The Peopling of the Philippines

Repost from the old site. Updated April 2, 2012.
The peopling of the Philippines is a bit better understood than the peopling of Indonesia described in my another post. At least we know that most of the Philippines was first settled long ago by Negritos.

An Aeta Negrito woman of the Philippines. The Aeta live mostly in Northern Luzon. White Nationalists and Afrocentrists both insist that these folks are Black people, but they are very distant from African Blacks. White people are much closer to Blacks than these Negritos. Genetically, these people resemble the Filipinos they live with.Their skulls resemble other Australoid types such as Papuans and Aborigines. Genetically, they are classed as Asians. They are part of the Southeast Asian Major Race. Their minor race is known as the Philippines Negrito Race. It includes the Ati, Aeta and, strangely, the Palau of Micronesia.

There is also another Negrito race in the Philippines – the Mamanwa Philippines Negrito Race. The woman and child above are both Mamanwas. The woman has the typical woolly hair, but the baby has the wavy, Veddoid-like hair seen in many Mamanwas.
The Mamanwa are a group of Philippine Negritos from northeastern Mindanao that are very different from all of the rest of the Negritos in the area. They live in Surigao del Sur in northeastern Mindanao, especially near Mount Hilong-Hilong.
They are thought to be the last remains of the original Negritos to move into the Philippines. There are considerable differences in stature and blood proteins between the Mamanwas and the other Negritos, and they may represent separate migrations.
Excellent photos of modern-day Mamanwas, a group of only 5,000 or so people, can be seen here. I cannot help but notice the resemblance to the Veddoid people of India and Sri Lanka and the Senoi of Malaysia. A few have woolly Negrito hair, but look at how many have the wavy Veddoid hair.
The Mamanwa language seems to be in good shape, judging by the figure that only 7% of the Mamanwa can read and write in their second language. Most Philippine Negrito languages are in bad if not terrible shape; the Mamanwa probably benefit from isolation in the jungle.
Here is a linguistics text on Mamanwa. This called a “text”, in this case a “text” of Mamanwa. It means it is a snippet of Mamanwa, with English translation usually written interlineally so we can see not only what the text means, but what the parts of each word mean too, as even the words are divided into morphemes and translated as best they can be.
The text in most primitive groups usually has to do with myths, legends or stories of the ethnic group, rather than stories about day to day behavior. In this case, it is interesting that the Mamanwa, the oldest Negritos on the Philippines, have a story about the time of their ancestors, when the Mamanwa were “like children”. I guess this means that the early Mamanwa had not reached a very high level of civilization.
Sometimes these stories seem silly or boring to me, but usually they have a lot of meaning for the group who tells them.

Unlike many other places where the Negritos seem to have died out or transcended to other forms, in the Philippines they still exist in a relatively pristine form, even if they are going extinct, culturally, linguistically and probably racially.
Although some give the Negrito population at as low as 32,000, I say that there are 119,606 Negritos left in the Philippines, most of whom are still speaking Negrito languages, based on my estimate from here. The total Negrito population, including those who have given up on their native languages, is not known. They are found throughout the archipelago in various types.
They long ago lost their original languages and now speak Austronesian languages related to the Austronesian settlers who began arriving 5,000 years ago. Philippine Negritos have bred in heavily with standard-issue Filipinos such that the Negritos are now closer to Filipinos than to any other group.

A Dumagat Negrito woman from northern Luzon with her family. The hair at first looks like the Afro a kinky-haired African can grow, but it is actually woolly and not kinky. Dumagat is a generic name for speakers of many Negrito languages in northern Luzon.

On the other hand, Filipinos do not seem to have much Negrito in them. Genetically, we can see only tiny traces of the original Negritos in the Filipino genome. Similar traces can be seen in Micronesians and probably in Malays and Indonesians. These traces range from .02 to .11% – truly minuscule.
Anthropologically, Filipino skulls look SE Asian. Nor do Filipinos look Negrito. In appearance they resemble other Austronesians like Taiwanese aborigines, Indonesians and Malays.
While Philippines Negrito genes look Filipino, Negrito skulls look Australoid, clustering with Aborigines, the Ainu, Tamils, Aborigines, the Sakai of Malaysia, Papuans, Melanesians and Fuegian and Pericu Amerindians.
The Negritos have long been a small group in the Philippines, and the other Filipinos have long dwarfed them in population. Hence, a small amount of inbreeding quickly produced many Filipino genes in Negritos but few Negrito genes in Filipinos.

A Manobo, possibly an Agusan Manobo, man in traditional dress. Most Manobos today wear Western clothing. Some, like the ones who live near the Mamanwa in Surigao del Sur in northeast Mindanao, live off the forest and are being badly affected by deforestation. The Agusan Manobo have at least 2% Negrito genes, the highest level reported for any non-Negrito Filipino group in the Philippines.
Traditionally, the Manobos are considered to be among the Nesiot Austronesians. 54% of Agusan Manobo can read and write in their native language, which has 60,000 speakers. That is a pretty impressive figure for such an isolated group.
A very difficult linguistics paper on Agusan Manobo is available here. It deals with a subfield called discourse analysis, something I never studied and hence don’t really understand very well.
It analyzes language at the discourse level – beyond sounds (phonology), parts of words (morphology), words (lexicology), and sentences (syntax). It analyzes narratives and tries to locate patterns and truths about the way that humans use language to make narratives and tell stories. Believe it or not, the rules and patterns of language work at the narrative level too.
The Agusan Manobo allowed husbands to have multiple wives, common in many primitive cultures. This was usually relegated to those men who had the most money. In this tribe, only women can be religious leaders, which is interesting and resembles the Kalash of Pakistan. The Druze of Lebanon and Israel also have many female religious leaders. I think this is a great idea as I have been worshiping females all my life.

Some Filipino populations, such as the Manobos, described above, that have a somewhat higher level of Negrito genes, but even that level is very small, around 2%. The Manobos live scattered all through Mindanao, but some of the Agusan Manobo live next to the Mamanwas in Surigao del Sur and clearly there has been some interbreeding.

A cute Dumagat Negrito girl trying to read a book. Looking at her hair and features, she is clearly heavily mixed in with Filipino.

Most Filipinos have few if any Negrito genes. There are some Filipinos with Negrito ancestry, and this is readily observable in their woolly or kinky hair and very dark complexion.

A full-grown Ati woman. The Ati live on Panay Island, where they number about 1,500. Their language is still alive. I actually think she is attractive. She’s definitely cute in a child-like way anyway. Note the classical woolly hair of the Philippine Negritos. This is not the same hair as the kinky hair of US Blacks. Other Negritos in the Andaman Islands have peppercorn hair like the Bushmen of Africa.

There are many photos in the older literature of Filipino-Negrito half-breeds, and there is probably still some interbreeding going on. There is a lot of discrimination against Negritos in the Philippines.

A photo of a Negrito man, an Ati from Negros Island, from an anthropological text published around 1916. This text had many photos of mixed Negrito-Filipino types. The Ati of Negros have apparently gone extinct.

On Luzon there is a regular festival in honor of the local Negritos. Almost everyone at the festival is a non-Negrito. A few Negritos wander around the crowd begging and are treated with contempt and ridicule by their non-Negrito brethren.

In a sign that the Negritos may be getting treated better in the Philippines, Juliet Chavez, a Dumagat Negrito, recently won a beauty contest. She is not bad looking.

One of my Filipino contacts told me that the best description of the Filipino attitude towards Negritos is that they do not even exist.
The Philippine Negritos are related to the first groups out of Africa 60-70,000 years ago. They left via the Horn of Africa, got on boats and crossed over to Yemen, then went on boats or walked along the shore along the Indian Ocean to Iran, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, New Guinea, Indonesia and Australia.

The journey taken by early man out of Africa 70,000 years ago. It makes the most sense to think that people migrated along the coast, especially in desert regions. Today in Oman, almost all towns are located along the coast.
There were widespread mangrove forests all along this route back then, though most of them have since died out. There’s plenty to eat along the coast, and the weather is much milder. A journey inland through deserts by such primitive people may have been deadly. Probably the first people undertaking this epic voyage, to which we are all indebted, were the Negritos.

It is generally accepted that Negritos or pre-Negritos probably arrived in the Philippines 30,000 years ago. Findings in caves on Palawan include a 22,500 year old skull called Tabon Man. The skull most resembles modern-day Ainu and Tasmanian people – hence, the Tabon Man people were an Australoid or Aborigine-type people. They were not Negritos.
However, there is also a fragment of a human tibia bone dated 47,000 years ago, so Negritos or pre-Negritos must have been present in the Philippines nearly 50,000 years ago. These caves show habitation going back, some say, 50,000 years.
Finds at the Tabon Caves are interesting in that giant tortoises and even elephants are found there, animals that have since died out on the Philippines.
At other sites, boars, deer, giant and pygmy elephants and rhinoceros have been found. Presently, large mammals are rare to lacking on the archipelago, a common characteristic of islands.
Some archaeologists believe that an even earlier man was present on the Philippines up to 250,000 years ago. This “Dawn Man” is thought to be related to Peking Man and Java Man, that is, he is a variety of Homo Erectus. No bones of this man have been found, but that has not prevented archaeologists from strangely speculating about his appearance.
Dr. Otley Beyer, an American anthropologist, is the one who postulated the existence of Dawn Man.
But findings at Tabon Cave date back at most 50,000 years, not 250,000 years.
Nevertheless, there are what some say are human artifacts in the Cagayan Valley on Luzon dating back 500,000 years, so Otley may have been onto something. Other reports indicate these tools date back 800,000 years, in the range of Java Man.
Others investigating similar sites in the Philippines question whether or not these are really tools, but even these people describe their own clear human artefactual finds as Acheulean and Lower Paleolithic.
These inhabitants must have been Homo Erectus, and were probably related to Java Man and possibly to Peking Man. Acheulean dates from 100,000 to 1.8 million years ago, and Lower Paleolithic spans from 120,000 to 2.5 million years ago. Clearly, the use of these terms by these Cagayan doubters means that even they feel that Homo was in the Philippines at least 120,000 years ago.
Palawan is at the very far end of the Philippines near Indonesia.
Indonesia has been inhabited by Homo derivatives for 2 million years. The theory is that Palawan was at one time connected to Borneo, and early man came to the Philippines via this land bridge.

A Batak Negrito woman of Palawan Island, possibly related to some of the first Negritos to show up in the Philippines. The Palawan Batak number 2,041, and about 1/2 the population speak the language. Note the woolly hair. Parts of Palawan near Tabon Cave are still pretty sparsely populated. Although Tabon Cave is now right on the seashore, it used to be 25-30 miles inland. Only 10% of Philippine archaeological sites have been dug up, and many of those are being looted.
All artifacts and bones have to be shipped out of the Philippines to more developed countries to be analyzed and then shipped back, since the Philippines, with its semi-feudal capitalist model, lacks the modern facilities to analyze artifacts. This is the one great thing Mao did for China – he built a modern country. Mao’s achievement is best seen in comparisons like this one. This blog supports the NPA in the Philippines.

The caves of Tabon show evidence of jar burial connected with the Plain of Jars in Laos and other sites in Sri Lanka. This is probably a Negrito culture in Sri Lanka and Laos.
The Negritos probably came to the Philippines from Malaysia, where they existed 50,000 years ago, down the Malay Peninsula, over to Borneo and up to Palawan in the Philippines, then to the rest of the islands. A map of land bridges in the area 50,000 years ago is here.
Today, the Negritos are known as Ati, Aeta, Agta, Arta, Atta, Alta and Ita, among other names. The word appears to be not their own name for themselves but an appellation placed on them by the surrounding Filipinos. In Austronesian languages, a word like ita often means “black”.

Aeta kids in the Philippines. Some of them look almost like Aborigines. The girl on the far right has a lot of Filipino blood based on her hair and features. The cute girl on the second to left is very heavily admixed with Filipino blood.

They practiced a Stone Age culture up until modern times.

A Pugot Negrito hunter of Southern Luzon with a small deer he has killed, in a photo from a travel guide in 1987. Note that he is clad only in a loincloth. They live around Quezon Province south of Manila and speak a language called Southern Alta, which has about 1,000 speakers.

