Symptoms of an Illegal Alien Infection

1. Displays of Mexican flags (where’s Old Glory ?)
2. Gangs, gangs and more gangs
3. Drugs
4. Dirty streets
5. Tons of graffiti
6. Hospital closures that affect entire communities
7. Horrible school districts, dumbing down of curriculum
that affect American children
8. Not paying taxes
Explanation of symptoms:
1. Illegal aliens are loyal to Mexico, not to the US. Legalizing them will probably not cure them of their dual loyalty issues.
2. I am at a loss to explain the gangmania of the children of illegal aliens. However, children of properly selected, high quality Hispanic immigrants would probably not join gangs too much.
3. Illegals = dope. Dope and lots of dope dealers. Everywhere. On the streets, on the corners, you name it. At least in the White suburbs, we White dealers kept it out of sight and out of mind.
4. This is a fact. Hispanics in general, illegals in particular, litter like crazy, since they come from ruined countries where garbage is everywhere. Go to Mexico sometime if you don’t believe me. There’s more garbage than curbs or sidewalks. Anchor babies follow their illegal parents and continue to litter. I assume that higher-quality Hispanics are more civilized, but I’m not sure. It’s a continental problem, derived from their Arabic, screw the environment, patrimony.
5. One interesting thing about Hispanics is that they are good artists. My Mom had to teach a class of them one time back when we were living in Canoga Park. They didn’t care anything about book learning even back then (Nothing’s changed!) so my Mom devised some lesson plan whereby they were doing “sand painting” all day.
The Chicanos could not get enough of it. Genetic or cultural, Hispanics are good artists. But their idea of art is ruining cities everywhere they exist in large numbers. Graffiti is intimately tied to gangs, but many taggers are just teenage gang wannabes, not real gang members or hardcores. I know these guys. They are just kids with their “tagging crews”. It’s a subculture.
6. No one dares discuss it, but California’s budget woes are in part due to the illegal invasion. If you have lots of illegals, all the local hospitals are pretty near nuked, especially the ones that are public hospitals in any way.
7. This is fact. I’ve taught Hispanics, and they are not bad to teach discipline-wise (light years ahead of Blacks), but don’t ask them to learn anything. Hispanics have a worse dropout rate than Blacks! This comes right from the illegals’ peasant culture that sees no value in education.
More illegals, more dropouts. Real simple.
More illegals, more teen pregnancies. This is an unmentioned one. Mexicans, like most peasants, start fucking their women at age 14. That’s natural and normal, but it’s not a workable thing in the modern Western US. If you’re going to do it, and I used to as a young man, at least don’t knock her up. Hispanics have the worst teen pregnancy rate of all, and I think it is even much worse than Blacks.
In order to deal with lack of interest in school in Hispanic communities (It’s not IQ – I’m convinced they are smart enough, but they just see no value in school.) the curriculum is of course dumbed down endlessly in order to pass the incompetent and apathetic along.
8. In Mexico, probably about 15% of taxes due are collected. Part of the reason the place is such a mess is because hardly anyone pays taxes, especially the rich.
If you live in an illegal-overrun town for a while, you figure out that just about everyone is cheating on their taxes in one way or another. It’s part of the territory and no one cares. As long as you are not running an open and obvious business, the law won’t touch you either.
The defunding of the tax base by mass tax avoidance combines with extreme pressure on public services to produce the usual “no public services” catastrophe in every illegal-nuked town or city.

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5 thoughts on “Symptoms of an Illegal Alien Infection”

  1. Thx Harvard, I checked that out.
    I am of two minds. I spent most of today at a hospital. Folks of various races were getting along just fine there, and I think that articles like this encourage different races to get along. OTOH, race denial is unscientific. But sites like Amren are promoting a mindset that is going to make it very hard for different races to get along so nicely like I saw today. I support racial harmony and different races commingling and getting along fine as friends or even lovers if they so wish. The mindset promoted by White nationalists and racists of all types makes it quite difficult to form friendships across racial lines, hence I can see why folks oppose it.

  2. I am of two minds. I spent most of today at a hospital. Folks of various races were getting along just fine there, and I think that articles like this encourage different races to get along.
    Rob, if, by some chance, black Americans started acting like African immigrants, how much racism by whites directed towards blacks would exist in 10 years?

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