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First things first. White Meat – Dedicated to the beauty and splendor of the White Woman. At first I thought this was some crap blog put up by White Nationalists saying how White women are better than any other women on Earth, since, after all, they are White, and White folks are better than any other folks, especially those nasty Black folks. But read around a bit, and things get really interesting. This is a blog made by Black males who are dedicated to the beauty and glory of the White female. There is a corresponding Yahoo group called The Pedestal, meaning they want to put White women on a pedestal and worship them. Considering how many Black males treat their White female lovers like crap, I certainly think worshiping them is better than stealing from them, lying to them, locking them up like prisoners, raping them and beating them. I have known many White women with a thing for Black guys, and these are the stories you hear over and over. Heard so many times, you almost want to warn White women off. And yet. And yet. We have White Meat. If written by White men, it would come off as chauvinist or probably racist crap. From a White woman, more narcissistic chirping and posing, as if we don’t get enough of that. But from Black men, there is something charming here. It can’t possibly be racist, it can only be…worshipful. The comments are full of other Black men who worship the glory and beauty of our women, and from our unappreciated women smiling and warming in the spotlight. It’s an all-around feel-good, but it’s sure to make a White nationalist fume. A good companion to White Meat is Abagond. Not exactly an intellectual blog, but definitely smart enough. A Black man from the Caribbean, a dedicated anti-racist, marries a Black woman and starts a family with her. And makes a blog, the counterpart to White Meat, for Black men dedicated to the glory and beauty of Black women. Commenters are, once again in parallel to the other site, Black males who like Black women and Black women who love to be appreciated. This site is even more strange because it is full of Black women who are steaming, stomping and smoking mad at White men, yet they long to meet, marry and have kids with one. Most of them say that they really want a Black man, Black women being the most racially loyal of any group, but there are way too many Black women and way too few decent Black men, and a lot of, especially the educated and cultured, Black women are getting tired of waiting out their lives in spinsterhood. This sexual lopsidedness in the Black community has given rise to such peculiar institutions as “man-sharing”, degrading as it is to Black women. Though I have dated several Black women myself (and nearly married one of them), I am not sure if I will again. My experiences have been pretty negative. Cynical, using, gold-digging, steal your last dollar, whore mentality does not even begin to do justice. A lot of Black women are utterly cynical about men, think we are all no-good dogs, and think they should use their vaginas to milk every single last nickel out of our wallets. I had one Black girlfriend who would not even allow me to visit her unless I was going to take her out and waste some money on her, and often there wasn’t even any sexual payback on her end. She wasn’t’ even charging me for sex, she was charging me for her damn time. Black women in general like the extreme masculinity of Black men, and it’s true that macho as we can be, White men are just not as masculine as Black men. So Black women tend to see us as wimpy and even faggy. I don’t know about the rest of you guys, but I sure don’t appreciate that. On the other hand, Asian women will treat the same guy the Black woman thinks is a disgusting, meek and wimpy queer like he’s Paul fucking Bunyan. Compared to Asian guys, I guess he is. I like women who make me feel like a man, masculinity being very important to my identity (I note this because I am convinced there are guys to whom masculinity is just not a big deal). Reading through the comments from the Black women on Abagond’s site, I wanted to run for the door. Yeah, they were scary. If that makes me a wuss, fine, I’m a wuss. The frequent comments about our small dicks and how having a White lover means a Black woman might have to forgo sexual satisfaction were particularly stinging. If that’s the way they feel, they’re losing my sympathy. Keep up with the man-sharing, buy a quality vibrator, or discover bisexuality.

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18 thoughts on “Interesting Blogs”

  1. “A good companion to White Meat is Abagond. Not exactly an intellectual blog, but definitely smart enough. ”
    Some of his themes I have seen before with Tim Wise. I replied to his second to the last post, it would appear that he has never taken a course in statistics.
    “This site is even more strange because it is full of Black women who are steaming, stomping and smoking mad at White men, yet they long to meet, marry and have kids with one.”
    White men, you can’t love em’.. and you can’t kill em’ well … legally…
    “It’s an all-around feel-good, but it’s sure to make a White nationalist fume.”
    Well I find it much less tedious than Abagond. He’s a fetishist and not shy about it. He has plenty of company:

  2. Wow I just saw this post on Abagond:
    “I left my wife. I took our two sons, ages 11 and 13. She is no longer safe to live with.
    She has threatened to kill me repeatedly. She said she would “crack my skull” if I did not keep the house clean enough. (I worked from home so housecleaning fell to me.) The night before I left I had pots on the stove drying. She said it made her want to drive a knife through my heart, to split my head open. Earlier that day she hit me in front of my sons and called me “useless” and then threatened to run me over with the car.”

