Australoid Genes in Southeast Asians

Repost from the old site. As we noted in a previous post, many amateur Internet anthropologists, NE Asians, White Supremacists and other folks argue that SE Asians have substantial Australoid influence which influences their phenotype. This harkens back to an earlier era in anthropology when this view held wide currency. Australoid, a term which has fallen out of favor but still deserves to be used, refers properly to Papuans and Australian Aborigines in the genetic sense. Used anthropologically, it can refer to Negritos, Senoi, Tamils and Ainu.

Australoids definitely refers to Papuans, who can be characterized that way both anthropologically and genetically. The Yali are a tribe in Western New Guinea, presently being colonized by Indonesian settler-colonist criminals with the assistance of US imperialism as “Irian Jaya”. This Yali tribesman has an interesting phenotype that actually, in this case, resembles many regular Javan Austronesian Indonesians. Love the bone through the nose. Afrocentrists also claim the Papuans, but the Papuans, like the Negritos and Melanesians, are among the people on Earth most distant from Blacks. Papuans are even more distant from Africans than Melanesians and Negritos are.

Melanesians and Negritos are anthropometrically Australoids. Genetically, most Negritos are just Asians, related to whichever people they happen to be living close to. However, the Semang of Thailand and Malaysia are also genetically related to Papuans. The Melanesians are anthropometrically Australoids but genetically Asians with significant Australoid (Papuan) base. Australoid may also refer to Veddoids. Tamils, a group thought to be related to Veddoids, have skulls that look like those of the Andaman Islands Negritos, the Semang (Malay Negritos) and coastal New Guineans (Melanesians), but genetically, Tamils and other Veddoids tend to look like nearby groups. In general, Southeast Asian Veddoids look like SE Asians, and South Indian Veddoids look like South Indians.

A beautiful Fijian woman. The Fijians are actually a mix between Polynesians and Melanesians, but most say that they are Melanesians. They are classified as members of the Melanesian Race genetically. Note the frizzy hair. The Melanesians themselves are a creation of migrating Austronesian tribes who moved into coastal New Guinea and significantly elevated the culture of the area. They intermarried heavily with the Papuans and then spread out to populate Melanesia. Subsequent waves of Austronesians moved into Melanesia, intermarried with Melanesians and moved on to Polynesia to become the Polynesians. But how the Polynesians got so large is not known. There are lots of theories about this. So, Melanesians = Papuans + Taiwanese aborigines and Polynesians = Melanesians + Taiwanese aborigines.Melanesians in Papua New Guinea. Not all New Guineans are Papuans – some are Melanesians, especially along the coast. Melanesians, as noted above, are a mix between Papuans and Taiwanese aborigines. Though Afrocentrists love to claim them, they really one of the most distant groups from Africans on Earth.

The truth is that for most SE Asians, there is not much Australoid influence anymore. And anyway, NE Asians are also related to Australoids, since prior to 10,000 years ago, Australoid populations characterized the human settlements of all of NE and SE Asia, all of the Americas and even India. For instance, the Ainu of Japan and their ancestors, the Jomon, are related to Negritos, Aborigines and the Veddoids of India. Many groups in Indonesia are also related to Veddoids and Negritos. Yet most Filipinos have little if any Negrito genes (see towards the end of the post for an analysis of this interesting situation), and the vast majority of Indonesians do not either. Instead, Filipinos and most Indonesians are mostly related to Taiwanese Aborigines, an ancient Chinese group that came out of China and went to Taiwan 11,000-26,000 years ago. A group of these Aborigines set out from Taiwan 8,000 years ago as the Austronesians and populated much of Island SE Asia. The Austronesians were no more Australoid than a Chinese from Guangdong is. However, it should be noted that some Malays and Filipinos do have strong Negrito features. There has been a certain amount of interbreeding between Filipinos and the local Negritos, and the result has been that the Negritos are close to Filipinos genetically because they have a lot of Filipino genes, but your average Filipino does not have many Negrito ancestors.