Today, their lands have been invaded and stolen by non-Negrito Filipinos, and the Negritos labor as peasants on the lands of the Filipinos. Many are unemployed, and cultural collapse is evident. Marriages are unstable, domestic abuse is common, drunkenness is omnipresent, and watching pornography is a pastime. The languages are in a state of Language Death.
In the past few decades, there have been quite a few murders of Negritos by Filipino settlers. There have been few, if any, prosecutions for these crimes.

The Tiruray of Cotabato in Southern Mindanao . They are also known as the Ata and the Upland Bagobo. They may be related to Negritos, but they are clearly quite mixed. Traditionally, they are considered to be part of the second wave of Nesiot Austronesians from Taiwan. They are quite dark.
Being short and dark is an advantage in very hot climates. Dark skin avoids skin damage from UV waves and prevents the destruction of folic acid in the woman’s body during pregnancy, lack of which kills a high percentage of fetuses. Being short enables one to dissipate heat more quickly in a very hot climate. A large body quickly overheats in such a climate.The Tiruray language is in excellent shape. All 50,000 Tiruray speak it, and the literacy rate in Tiruray is 49%.

After the Negritos, two more possibly Australoid groups came to the Philippines, both poorly understood.
Traditional Philippine anthropology says that the Australoid-Sakais came first, and then the proto-Malay. It’s possible that it may have been the other way around, if their arrival in the Philippines mirrored their arrival in Australia.
My working of events reverses the traditional model and postulates that the proto-Malay appeared first, and then the Australoid-Sakais. The proto-Malay were short and very hairy – were they related to the Ainu? It is not known if they were Australoid or not. The nature of the proto-Malay is completely unclear.
A very hairy and early Asian seems to imply someone related to the Ainu. The proto-Ainu were in Thailand 18,000 years ago as the Jomon, when they got on boats and moved up to Japan. In Malaysia, the proto-Malay are the product of Austronesians from Taiwan breeding in with Veddoid Senoi.
It is not known if the proto-Malay described in the peopling of the Philippines are the same people as those in Malaysia, but these people do not seem to be hairy at all.
It seems more logical that the proto-Malay described here may have been the same Murrayan Jomonese-Ainu who came to Australia 15,000-20,000 years ago, possibly from Thailand, later mixed with the Carpinterians, and went on to become the Aborigines. As the Philippines is on the way from Thailand to Australia, it’s conceivable they could have moved into the Philippines along the way.
Australoid-Sakais were the next group to come to Philippines after the proto-Malay. The Sakais are the same as the Senoi in Malaysia.
The Senoi are the subject of the most flagrant yet little known anthropological frauds of our time – the Senoi Dream Theory fraud. A discussion goes beyond the scope of this post, but this exhaustive site fills in all the blanks.
They seem to be a part-Veddoid group with links to the Veddoids of India and Sri Lanka. They also seem to have some roots in Southern China 5,000 years ago. It appears that whatever movements brought them to Malaysia may have carried them over to the Philippines. The Sakai mixed in heavily with the Negritos.
It is quite possible that this is the same group as the Carpinterian Australoids who left India 10,000-15,000 years ago and went to Australia to mingle with the Murrayan Australoids and become the Aborigines. As the Philippines is on the way from southern India to Australia, it’s conceivable they could have stopped by the Philippines along the way.
All of these early Australoid groups – the Sakai, the proto-Malay and the Negritos – seem to have left little trace on the Filipinos of today.
The next group to come to the Philippines were the Nesiots. Some say the Nesiots were Austronesians from Taiwan; others say they came from Indonesia. Wherever they came from, their ancestors are the Tboli of Mindanao, Apayaos, Gaddangs, Ibanags, Lumad and Kalingas of Northern Luzon; the Tagbanuas of Palawan; and the Bagobos, Manobos, Mandayans, Bukidnons, Tirurays and Sabanuns of Mindanao.

A Tboli tribal from South Cotabato Province in Southwest Mindanao. These people are said to be proto-Malays who arrived even before the Austronesians who came to the Philippines 5,000 years ago. No one really knows where these proto-Malays came from. Some say they came from Indonesia, but that seems dubious. Perhaps genetics can sort all this out.
The Tboli language is in excellent shape, with 95,000 speakers, and there are 10,000 Tboli monolinguals. Tboli is spoken freely and everywhere by the group. Their literacy rate in Tboli is 50-60%, excellent for such a small language.
This document, Figurative Uses of ‘Breath’ in Tboli, is a linguistics text dealing with the field of Semantics, or the meaning of words. It’s easily readable by any reasonably educated reader of this blog, and you might find it interesting to dip into it.
In Tboli, one may combine the noun “breath” with 53 different adjectives and verbs to create different expressions of emotions, characteristics, or new verbs. Lengun nawa – “coffin breath” – worry, anxiety – is a cool example. More at the link.

The first wave of Nesiots came 5,000 years ago. They were tall and thin, and had light skin, deep set eyes, aquiline noses and thin lips. It is common to say that these people were part-Caucasian, but there is little evidence of this. Some of the Mangyan of Mindoro today do look somewhat Caucasian.

An Igorot of Luzon. They have a distinctive appearance that most Filipinos can recognize. These are among the last groups of Austronesians out of Taiwan. These people are also known as Bontoc, and speak two different languages, Central Bontoc and Northern Kankanay. Together these groups number 110,000. Note the terraced rice fields. Rice cultivation was brought to the Philippines by the Austronesians when they first arrived maybe 5,000 years ago from Taiwan.
Some Bontoks look quite Negrito – the woman in this photo obviously has Negrito blood.
An Alangan Mangyan woman from north-central Mindoro.The language has 7,694 speakers and is in good shape. Some say these people may be related to Negritos, but that is not proven. I have a friend on Mindoro who says she likes the Mangyan but prefers not to deal with them when they come into Calapan City where she stays sometimes. Asked why not, she said it is because they smell bad.
They live pretty primitive lives via slash and burn agriculture in the jungles of Mindoro, but maybe they don’t bathe all that much. They come into the cities now and then to buy stuff. The men, even today, are often clad only in a loincloth.

A second wave came later. They were shorter, bulkier and darker, with thick lips, wide noses and heavy jaws. As these groups are also related to the Sea Dayak of Borneo and the Batak of Sumatra anthropologically, and the Paiwan Taiwanese aborigines genetically, it seems strange to say that they came from Indonesia.
They were probably ancestors of the Paiwan who came to Indonesia and the Philippines by boats. Ancestors of the Batak later went on to populate Polynesia and from there Micronesia. I call the group made up of Sea Dayak, Sumatrans, Balinese and the Paiwan the Island SE Asian Race.
From 700-2,300 yrs ago, the last wave of Austronesians came from Taiwan, and these are the present day Pinoys. This group, traditionally called Malays, is almost exclusively related to the Ami aborigine tribe of Taiwan. An initial group of these Ami came 1,900-2,300 years ago and formed the primitive, headhunting groups in the Luzon hill tribes. These tribes include the Igorots, Ifugaos , Bontoks and the Tinggians or Tinguians.
Another group of Ami came from 700-1,900 years ago, and includes the Visayans, Tagalogs, Ilocanos, Bicolanos and Kapampangans. This group was much more advanced than the earlier group, and actually used an alphabet. The overwhelming majority of Filipinos today are related to this last group.
900 years ago, a large wave of southern Chinese came to the Philippines on boats and totally mixed in with the Ami-Filipinos.

Beautiful little Filipina girls. This is a classic Filipino phenotype.

Present-day Filipinos are mostly related to the Ami of Taiwan who came 700- 2,300 years ago, with heavy Southern Chinese admixture from the Chinese who came 900 years ago. The ancient Southern Chinese portion has totally mixed in to the point where we cannot see it genetically anymore, but it is there and can be seen by plotting Filipinos with Southern Chinese and noting that they plot quite close together.
More recently, there has also been some mixing with Chinese, but most Filipinos do not show evidence of this recent mixing. About 20% of Filipinos do have recent Chinese ancestry though.
Tales that the Filipinos are part-Australoid or heavily mixed with Negrito, very common beliefs among racists, racialists and amateur anthropologists on the Internet, are all in error, at least based on genetics or skull measures. The notion that Filipinos are part-Australoid is based on looking at their faces and noting that their faces appear somewhat Australoid.
This older anthropological method of dividing up groups into racial types a la Carleton Coon has fallen completely out of favor in recent years.

An old photo of Tagalogs on Luzon from the early part of the 20th Century. Some Filipinos are quite dark. Even these people are probably mostly Chinese people from Taiwan.

The Filipinos are first and foremost a Southern Chinese people, genetically related to the far Southern Han Chinese from around Hong Kong and the aboriginal Taiwanese tribe, the Ami.

A cute Ami girl from the Ami tribe of Taiwanese aborigines. Modern-day Filipinos, excepting some tribals, are extremely close genetically to the Ami of Taiwan, such that one can easily posit a Filipino-Ami subgroup. The most parsimonious conclusion is that most Filipinos today are derived from a large group of Ami who traveled via boat from Taiwan to the Philippines from 700-2,300 years.
There has since been a large infusion of Chinese to the Philippines. Many Filipinos in and around Manila claim recent Chinese ancestry. The Ami and other Taiwanese tribes were headhunters even as recently as the 1930’s. During the Japanese occupation, they were a perennial headache to the occupiers.
They had a tendency to behead the local Hokko Chinese (the mainland Chinese who came to Taiwan starting in the 1600’s). In one incident related in Time Magazine from the 1930’s, 100 Taiwanese aborigine women committed suicide en masse as their village was attacked by Japanese colonists, screaming that if their men warriors were killed defending the village, they would die too.

Map of Taiwanese aborigines showing the location of the Ami on the east coast of the island. The Ami were perfectly positioned to colonize much of island SE Asia.

Recent research shows some intriguing suggestions of closer link between Ami and the rest of the extra-Taiwanese Austronesian languages than between extra-Taiwanese Austronesian and the non-Ami Taiwanese languages. Austronesian is a vast family, but all of the main branches but one are on the island of Taiwan.

All extra-Taiwanese Austronesian languages form one vast family. There are cognates between such unexpected languages as Tagalog and Hawaiian, showing that the two peoples are related. The very deep diversity in Taiwanese Austronesian indicates that the Taiwanese languages have been evolving on the island for a very long time.

In fact, I was able to construct a compact race called that I called the South China Sea Race, composed of Filipinos, the Ami of Taiwan and the Guangdong Han, a shorthand for the Southern Chinese of Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and the Taiwan Strait.

The ancient proto-Ami descendants of the Filipinos were the speakers of Austronesian ancestor language of all the Philippines, the Sama-Bajau languages and Gorontalo-Mongondow languages. They also founded the Zabag Empire and it’s successor Lusung Empire, ancient small kingdoms in the Philippines. There were ancient Yue Kingdoms in Guangdong that were originally founded by the Ami of Taiwan.
There have been complaints in the comments section at the end of the post that Filipinos and Hong Kong Chinese do not look much alike. I do not know Asians very well, and to me Southern Chinese from around Hong Kong have darker skins and more SE Asian features than any other Chinese that I have encountered.
Apparently, Hong Kong Chinese and Filipinos can be readily discerned by those in the know. However, some say that when they are in Hong Kong, they have a hard time telling the Filipinos from the Hong Kong natives. They says the only way they can tell them apart is by talking to them.
But my racial classification is not based on phenotype – it is based on genes and genes alone. Check the Capelli and Chu papers linked at the end of the piece for evidence linking first the Filipinos to the Ami, and then the Hong Kong Chinese to the Ami.
The Chinese in this area have some of the world’s highest recorded IQ’s of around ~105. Oddly, the Filipino IQ is only 86, but there is a tremendous amount of malnutrition in the Philippines, and the population is poorly educated as the semi-feudal state spends almost nothing on schooling the people.
Filipinos I have known of no more than average intelligence show typical Asian traits of behavioral inhibition, calmness, shyness, self-consciousness and even a degree of introversion in the females along typical Asian time preference and providence (willingness to work hard today in the interest of possible rewards at some unknown future time).
Improvidence is typically associated with lower IQ’s, while increased providence is associated with higher IQ’s, so it is interesting to see that the Filipinos, with a relatively low IQ of 86, have behavioral attributes of higher-IQ groups.
I have been completely stunned by the highly developed math skills of Filipinos who have only at best average intelligence. Asian intelligence is highly weighted towards math and visual intelligence. All of these things add weight to the notion of Filipinos being a Southern Chinese people.
India, with a national IQ of only 81, has developed an amazing high tech and call center economy. Call centers are moving to the Philippines, where, if anything, English skills are better than in India. I think that the Philippines shows good potential for IT, based on better than expected math skills. Lack of behavioral disinhibition and good time preference ought to be good traits in the Filipino labor force.
Like many people who evolved in the tropics, Filipinos are sunny, happy and seemingly carefree. They love to laugh, sing and party. In this way they resemble Thais, Cambodians, Laos, Malays, Polynesians, Micronesians, Melanesians, Indonesians, Caribbeans and even Africans.

