The Willful Hispanic Underclass

Having spent the last year or so trying to civilize a 21 year old Hispanic gangbanger, I conclude that any and all interventions to try to get the Underclass to change its behavior are probably futile. The Underclass is what it is because it does not want to change. They are unemployed often because they are lazy and don’t want to work. They have out of wedlock kids because they are too stupid to use birth control regularly and deliberately choose to not be responsible in this manner. They are always involved with the justice system, in and out of jail and on and off probation because they choose to commit a tremendous amount of crime. They act like animals because civilized behavior is either repellent or uninteresting or both to them. They eat crappy junk food and develop all sorts of health problems from this because this is the food that they want to eat and they do not wish to get off of it and adopt a healthy diet. They don’t exercise because they are uninterested in it and see no value in it. They don’t read because they are hostile to the very notion and find it either unpleasant or uninteresting or both. They lie, cheat and steal because this is part of their value system and they choose to disdain normative social values. The males beat, stalk, torture and menace their women, and have nearly psychotic paranoid jealousy about these same women because this is part of their insane and awful culture. They don’t wish to change this culture and are happy and comfortable with it. They spraypaint graffiti everywhere because this a pleasant and exciting thing to do. Told that graffiti is ugly, they disagree and instead argue that it is beautiful artwork – they revere a graffiti-wrecked town as a modern-day Sistine Chapel. Part of their poverty derives from utter idiocy regarding money – they can’t save or budget money, and they blow it immediately as soon as it hits their fingers. Levels of drug and alcohol use are higher because this is their idea of fun. Health is relatively poor because they don’t believe in going to the doctor very much and therefore choose not to go. Dental hygiene is poor because they see no value in brushing or flossing their teeth and eat horrible foods. They die in gangfights because many do not care whether they live or die anymore. Told that it is insane to not care about life or death, they disagree and imply that this is the way they want to live.They engage in gangfights and join street gangs because this is tremendously exciting to them.

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10 thoughts on “The Willful Hispanic Underclass”

  1. This is pretty much the description the UK media and ‘left’ describe the British Working class. ‘ Postponement of gratification’ is a phrase I recall from my Sociology student days; why postpone it when there’s no great likelihood of betterment through restraint and perseverance? It’s quite hard to make a case for anyone to patiently work for the long term when social mobility has gone into reverse seemingly long-term. The case for staying out of trouble in the US seems to be based on avoiding being locked up and sodomised forever, if not framed and executed. But if you can’t legally earn enough dependably to be sure of eating and paying rent, much less having some fun, then you’re pretty much sure of coming to a nasty end anyway, so why not have some fun while it lasts and take some of the bastards with you? I doubt if it’s just the Hispanics who see it that way.

  2. Hi, LS, this is not just the description of the British working class, but of working classes of other nations too. At least in terms of the inability to save money and the tendency to immediately blow every nickel that hits their fingers, the upper classes of both the Philippines and Chile describe their lower classes in this way. However, I know some Filipinos who don’t make much money at all, and they are indeed very frugal with their money. But they are probably not really poor, though by US standards they don’t seem to have much money. The person I know owns their own home and has their own computer, so I guess that right there qualifies as middle class by Filipino standards.
    One thing that angers me about this talk is that it says, “The reason they are poor is because they are irresponsible with money.” That a bourgeois lie because even if they did save ever nickel, they would surely still be poor or low income! We need to confront these bourgeois lies as we see them, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope for the Hispanic Underclass.
    Keep in mind that many Hispanics in the US are not a part of the Underclass. Others are more in an assimilated or middle class category, but the two categories are extremely loosely defined, and there seems to be a lot of movement between them, along with a lot of floaters in between.

  3. There’s Hispanics, and there is an Hispanic Underclass. The young men of the Hispanic Underclass, which I refer to here, as lazy or even more so than Ghetto Blacks. No wait, no one could possibly be more lazy than Ghetto Blacks. Hispanics who are gainfully and responsibly employed I consider to be de facto outside of the Underclass and more or less assimilated.
    Try to understand how I use the words “Underclass” and “Assimilated” when describing Hispanics. These are two huge groups of people.
    The young male Hispanic gangbangers around here have got to be some of the most worthless and lazy humans on the planet. They’re philosophically opposed to working.

  4. They’re a Hell of a lot smarter than you think, and they are way smarter than Blacks. No way are they as smart as White people, but that’s obvious. What seems like stupidity is often just ignorance. An Hispanic woman, sweet as can be, was talking to me today. She blissfully informed me that “London” was a “region in Spain.” I didn’t even bother to contradict her. I just nodded my head in agreement.
    Hispanic culture takes the embrace of ignorance and launches it to new heights. Even Blacks do better in school than Hispanics. Even Blacks! And the Hispanics are a lot smarter. That shows me right there that Hispanic school failure is not about lack of brains so much as it is about a culture that sees zero value period in education.
    It’s not that they hate knowledge, books, and learning. If you’re into it, they think that’s just fine for you. They are simply indifferent. This is an area of life that they are indifferent to and place no value in.

  5. Re. your observations about Hispanics and education: My guess is that if this is the case, people from this culture eventually *will* be less intelligent than others. Why? Sexual selection. If education and intelligence aren’t valued, they won’t get you laid. If you don’t get laid, you don’t reproduce. The nubile women are all over there fawning over the day laborer with a mean soccer kick who’s perhaps taken a few too many head shots. He reproduces, you don’t.
    This is the question that I think Jared Diamond dodges in his otherwise excellent Guns, Germs, and Steel. If, say, a natural aptitude for mathematics is of no value in Papua/New Guinea, eventually Papuans w/ such aptitude will reproduce less than the skilled boar hunter with a green thumb for breadfruit.

  6. Good observations. Most of this flows from one thing: IQ.
    Of course culture plays a role, but by the time someone is grown up, an intelligent person should be able to find out via T.V., newspapers, etc. that smoking is bad, eating junk food causes problems, etc.

  7. please, tell us what you REALLY think!
    work is overrated. check out Bertrand Russel’s In Praise of Idleness.
    nice post.

  8. More reasons why eugenics should become a reality.
    These people should be sterilized in order to prevent them from breeding and propagating their bad genes.

  9. > The Underclass is what it is because it does not want to change.
    They are what they are because, we, libruls, made them like that.
    But, somehow, the reactionaries are to blame.
    They are unwilling to “change”, therefore, they, the reactionaries, somehow, must be the guilty party.
    It follows by definition.

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