Aeta kids in the Philippines. Although they look like Blacks, this group is also probably very distantly related to Africans. I believe they are over by Polynesians on this chart, though they are not shown on the chart itself. Aetas are members of the Philippines Negrito Race and are somewhat close to Filipinos, though in global terms they are actually quite distant. The Micronesian Yapese are also a part of this race, which is interesting and unexplained. Aeta languages seem to be dying out and Filipino settlers have been moving in and stealing their lands for decades now, sometimes killing the Aeta in the process, a crime which is often not prosecuted. The Aetas are starting to show the “defeated race” syndrome of culture and language loss along with heavy intermarriage at the very least. Whereas they formerly owned their own lands, Filipinos have now stolen most of those lands, and Aetas now work as day labor on Filipino farms, a deterioration. There is heavy drinking in their settlements and pornography is popular entertainment.

The reason that Filipino Negritos can have lots of Filipino genes but most Filipinos do not have many Negrito genes is because there is such a dramatic difference in the populations of the groups. Negrito populations in the Philippines are small – I calculated 102,572 speakers of Negrito languages – and non-Negrito population is 86.2 million. So there are 860 X more non-Negrito Filipinos than Negritos. If even 1 out of 1000 Filipinos breeds with a Negrito, you will have lots of Filipino genes in the Negritos and almost no Negrito genes in Filipinos. The two groups will also appear somewhat close on genetics charts.

Another Philippines Negrito, this one from the Batak group in Palawan at the southern end of the Philippines. About 1 Another reason these people are different from Blacks is that their hair is different. Negrito hair is naturally “woolly” like that above. Black hair is “kinky”. If that woman above was Black, her hair would not look like that – would be going out in an Afro like the hair of the Fijian woman above.

While it is true that the original people of Thailand and Malaysia were Negritos, Australoids have had little input into the present-day Thai people and Thais are considered to be Mongoloids. For the Malays, the situation is a bit different, as they do retain traces of Papuan genes, but only in very small numbers.

A Papuan man in front of some Indonesian onlookers in the fake province called Irian Jaya, stolen from the Papuans by Indonesia and then colonized by Indonesian invaders. What happened was that the Dutch left the area, where West Papua had been a part of their colonial holdings, in 1965. The Dutch specifically stated that West Papua was not part of Indonesia and was to be joined with Papua New Guinea. The Indonesians, cheered on by their US imperial masters, simply invaded and stole the place. The result has been a huge number of Papuans killed in a vicious and brutal insurgency that has lasted decades and has been supported to the hilt by US imperialism. US imperialism was involved in the original theft of Western Papua because they wanted to split up some of the stolen loot with their Indonesian criminal buddies. This story has hardly been reported on in the press, but John Pilger has done some excellent work on it. This blog supports the armed Papuan separatists 10 By the way, that is a penis bone, I think, on his penis. A lot of Papuan men wear these things. I guess the idea is to make it look like you have a huge permanent erection. This guy also looks sort of Caucasian to me. I find a lot of Papuans do for some reason.

The original people of Malaysia were the Semang, a Negrito group that still exists there on the border of Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia, where they live deep in the forests. Afrocentrists also claim the Semang as Black, but they are probably among the groups on Earth that are genetically furthest from Blacks. Between 4,000-8,000 years ago, the Senoi, an Austroasiatic group, came down from Southern China. They were an early split from the Zhuang group, a proto-Tai group in Southern China. The Zhuang themselves probably split off about 5,000 years ago. The Senoi apparently married into the Semang once they got to Malaysia. The Senoi of Thailand and Malaysia are Veddoids. The Senoi cluster with Andaman Islanders, coastal New Guinea ( Melanesians) and Tamils in skull shape. The Veddoid Senoi are related to the Zhuang of China, as the Veddoids of India are related to various Indian races. Many think that Veddoids are related to the Negritos as one of the first populations in Asia – some say they were a second wave out of Africa after the Negritos. The largest number of Veddoids are found in India. The Senoi are very interesting due to a false theory that has been spread about them regarding the way in which they incorporate dreams into their daily life. This false story has spawned a movement known as Senoi Dream Theory, which suggests that you can control your dreams in order to improve your life (which is supposedly what the Senoi do). This story was concocted by an amateur anthropologist named Kilton Stewart. The entirety of Senoi Dream Theory, upon which an entire sub-school of Western psychology has been founded in such New Age havens as Berkeley, is nonsense. The Senoi do use dreams in a way that most Westerners do not, but not in the way that Senoi Dream Theory suggests, and furthermore, there is little evidence that one can control one’s dreams much, which is unfortunate to those like me who have such lousy dreams.