Typical Filipinos of today. Note the easy smiles and carefree faces. Poster is from a government contraception campaign, badly needed in this overpopulated land.

The Philippines may have a better future in the modern economy than many think.
This blog does support the armed Maoist insurgency waged by the New People’s Army in the Philippines, but that is really the subject of another post.


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  2. The people you posted as “typical Filipino phenotype” dont look Filipino at all. Most Filipinos are dark brown with mixed Mongoloid/Australoid features. You are trying to portray Filipinos as Southern Chinese. This is false.

    1. Bob
      I have lived inthe Philippines and many filipinos have lighter than dark brown skin,with many having light skin from Chinese blood that of the Chinese that have been there for over a 1000 years in substantial numbers

    2. Bob,
      I am filipino and I should know how we filipinos look like. And I tell you that I (and many other filipinos) find it hard to distinguish southern chinese from filipino. The only way to distinguish a southern chinese from a filipino is if you talk to them. There are very many times when I speak to what I thought to be a filipino and then that person will speak tagalog to me with a distinctive chinese accent—revealing that person to be a recent chinese immigrant to the country. Third generation chinese filipinos are indistinguishable from any other filipinos: they speak tagalog with the correct accent and they look filipino. The only distinguishing characteristic that identifies them as chinese are their single or double syllable family names: Ong, Ho, Chua, Chan, Lim. In other respects, they can pass as pure-blooded filipinos.
      If you don’t believe this you only need to take a look at our current President: Benigno Aquino. He is largely of chinese ancestry. Or check out Manila City Mayor Alfredo Lim. Obviously chinese from the last name but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the picture.
      The reason so many illegal chinese immigrants find it easy to hide themselves in the Philippines is because they look so much like us. If they learn enough tagalog to pass as filipinos they can hide here indefinitely. Try shopping in Divisoria one time and determine which is chinese and which is filipino by sight only; without talking to anyone or eavesdropping on their conversation. It is quite a challenge. (The case with the northern chinese is different, It is easier to identify a northern chinese because northern chinese are taller and have flatter faces and more prominent cheekbones—a feature they share with the Koreans. This feature allows us Filipinos to identify most Koreans by sight.)
      I am pure blooded filipino but because I am chinky-eyed (singkit in tagalog) many people mistake me for a chinese filipino. The genetic analysis shows that Southern Chinese and Filipinos share a very close ancestry, so much so that it is presently believed that the initial wave of human immigration was in the direction of from the Philippines to Southern China before moving centuries later in the opposite direction. I don’t particularly wish to be called a chinese, because I am not chinese. But human ancestry is human ancestry and I find it difficult to comprehend how some people like you can vehemently deny a trivial and largely inconsequential fact with such strong emotion.

  3. Lindsay, did some chinese pay you to say filipinos are chinese. All people in Asia know who’s who. All Chinese can tell who are Filipinos & who have mixed blood. All Chinese can tell themselves apart from Japanese, Koreans, etc. Even people of India can tell a Filipino from Chinese. In my estimate there are at least 10 million chinese descents in the Phil. Most of them are in the big cities, & they are yellow skinned.
    You have 2 things going against you. You’re white & it’s hard for you to see variations in Asia. The other is the lack of knowledge regarding recent history. Did you know that there are thousands & hundreds of thousands of Pinoys working in Taiwan & HK respectively. Chances are those people you saw in HK looking like Pinoys are indeed Pinoys. Some of them have been working there for decades to the point that they can speak chinese. You maroon. You ought to speak to other asian groups like the vietnamese or indians & may i say choose the more informed ones.

  4. robert,
    the picture of a manobo man from Agusan del Sur was taken personally by me during one of my visits in Sitio Mactan, Kasapa, Loreto, Agusan del Sur.

  5. Interesting blog. I think your research is accurate & honest. To me it almost sound like you really got to know us, our ancestry. I grew up in the Phils. I know a lot of Aeta’s, natives and and our mix gene and culture with the neighboring asian countries. But I was hoping you would mention our mix genes with the Spaniards?

      1. Thanks for this great post! It gave me good insights about our indigenous culture…
        I’ll definitely add your blog in my Google Reader…
        By the way, I don’t have a Spanish blood, and I’ve never wished to have a drop of it… I also do not see Filipinos with Caucasian ancestry lucky… (my opinion =)

      2. A more recent study found that 5% of Filipinos’ genes come from Europe. This is probably higher than the percentage in any other Asian country but much lower than, say, Latin America (another region conquered by Spain). It appears that most of the European ancestry of Filipinos came through men rather than women, which, incidentally, is the case as well in Latin America. Still, the Spanish genetic component in the Philippines seems to be rather minor.

    1. There is not a significant amount of spanish blood in PI that would constitute any type of recognition….. Filipinos cannot be mistaken for spaniards. I’ve met spanish people that say filipinos have monkey faces… Now you and I both know that this is not nice but you have to admit that the majority of filipinos (even those who call themselves mestizos) have very flat noses and slanted eyes….. Yes there may be one in a few thousand that have a nose that is not flat and round eyes but they are not the rule, they are the exception!!!! Live with what you are and what you are is not Latin it is asian/malay/semang…. PERIOD !!!!!

  6. Your article is an interesting thesis on the origin of the Filipino, and I’ll admit that a Filipino like me would be glad to know how I came to be.
    My maternal great-grandfather is Spanish (100% with blue eyes, freckles, fair skin, auburn hair, but short stature of 5’5″) from Granada who married my maternal great-grandmother who was a native of Leyte (almost the same as the Aetas in the pictures). My maternal grandfather has my great-grandfather’s features but with a dark skin. My maternal grandmother has Chinese blood, so as my paternal grandmother. Finally, my paternal grandfather has some Spanish ancestry on him. So what would those things make me? Spanish-Chinese-Aeta?
    In reality, I am a Filipino. That’s it.

    1. You’re “maternal great-grandfather is Spanish (100% with blue eyes, freckles, fair skin, auburn hair, but short stature of 5’5″) from Granada”.
      IN YOUR IMAGINATION my friend. In reality you are dark skinned, slant eyed with a flat nose. Nothing is wrong with that but something is wrong with your way of thinking.

  7. Great article but you should know African-American hair and really African hair varies from “Kinky” to fine naturally with my family having woolly hair almost identical to the Negritos (Say almost because I never actually seen one for comparison). I found that part to be a bit offensive everything else was really enlighten and helping.

  8. I noticed your comparisons to African were negative. You imply that the dark Negritos look more Asian versus “kinky-haired” African American… You stated “White Nationalists and Afrocentrists both insist that these folks are Black people, but they are very distant from African Blacks. White people are much closer to Blacks than these Negritos.”
    Since you yourself have evidenced that these Negritos originated from Africa, how can you turn-around and imply that White (Caucasoid) people are much closer to Black (Negroids)? In all actuality, modern scientists and Anthropologists have proven that ALL of humanity migrated from Africa! Also, you imply that since only “2% of Filipinos have Spanish blood” you should consider yourself lucky if you’re of that percentage…
    Reading between the lines reveals certain masked preferences you’ve expressed, such as the kinky hair stuff, the “A full-grown Ati woman. The Ati live on Panay Island, where they number about 1,500. Their language is still alive. I actually think she is attractive. She’s definitely cute in a child-like way anyway. Note the classical woolly hair of the Philippine Negritos. This is not the same hair as the kinky hair of US Blacks” and other subtle racists remarks…
    African-Amercans have more “white” in them than Filipinos… Have you ever met a white person named Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, Jackson etc? The majority of Americans with these last names are black as they are the decendents of our country’s fore-fathers… We don’t dream of being mixed with white…WE ARE! Our current President, Barack Obama is a perfect example…
    I’m retired from the U.S. Armed Forces (Top Secret security clearance) after 26 years and am now a Special U.S. Deputy Marshal with the U.S. Justice Dept. I’ve traveled to about 50 countries… Your diatribe is exactly the reason Filipinos (whom most know nothing of their very own culture) are so lost and not fully accepted in the U.S. and other countries… Your ideology mirrors and perpetuates their misguided ideology… They are ashamed of their “dark” skin and are the #1 consumers of skin-whitening products in the world… The Pinays desire nothing more than marrying some geeky caucasian from the west because they think they can birth the ethnicity out of theor off-spring… Leaving their neglected male countrymen to hate all things male and american… By the way, way too many Pinays ditch their fiance visa petitioners at the earliest opportunity when they arrive in the U.S.
    I’m African-Amercan. A decendent of the race that built the U.S. and fought and died for the civil rights of ALL people of color, to include the clueless Filipinos, who were no where to be found during either of the aformentioned endevors/accomplishments. I know exactly who I am and I’m extremely proud! #1 lovers, entertainers, artists, athletes and we have as a member of our race the most powerful person in the world, my Commander-in-Chief a.k.a. President Barack Obama. Everything Filipinos desire to be! African-Americns were able to achieve so much because we knew where we came from, and who we are, thus we knew/know where we have to go. Filipinos have been so colonized by so many that they have no idea who they are and unfortunatley believe a lot of your diatribe… Not my asawa-ko tho! She knows that idealogies such as yours are bola-bola! She’s proud to be married to her NEGRITO! I do my best every night to keep the “Once you go black, you never go back” ideology perpetuating… 🙂
    As the great American leader, Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Measure a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin!”
    You should have learned a lot from one of the greatest Americans that ever lived…
    Good luck with your diatribe! That and about 50p might get you a bottle of Tanduay or some San Miguel!
    Salamat Po!

