Daniel Pearl's Dad Takes On Anti-Zionism

Screed here.
Analysis by Prison Planet conspiracy theory nutjob Alex Jones here.
He is Judea Pearl, professor at UCLA, my father’s alpha mater. He agrees with us that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism (at least in theory anyway) but on different grounds. He says anti-Zionism is worse than anti-Semitism! Whew, that’s a new one. I thought the Zionists had no shame, but they never fail to show us that they are even worse than we thought they are.
Judea Pearl is the father of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter murdered by Al Qaeda and probably by the Pakistani government too (Where does one end and the other begin?) for investigating the connection between the Pakistani government and Al Qaeda. An open Jewish journalist, running around openly in Pakistan and publishing these stories, and then continuing to blissfully run around in Pakistan publishing his articles about Al Qaeda…well.
Al Qaeda said he was a spy. Indeed, Mr.Pearl was effectively an agent of the US state in seeking out secrets about Al Qaeda and its connections in the Pakistani state and publishing them in a worldwide newspaper. So, to Al Qaeda and its elements in the Pakistani state, Pearl was a spy. In war, spies get killed. Solution? In wartime, don’t be a spy. I have no love for AQ, but Mr. Pearl definitely wins a Darwin Award. What was he thinking?
Mr. Pearl’s Zionism is whitewashed, and it’s not all that relevant anyway, yet if he takes after his Dad, it’s a nasty variety indeed. But all Zionism is nasty. There’s just less nasty, more nasty, out and out ugly and frank Jewish National Socialism. I’ve never understood why Nazis hate Zionism so much. If White National Socialism is ok, why isn’t Jewish National Socialism keen too?
Finally, I’m a bit disgusted by all the anti-Semites who latch onto anti-Zionism. Anti-Zionists like me dislike Zionism precisely because it is White nationalism for Jews, or actually White separatism for Jews. If White separatism sucks, Jewish separatism sucks, mostly for the same sucky reasons.
Our anti-Zionism is part and parcel of a strict anti-racist stance, and anti-Semites obviously have no role to play in an anti-racist movement.
I’m also baffled why anti-Semites don’t support Israel as a solution to the Jewish Question. I mean, encourage them all to leave your countries, pack them all in Israel, put a big fence around the place (this part is mostly done) and then watch em real close. I don’t get it. Wouldn’t you guys rather have the Jews in Israel than in your own country?
The videotape of Pearl’s beheading is on this site here.
Was it crappy of me to link to that tape in this article? Yes it was.
Was it crappy of Pearl’s Dad to write that horrid piece? Yes it was.

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4 thoughts on “Daniel Pearl's Dad Takes On Anti-Zionism”

  1. Ummm, Judea Pearl is Daniel Pearl’s *father*. He’s pretty well-known in computer science, did a lot of work on Bayesian networks if I’m not mistaken. He’s also a really hardcore Zionist – I’ve seen his name come up in this context a few times.

    1. how can any one condom the killing of another human bean just for telling the truth..I have a 9 yr old son who is proud to be jewish he does’nt know these things but he is proud..am scared for him…he only goes to a jewish school..so why would anybody make these awfull comment about daniel ..like what was he thinking ..he was thinking about the truth …with no boundries I have tears in my eyes

  2. Dear Robert
    If you really think that all separatism is bad, you should advocate world-wide open borders. Whenever a country maintains closed or partially closed borders, it creates separateness between the people inside the borders and those outside. If the people inside the borders happen to belong to one ethnic group, then closed borders are in fact an instrument for preserving ethnic purity. If everybody in Iceland is white, Lutheran and Icelandic and if Iceland doesn’t take in any immigrants, then it is, in effect if not in intent, preserving racial, religious and ethnic purity. As far as I’m concerned, that is all for the good.
    Once a country already has diversity, then seeking homogeneity is dangerous because it can only mean expulsion or extermination. However, there is a difference between making the best of diversity and loudly proclaiming that it is a cause for celebration. If you live in a country with cold winters, then it is a good idea to get warm cloting, but it does not follow from that that you should celebrate winters. Tolerance is to diversity what warm clothing is to winters. If there is no diversity, then tolerance is as useless as warm clothing in a country with no winters.
    Borders are as necessary for peoples as doors are for families. You don’t let everybody who feels like it to come into your house and the US shouldn’t have to let all foreigners inside its borders.
    What is wrong with Zionism is that it declared Jews to be a nation, comparable to the Finns, Poles and Hungarians, and that it wanted to create a homeland for this “nation’ on land that already belonged to somebody else, comparable to a couple making a home in somebody’s else house.
    Zionists want it both ways. On the one hand they insist that Jews are a nation, and on the other hand they become indignant when others say to them that they don’t fully belong to the nation in which they are living. “I’m 100% Jewish and I’m 100% American.” Right, and Peter is 100% faithful to his wife and 100% faithful to his mistress.
    I can respect Zionists who go to Israel, but I have no sympathy at all for Zionists who stay among the goyim and at the same time are fiercely loyal to Israel. Good riddance to every Zionist who goes to Israel.
    Regards. James

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