FMLN Wins in El Salvador

Amazing news. After a sickening but predictable campaign, one more chapter in the novel called, Latin America Turns To the Left. I really wish these guys could do a Hugo Chavez for El Salvador, but I wonder just how much maneuverability they really have.
The fact that Mauricio Funes says he is going to model his regime on Brazil’s Lula and Chile’s Bachelet is depressing. From a Left POV, Lula has been a catastrophic failure. I don’t know much about Bachelet.
“Moderate Leftist” means a Leftist that can’t or won’t accomplish any meaningful socioeconomic change. “Radical Leftist” in MSM speak means a kick-ass guy like Chavez who’s actually doing some meaningful and positive things. If you drawing cards and you want a handful of hope and real tangible change, draw the “radical” cards.
Funes is also going to make up with the charming death squad mass murderers and torturers in the US’ favorite party, ARENA. Good luck with that, buddy.
ARENA ran a kinder and gentler campaign where they called the FMLN “Communists” and “terrorists”. The only terrorists in that war were the guys the US was supporting, ARENA and Duarte’s lame Christian Dems (darlings of even lamer Cold War liberals in the US Democratic Party). Unfortunately, Mr. Funes is no Communist.
The party of the Death Squad Dictatorship has pledged to be ever watchful in case the FMLN turns “authoritarian”. Whew! I feel better already knowing those death squad guys will keep the papers running!
Didn’t you know that all progressive governments on Earth are automatically “authoritarian?” Didn’t you know that all fascists in the opposition of any progressive regime automatically morph into “democrats”? More MSM-speak and US Empire-talk.
The fact that the Salvadoran stock market dove as soon as the FMLN won was ominous but predictable. Stock markets hover over all of capitalist countries like the Grim Reaper with a scythe, threatening to lower the blade if any nation dares to do anything remotely progressive. This, and capital flight and inevitable reactionary coups or at least coup attempts, are two reasons why ultras like Maoists say that the peaceful road to socialism is hopeless. Sometimes I wonder if they are right.
Why do we even need stock markets? Germany supposedly has a stock market, but almost all of the shares are owned by one or two huge banks, or at least that’s how it was back in the 1990’s. Sure, companies need to sell shares to raise money, but why have a private market where all the buyers are bunch of reactionary little capitalist shits?
The stock market to me is just an Index of Evil. Don’t believe me? Whenever unemployment goes down, the stock market takes a hit. When unemployment rises, that’s great news for the damned market and stocks fly. Workers are Widgetco just formed a union or got raise? Stock takes a pounding. Health benefits at Capitalistbastardco just got gutted? Watch the stock head for the skies.
Even worse is the way that the capitalists have tried to tie all of us into this diabolical bourse, as we are forced to have a monetary stake in an engine that works against everything we need and want in our working lives. This will make things even worse. When we workers do well, our 401K sinks. When we workers get screwed, our 401K jolts upward. Sucks or what?
Whatever the FMLN does in power, they will have to suck up the US. Before the election, the US imperialist regime was threatening to cut off all money going back to El Salvador from Salvadorans in the US. El Salvador is one of those horrible 3rd World countries whose economy actually and absurdly depends on wages from their overseas US workers coming back home via transfers, because their own economy is so screwed and hopeless.
Let’s hope they don’t wimp out like Daniel Ortega’s Sandinistas though. Major disappointment there.
One last thing, reading the article here. Why is a monstrosity called a “credit default swap” even legal? That crap should be banned outright. Those are part of the arsenal called Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction.

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One thought on “FMLN Wins in El Salvador”

  1. The death squads have quit killing Leftists and have started to re-emerge to kill gang members. They have been killing gang members for many years down there now in very large numbers and it does not seem to have even dented the population. Killing gang members down there is like killing ants up here. It’s almost useless. I don’t know what the solution is.

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