The Fake White Slavemaster Black Slave Rape Epidemic

This about sums it up. Written by a Black Caribbean man. One of the conceits of the militant Black movement in the US (in practice, that means most US Blacks) is that they are convinced there was some evil White rape epidemic against Indians and Black women. According to this hate Whitey line, White men are the biggest rapists in the past 500 years, or I guess ever. The whole history of White men has been a history of rape of Indian and Black women. When a Black woman looks in the mirror, she sees centuries of violence, of rape, evil rape, in her veins, in her soul, in her genes. This was a sexist campaign of extermination against Black women. We White dudes conspired to pollute their illustrious and Nobel Prize winning Black gene pool! Such a crime against humanity! And we thought we were just “mejorando la raza” as they call marrying and breeding up-White in Latin America. What’s curious about all of this is that White dudes pretty much stopped raping Black chicks altogether in recent years. Most of you have seen the figures that drive White nationalists into conniptions. 37,000 White women raped by Blacks every year. Zero Black women raped by White men every year. So, the greatest rapists that ever lived have suddenly knocked it off for decades now. What happened? For one thing, it’s not legal anymore. At one time, it was about legal for a White to rape a Black woman, and maybe for a Black man too. No one cared. Black female victims did not count. An interesting figure is that by 1865, 7 There is a phrase in the South that women cringe at. It’s called “splitting the Black Oak”. It means that young single White guys, back in the day, before sex was free and all that, would go lose their virginity and become a man by sexing a Black girl or lady. They lived on the other side of town and no doubt could be had for a price. Women and girls have never given it away for free too much, sadly. At the time, loose White chicks were probably in short supply in the South, and most single White women were probably virgins. So you want to pop your cherry, you head over to the dark side of the tracks. Probably not much raping going on here. Black women were very poor and probably screwing White was moving up in the world, as it is to this day. White men offered money, favors, whatever men always do. Black women were happy to trade. Much of the fake rape epidemic occurred from about 1830 on. After slavery was outlawed, it was awfully costly to go buy yourself a slave. By 1830 or so, 3 The Civil War, like Sendero’s rebellion in Peru in the 1980’s, was a race against time. Slavery was dying anyway. By the Civil War, a slave cost $60,000 in today’s dollars. Few could afford one. We have many reports of owners distressed about White workers having sex with Black female slaves, often for money or various favors. These women were slaves, and they needed every break they could get. It’s well-known that many slave owners had mulatto mistresses, often to the wife’s consternation. She was a kept woman. For a slave, this was moving up in the world big-time. No doubt it was voluntary on the part of many female house Negroes. The same Black women who scream that we White guys are the Greatest Rapists That Ever Lived also fume that we say Black women are “unrapeable”. The ultimate insult. Cognitive disconnect anyone? These same Black women fuming about the White male as the most evil creature that ever stalked the Earth openly admit that they want to marry and have kids with a White man. Go figure. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a contribution to support the continuation of the site.

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268 thoughts on “The Fake White Slavemaster Black Slave Rape Epidemic”

  1. The number of mulatto or mixed children at the end of the civil war, even if the number was low, is no indication of how many rapes occurred. I have four children and have been married for over 30 years. Would I have a difficult time convincing you that I have had more than 4 sexual relationships? Many slave children, chattel, were sold. They were not around to be counted. Many adults, mixed and full Black, were sold. They were not around to be counted. Many slaves died, and many mixed babies were sometimes smothered at birth in order to hide the rapists activity. What is counting mulattoes after the War? If we counted whites today, would that number be equivalent to the number of Whites born in this country since the first White came to America? Not hardly.
    “RAPE” is having sex with someone whose ability to say “No” is taken away from them. Slaves were not permitted to refuse the masters and mistresses and overseers and even children, in some cases. Who would say “No” to someone who had the power backed by the laws of the state to kill, sell, beat, or sell their children. Saying “No” to sexual advances was not an option for a slave. That does not mean that the acts were violent. It does not mean that the slave disliked it. It means that the slave had no choice.

  2. Well, I think the rapings of black women were out of convenience more than anything. It’s not that we were found to be desirable…we were just available to abuse in that way. Big difference.

  3. I don’t know…those rapings were bad I’m sure but I can’t relate. All women were sexually exploited in all countries. It’s a part of being a woman.