      1. Hello Robert Linsay,
        I have no idea who you are or what your ethnicity may be but I will tell you who I am and what my ethnicity is…… I am an American of Mexican / Filipino blood. My mother is Mexican (born and brought up in the U.S.) my father Filipino / Hawaiian ( born and brought up in the U.S.) My mothers family roots are from Sinaloa Mex. her grandfather, my great-grandfather was a black Mexican ( there are many Mexicans, true Mexicans of Indigenous blood that married and had children with the African slaves that the spaniards brought during colonial Mex. AKA New Spain) We, on my mothers side do not deny our roots. We recognize all three roots (Indigenous, African, and spaniard) Many Mexicans who have definite African features do not deny the bloodline however, there are those that look more spaniard than Indigenous or African and they, not unlike many filipinos, always seem to speak only of the so called “Castillian blood” …. I do remember my grandparents on my filipino side aways talking about the white blue-eyed great great grandparents of “Castillian blood” which I never seen but always heard about. Needless to say, I grew to hate the word/term “Castillian” My filipino grandmother was very very dark and unlike alot of philipinos, she had very beautiful black thick wavy to curly hair….. Everyone of her children was very very dark including my father, yet they always sang the praises of some white looking spaniard that was “Supposed” family….. I found it strange that “Castillian blood” could be of significance with so many DARK SKINNED BROWN – EYED people…. I don’t think any of them were able to see the shameless humor behind their need to hide behind some woman who may NEVER have existed in their bloodline…. I am dark with wavy hair. I have thick full lips and small ears…… I, (simply from watching my father’s family) Never mention any “Castillian blood” I don’t find it important nor do I think I am lucky because I may have this so called “Castillian blood”…. I know, (due to my mother’s bloodline) that I have Indigenous, African and spaniard blood) and just because I’ve seen so many filipinos try to lay claim to some HIDDEN spanish bloodline, I never tell anyone I have filipino blood flowing….. I am ashamed of their shame…… I am ashamed everytime I hear a filipino tell of their spanish heritage….. I spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy and visited P.I. several times. The first time I seen a group of negritos I felt so bad for them. They are alot like the American Indigenous (ROBBED OF THEIR LAND)…. I read a book by Anthropologist Gonzalo Aguirre Beltan (La poblacion Negra de Mejico) or “The black population of Mexico” In this book Beltran tells how miscegenation throughout the many decades in Mexico has caused a racially equal and balanced people of Mexico ( 3 roots) Indigenous, African and spaniard…… Though many Mexicans do not show strong African features, DNA shows that at least 91% of Mexico’s population has between 4-12 % Sub Saharan African blood and 2-3 % of the total population ( hidden in isolated areas of Mex. ) 60 – 75% Sub Saharan African blood is physically visible….. The people who replaced the Indigenous slaves of Mex. came from West Africa, Northern Africans of Morroco, Aborigines of Australia and the Negritos of the P.I……. Slavery in Mex. was at it’s greatest height in the 1700’s with 30 black slaves for each spaniard….. Fast forward to 1829, Vicente Guerrero, (A mulatto) was the first black president of North America while Barack Obama was the second black president of North America ( North America being the operative)….. By the early 1900’s Sinaloa’s population was 2/3’s Mulatto, the majority of the physically visible African population still remained in the Veracruz/Oaxaca Area…… A very popular Mexican song ( La Bamba) was sung by the W. African slave pop. belonging to the tribe “Mbamba” of Angola The tribe name eventually was written Bamba instead of Mbamba since the spanish language is spelled just as it is pronounced….. Not unlike many filipinos, Many Mexicans deny their African heritage….. The spanish conquerors taught people of Latin America to be asamed of being DARK….. My family obviously did not pay the spaniards any mind…. I won’t say that there are NO people in my family that don’t look spaniard…. Those spanish conquerors never hesitated when it came to women ( no matter what color)….. I know I will be banned from your blog (That’s OK) I’d rather tell whats on my mind, even if it means being kicked out of some blog that propagates the entire “Castillian thing” As you said; ” there is only 2% of the P.I. population with spanish blood, CONSIDER YOURSELF LUCKY…. LUCKY????? You can continue to brainwash people in P.I. with the myth that being dark is NOT as PRETTY as light or white ( I don’t care…. Though my father’s side is of philipino background….. Mi ALMA es Mejicano cien por ciento!!!! Roughly translated; “MY SOUL IS 100% Mexican”

        1. Mexicans And Filipinos Have Many Character Traits In Common. One Of Them Is MORAL BANKRUPTCY. For Instance, Where Ever You Find A Mexican Or Filipino Politician, Whether At Home Or Abroad, You Find CORRUPTION. (And This Is All A Result Of The Colonial Spanish Legacy On Their Respective Countries And Their Own Genetic Tendencies.)

    1. mr black amboy,
      you forgot to mention late michael jackson did to his skin…..
      you so lucky coz you got filipina asawa….

    2. Prime Example Of The Attitude And Mentality Of The Black Man. Any Mention Of Race Differences Or Racial Characteristics And You Scream “RACIST” (So Sensitive To Matters Of Race). And So Proud To Be Black Yet You Married And Had Children With A Little Pygmy Pilipina (Again, Prime Example Of The Contradictory And Hypocritical Beliefs And Perspectives That The Black Man Holds).

  9. I’m not sure exactly what Chris is trying to say, but he is wrong about at least one matter of fact. The fact that many African Americans have “presidential” names does not mean that they are related to these founders, etc. Rather it points to the fact that on their liberation, they were able to choose their own surnames, and many chose the most illustrious names they could find, those of founders and presidents. Completely understandable, imo. If I could choose my own name, it would be something like “Handsome B. Wonderful Muhammad Ali Bruce Lee Einstein.” But alas…

  10. Lindsay,
    I apologize for my unacceptable behavior last time. So i thought i’ll make it
    up to you.
    I’ll explain to you why Filipinos in the Phil. have a lower iq compared to some other countries in Asia. Don’t forget thou that Pinoys who grew up or born & had most of their education in the U.S. are just as smart as everybody else inthe U.S. or the world.
    The main reason why Pinoys from the Phil. have lower iq is because of bad
    quality of education. A lot of Americans & most Pinoys think that the Phil.
    have the same system of education as the U.S. but in reality they are not even close. I’ve spent years of investigation. Years. And here are the facts.
    In the U.S.: 6 years of elementary; 6 years of high school; 4 years to get a
    In the Phil.: 6 years of elementary; 4 years of high school; 4 years to get a
    That means that Americans will enter their last hs year at age 17 & some at 18.
    In the Phil. it’s mostly 15 & some at 16.
    In the Phil. high school system, all you need is a passing mark (50 %) for a
    chem. subject for example to move on to the next grade chem. subject. All you need at the last hs year is a passing average then you can take engineering, any field to attend university. All Pinoys are not aware that the hs grading system they have is corrupt. Why? The passing mark is 75 %. But in reality it’s really 50 %. For example, if your grade came from just one exam, say in math. and from that exam you got 50 out of 100. Your report card in math will show up as 75 %. Why they even called that a % is beyond me. If you get 100 out of 100, it’ll be 95 % in the report card.
    The facts from PISA & TIMSS.
    math, science, & reading exam: age 15, Phil. rank near the bottom, the U.S.
    around the middle. Age 15 is really grade 10 students in the U.S. & last year
    of hs for those in the Phil.
    Here’s the problem. In terms of %, there are more students graduating
    their last hs year in the Phil. than there are in the U.S. Go figure.
    Furthermore, in terms of %, there are more students getting a degree in the
    Phil. than there are in the U.S. That equates to extremely bad quality of
    education in the Phil.
    It’s pretty obvious now that those professionals who graduated from Phil.
    universities, say medical or engineering field, & now practising their field in
    the U.S. are bogus. I could explain why they passed their professional exam in the U.S. but that would be some other time. Besides, if you think about it,
    those exams are really just one subject & mostly multiple choice.
    You should see those recent grads fresh out of Phil universities. You have to teach them everything; you even have to explain everything to them as in every step of the way to the point that they are left with little iq left to use, as if you are looking at a person who did not even finish hs in the U.S.
    They will do good after a year of teaching/showing/explaining everything.
    Sadly, without even realizing they got good because of that & not because of
    their skills or iq. I could go on & on but i gotta put the brakes for now. 🙂

    1. Jamba, Let’s Cut To The Chase And Get To The Root Of The Problem. FILIPINOS, As A Result Of Natural And Sexual Selection, Have I.Q.s That Are Lower Than Their European And North East Asian Counterparts Whom They Compete With In The U.S. And Whose Countries They Compete With On A Global Level (And There’s Not Much They Can Do About Their Genetically Inherited, Relatively Low I.Q.).

    2. False sense of superiority but I figure you are asking to be recognized… so here it goes Mr. high IQ genius!

  11. Dear Mestiza,
    Your concern for the amount of spanish genes that may or may not exist in your bloodline is typical…… I can tell you (without even knowing who you are) that you DO NOT have enough spanish blood in you to call yourself “SPANISH” or even let anyone know that you have spanish bllod in you ….. Period !!!! My suggestion to you and “Bubwitmaingay” (the person who openly brags of grandparents with blueeyes and freckles) is to LIVE WITH THE FACT THAT YOU ARE NOT WHITE….. Whenever I see a filipino I NEVER confuse one for being a spaniard….. Even the war babies ( you know) the ones that were left behind by white Americans from WW2…. Even with white blood from their American fathers ( That filipino flat nose and slanted eye look cannot be hidden) You want to hear about the spanish that once held your people captive???? OK, they called the natives of the philipines “Monkey faces” They have NO love for you….. They do NOT share the same feelings that you have for them….. Remember, in their eyes you were and still are flat nosed slant eyed monkey faces…. I know that sounds terrible but that is life….. Everywhere the spanish went they mistreated the natives, robbed them of their riches and thought of themselves as human while the natives of every land they invaded were considered sub-human……. Now do you understand what the 2% of spanish blood is to you? In Mexico, where they raped and pillaged the land, they left their language and religion….. In PI they didn’t seem to leave much…. Yes, I am aware of the very very small group of filipinos that speak a form of spanish ( bamboo spanish) but that is not enough to consider yourselves spaniard…… Yes I know that several of your filipino dialects have a few (a very few scattered spanish words spoken with a very very very distinct filipino accent: Again, this is not enough to consider yourselves spaniard…. Once again, I have been to the PI and I have NEVER seen ONE person from this country that I mistook for anything other than maybe Japanese or Chinese….. I’ve seen the war babies of mixed white / filipino blood but even these people still have that look that says, that SCREAMS : HEY, I”M A FILIPINO WITH LIGHT SKIN OR LIGHT HAIR !!!! That blood is not easily hidden So my dear Mestiza, that is the long and short of your insignificant spanish genes…….. You are very much the stereotypical filipino who is obviously ashamed of being dark with a bloodline that has a very very pug and flat nose with slanted eyes…. LIVE WITH IT !!!!!!!! YOU DON’T SPEAK spanish nor do spanish people claim you as spanish……. Enjoy your spanish genes !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. “Once again, I have been to the PI and I have NEVER seen ONE person from this country that I mistook for anything.”
      – maybe you should look for more. just where are you looking? Being a local myself, I’ve seen a number of people with distinguish spanish features.
      “They have NO love for you….. They do NOT share the same feelings that you have for them…”
      – You are crazy – the feeling is ultimately mutual (but actually far greater). Most filipinos (specially the locals) hated the spaniards. Have you been smoking?
      “In Mexico, where they raped and pillaged the land, they left their language and religion….. In PI they didn’t seem to leave much….”
      – very crazy. have you been doing your homework? Spaniards colonized us for 300 years, burning traces of evidences that makes us the true filipino that we are and replaces it with theirs. Beliefs, traditions, customs, military, religions, fashions, language, Pillage our resources and so on. If you live in 1800 era, higher class and some middle class adopts the spanish language and even getting education from their country (spain). And to mention the spanish friars and soldiers who RAPE locals – the babies. Chances of looking like their fathers are 50-50.
      When the americans arrived in the country, so the start of mass education that allows natives to learn and changes many aspects such as the upgrade of language, clothing and so on.
      ** more facts **
      Spaniards mainly colonized the main cities of the country such as Manila, some visayan regions and Cebu. higher class and some middle class are the ones who has privileged of their EDUCATION, and some officials breeds with them. So presently, you can say that those who have a possible spanish bloods are those rich and some middle class people in the country.
      Their reign ended for more than 100 years ago; would only mean that those filipinos who has prominent spanish features are either dead or already in their old years while having a relaxing tea in their backyards (their home in high class subdivision); in which you didn’t see them just walking around (duh).
      The younger generations of mixed breeds are now more of american(white), canadian, some european, japanese ( a lot ), and some chinese. Because of a number of filipinos working abroad – a number of them married there.
      Lately, a number of people from the province such as the Visayan region went to Manila in order to try their luck with having a job that would help their family. And yes, they are the ones who has the very prominent malay-indo features.

      I understand the reason for your hartred, but you should understand that some doesn’t share the same sentiment. It is true that in the country, having a fair skin is the current IN (because of the influence of western and north-asian (korea, japan) culture (Presently as I’m typing this). Many took whitening pills and even injection, because YES – they don’t like their native Brown complexion. This is the reason why ‘Meztiza’ and some other filipinos loves their foreign WHITESKINNED bloods. Because foreign bloods make them look unique among the common locals.
      VIDAL, even if you’re a filipino half blood, – just from the way you described yourself… Dark with wavy hair, thick full lips – you will attract eyes if you’re in main cities such as Manila. Why? because you looked different and resembles more of the natives from Luzon. Those natives from luzon has a bad image in the cities because they are homeless people – most still wear their native costume (sadly); far worse from those who are living in the squatter area. You will even attract Bullies. I’m sure you’re mad, but that’s reality and life.
      We Filipinos are happy people who easily smile and be proud at even in the tiniest thing. and Yes, Silver (2009 commentor) is a sad and bitter foreigner – he shouldn’t compare the war monger USSR to a sweet little country like Philippines.