These are the Veddoids. As the text notes, they are found in India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. The text seems to be in Croatian, but I am not sure. Some think that the Veddoids were the second wave out of Africa after the Negritos, but no one is really sure what they are or where they came from. They remain a mystery. One characteristic of the Veddoids is wavy hair.

The Semang, the Negritos of Thailand, are despised by all other groups in the country, as is the case with many Negrito populations. The Semang came there 8-20,000+ years ago. Previously, the residents of Thailand and Malaysia looked like Aborigines. A 25,800 year old skeleton from Thailand looks like Aborigines, and so does a 44,000 year old skull from Malaysia. The genes from the 25,800 year old bones look like the Semang. One theory is that Negritos were the first wave in SE Asia and Veddoids were the second. For the Malays proper, there were two waves coming to Malaysia – proto-Malays and Malays. Proto-Malays are classed as Mongoloids, not Australoids. It is thought that the proto-Malays moved down into the area from China 3000 years ago and are a result of the first Austronesian wave via Taiwan that then bred in heavily with the Senoi, creating the proto-Malays. It is thought that the line tracing the Malays back to northwestern Yunnan 4,500 years ago is following a Senoi line. 3,500 yrs ago, Veddoids moved into Indochina from India after the Aryan invasion. The Malays proper were a later wave of Austronesians from Taiwan to Philippines to Borneo to Sumatra and then up into Malaysia 2,300 yrs ago. The Austronesians lack Australoid genes. Some say Malays are mixed with Negrito, Veddoid, Proto-Malay and Malay, but there is little good evidence for that, especially since, in recent years anyway, the Negritos do not seem to have bred in much with the others. However, present-day Malays do say that the Negritos, or Orang Asli, are their ancestors. Southern Thais, close to Malaysia, may also have some Negrito genes.

A beautiful Malay woman. The Malays, members of the Malay Race, which includes Java, Sarawak and Malaysia, are mostly Muslim, but there are large Chinese and Indian minorities there. The Malays are probably a result of waves of Taiwanese aborigine Austronesians marrying in with Veddoids from India and the Senoi Veddoids from Southern China. At the base may be the Semang Negritos, the original settlers of the land. At the moment, there are only traces of Papuan genes in the Malays, and genetically, they resemble Filipinos and Western Indonesians. More Papuan guys. I love the one guy with the bone through his nose. I hope this turns into a new urban fad along the lines of tattoos and piercings. I long for the day I can walk into a Starbucks and see a young kid with a bone through his nose. Then I will know I have arrived at the multicultural wonderland. Some of these guys seem to look sort of like Amerindians in their phenotypes. The Papuans seem to have an amazing amount of phenotypes. Papuans were probably one of the very first groups out of Africa. The Negritos moved out of Africa down the Indian Ocean coast to SE Asia, then to New Guinea and then to Australia. Humans may have been in New Guinea up to 60,000 years ago. They must have arrived there by boats, because even at the highest water point, there was still a deep 30-mile channel near Timor that never got covered by land.

Another major group in SE Asia is the Mon-Khmer Austroasiatic group, who came from Yunnan in China 4500-7000 yrs ago and populated parts of SE Asia, Burma and SE India. The Thais came only 1000 yrs ago from Yunnan and subsequently spread out through much of Indochina. Both groups came from Southern China and have no Australoid genes in them. Further evidence shows that Filipinos, most Indonesians and Malays are closest to Taiwan and China and each other, and very far from Melanesians, a prototypical Australoid population that they are purportedly related to. Filipinos have a particularly close relationship with the Taiwanese aborigines, especially the Ami. They are closer to the Ami than Chinese, Malays and Indonesians are.

