Lebanon: No Talks With Israel

Here’s the slug.
I’m guessing the Michel Suleiman, judging by his name and appearance, is a Christian. In Lebanon, even a lot of the Christians can’t stand Israel. The role of the overseas Maronites is much exaggerated. One of the Lebanese Maronites, Aoun, is now in a coalition with Hezbollah.
The Greek Orthodox have always been militant and are the beef behind the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, which is also allied with Hezbollah. Greek Orthodox suicide bombers allied with this party were some of the most prolific suicide bombers in the Lebanese war in the 1980’s. SSNP is pro-Syrian and very nationalistic. It’s basically a vehicle for Greek Orthodox to have a say in national politics.
The Sunni don’t like the Shia too much, but they can’t stand Israel either. Even the Druze can’t stand Israel.
Hatred of Israel is less anti-Semitic in Lebanon than in other places in Arabia because it is such a secular nation in Arab terms. The Lebanese are more anti-Zionist than anti-Semitic.
I’ve always predicted that Lebanon will be the last Arab country to make peace with Israel. If you read around the Lebanese blogs, read some stuff about Lebanon, talk to some Lebanese, you will realize that the Lebanese probably hate Israel more than any other Arabs. Syria will settle for the Golan and then cut off the Palestinians and make peace like Egypt and Jordan. Iraq, Arabia, North Africa and the rest will sign onto the Saudi peace plan. That leaves Lebanon. You have no idea how much these Lebanese hate Israel.
Lebanon has no relations with Israel, and I think that they are still in an official state of war since 1948 in which Lebanon played an important role.
There’s so much talk about “Syria and Iran” as Israel’s worst enemies due to the Lobby’s targeting of them. They are singled out because they have a halfway decent army and some decent arms. Syria’s support for radical Palestinians is little more than some office space in downtown Damascus.
In all these demonization of Israel’s worst enemies, it’s curious that Lebanon gets left out of the conversation, but that’s probably deliberate. The Lobby doesn’t want it known that most Lebanese hate Israel. Instead they want to split Lebanon in a fake way into “good Lebanese = Christians who love Israel” and “bad Lebanese = Hezbollah, genocidal Iranian pawns.” Like most propaganda, it’s a lie.
Also, the Lebanese army has been deliberately defunded by the West who has refused to allow it to obtain decent arms and kept it very weak on purpose so it could not threaten Israel. The Lebanese military is comical. One good thing about Hezbollah is at least they Lebanon to have a real army to defend themselves.

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4 thoughts on “Lebanon: No Talks With Israel”

  1. It’s amazing how out of touch America’s fundamentalist Christians are with their middle eastern compatriots. And this is the same crowd that denounces lefties as useful idiots. To bad they are so badly misinformed that they fail to appreciate the irony.

  2. The ME Christians really hate the fundies and consider them to be their enemy. It’s weird that the fundies have essentially declared war on the ME Christians, although they love to rally round them when the Muslims persecute them, which is often.

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