    2. Yeah, I Agree Vimal. Filipinos Are All Fucked Up Psychologically. They’re Overly Concerned With Status And Any Indicator Of Status Such As Skin Color, Facial Features, Hair Type, Etc. In Fact, Many Philippines Born Filipino Parents Encourage Their Sons And Daughters To Have Children With Whites (European Descendants) And Are Elated When They Do, Since Their Grandchildren Will Inherit The European Skin Color, Facial Features, Hair Color, Hair Type, Etc. That They So Highly Covet.

  12. Vidal,
    I agree with you. You should learn more about biology though. The stronger gene, 1 or 2 features that pops out 6 generations later, etc. The big problem is most Filipinos are ignorant mainly due to bad quality of education as i explained before. Believe it or not, it is taught in elementary that one of the deals when Spain left was to have the locals adopt Spanish last names. But when you speak with a grown up Filipino, he’ll tell you that the reason why his last name is so is because his grandpa was part Spanish. Seem like this is the case almost 100% of the time. I am as frustated as you are. I can not communicate with them, including nurses & doctors, when it comes to genes. I tell them: ” look, You may have a pointed nose & a lightish skin but that does not mean you have Spanish blood; a lot of Chinese have those aforementioned features & the only difference really is your last name”. But to no avail.
    But lets do justice here. In PI, Spanish was the language of the rich who were mainly Spanish/Filipino mestizo. They could steal lands easier to start up businesses. They were better educated & a lot of them went to school abroad. So they had a better grip of the problem in front of them. As a result, a lot of them went to live in Spain & the US (in the tens or maybe hundreds of thousands) between the late 1800 to mid 1900’s i’d say. In the 70’s there were only a few mestizos left & they easily got diluted. At the same time, more & more Chinese came over as they have done in the past. But PI is still run by mestizos – the Filipino/Chinese type. How ignorant is this type? Well, they are lighter than most Filipinos & so they claim it’s because of their Spanish blood. Even worse, just about all Filipinos agree this is the case. That my friend, is what we’re dealing with. So good luck. You need it.
    You are right about Filipinos heading to Mexico hundreds of years ago. Part of that is because of the Galeon trade (& not just slavery). This is why Filipinos can lay claim to have lived in the US since the 1500’s. Predating the black slaves of Africa. And may have indeed taken part is some US war in the Louisiana area. haha. One more thing. Don’t just ignore 3 centuries of Spanish influence in the PI. We all have our differences, It is true that PI is different from that of Japan, China, Vietnam, etc. or vice versa.
    Just like Cuba is different from Africa, though the people may look Africans. Looks like more & more Spanish/Africans of Cuba have been moving to Florida lately, making Cuban people of today looking more & more African. But believe me they are different from Africans. We all came from there hundreds of thousands of years ago. Others, tens of thousands years ago, others may be 4 hundred years ago, Others may be just last year. How time flies.

  13. Some good factoids and a few good references but you’re trying to break down into simplistic terms the racial complexion (sic) of a nation that has been literally at the crossroads of Asian and Western trade, migrations and invasions, ancient and recent. There are no typical Filipino as there are no typical British person. Granted there are surface similarities, but in the end, the seminal Brits, through the passage of time and intervening generations are composed of Anglo-Saxons, Jutes, Danes, Celts, Picts, Normans, Viking, Romans, to name just a few. But they’re all Intra-European Caucasiods, hence superficially similiar. Ergo, the South Chinese and Filipinos.
    You simply cannot discern racial classification by groping blindly into some few pictures, graphs and mini-studies. Study of races and racial morphology are holistic in the sense that it is a part of a bigger picture as enhanced by different scientific disciplines.
    All in all though you’re provocative and a bit of an instigator. Hence your assertion that Filipinos are Southern Chinese. Good point. And may well be true but you’re into the conclusion that the area that is now South China may be the homeland of the Austronesians. Others posit that it’s really Northern Vietnam. What then? Filipinos are North Vietnamese? Also now you’re delving into class and ethnic warfare that has been going on since Europids were still living in caves hunting some or other saber-toothed mammals. There are always tensions between Chinese and Filipinos (or Ma-Yi as the ancient Chinese called us) and the latest is the conflict regarding the sovereignty of the Spratly Islands. It’s all about cultural differences and commercial and economic successes. Don’t get me wrong. Flips always knew that the Chinese and the Japs are “superior” Asians because they really are superior when it comes to industry, business and trade. Just don’t twist the knife too much. It kind of hurts.
    It’s akin to some Whites saying Germans are “superior” because a lot of technological and industrial advancements were conceptualized and realized by Germanic (and I include Anglo-Saxons) individuals in Europe and in the States. It could well be very true. Just please, don’t ever build concentration camps again. Just kidding! He-he-he!
    And you’re trying to define a people that has their own version and perceptions of themselves. Never underestimate others. Funny though that just because Filipinos are mostly friendly, value reciprocity and kind, people think that you can just dump on them and get away with it laughing. Don’t define others or they’ll define you. As my Dad used to say, some people are racists but that’s because that’s what they are. Don’t hate them. They can’t help it. If a rabid dog bites you, he added, you can really blame it. It’s its nature. As a certain Dr. Lecter fondly recalls: “A census taker tried to quantify me once. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti…” Again, just kidding!
    This a good place for discourse and discussion and I commend your energy. Curiously though (and I may be wrong) your writing style and rationalization seem familiar. Were you ever a member and opinion contributor of the Tr-City Herald Forum about Kennewick Man in or around 2001? I was and if you did, tell you me your nom de guerre and I’ll tell you mine!

  14. Dear Chris,
    You’re so proud of your black heritage, yet you also claim blacks are descendants of the founding forefathers (ie., Washington, Franklin, Jackson, Adams, etc). All of which are caucasians. Your even convinced that your part white. You sir, are a hypocrite. Black pride my ass! You wish you were white! Sir, are you smoking while on duty, or just plain bobo? By the way, not all filipinos are “clueless” about their history. A lot of us are proud that we have no Spanish blood. I mean, why the hell are we going to be proud of a foreign country invading our land? In addition, you boast that your “asawa” is proud of her “negrito.” Well, hate to break it to ya pal. Either your asawa was desperate for a green card, or she is a straight up POK POK! Ask her what that means. I’m sure she’ll break out in tears because she knows it’s true. Another thing, if you love your black heritage so much, why the the hell didn’t you mary a black woman? The sistas would be pissed! You also ranted that the Filipinos were nowhere to be found during any U.S. conflicts? Have you ever heard of a little conflict called WORLD WAR II! During this little heard of conflict, thousands of Filipinos died alongside American G.I.’s fighting the Japanese! I too have served in the U.S. Military and currently working for the U.S. government. I’ve lost count of all the Filipinos that I’ve either served with, or are currently working with. Just because you’ve visited the Philippines, or are married to a Filipina, it doesn’t give you the right to speak out on our behalf!

  15. Manny, she’s the lucky one! Just ask her and she’ll gladly tell you! She was smart, just as MANY Pinays realize that marrying a Pinoy will get you no where! I’m a retired US Armed Forces Member with a Top-Secret Security Clearance! 5ft-11′ body-builder, part Irish, part African American and part Native American! A super-guapo Adonis! Currently working as a Security Contractor here in Baghdad taking home OVER $250K per year but I was flat broke when I met my asawa in 2001! Still took excellent care of her and her entire family in Manila, to inclde my Lola, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces and oft-times even friends… To Pinays, 1+1 doesn’t equal Pinoy! It equals anything BUT!
    11 Million of you are forced to work overseas because your god-forsaken country and it’s leadership is corrupt, but here you are dying to sneak into the country my ancestors built and have the nerve to slander the very people that not only built the greatest country ever to exist, but DIED for the Civil Rights of ALL people of color, even idiotic/clueless Pinoys! I see monuments of African Americans but not a single one of Pinoys… Google the new Dr. MArtin Luther King monument and you’ll see what I mean!
    We have absolutely NO Pinoy role-models in my country! Next to Whites, Blacks are the next most-influential race in the country my ancestors built! Our President is Black, as is the:
    U.S. Attorney General
    U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.
    U.S. Surgeon General
    U.S. Trade Rep
    Chief, Environmental Protection Agency
    Sr White House Advisor
    Chief of NASA (Rocket Scientist! 🙂
    Here’s some food for thought:
    The majority of citizens in the world with the name Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Adams, Hancock etc.. are BLACK!
    No one is more American than the African-American! We’re the ONLY race that didn’t MIGRATE to Amercia! Even my Native American ancestors came over Beringia, the Ice Bridge! We were forced to come to America and build her! You came afetr all of the building and fighting and dying was done! You have absolutely nothing to contribute but desperate Pinays that desire to marry 90-year old caucasian men so that they can birth the negative Pinoy ethnicity out of their off-spring! The #1 skin-whitening product consumers in the world! Good luck with that in a country (The USA) that has formed a generation of Millenials that are color-blind! Today’s American Hip-hop youth are color-blind! Only the racist Pinoy minority remain steadfast to an idiotic hope of bettering their lineage by outsourcing their DNA, in essence, abandoning all PINOYS for anything else! Good luck with that as the world changes and leaves you in your usual spot…behind! 🙂
    Watch Rosewood, Something the Lord Made and hundreds of other docu-dramas depicting African-American contributions to America! I ask you to name just “1” such depiction of Filipinos! JUST ONE!
    Here you’ll find $100M stolen from the Tricare coffers necessary for the medical needs of our servicemen and women. Filipino’s desire for money knows no bounds…
    Here you’ll find the same type of uncivil theft from California, where Filipinos and Illegal Immigrants have banckrupted that state… $1B stolen by Armenians and Filipinos…
    Here is the story of “The Black Widow of Lomita”, whom killed not one, but TWO husbands, both members of our prestigious and honorable U.S. Armed Forces, simply for their life insurance. Her relatives even held the “creamated” remains (creamated immediately after he was killed to prevent an autopsy) ransom to the victim’s parents when they begged for his remains to be returned so they could properly lay him to rest…
    She was subsequently murdered by other like Filipinos and sentenced to hell in a rocket-propelled hand-basket…
    CBS 48 hrs show…
    Article discussing the negative depiction of Filipinos due to the airing of the Black Widow of Lomita airing on CBS’ 48 Hours as well as the “Desparate Housewives” slander regarding Filipino medical degrees… Quantity does not necessarily correlate to QUALITY!
    Out of the 50 countries I’ve transited/operated in, no other country is so fascinated/influenced by money than the P.I. (other than the countries of Africa). In America, no other nationality is more motivated/influenced by money than the Filipinos. The problem with this is that it skews their character.
    The reason we left the P.I. was not solely due to Mt Pinatubo erupting, but just prior to that, your greedy govt wanted to raise our yearly rent for U.S. bases from almost $500 million to almost a Billion! While our govts were deliberating, Mt Pinatubo blew, answering our question for us!
    The moral of this story and the links I’ve posted? “There is NO HONOR AMONGST FILIPINOS/THIEVES!!!”
    Yes, you’re great at copying African-American singers, dancers, etc… You’re great at pimping your women to marry anything other than Pinoys… You’re great at being the #1 consumer of Skin Whitening products in the world… You’re great at having beauty pageants (maybe more manly endeavors would net less baklas and more Olympic medals)… You’ll do whatever it takes to get out of the P.I. and whatever it takes to make money… Even marry and kill your American Servicemen husbands for their insurance while stooping even lower to holding their remains for ransom… Stop trying to be self-proclaimed Norman Rockwell depictions of us… To be American, you have to have sacrificed, not plundered or frauded this nation for your own selfish gain…
    HISTORY! Well-documented!
    Filipinos don’t even know there very own history much less that of my country!
    Salamat Po! 😉
    P.S. Robert Lindsay is an idiot (just like you Manny) that bans anyone that disagrees with his diatribe… A real tool!
    Lastly, while I don’t have a problem with causasians due to my Great-grandmother being white (Irish) as well as plenty of my relatives, and also due to the fcat that I belonged to the most racially-harmonic institution ever to exist on this planet, The U.S. Armed Forces, I do have a problem with Filipinos thinking they can birth the ethnicity outta their off-spring. Thinking that they can find some Great-white-western sucker (don’t care if he’s 90 years old) to get impregnated by so that they can birth the flat noses and dark skin out of their families. Ever notice the only Filipinos depicted on Filipino TV are mestiza when their population is mostly darker-skinned? That’s what happens when you work as laborers in fields and out on the streets. You skin is colored by the constant sun-tanning. You cannot be who you aren’t!
    Start measuring people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin! Talent and ability have nothing to do with skin-color!
    I know all of this not only from having lived in the P.I. when we had bases there, but also because my Asawa-ko told me so…
    Also, ever heard of the saying “Once you go BLACK, you never go back!?” Well I reinforce this old adage to my Asawa every nite when I’m punishing that little pec-pec! I’ll make sure I throw-in a few hundred strokes for you and Robert Lindsay from now on!
    Mr. Lindsay, your SECOND banning of another one of my IP addresses will be worn as a badge of honor! The truth hurts ay?! 🙂
    Salamat Po!
    MATT, please read:…/The-slave-stole-Presidents-heart-As-US-elects-black-President-new-book-reveals-sex-scandal-shows-America-changed.html
    Having been A Special U.S. Deputy Marshal in DC after retirement for a while, I’ve spoken to historians, specifically those from the Smithsonian. I take their educated recollection over yours any day… While most did get their names from the 12 Presidents that owned slaves, others are proven DNA’d decendents of our forefathers… FACT!