  4. Between 1850 and 1860, the Mulatto slave population
    increased by 67 percent —  in contrast — the Black
    slave population increased by only 20 percent.
    Naomi Zack, Race and Mixed Race
    (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1993).

  5. Physically forced rape is not about desirability; it is a violent, now criminal, act of control. Some individuals have sex for pleasure, and some have sex for pleasure and love. Men do not always have sex with women they love or find attractive. When a man cheats with a hundred women during 25 years of his marriage, do you suppose he was in love with all of them? Do you suppose he was attracted to all? How often have you heard men laugh about ugly women that they slept with? If a man cannot have sex with an attractive woman, but an unattractive one is willing, do you suppose the average man would take what he can get or wait? When a man is caught committing bestiality, do you think that he was attracted to the beast? When a man masturbates, do you think he is attracted to whatever he used? I have asked enough thought questions.
    So true. Rape is universal, and slave rape is alive and doing well even in these United States, actually, all over the globe. Yesterday, I saw a report of two Mexican women who were enslaved by a rich woman who never paid them a salary. She threatened them, but they finally got enough nerves to go to the authorities. After the Haiti earthqquake, some people were arrested for trying to get some of the orphaned children to use as slaves. Some claimes that they wanted to adopt, but they did not go through proper procedure. They were there to pick up and leave, knowing that it was not legal. Some got away with it. There are women and children, probably men, in slavery now in the USA and other countries. Many slave holders are often uncovered, but not enough.

  6. My error above dated March 20, 2012: “Would I have a difficult time convincing you that I have had more than 4 sexual relationships? ”
    Correction: “Would I have a difficult time convincing you that I have had more than one sexual act.
    My point was meant to be that one does not have a baby as a result of each sex act. I have four children from 31 years of marriage.

  7. Are you dumb or just dishonest ? This whole article would make me laugh if it wasn’t believed by a lot people. but the last senstence is my favorite “These same Black women fuming about the White male as the most evil creature that ever stalked the Earth openly admit that they want to marry and have kids with a White man.”
    You really think that rape and attraction are the same ? You really need to read some documentaion on that (you’re probably not interested in). What about rape during war ? (For u to understand) Bosnie-Herzégovine, Darfour etc… Rape is not just pervert, who get a boner seeing a women. But it’s about power, torture, épuration ethnique, domination etc… But not love or just crush. But you probably won’t recognise that.
    Thanks for your article it’s force me to stay aware

  8. Finally THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!! My husband is a light skinned black man and you should see the racism we get from black hatin hoes! Thank God for keepin it real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Since white men “did not stretch out with black-black women during slavery,” where in the world did the mulattos come from? Someone said that it was popularly believed that they fell from the sky! Oh, I know, the common or poor white men, or the overseer, were accused of their origins, right? Why do poor people always get the brunt of practically every ill in society? If I say that High-and-Mighty Tom Bigelo fathered black children, someone would say, “But their mother was a mulatto.” What was a mulatto? Was she black or not? Why is it that half-black folk turn white when it is a convenience? During slavery, white men did not have sex with black women solely for features. If a white man chose a mulatto as a mistress, that does not mean that he did not lay with black skinned ones. Some men have sexual intercourse to ejaculate, people! Ask them. I did. Pole truthful men and ask them how many unattractive women did they lie with just for a thrill. Why do men with attractive wives leave home to lie with an ugly woman? they were not looking for beauty. That question is all over the Internet. It is not uncommon for men with trophy wives to put them in a case to trail women who are unbelievably unattractive. My point has been made. Men do not always have intercourse because they are looking for beauty. A vagina does not have a face, well, not exactly.
    Why do many white men assume that they are the finest things walking? Some are so stuck on themselves. They, like any other men, are attractive to women who think they are attractive, not all. There are ugly men among you just as are found in all races. Yes, the world is lusting after you and many from the world would take you, ugly and all. All races of women and MEN are lusting after you! I did not say “all people.” BUT, white American men, especially, have always boasted of their money and accomplishments and contributions to the world. Are you surprised that the world lusts after you and the great United States of America? What you boast of is what is drawing the world! Lose the reputation of being the possessors of the best and see how much of the world would run after you. No offense, but you know that it is true. It would be true of any race of men in the same situation. “It’s all about the Benjamins” you brag about. During slavery, you had the biggest buck and the ticket to freedom. So, yes, you represented “status” to black slave women just as you do to the world that lusts after what you jingle. All people are not the same, and most whites are not wealthy, I know. I am generalizing, of course.
    Look at the black man in general. The world is not after him because he has no reputation, overall, of being wealthy. But many women of the world are running after him. I wonder why! It is all about a certain reputation, which is silly. Do not misunderstand me; I love and respect black men dearly.
    Human beings, in general, are greedy; they always want the biggest and the best of everything. I am reminded of a story that I read many years ago in my elementary reader, “A Pie for Billy Goat.” To teach Billy Goat a lesson for being so greedy, the mother goat cooked pies and let Billy goat choose his apple pie first. He chose the biggest only to discover after the first bite that it was full of grass.
    White men jingle their big coins, and the world hears the music. When some of these immigrants land in America, they get a rude awakening unless they marry a rich jingler. Otherwise, many have to work hard to accomplish what they thought was easy. Most prosperous Americans had to work hard, too. That is certainly something to really be proud of. I am an American who has worked for many years, and I am proud of it. Any American should be very proud of hard, honest work that resulted in success and/or prosperity.