  3. Is that his Black wife who did that? WTF? Whoa, it is his Black wife. It just happened a few days ago. OMG. This is why I don’t mess around with Black chicks anymore. They’re so angry and scary and aggressive and they have tended to berate me as a wimp. This last because what they really like are ultra-macho Black guys, so they tend to see most average White guys as wussies. As I hinted in the other post, Asian women treat me like I’m John Wayne on steroids. But that’s compared to Asian guys, who compared to us White guys seem neutered.
    That’s one interesting argument against multiculturalism.
    In an all-White society, or one like the Jim Crow South, White men are seen as perfectly masculine. But throw Black guys into the mix and a lot of White women think we are wusses.
    In an all-Black society, Black women don’t have to worry about their men chasing White women.
    In an all-Asian society, Asian men are seen as perfectly masculine. Throw them in with White guys though and they seem neutered and feminized and probably like sexist pigs to boot.

  4. “Is that his Black wife who did that? WTF? Whoa, it is his Black wife. It just happened a few days ago. OMG. This is why I don’t mess around with Black chicks anymore. They’re so angry and scary and aggressive and they have tended to berate me as a wimp.”
    I wouldn’t go so far to say that… but admittedly I have no experience with dating Black Women, but given the theme of his blog I find it sadly ironic. He does seem like a decent guy.

  5. Well I responded to one of abagond’s posts. The theme was: “Why so few white men marry black women?”
    His conclusions were:
    It is white people who stick most to their own kind, not black women – or even Asian men.
    The other reasons have some truth to them, but notice how they never seem to blame white men.
    He’s not familiar with statistics, I pointed out that if marriage was completely random, white males, marry out of their race more than twice as much as black women and about 15% more than Asian men and 20% more than white women.
    His response was:
    “You and Uncle Milton are living in a fantasy world.”
    Okay… actually I think in his mind he mixed the other guy’s posts (his handle was race realist… I think that explains it a bit..) with mine.
    And then he said..
    “If white men are not racist, then why do they marry Asian women way more than black women even though there are far more black women?”
    From this question should I think that he means that marrying an Asian woman is racist and marrying a Black woman is not…? Given the current dynamics with his wife I guess he’s a bit cranky and on the edge. Understandable.
    I concluded with:
    That said…. don’t Black women and Asian women play a role in who they couple with..? In my world at least, it’s women more than men who ultimately choose who they marry. I would definitely say the mutual preference between white males and Asian women is decidedly higher the mutual preference between white men and black women.
    I ran through my mind a few famous Black women then searched on google to see who they married or are currently dating. At least for my list, it was all Black men. Beyonce – Jay-Z, Rhianna – Chris Brown, Oprah – Stedman Graham, Jada Pinkett Smith – Will Smith, Angela Bassett – Courtney B. Vance.
    When I did the same for American born Asian women, the majority of partners or husbands were white men.

  6. Robert,
    please don’t judge all black women based on the negative experiences you have had with some. I am the complete opposite of the women you described and the same is true of most of my black female friends.
    Of course, I might not even count as “black” to you since I’m Nigerian-American… Or maybe I shouldn’t tell you that since you hate us…
    I’m not a scammer, by the way. I’m just a college student who was looking for black race realists online and stumbled upon your website. I love this blog! It’s a nice change from the ultra-liberal anti-racists sites and the hate filled race realists ones like Stormfront.

    1. I don’t hate Nigerian-Americans. I’ve known some of them and they were ok. Not too sure about the ones still in the country though…I could tell you some stories. We are very Black-friendly here, actually. You’re quite welcome on this site.

  7. I’ve been reading your blog and what I see is a bitter white man who has been raked over the goals. I know a lot of white men, dumped by a black woman for a black man, who generally become the most bigoted of souls and you are a prime example.

  8. Abagond is white?! Really?? I quote him:
    “There is absolutely nothing wrong with black people other than the bad patch of history they are going through, its side effects and the ordinary human failings. It is white people who have a deep crack in their souls.
    I know that sounds extreme – partly because we have “white is right” pounded into our heads night and day – but their history shows that there is something seriously wrong with them.”
    Apparently this refers to white Americans in particular due to the context or due to something he says at the start of the article.
    He explained in reply to me:
    “To put you out of your misery, I think MOST White Americans are racist and to the degree that they are racist, they are damaged.
    I ALSO think blacks are damaged too by racism, but in a different way: externally through racist police, courts, employers, landlords, estate agents, etc, and internally through believing what white racism says about blacks and all the side effects of that, like self-destructive behaviour.
    For whites to get where they are they needed to dehumanize black and native Americans and, to a lesser degree, Latino and Asian Americans (and in earlier times, Irish, Jewish and Italian Americans). They did not get off clean. They could not go through that without having a damaged sense of THEIR OWN humanity. In fact, the damage is more profound because that is where it started. The crack in their soul.”
    This is a white guy?

    1. I thought he was a black guy with a huge victim complex who basically thought all the problems black people have are due to white racism.

      1. oh okay. Well he’s got a good article up which shows the different organisms in our direct line of evolution from single cell to human, if you know what I mean. Worth checking out if you haven’t seen that before.
        If i made a mistake, I’d want to fix it or put a note in or something.

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