    1. Chris, You’re A BIG Black Irish Nigga That Served In The Military And Ended Up Marrying And Having Children With A Petite Pilipina POB That Worked In The PX, Huh? PERFECT. You Might Be Able To Answer This Question For ME. Why Is It That Black And White Military Personnel From The South And Midwest Are Disproportionately (More So Than Other Males In The Military From Other Ethnic Groups) Attracted To The Pinay? Is It Because The Pilipinas That Work On Base Are, On Average, Much More Sexually Receptive (Desperate) And Thus Easier To Court And Mate? Or Is It Because You Come From An Environment (Primarily White Or Black Populated, Rural Areas) That Places A Higher Mate Value On The Pilipina Due To (In Your Minds’) Their Exotic Appearance (And Thus See Her As Trophy Wife)? Or Is It A Combination Of The Two? Or Is It Other Factors? (Please Answer Honestly.)

      1. Basically, i like a pretty woman with a phat ass… slim waist and rear-end that most women die for… Not too common in Asian women,,, However, all cosmetics and astetics aside, she’s exponentially as beautiful from the insisde as out… An unlike the majority of Filipinos I’ve interacted with in the U.S., she has class galore… It exudes from her personna…

  16. Chris,
    Let’s call a spade a spade. Some very pertinent
    questions for you:
    1. If you Blacks are really “hot-to-trot” in the present, contemporary and historical American context, why are White Americans still not very comfortable with inter-marrying with Blacks? They marry Filipinos in the
    blink of an eye. I’ve been here in the U.S. 30 yrs. and I would say 1/3 of my extended family are Whites. And their kids: Oh boy! The cutest and prettiest little kids this side of Eurasians! (If you see them, you’ll
    probably hate their guts!) I’m from Brooklyn (probably the most “colorful” of melting pots in the entirety of the U.S.) and whenever I’m in a good restaurant and an inter-racial couple of Filipino or Asian with a White
    mate walks in, everybody stares, but with a smile! [I know what they’re thinking: “Boy! What exotic species! Where can I get one of those for my daughter (or son)!!!]
    But if the couple is Black and White, everyone kind of tenses up and stares at them at the corner of their eye. And this is Brooklyn in the year 2011! And God only knows what the Whites are probably thinking. I can
    only shudder if I imagine I can hear their thoughts in that matter!!! I really don’t think “exotic” is the word they have in mind!
    Almost half of my golfing buddies of Italian extraction have Filipino wives and tiny, cute, Filipino babies. Italian men!!! Not very genteel nor sensitive in racial matters. Yet they love Flips! Would you care to know
    what they say about “Your People” when we are in bars drinking? Why is that Chris?
    2. Black constitute only about maybe 30% of the population, yet you’re 70% of the prison population! A quarter of Black men are now actually incarcerated! Boy oh boy, my brotha! You give Whitey no choice but to
    build more jails and prisons for your convenience. Why is that Chris? Inherent violence?
    3. Whiteys haves been givings you moneys foreveuh, my brotha! Trillions are “given” to you by Liberals and Guilt-Ridden Whiteys as solace out of the goodness of their hearts in education (eddikayshun, I think, in
    your beloved Ebonics) yet most of you still live in projects, get tons of food stamps, assisted income, $200/month 5-bedroom apartments a block from Wall Street, and 70% below poverty line. Jesus H. Christ!
    When are you people start giving back to America instead of gimme, gimme, gimme! Work hard like Whiteys and Flips and get off the couch, moochers!
    4. Go to friggin; school! When I tried to get scholarships or grants in college (Columbia University circa 1986), Admissions Dept. laughed at me for 10 minutes. It seems that Filipinos are not considered “minorities” anymore. At that time only Burmese and Vietnamese students can get minority scholarships. Blacks get all sorts of grants, yet they don’t finish
    6th grade! Nobody becomes Chairman of General Motors or CEO of Toyota if you only finished 2nd grade. You can be a gangsta rapper though!
    5. Be careful who you talk to. They could be part Filipino. When I was on a date back in 1988, a bunch of cops approached our table and asked my date (who was half-Filipino) if she was Filipino. She said she was
    and they told us that the NYPD has an informal club if you have some Flip in you. They meet once in a while for dinner and reminisce about their Filipino side. The thing is that most of them (there were about 25 men and women) don’t even have any semblance of Filipino features! They mostly have Irish last names and look it. I guess Filipino genes are recessive. I asked them why they didn’t asked me if I was Filipino, they
    laughed and said that they weren’t sure because I look either a Kuumar (Hindu) or a Spic! Hahaha you Irish drunks!
    6. Stop with the friggin’ drugs! The longevity of Black males is 58 years old. Filipino males are 75 years old. Go figure!
    7. Let’s name some professions: pimps, drug dealers, gangstas, street punks, rapists, murderers-for-hire, hookers, thieves, burglars. When you say these words to Whitey, I don’t the word “Filipino” come to their
    minds, don’t you think, my bro? ‘Nuff said!
    8. You mentioned an instance where a Filipina killed 2 of her American husbands and you bandy it about like it’s gospel. Let me ask you, brotha: how many Filipina wives do you reckon have been killed here by their
    American husbands? A thousand? I really meant since 1935 since the Philippines became an American Commonwealth and Filipinas started immigrating here? Black cat got your Black tongue my brotha?
    9. Why the hell did you marry a Filipina and then hate her people. What is it Chris? You feel superior because you have a little cash and some flashy Brothas Clothes? Some White chick laughed at ya and shot you down way too many times? You say you love her and yet you
    disrespect, dismiss, denigate and diminish her people?
    You sir, are a fake, a poser and a nobody in the eyes of Filipinos. Here’s the good word my brotha: at least we have our own culture, heritage, traditions, independence and most of all a mother country to all
    Filipinos worldwide.
    And what do you have my bro? A “country” where most of your “own” people are White and not really like you at all. They just tolerate you. You, my friend, are a hindrance to their very successful experiment and
    venture called America. Don’t think different for a minute, my delusional friend…
    Peace out, mah brotha!

    1. Only 13% of Americans are Black, not 30%. Thank God for small favors. At 30% Black, this would be a much different country. 13% Blacks is quite enough for the US. It’s not going to increase anyway, so nothing to worry about.

      1. Hey Mr. Lindsay,
        Amen, brother!
        And you’re right! Blacks are only 12-13% of American General Population.
        I was gonna say about 30 mil out of 200 mil. My bad!
        Good show!

      2. It increases every year, as does the percentage of Black male to White female unions… Have you and that idiot above ever heard of the census? American kids today, due to a culture called Hip-Hip, which was the combination of a white culture (Rock -n- Roll) being combined with a black culture (Rap/Hip-Hop) facilitating a “color-blind” Generation-X and Millenial following, see no color… retarded white kids, as well as Filipino and others wear the pants below their ass just like the retarded black kids…
        You cannot convince me of anything with your diatribe… I’m educated and am very hard ti influence unless you present with with a level of civillity, humanity, intelligencte and logic that invites logical communication in kind… And so far, you haven’t done that… Tomorrow i depart for the Philippines before returning to my position in Iraq. I anxiously await your reply…
        Mr. Lindsay A.K.A. Ugly Betty, you hate the fact that the most powerful man in the world is a Black man ay?… Guess what, so is one of the most powerful contractors in Iraq! 😉

    2. HEY FLIPPER Whose Wife Wears The Pants In The Family, You Make Some Good Points, But The First Statement About White And Black Couples Being Sneered And Jeered At Is A Thing Of The Past. Most Whites, Blacks And Americanized Ethnic Minorities Accept And Even Admire Black/White Relationships. It’s Only Recent Emigrants To The U.S. Who Haven’t Been Fully Submerged In American Culture All Of Their Lives, Like Yourself, That Find Those Relationships Odd Or Those Couples Out Of Place. (Besides That, Just About Everything You’ve Written Is Accurate.)

      1. These idiots have been living in a box or under a friggin rock! And you’re spot-on, but logic will never ever resonate with these idiots…
        Filipinos were subjugated and had instilled in them the ideology that “white is right” (BTW, in a racially diverse U.S., you’re ideology sticks out like a sore thumb and ABSOLUTELY ties smack-dab into the insightful analysis PeeGeeBeeDee surmized above…) That’s the reason you’re the #1 consumer of skin-whitening produts in the world and also the reason you think you can birth you so-called negative (dark skin and flat noses…you suffer from the Conquistador-instilled Caste system) ethnicity out of your off-spring by marrying their dream-mate! Some 80 years-old caucasian from the west with a huge nest egg… Go to Pampanga and look at the thousands of leeches that supposedly “love” their elderly Honey-kos… It is hilarious what some people will do to survive….

  17. For grammar: It isn’t “classical” woolly hair, it’s “classic.”
    “‘Actually’ find her attractive”? That is very racist to even comment on something so based on opinion and preferences.
    “She is not bad looking”? Your document is so biased.
    “Cute girl = more Filippino, less Negrito”? That’s what it seems you’re getting at.
    Your “article/blog” seems very biased and outwardly racist.

      1. Yeah, go ahead and ban someone just because they disagree with your immoral, bigoted “values”. Live in your own little world, because if you’re not as stupid as I think, you’d know you would lose in the real world. “Banned,” indeed. First, get your facts straight. Second, take resistance head on, you weak Internet troll. And you know, you’re ugly for a white guy. You’re probably just writing all these judgemental “articles” because no girl wants you. What a loser you are.

  18. Excuse me, sir, but you are a racist. You assume that entire pockets of people can be ugly (a subjective term). The article is stooped in biased opinion which you try to pass of as some strange axiom. A number of comment in agreement with you are also similar in this backwards, bigoted thinking in which you go as far as using a racial term for Filipinos (flip) on someone who has given no reason to imply that he/she is one. You continue the repugnant and embarrassing tradition of the lowest member of humanity and I feel sick that I must share the title of “white man” with as loathsome a man as you. As I have noticed, you banned a few posters with varying opinions of yours, which exemplifies your small-minded cowardice, so I expect you to do the same to me. However, my statement still stands and the argument is still open. Unfortunately for you, no true debate can be risen from within you, nor would it be stimulating on my part. Now, sir, I leave you with your twisted world view in hopes that you will one day understand your incongruous behavior.