  10. Clearly, i hope you dont have children. if you do i bet your daughter will get a black man.. we didnt ask to come here now that we are deal will it.. its people like you that bring this country to a damn stand still. Get an education.

  11. just in case you werent aware, but slavery has been abolished for over 150 yrs for a list of reasons but most importantly we are children of God under the same sun….are all equal….man, woman, black,white,hispanic,asian,ect. I am a white female who is dating a black man and I have never in my life been loved more, treated with more respect or have felt such a conection with another individual in my life. its poison like you who contaminate young minds and keep this a segragated world. It matters none what I say, you and anyone who agrees with you, you will meet your maker, OUR MAKER, and you’ll see whats up.

    1. It’s probably because you’re obese and no self respecting man would date you otherwise. Basically, you’re white scraps no one wants. And if you say you’re some model size and weight, I’m gonna call your bluff due to your not having a photo.

  12. Where do you get your “facts” from? Have you actually spoken to any black women? Have you read any narratives? You say 0 black women assaulted by white men, not true. The zero is the number of white menwho were prosecuted and convicted. 9 times out of 10, white men are not even charged in the sexual assault of black women. How do I know? Last month 3 white men held men down while a 4th assaulted me. Pictures and proof, still no arrest.

  13. You said in 1865,75% of blacks were unmixed.Just because they were not first or second generation biracial does not mean they were completely pure black.And yes,there had to have been a substantial amount of rape or coersion or consensual between slave owners,sons of slave owners,overseers,slave traders,and other white men with black women for over 70% of African Americans to have European percentages on DNA tests.

  14. Earlier I posted:
    “Between 1850 and 1860, the Mulatto slave population
    increased by 67 percent — in contrast — the Black
    slave population increased by only 20 percent.
    Naomi Zack, Race and Mixed Race
    (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1993)”
    Let me add:
    Peter Fontaine said plantation owners begot so many children on their female slaves that “the country swarms with mulatto vastards.” Thomas Anburey praised the system, calling it “a pleasant method to procure slaves at a cheap rate.”
    There is way too much evidence against this blog.

    1. Let me also add that a rape doesn’t always end in a pregnancy. The reasoning in this blog is pretty bad…

  15. Willie lynch was a white man that convinced people to rape their slaves just like they breed horses. The thought was that if the slave was half white half black then the slave would be half smart half strong. This is only one reason why so many were raped.

    1. Willie Lynch was not real. There was no need to ‘convince’ people to rape their slaves. Slave owners have been raping slaves since the beginning of time.

  16. and i dont understand why ur so skeptical of the rape figures… have you really forgoten how horny you were when you were a teenager? dont you have fantasies anymore? i dont think its strange at alll that boys and men where able to tell themselves that what they were doing was to feed themselves by making more slaves for farming, or maybe to teach a slave a lesson, or maybe to teach them how to be a better slave. It takes a strong willed man to fight temptation. and sadly very few men are truly strong.

      1. and i dont understand why ur so skeptical of the rape figures… have you really forgoten how horny you were when you were a teenager? dont you have fantasies anymore? i dont think its strange at alll that boys and men where able to tell themselves that what they were doing was to feed themselves by making more slaves for farming, or maybe to teach a slave a lesson, or maybe to teach them how to be a better slave. It takes a strong willed man to fight temptation. and sadly very few men are truly strong.

