FARC Activates Urban Militias

Good for them.
I am not sure why they are doing this. Propaganda has long said that the urban militias  are dead and FARC is a strictly rural insurgency. Although there is truth to this, it’s not the case that there are no urban militias. For the most part, they lie low and just collect intel.
The FARC has a Hell  of a lot of power left in it, many thousands under arms, and a yearly income of probably around $500 million. There was an obvious rationale for bombing military and police targets, but I’m wondering why the businesses were bombed. They probably did not pay war taxes to the FARC.
FARC charges “revolutionary taxes” to all Colombians (And there are quite a few!) with incomes of more than $1 million/year. Rich Colombians know this and most just pay their taxes every year. They drive out into the countryside, meet a familiar fellow, and pay up.
Those who slide on paying taxes may be “kidnapped for ransom,” as US propaganda has it. However, what is really happening is that these people are being arrested by the FARC for tax evasion. They will be released when they pay their taxes.
So I feel that this “kidnapping for ransom” of the execrable terrorist Colombian ruling class is completely justified. Considered the historical and current behavior of this murderous class, I think the FARC should get an international humanitarian award for even leaving these folks alive at all.
The bombs in the recent attacks were set off in the middle of the night, and casualties were few. This is a good idea. FARC, after all, is not really a terrorist group. It’s an insurgency. They don’t set off bombs in markets and buses and whatnot. They don’t slaughter civilians at random. They don’t even wantonly use bombs to hit legitimate targets in such a way as to hit a lot of innocent people.
Sure, the government’s offensive has hit them hard. Massive offensives have a tendency to often do that to small insurgencies. Keep in mind that the Colombian army has many more men under arms than the FARC does, much better equipment, much more equipment period, and a vastly larger operating budget.
Until the Colombian state shows us that they can allow the FARC to disarm and run peacefully for election without being massacred like flies, the FARC has a right to continue in the way of the gun. The FARC isn’t really trying to shoot their way into power.
They took up guns in self-defense after all, as most non-Maoist* Left insurgencies did. After a while, you get tired of waiting for the government to come out and kill you, so you decide that next time they come out, you will at least have some guns so you can fight back against them.
That’s how nearly all recent non-Maoist Left insurgencies in the 3rd World began. And most of them can’t put down their guns because as soon as they do, the government slaughters them like bugs. That’s in the rare cases where the government even deems the insurgency to be worthy of negotiation at all – typically the state takes the “not worth talking to” line familiar to anyone who has watched the Israelis play that game.
Despite a tsunami US propaganda lies, most Left insurgencies in recent years have not taken up arms against peaceful, stable, fair-minded democracies in order to subvert them and turn them into Commie dictatorships.
Non-Maoist* theory says armed struggle is the last resort, to be initiated when all peaceful roads to power are deliberately blocked, or in self-defense when the state can’t stop killing a Left that isn’t even armed yet.
How many Americans realize these clear facts about modern Left insurgencies? Almost zero.

  • It’s little known, but Maoists distinguish themselves in part by a willingness to take up arms even in cases where the peaceful road to power is not blocked, where there is a functioning democracy and where the government is not yet beating, jailing, torturing and murdering the unarmed Left.

Maoists consider an outrageously unfair state that kills countless citizens every year via poverty and neglect alone to be reason enough to take up arms (See Sendero Luminoso in Peru for example) but they get a lot of heat from non-Maoists for this “adventurism.”

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