  19. In this vid you can actually see the gamut of Filipino (or in this case Filipina) facial features and chacteristics of “typical” Filipinas. They run from “pure” Cauasian to “pure” Asian/Southeast Asian. Even the “mixed-blood” ones have a wide variety of nuanced facial (eyes, nose, face-shape) divergences. Even in my family (let’s just say my own features/skin tone are not singularly “Filipino”), growing up, we were so proud to have extractions from ancient Filipino mandirigma (warriors) and Spanish Conquistadores. That is–until my father dropped a bombshell on us and said that his great great grandfather was actually a Scottish sailor! They changed their
    surname because of a land dispute with Spanish authorities and had to change it to my great great grandmother’s Spanish one to be “in” with
    the Spanish Philippines of that time. Hahaha! Jokes on us! I guess we should have checked in the wood pile in the back yard first to see who comes out or shook the family tree to see what drops down! Alba gu bràth! Scotland the Brave! (Does this even apply to me?! Lmao!)
    Here’s just some Filipino actors who changed their names to be more “in” for the Philippine cinema:
    Jesusa Purificación Sonora Levy – Susan Roces
    Amalia Muhlach – Amalia Fuentes
    Susan Reid – Hilda Koronel
    Gina Acthley – Gina Pareño
    Here’s the vid:!
    “Sa lahat nang mundo walang kasing-ganda ang Pinay…dahil magaganda ang mga Pinay,,,”

  20. Check this out! My girlfriend is Philipina and Polish. Her mon and dad meet at a military ball. I have never meet her dad, because he disappeared, but I know her mon very well. She still has that thick polish accent. My girlfriend is 5ft 8″ had a body that would not quite before she lost weight. She has light brown skin, but she is considered white but does not look white to me. She looks like some Brazilian beauty. Her last name is Cunanan.
    I am a light skinned black man with green eyes. My last name is Jackson. My dad has blue-green eyes and is very light skinned.
    My girlfriend has brothers that are all lily white and big as heel. She has a son who is half Mexican. My daughter is half Mexican and has my green eyes. We all know what we are mixed with. All of us get along, so who gives a damm. One thing no body does is try to be anything other that who we are. No skin whitenning shit.

  21. Hi Linday, i don’t have time for the regional or racial IQ thing you mentioned. But i’m sure you will agree with me that a more if not the most accurate way to measure that is in your own backyard, the good ol’ U.S.A. All the races are there & the playing field is as close to dead even. Less corruption, less hungry people, etc. We both know that Flips are up there. There are way too many variables to consider & if they are, there won’t be any runaway IQ thing, it will be almost the same for all races. Let’s just say the same.
    Back to Philippine educational system:
    elementary is 6 years (ages 6 to 11 @ the start of each shool year); junior & senior high school is 4 years (ages 12-15); university (4 years to get a degree). In other words, as long as they pass grade 10 (50% average) then there are a lot of universities that they could easily enroll to. No such thing as grade 11 or 12 or trying to attain a certain average to enroll to a university. This kind of educational system when compared the the U.S. is just ridiculuous & downright fraudulent. There is nothing wrong with their degree holders as long as they stay in that country.But the problem is tens of thousands of them end up working in the U.S. medical field. All they have to do is pass a biology exam, mostly multiple choice & questions that don’t seem to change for years. How about other subjects too. THIS IS TOTALLY UNFAIR: to the U.S., U.K., & Canadian students.etc. The U.S. government needs to look into this matter because it’s downright serious. Here’s a scenario for a Phil. doctor grad. before heading to the U.S. to challenge an exam, he must first challenge
    2 exams in the Phil. The Flip proctor that gives out the exam is rich for abvious reasons. He sells copies of those exams to would be doctors that’s why they can easily pass tests over there. Welcome to Asian corruption. My fair & honest assesment & the rightful thing to do is to send them back to grade 12 no matter their degree. Phil. ‘probably’ has more degree holders than there are in the U.S. And if you look at the PISA & TIMSS, you will ask where is Phil?
    Can you please pass this info to the U.S. government. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE. thank you.

    1. Yeah, Mr. Lindsay, do as Mr. Jamba says!
      See, he’s probably a seer of some kind, he’s got a magic crystal ball, he’s in on what going on inside the Philippines, that’s why he can make sweeping statements such as the idiocy he just spouted. He’s so intelligent: Einsten, Newton and Hawking rolled into one! What profound intellect!
      See, I’m a product of this embezzlement of an education system he so very eruditely and persuasively described, the Philippine educational fraud as he aptly put. That’s why I have an IQ of (on varying IQ test patterns) from 134-138. Not quite genius, but nothing to spit on either. So let me just tell you first, Mr. Jamba, although I’m obviously your intellectual inferior: please get a library card and read some books about the historical Philippines. To wit: after the Spaniards scurried away from the islands having been bloodied in the nose by Filipino Insurrectos and then kicked in the ass by the U.S. Navy, the American government TOOK POSSESSION of the Philippines. First thing they did was to try to teach the Filipinos the American way of education and the English language. They sent over hundreds of teachers (called Thomasites because the first ship they were on was the U.S.S. Thomas) for this very endeavor. Also as a seminal PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM and in time into the university levels. This went on from the 1900’s until interrupted by World War II in 1941. So, Mr. Jamba, you want Mr. Lindsay to tell on this “fraudulent educational system” to the very same institution who instituted this system in the first place: the American government!
      Why, you think all Filipinos are the same? We have to have the same intellect, the same personality? I bet you’re one of those people who when hearing a Filipino speak English in the Filipino accent start to sneer and huff about “furriners” accent. You knows why he speaks this way? Because he’s from another country, my dear super-intelligent friend! It’s called USAGE in linguistic parlance. Look it up. Google it. Expand you horizon a little bit.
      And you want Filipino surgeons who, upon getting jobs here in the U.S. most probably gets more training and guidance from the very best American can offer to go back to 12th grade? In this planet where you live, is the sky blue like in this one, or is it pink and mauve?
      In my own opinion (and extensive experience), people who cast aspersions and ugly stereotypes on other people such as Filipinos who are mostly (and I emphasize MOSTLY) humble, kind, friendly and giving to others, is this: jealousy. Jealous of the success of others. Seething hatred of what they are not. In other words, the mentality of ignorance.
      Mr. Jamba, if you meet me in person you’ll probably hate my guts right away. You’ll probably wish me and thousands like me dead…

      1. To J Rizal (show some respect to that name you hypo)
        I’m not impress with people like you. Lets cut to the chase – you either have a degree in social or typing (which you’re good at) or some low whatever & there’s plenty of them. And you avoided the hard math, physics & chem. Admit it. It shows in your low analysis. I always have problems explaining things with people like you at my work place. They act like a bunch of geniuses before, during & after they get nailed.
        Sure the US introduced the educative, the gov’t system, etc in Philippines but the Filipinos did it their way instead of the righteous US way.
        You have lots of experience? If you did your homework then you’d know that more than 1/2 of public schools in Phil send their students home at lunch time & not come back in the afternoon, every school day. That’s way more than half of the grand total Phil students.
        1) hundreds of US teachers sent to Phil a century ago?
        yeah but that # will only covers a fraction of the millions of Phil. students.
        Think you moron – they did Not cover a good 90% +
        But you talk like they covered them all with quality.
        2) If you read more books then you’ll find out that during that time period a lot of rich Phil family sent their kids to the US to study, even after getting their degrees.
        Hello the rich Pinoys (who were the most educated) knew then it was a sham. Even to this day, this trend continues. Ever head of the adage action speaks louder than words. So don’t say it if it ain’t.
        3) The US system: 6, 6, 4 of elem, mid, & college respectively, to get a degree.
        Compared to Phil: 6,4, 4. Those #’s are not the same at all. Obviously not the US system. You did not get it the 1st time.
        Analyse. This means that universities in the Phils have very low standard. You don’t get it of course. Example is getting students finish grade 4 then good enough to head for university. That was just an example so that you’d get it.
        And the IQ of Pinoys who graduated in Phil is much lower than US grads. Obviously a school system of a different kind.
        The Phil gov’t again was patterned to the U.S. but the result is no where close. Ah, it’s only the same on the surface but a closer look reveals otherwise.
        Chances are if your parents graduated in Phil & now practicing medical field in the US, they cheated. Admit it.
        It’s not about jealousy or any negative remarks. It’s about honesty.
        Honesty is the best policy.

        1. You must not know any Filipinos? Wow! Are you serious with your high marks for the dumbing down of the American children via that awesome “propaganda program” called education? Huh? Oh, I forgot Christopher Columbus “discovered” America………lol, even though the Red Race had been there for 78,000 years! People like you are truly clueless to what is really valuable to planet earth, it is not the white man’s educational systems, how are they working for us? Wait till the Great Waves of Change destroy the white man’s little experiment, we will see if simple is better or all of this phony “growth economy” crap……..haha

  22. Good article, except the last paragraph.
    The NPAs are run by power hungry dutch based
    i dont think the long term solution for our country
    can be achieved by supporting rebels

  23. The best source of this today will be Henry William Scott’s LOOKING FOR THE PRE HISPANIC FILIPINO. This is a doctoral dssertation at the UST in the late 1960s. There is an article in the Smithsonian, I think, which was out in 1899, entitled The Peopling of the Philippines. This was mentioned by Ferdinand Blumentritt and Fr. Miguel A. Bernad. SJ, a noted historian.

  24. Within the Ami tribe, the word “Ami” means north.
    Curiously, the Filipinos a name for the seasonal wind that comes from the north/northeast, which Filipinos call “Amihan.” The Filipino dictionary word for north is “hilaga.” But it seems that the word “Amihan” or north wind has a link to the language of the Ami tribe, who share the same DNA haplogroup as Filipinos.

  25. Globally, black people have more than one phenotype. Black people’s hair range from peppercorn to kinky to woolly to frizzy to curly to wavy (and sometimes straight). Oftentimes one can see African American siblings with the same parents but possessing different skin tones and hair textures. I’m African American with woolly hair, however, my middle brother (having the same mom and dad as me) has frizzy hair like the Aeta Negritos and Melanesians.Every race is the descendant of prehistoric African migrants. The Aeta or Agtas, Orang Asli, Native Andaman Islanders, Saoch (of highland Cambodia), Papuans, Melanesians, Australian Aboriginals, etc. are all descendants of these early African migrants who scientists and scholars call homo sapiens sapiens. BLACK PEOPLE ARE JUST A GLOBAL PEOPLE!

  26. I agree about most of these women from the Philippines hates being dark skinned because they think of dark skin as dirty. I have been living in this country for 40 years and I noticed every races, blacks, caucasians, mexicans, etc. are rascist. I once had a discussions with these men at work, they both agree that pilipinos are the most bigoted of all. One is caucasian and the other is pilipino. I’m speaking from my experience, they are correct.

  27. It would be futile to say that one thing is Filipino and the other is not. There is no such thing as pure Filipino anymore. Let’s just celebrate our plurality and great genetic mix. Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Miriam Quiambao, Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup. None of them looked alike, but they are all “quintessential Filipina beauties.”

    1. When I go to the Philippines, I seldomly see Filipinos with so called “mixed blood”. I agree with is that most look like taiwanese aborigines by looking at pictures of ami tribes.
      However, I am very surprised to see the replies in this site about filipinos writing about their being “mixed blood”. Mixed blood! Mixed with what? Tell me, which part of the Philippines can i find the majority of local population looking like “Gloria Diaz, Margie Moran, Miriam Quiambao, Venus Raj, Shamcey Supsup”?
      Definitely not in EDSA, not in Makati, not in Clark, not in Subic, not in Baguio. Tell me where?
      A few may be slightly fair due to a little Chinese mix but definitely not Castillian! Two percent with traceable Spanish genes is more likely.
      quote from “AJ Cabatic”:
      “There is no such thing as pure Filipino anymore.None of them looked alike, but they are all “quintessential Filipina beauties.”
      How could you possibly say there is no pure Filipino anymore, just by looking at your populace in the Philippines itself tells me the majority of you actually look alike. Honestly, in my several trips to Philippines, I never saw an ordinary person looking like Margie Moran or Miriam Quiambao!
      There seems to be more genetic diversity among Chinese that you do.
      Now let me ask Filipinos/Filipinas:
      What is it that you don’t want to be yourselves? What is wrong with your looks? Why do you feel so inferior? Many Westerners and Chinese find some of your ladies pretty just the way they are, dark skin, etc. But when you start talking about your “blue eyed” ancestor who in reality does not exist, I feel disgusted. Not to mention the person claiming that himself/herself does not have any traces of the “light skin” he/she’s supposed to have from the “blue eyed” ancestor.
      I’m proud to have Chinese ancestry and I think being Chinese is great. But you, you just hate yourselves. You feel so inferior to other races. I don’t know why but its funny.

