Wikipedia Corruption Continues

This time it’s the pro-Hindutvas. Wikipedia Jews still up to their tricks, this time in an article about Palestinian Arabic. The Wikipedia Jew referred to part of the West Bank as “Samaria” and the Pallies got pissed. Sheesh. Talk about erasing the Palestinians out of existence. Referring to their land as “Samaria” in an article about their language, for Chrissake. The truth is that reactionary Hindutva fascists and Zionist Jewish fascists are allowed to run amok on there because Jimmy Wales is an ultra-rightwinger who sympathizes with them.

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6 thoughts on “Wikipedia Corruption Continues”

  1. The editor you refer to in your first link is now eternally banned, and the other link is pretty old. Still, those are interesting.

  2. “Wikipedia Jews still up to their tricks”
    Not to mention censoring massive updates on and information related to modern White nationalism, as these Jewish censors are trying to paint the whole new White nationalist movement as a revival of Nazism when modern White nationalism is actually much more sophisticated, sane and intellectual than that:
    + Before censorship –
    – After censorship –
    User:Jayjg is a particularly sickening Jewish fascist censoring scumbag…..all people who care about the freedom of information on Wikipedia should be watching his edits like a hawk and reverting or restoring all of the valid information he is constantly deleting:

  3. On the lintel of the Knesset in Israel is the inscription (in Hebrew) “Remember to show no mercy to non-Jews. If a non-Jew falls in a ditch, find a large rock and cover him up.” (This a paraphrase, I don’t remember the eaxact words, but it is essentially accurate.)
    Hate Laws – who is behind? The jew mafia
    Who is censoring internet? The jew mafia
    The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act

  4. “Remember to show no mercy to non-Jews. If a non-Jew falls in a ditch, find a large rock and cover him up.”
    I don’t buy this. The only reference to this is an exact, word for word repetition of the entire thing with post-comment on a fiercly anti-communist blog by someone named Mike Eggert.
    So hoff2 is either Mike or he’s plagiarizing a single, non-credible source.
    The passage would be contrary to the teachings of the Jewish religion. Not that zionist actions (and zionism) aren’t contrary to Jewish teachings, but they’re at least going to try to rationalize it in some way.

  5. Wikipedia has become an ridiculous source. Its just lies mixed with some truths, a place of spreading biased distorted version of history. Most of the articles of South Asia have been hijacked by Indian (pro-Hindu Nationalist). Almost every other neighboring region of India is labeled as a “child” of India. I am Kalasha from Northern Pakistan, the article on Kalash people is filled with mis-information.. I hope someday wikipedia gets stopped.

    1. Hi Adam. I am so pleased to have you on the site. If you put Kalash in the search button, you will see that I have written a lot about your people on this site. It’s sickening what the Hindutvas have done to Wikipedia and I am sorry that they ruined the Kalash page. Jimbo Wales sympathizes with Hindutva fascists, so that’s why he let them take over.

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