  17. I keep reading these stupid fantasies of white men raping colored wimminz, and I have to laugh. Unless they were way better looking 200 years ago then now, I don’t see it happening. I don’t know one white guy that would come within 50 feet of sticking his dick in one of these fat, smell, loud obnoxious sherillas. I’t would be like bestiality. I don’t blame black men for wanting fat blonde white women. How do you get past the smell of a sheeboon?

    1. This comment is absolutely disgusting. You belittled a degrading violent act down to ‘I can’t picture it happening because I don’t believe they looked good enough’. Slave narratives from girls and women are not “fantasies”. They’re horrifying. The white great grandfathers of African Americans didn’t just come out of no where. These women were not only sexually abused, but had to give birth to children who would also be slaves (and sometimes sold as well). You should be ashamed of yourself.

  18. hey. I like the info in this blog post. I like the statistic about by 1865 75% of blacks were still unmixed. Can you cite a source for that for me please? thanks.
    anyway….the rest of you are idiots…. I’m going to bed now to rape my nigger wife like I do every night. Cheers.

  19. Mr Linsay of course white slave masters raped black women my family is living proof of that where do you think all these high yellow and fair skinned African Americans come from? I guess In your raisin size brain a female slave walking around with 5 high yellow babies with light colored eyes were dropped down by Martians. Quit talking mr Linsay and no one will know your level of intelligence

  20. I do not understand why even today, I am still seeing articles on the internet that deny that this happened. Is it that too many white Americans are just offended and ashamed that this went on? Well, you can’t change history. I think they need to start educating students about the truth of what went on, not only during slavery, but during Jim Crow. Had it not been for the civil rights movement, white men would still be able to rape Black women with impunity.
    I actually think that it’s kinda insane that some people still deny that this happened when we literally have entire ethnicities that are mixed from European men and African slave women in the present day…we just change what we call them. If you look at diaries of white men during slavery, some will even allude to having sexual relationships with their slaves. You look at William Byrd II, Thomas Thistlewood diary and he alludes to this. Many Black women tried to resist their slave masters like Celia Newsome, Elizabeth Keckley and Harriet Jacobs. They didn’t like what was being done to them. Also the diaries of many white women of the time allude to sexual intercourse between their husbands and slaves like Ella Thomas. Not only did slave rape occur, but it occurred after slavery in the Reconstruction. Then we can’t forget all that went on in Brazil, the new world and during colonization of Africa…where did those African creoles come from? Like the rape of Rhoda Ann Childs and then continued into Jim Crow. Many Black people could tell stories of rape by white men against their grandmother’s or great grandmothers and how society turned a blind eye to their suffering.
    let me ask this: why is it so offensive or hard to believe for some white people to admit that this happened?

  21. Agreed Peanut. My great great great great grandmother was a Black woman who was raped by her White Slave master on my mother’s side, and on my father’s side, my great great grandmother was a Mulatto woman who was raped by her White Slave master.
    Funny how denying works.
    I was also molested by White men when I was younger and I know many Black/Mixed females too.
    We just don’t report it.

  22. Fell into this site…. to educate you all. If you look at a dark/black persons soles/ feet they are white. The only difference between white and black people is to do with the high/low Melatonin levels depending on where they live. Other than that we are all the same inside. Outisde I am white inside I am united with all of humanity… So sad people don’t get it..

  23. You are 100% evidence that there is so much ignorance in this world and some people can not be helped. How can a slave give consent? The very label slave means u have no rights, no choice. Your mentality mimics the white males slave masters, that justified the mental and physical brutality of rape on my ancestors. You should be ashamed. I pray for you

    1. How can a slave give consent? Good question!
      A lot of female slaves realized very quickly that they had much to be gained by consorting with white men. Not only would they attain elevated, favored status, they could increase their chances for themselves and their offspring by bearing a half-white child. Many of them did just that, as the child was likely to be treated better as a result. Mulattoes had offspring with other mulattoes, for similar reasons. Lighter skin meant better lives and maybe even freedom (like Hemmings’ children).
      Many white men were recorded as saying that they much preferred black women as sex partners. A compliment? Probably.
      The average female slave was in danger of being raped, abused and treated like shit by her fellow male slaves. For her point of view, why not take up with one of the whites? Slaves (initially) did not share language or culture initially, and did not see themselves as all belonging to the same group at all.
      A lot of “slaves” were mixed race mulattoes (like Sally Hemmings) who were “house slaves”- really more like servants, and basically had it very good compared to their “field” counterparts. A lot of them willingly consorted with white men- Hemmings is a perfect example.
      There no doubt was quite a bit of rape and coercive sex between slaves and whites- true. But there was a whole lot of sex that was not rape or truly coerced. The assumption that it was all rape, all non-consensual is part of the whole P.C. story line.