        1. mexico is just the same shit; yes mexicans really have lots of mixed blood,but i think like half of the mexicans look so native:with high cheekbones,small eyes,brown skin and mexican telenovelas have 100% white looking people and many white actors are foreign,in mexico the most popular actor is “william levy” and he is a white from cuba!or he is jew…most mexicans are weak people,they dont fight for their race,blacks in united states fighted and now they are common in tv,but brown people in mexican tv are absent,they say:in mexico live white people too,but they dont get that full white people is minority and is odd that they are majority in tv?in korean dramas some actors have plastic surgeries,but at least they dont bring foreign looking people to their tv shows,mexico pisses me off

      1. you don’t know why? Because of being colonized by the CHURCH! That’s why…….the simple truth is, if all the Filipinos around the world working overseas went home, the world as you know it would END……..they are a core foundation of the economy of the earth!
        I find your comments funny, you are clueless even of the Chinese origins, you have no idea who the Yellow Race is? Surely you are more clueless of the Red Race, Blue Race, Green Race, Orange Race and the so called (negro) Indigo Race! Let alone you would not even have any idea of who the Violet Race is the true source of ALL blue eyes and blond hair!
        My friend, before you comment on things you don’t understand, you should seek for truth, then comment!
        Just to set the record straight, the Colored Races of Man come from India, not Africa……they all came from one family 500,000 years ago, the first two humans came from Afghanistan, they are the original race, the Eskimos are their descendents…..they have no color.
        As for Spanish blood in Filipinos…….wow, you think those horny Spaniards were not raping every beautiful Filipina in site for 400 years!
        Wake the hell up…….lol

        1. Again, another of the endless self-proclaimed superlatives from a Filipino… Trust me, the world would not end… Someone else would do the slave labor the 11 million OFWs do… I like some Filipinos, especially my asawa, but all of your delusional self-proclamations are worn out… You’re not the only source of labor on planet Earth…

  28. Thanks! True American Patriot,
    I’ve been reading this blog and agree with one of your blogs about this people thinking “White is Right”.
    First of all, I am just your ordinary Chinese looking guy (can be mistaken for a Filipino too), fairer than the average Filipino (but definitely not white), not handsome, balding, slant eyed, short, yellow brown skin, etc. Absolutely no Spanish or caucasian blood. But that does not bother me at all.
    My ancestors are from South China, Guangdong (广东省) and some of my uncles are dark too – very much like an average Filipino. Again, that does not bother me at all either.
    I will be travelling again to the Philippines this Oct 19, (2012). One of my missions is to find the white skinned sharp nosed brunette light eyed mestizas and take photos of these “Filipinas” as evidence they exist.
    After countless trips to the Philippines, all I saw are mostly dark skinned, flat nosed, slant eyed, course hair, short, but often nice and pretty looking people.
    I just want to say this to my Filipino friends reading this (you can google translate):
    “Brooklyn Flip” writes:
    …facial features and chacteristics of “typical” Filipinas. They run from “pure” Cauasian to “pure” Asian/Southeast Asian. Even the “mixed-blood” ones have a wide variety of nuanced facial (eyes, nose, face-shape) divergences.
    “mestiza” writes:
    “But I was hoping you would mention our mix genes with the Spaniards?”
    “Bubwitmaingay” writes:
    My maternal great-grandfather is Spanish (100% with blue eyes, freckles, fair skin, auburn hair, but short stature of 5’5″) from Granada …

  29. “I will be travelling again to the Philippines this Oct 19, (2012). One of my missions is to find the white skinned sharp nosed brunette light eyed mestizas and take photos of these “Filipinas” as evidence they exist.
    After countless trips to the Philippines, all I saw are mostly dark skinned, flat nosed, slant eyed, course hair, short, but often nice and pretty looking people.”
    OMG! ROTFLMAO! “Evidence they exist!?” You’re killin’ me bro! The #1 poster here!

  30. Just to update you guys, just came from the PH. I found no mixed Spanish or half caucasian people around. I found few caucations but they are not Filipino.
    But when with Fil friends, they tell me that your 2-4% Spanish blood “studies” is filled with inaccuracies. According to them, it is certainly and obviously more than that.
    Dr. Lindsay, what do you have to say about this?

  31. Filipinos have two thinking. One is acquired from Spanish, European culture that is matriarchal thought meaning they regard women as the most important and two is Asian culture with respect to men, meaning men respect men, patriarchal in nature. Unlike other Filipino who are fighting towards men which they got from Spanish culture that is very far from an Asian culture which are respectful to men, patriarchal. Which I don’t like Filipino Spanish culture. By the way I am part Chinese and I know the thinking of Chinese different from other Spanish Filipino thought.

  32. Mostly of the Filipino today are matriarchal in nature unlike neighbor countries, Asia that are mostly patriarchal like China, Japan and Korea. That is I think a lost out of translation that is happening in our country. Where do we belong Asia right?

  33. Actually there is less than 3% of filipinos in the filipines has european blood but most claim they have spanish blood. MOst filipinos look like the negritos on this webiste, but without the kinky hair. They may have light brown skin to dark brown skin. THe filipino nose is a well known trademark cuz it is negroid nose. Also many filipinos have small eyes just like some of the negritos on this website. Their small eyes came from their negrito ancestors and nothing to do with east asians. I know some filipinos that is malay and chinese and they have big eyes. The big eyes came from their chinese dad and not their filipino mother.

      1. In Europe, at least in the Spanish people never think of as white or European they are often considered as the Mediterranean, most people considered white / European is british, dutch, german .. such as in Asia, which is the most asia korea, Japan,north chinese and Mongolian.

  34. I have never read more racist BS from both sides of the equation than I have read in this forum. I am an American of Germanic-Scottish ancestry married for 52 years to a Filipina of 50% Filipino-50% Spanish ancestry that we know of but supposedly some unknown quantity of Negrito blood. Both her mother and father were half Spanish thus her Spanish names. She looks pure Filipino but some of her siblings had mostly Spanish features. We have four children. Three sons and one daughter. The eldest son strongly resembles her Spanish siblings and the other three kids more strongly my family but with a slightly darker complexion. I am blonde haired and blue eyed but the kids all hair and brown eyes except one son who has hazel eyes.
    My wife did not marry me for a trip to the States. In fact it took me a while to convince her to even come to the States. She is highly intelligent even though she was only allowed to go through sixth grade but that is a story I will not elaborate on. All of our children are highly intelligent as are our grandchildren. They are all proud of their Fil-Am heritage. In fact our granddaughter is very proud of to let people know that she gets her beautiful compexion and tan from Asian blood even though she has no other Asian features.
    I also served and retired from the military but I do not use that to denigrate others. I was stationed in the Philippines for three years from 1960 through 1963 and spent time in Viet Nam and Thailand. I can tell the difference between Malayan/Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Negrito by looking at people unlike a lot of people who cannot see beyond their own race and say “Oh they all look alike.” That is not just a white comment. I have heard that from different races.
    I know quite a few Filipino couples and mixed coouples and none of fit into the stereotypes I have seen espoused in this forum. In fact in our area we have several Fil-Am groups that are comprised of mixed couples, Filipino couples and white couples and they come different economical and professional and non-professional backgrounds. Maybe most of you need to educate yourselves better and assimilate better instead of throwing bitter diatribes at each other.
    As for the present President/Commander-in-chief. As much as some you like to claim that he is black, the fact is he is half white. By claiming he is black you reverting back to pre civil-rights days when anyone who was even 1/8th black was caosidered black. That to me is huge step backwards.

    1. It’s mighty funny that for hundreds of years, if you had a single ioda of black blood in you, then you were considered black… And THAT was mandated by the federal govt for CENSUS purposes! But now that the most powerful man on the planet is BLACK (more than a single ioda…obviously the dominate gene is his Kenyan blood as he has black features…hair, skeletal structure, lips as so cartoonized by the media etc…), NOW you want to say he isn’t…. Keep selling water to the Men from Atlantis… Additionally, my asawa is Pinay, and she’ll be the first to tell you the Philippines is a racist country… The #1 consumer of skin-whitening products in the world… Watch TFC and GMA, where the artists are 99.999% mestiza… Filipinos are Mongloid. They are not Spanish… 334 years of colonization doesn’t make them Spanish! You can say what you want, but I know otherwise from having lived in Manila after I retired and from having been TDY to the Philippines before Pinatubo erupted… As far as President Obama, I guess the majority of the world is wrong, but you’re right… And the President himself says he’s African American/Black! His wife is black! His kids are black! Finally, A BLACK PRESIDENT TWICE ELECTED! He’s darker than I am, and I KNOW I’M BLACK!!! My ancestors built America, and died for the civil rights of ALL people of color, even the racist Filipinos, who were no where to be found while we were building it, nor when we were dying for their rights…
      Lastly, to YOU, a non African-American/Black citizen, of coarse it would seem “backwards” to you! YOU’RE NOT BLACK! But to the race of people that built the greatest country ever to exist and died for the civil rights or ALL people of color, it’s PROGRESS!!!

      1. Yes, you’re right! Philippines, despite being a poor third world country, is very racist. Despite the total absence of European features, most FIlipinos want to believe they have Spanish blood. They make it a common reason for them having the Spanish surname, e.g. having a Spanish grandfather. After a few trips to the PH, I can find Mestizas only when I turn on the TV.

  35. I just wanna say that I’m glad to know where my blood line started at…I’m from the Philippines n I’m also a negrito and i love it. I speak Tagalog so I’m from the new generation…..thanks for this post good job. I wanna learn more.

  36. Aloha
    I have enjoyed your bigfoot stuff, you seem like a very smart and interesting man. I figure it is only fair to share with you since you are very generous with your sharing.
    The Evolutionary Races of Color are not exactly as you believe my friend:)
    Maybe this will help you with your search for truth, you seem to have a very open mind and a deep seated drive for finding truth………today you hit the mother lode!

    1. Again, another self-proclaimed superlative from a Filipino… Trust me, the world would not end… Someone else would do the slave labor the 11 million OFWs do… I like some Filipinos, especially my asawa, but all of your delusional self-proclamations are worn out… You’re not the only source of labor on planet Earth…

  37. I saw a lot of comments that people hate with Indonesian, especially from the Philippines ( filipina) when viewed from the location. does not matter because you are not a rival to Indonesia.


  39. I am from Negros Island and there still exists a small Ati population in the mountains, descendants of the Maricudo Tribe in Central Negros and those of Manyabog from Carol-an, in Kabankalan City, they are are still in the mountains of Himamaylan, and the Maghat tribe still live in the mountains of the southern-most part of the island and to this day protects what is left of the forest. Genetically speaking, they still retain some of the distinct features of the Ati but most tribe members are products of inter-marriages in centuries past and they have assimilated to the lowlanders to some extent. They no longer wear “bahague”, are educated but they still practice their traditions and more young people here are appreciative and are getting involved in documenting, keen in preserving and protecting their traditions and cultural identity.

  40. Robert, were there neomongoloid austronesians from taiwan or southern china who migrated to the philippines before?

  41. Very informative article/research study. I’ve always wanted to know how Filipinos came to be and what the country was like before the colonial period. Anthropology is interesting! And have written about about why you support the NPA? I’d like to read about your views.

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