surgeon. He keeps pulling the tube out of his nose anyway. He’s not really headed out, except he can’t swallow and all the artificial feeding methods are being rejected. So he’s got 2 weeks max to figure out how to swallow or he’s history. Hospice care gravediggers will be hovering about the home for the next couple of weeks doing their gruesome whatevers. The hospital wants him out of there. It’s not a hospital really, it’s a fucking assembly line, and yeah it’s for profit, you better believe it man! Nursing home is out because Medicare won’t fork it over because according to them, he’s a lost cause. If you’re rich, you pay $4,700 anyway and get a bed. That’s just the beginning and as the months go by, the consumer-sodomizing by the nursing home capitalist scum never lets up. Nursing home care is a rich person’s luxury anymore. As you can tell, I think this whole thing is absurd and retarded. We all have to die sometime, but I don’t think it’s my father’s time quite yet. A month ago, he was reading a book a day, watching TV avidly and enthusiastically, and home alone all day caring for himself quite adequately, moving around no problem whatsoever. This is a Dead Man Walking? Please. He’s got a nasty acute illness that can kill you, and plus he’s quite old, but nasty acute illnesses can kill any of us. Underneath, he seems to have a pretty healthy body for someone his age. Anymore in the US, dying is a relatively long-term affair. People often die over a 1-2 year period of slow and ugly decline. There are often multiple events, one heart attack, another, a stroke, another stroke, yet a third stroke, pneumonia, pneumonia yet again, even a third pneumonia. It’s like watching someone slide down a snowy slope on their butt, going faster and faster, with no way to stop til they hit the bottom of the hill. Towards the end, things get ugly. They quit responding and move in and out of consciousness. The organs start shutting down, slowly, one after the other, another cascade. At some point, death in the near future is certain. This doesn’t seem to be the picture here, but what do I know? From the day he was admitted, the local necrophiliacs and graverobbers (I mean doctors and nurses!) were badgering the family. “So? Do you want to pull the plug or what?” This was what they really wanted to do from Day One. I guess he was hogging a bed or something. It’s hard to describe how angry this mentality made me. Kill the patient, clear the bed, keep the assembly line moving. GMAB. Hell yeah I’m pissed.


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