  24. There is a tendency in nations to scream about rape once the people have “moved up”. While they were “down” they weren’t screaming about rape and often gladly agreed to unfair sex. But I could be wrong.
    it’s kind of like how a weaker people will cooperate with a stronger group, but once the weaker people “move up”, then they bring up stories about how they were raped, humilated whatnot.

    1. People who are weak do what they can to survive, so given those circumstances, how can future generations claim the former generations were raped? How could the future generations really think the former generations were supposed to be “ideally strong and resist all exploitation, especially sexual.”
      It just doesn’t happen that way. Even today, a western white man can go to the Phillippines or maybe some Eastern European nation, and marry whoever they choose like they’re at an “all you can eat buffet”, and get sexual partners in a similar fashion. Why? Cause the locals will do anything they can to survive. There is some pride, but generally speaking, money talks.

  25. I posted the followings at another site a few years ago.
    I long for the days when:
    1) A miracle was a real praise-the-Lord/raise-from-the-dead miracle.
    2) Arena sports were a real arena blood sport, not 7-foot Negroes throwing balls into a basket.
    3) When an apostle said something, it became a Biblical command.
    4) Virgins were real virgins and sex slaves were real sex slaves.
    5) They sold all the ISIS POW boys to gay brothels or cotton farms.
    You see, the welfare system is a heavy burden on the state and taxpayers, and in times of crisis like the present recession, the financial situation is particularly grave. Why not replace it with the good old-fashioned slavery system which Christians, Jews and Muslims (or add the groups of your choosing) were once so familiar with? A person who lost his job can render his/her body and person from 3 months to 3 years to individuals or the state for a lump sum, daily sustenance and lodging.
    So a beautiful women could serve a wealthier man with her sensuality; a strong, aggressive young man could serve the state as a slave soldier; or an anti-Semite homo idiot could comfort his Nazi master in their perverted ways. The possibilities just go on and on…Just imagine the amount of public money saved. The slave should be able to redeem himself/herself before the contracted term expires upon repaying the bondage money with an advanced notice. Just imagine, what better to put on one’s resume than saying one can work as hard as a slave? Employers will be impressed by such character, strong will and survival instinct. We all know the story of Spartacus, right?
    Well,I’m not alone holding such view:
    According to some Salafis, Islamic slavery actually is ‘liberation/purification’:
    “The origin of slavery is the capturing in Jihad against the disbelievers to correct those who were captured by isolating them from the evil environment they lived in and starting a new life in a Muslim community to guide them to the path of goodness, save them from evil, purify them from the effects of disbelief and error and make them deserve a better life in which they enjoy security and peace.
    “Slavery in Islam is like a purifying machine or sauna in which those who are captured enter to wash off their dirt, and then they come out clean, pure and safe from another door. May Allah grant us success! May peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and Companions!”

  26. Eww gross black sheboons! And blacks are they only ones immoral enough to say their ancestors were raped! No other race is that stupid!

  27. Robert, you forgot to mention that the mulatto population skyrocketed during reconstruction or just after the end of the civil war. Rape didn’t end with slavery. It continued after slavery. Moreover, there’s records documenting union soldiers even raping black women. You can even read the recorded incidents here.
    However, the union soldiers did prosecute men who raped black women, and were actually the first to do so. Before then, it wasn’t considered possible to rape black women, only white women.
    Although I don’t know how often black women were raped during slavery or what would constitute many, but there’s enough documents to prove that it wasn’t uncommon. For instance, the narrative, Incidents in the life of a slave girl, written by Harriet Jacobs, who escaped bondage and was sexually abused by her master, noted that it was a common practice in the south. There’s was also the fancy trade in New Orleans, which essentially sold mulatto concubines.
    The 9th vice president had a slave mistress who he openly acknowledged, which didn’t help him in the popularity polls as slave mistress were meant to kept a secret, never acknowledged.

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