National Socialism Comes To Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu chooses Avigdor Lieberman as his Foreign Minister. We Leftists have always considered Zionism to be more or less be anyway, and now I figure the mask has finally fallen off. This is more predictable than anything else. Why doesn’t the fascist Right around the world cheer for this? Because fascism and Nazism are only bad when Jews do it.
Nothing good can possibly come of this, but the Middle East has been pretty hopeless for a while now. It will be entertaining to watch the traitors in AIPAC cheer on this little Jewish Hitler. The fetes at the White House for this guy ought to be a kick too. Who says realpolitik can’t be entertainment?

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21 thoughts on “National Socialism Comes To Israel”

  1. It has to be admitted that Nut&Yahoo(TM) has a certain (though dark) sense of humor, no? I mean, appointing Liberman as foreign minister is just going to drive the whole world crazy.
    All Judeo-obsessives, pro and con, fan and foe, lobbys and humanitarian groups, will be all over each other for this. Nutzis, Islamists and green treehuggers parading together for the Palestinian cause. Jewish Zionist billionaires, top US establishment/government figures and Christian evangelicals standing tall for Israel.
    Ridiculous. What a fucking circus we live in. What a madhouse! It’s sad for Palestinian and Israeli civilians who just want to live and move on with their lives. And pretty pathetic too. This whole thing is getting silly — and old. Peace is possible.
    Peace is the final stage of every conflict. Better sooner than later, right?

  2. In case you missed it, here’s a link to a recent Counterpunch article on ‘ Israeli spying in the United States’, focusing particularly on their infiltration of all telecoms. Are you sure the USA could win a war with Israel? They may well have control of all your command and control systems, satellite navigation and … you name it. I needn’t point out the relevance of this to the election of overt fascists in Israel.

  3. I think most of the “Nazis” are critical of Israel not so much out of hate of Israel’s policies, but because it is out of retaliation against Jewish organizations who are Right on Israel yet Left on America. “Nazis” do it so they do not get steamrolled.

  4. I am thinking about starting a soft core porn site like, which only has images (original).
    Is this a successful business model or would it not work because porn is free?

  5. Porn is a really tough business model because everyone wants to get into it and do it. You have to really know what you are doing, and even then there is tons of competition.

  6. I have to check that out, LS. However, a former Marine Corps officer told me, “We got totally penetrated by the Israelis in the early 1980’s and it’s been that way ever since.” They definitely have control over our telecomm system, computer systems, etc. Israel is basically spying on all of us and has been for some time now.

  7. Keynes on Jews:
    “[Jews] have in them deep-rooted instincts that are antagonistic and therefore repulsive to the European, and their presence among us is a living example of the insurmountable difficulties that exist in merging race characteristics, in making cats love dogs … It is not agreeable to see civilization so under the ugly thumbs of its impure Jews who have all the money and the power and brains.” –

  8. I am a believer and practitioner of the ancient art/science of physiognomy.
    The overall character of a person, group, or race is visible in the face – and in the case of Jews their degenerate and downright frightening ugliness is merely their inner-depravity projected outwardly on their faces, which they are unable to hide from the world unlike their immoral financial dealings.
    Thus, the degeneracy and depravity of Jews can easily be seen in their distorted, ugly, and often unbearably disgusting faces; in other words, their outer ugliness is merely the result of their inner ugliness.
    In the case of Lieberman, see the picture at – – and then try to tell me that man is not a vile and disgusting human specimen…

  9. I think every ethnic group wants to be ruled by its own, so it can create an organic society, united by values, customs, language, culture and heritage.
    Jews are no different. It’s just in the rich first-world West that we can believe something as absurd as multiculturalism/diversity can work, even though there are no historical examples of successes.

  10. Ah.. JM Keynes was an asshole, or what?
    He was probably dumped by some (male) Jewish ex-lover of his. Who knows, maybe some Jewish girl turned him gay or something? (Just kidding) It’s like the German guy who invented the word “anti-Semitism”, right Bob? Anyway, what a nasty and crappy thing to say about a whole people.
    However, I don’t think Jewish women are ugly at all — some are downright stunning. Dark black hair, expressive eyes, curvacious bodies, smart, full of life, lots of temperament, and all that.

  11. To Physiogomist:
    “The overall character of a person, group, or race is visible in the face – and in the case of Jews their degenerate and downright frightening ugliness is merely their inner-depravity projected outwardly on their faces….”
    Uh what..?
    Beg to differ….

  12. > Because fascism and Nazism are only bad when Jews do it.
    You have the whole thing backwards.
    “It’s only fascism when the Goyim do it”
    Some quotations:
    “She doesn’t seem to be that religious, more nationalistic”
    “She imitates Jean-Marie Le Pen, the French fascist”
    “would seem to satisfy Holocaust-shaded feelings of redemption through force”
    “the Jews pardoned the Germans too fast, and put all that rage onto Arabs”
    “is anachronistic, reeking of pre-WW2 European nationalism”
    OK, we get the point:
    Did I tell you that they forced us into usury, too?
    De sufferink

  13. On the lintel of the Knesset in Israel is the inscription (in Hebrew) “Remember to show no mercy to non-Jews. If a non-Jew falls in a ditch, find a large rock and cover him up.” (This a paraphrase, I don’t remember the eaxact words, but it is essentially accurate.)
    Hate Laws – who is behind? The jew mafia
    Who is censoring internet? The jew mafia
    The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act

  14. I think its clear that the Zionist mafia is lying and double-talking their fascist ways right into the pit of oblivion……..
    These comments ring true today.
    “So tell me, why are the liberal Zionists supporting these insane fascist freaks to continue to STEAL all of that land and militarize arabs even further into the zionist group of insanity?
    Why indeed is the real question!!
    And the real problem is the Zionists get a blank check and a free pass, while the Arab Islamics don’t get a free pass at all”
    What is this insane movement about to begin with, why is it so nationalistic and out of touch?
    Should we be caring about Natalie Portman’s looks or other Jewish types who do not support the Israeli government, or should we be looking smack dab at the Israeli fourth reich WHACKJOBS like George Soros?
    And these are the “LIBERAL ZIONISTS”, just imagine what the HASBARA ZIONISTS are like and what Tim Geithner is thinking with all these crazy fascists like Netanyahu!!!!

  15. To Lafayette Sennacherib:
    “Uncle Milt – yeah, but they must all have had nose jobs.”
    Well I went to a number of websites that analyze such things. From comparisons of the three women’s noses when they were young to now the consensus was:
    Winona Ryder: Yes.
    (Weird her original nose looks like mine..)
    Natalie Portman: No
    Scarlett Johansson: No.. but her dad is Goy so maybe that counts less.

  16. “And the real problem is the Zionists get a blank check and a free pass, while the Arab Islamics don’t get a free pass at all”
    I think it’s a bad idea for the US to give money to Israel. The cold war is over and Israel is a developed country. It’s even more strange considering how much US debt is held by the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia. (for external US debt, the third highest after China and Japan..ahh whoops..) But note that various Arab Islamics folks get dough from the Saudi’s, Kuwati’s etc.
    Now if the US got something out of it like.. hot Israeli women
    or hot Palestinian women
    as tribute well that I could possibly understand.

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