Two beautiful young Ami women, Taiwanese aborigines from Taiwan. This tribe, more than the other Taiwanese tribes, seems to be the source of the Austronesians that over a period of 8,000 years left the island and populated much of SE Asia. The Austronesians form the core group of Philippines and parts of Indonesia and make up a significant part of the Malays, Polynesians, Micronesians and Melanesians. The Ami are one of the largest of the Taiwanese aborigine groups. These tribes probably moved to the island in waves over 20,000 years or more. The Tai also seem to go back to Taiwan, but theory is that they left over 5,000 years ago, went to Southwest China, where the proto-Tai homeland is, then went to Central China where they met up with the proto-Zhuang heading south from central China. The Zhuang and Tai then split into two major groupings, with the Zhuang going on to form an Austroasiatic group. The Zhuang are also related to the Senoi discussed in this post. Both the Zhuang and the Senoi probably go back to northwest Yunnan. An exhaustive overview of the Taiwanese aborigines is here. The Taiwanese aborigines had long traditions of continuous warfare, and were especially enamored of headhunting. This sort of thing continued up until the 1930’s.When the Japanese raided one village, Mahebo, in 1930, 108 women committed suicide en masse so that the men would fight to the last man without worrying about the women. The Taiwanese aborigines do not have any Australoid genes that we can see anymore. But they came from Southwest China and Northern Vietnam (interestingly, this is also the Asian Homeland) up to 26,000 years ago, and Southwestern Chinese do have traces of Papuan genes. The Ami are members of the South China Sea Race, which also includes the Han Chinese from around Guangdong and Hong Kong.

The Aboriginal Taiwanese are an interesting group. Genetically and linguistically, they are very distant even from each other, as compared to other SE Asians, probably as a consequence of having been in Taiwan for up to 26,000 years. The link between Taiwanese Aborigines and Northern Vietnam and Southwestern China is deep. An ancient type of artifacts in Taiwan called Corded Ware Culture came from Northern Indochina and Southern China long ago – 9000 yrs ago. Corded Ware is linked to Austronesians described above. Another artifact type in Taiwan – Lungshanoid pottery – also comes from southwestern China 4500 yrs ago. It is true that there is some Australoid influence on Indonesians, especially those in the eastern part of the archipelago. The Mulaccans, the Nusa Tangarrans and others have some affinity for Australoids (Melanesians), but other Indonesians, Filipinos, Chinese and Taiwanese do not. For one possible Australoid influence on Indonesians, there are links between the Veddas of Sri Lanka to the Toala of South Sulawesi in Indonesia.

Indonesians on Sumatra fighting for supplies after the deadly tidal wave a while back. Indonesians do look quite a bit different. The Sumatrans are members of the Island SE Asian Race, which includes the Paiwan Taiwanese Aborigines and the Sea Dayak, Sumatrans and Balinese in Indonesia. However, this group is almost all Acehnese, since the tidal wave almost exclusively effected Aceh Province. The Acehnese have, in addition to Austronesian characteristics, influences from China, India and the Arab World. You can even see it in the name – (A)rabia, (C)hina, (E)urope, (H)indu India. Some Acehnese even have blue eyes, said to be from Persian influences. Although West Indonesians like these are mostly Austronesian, the Indonesians in the center and especially towards to the East do have a lot of Melanesian (Australoid) in them. This seems to be from a backwards movement from New Guinea or Melanesia of Melanesians after the Melanesians were created on New Guinea back into the eastern Indonesian islands.

Here is a good Senoi Dream Theory: Myth, Scientific Method, and the Dreamwork Movement. Headland, Thomas N. 2003. Thirty Endangered Languages in the Philippines. Work Papers of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, University of North Dakota, Volume 47.

This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

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  7. J the Malay
    I can picture you with no photo and you don’t look Chinese. You have small round eyes and the big round dome and the round-jawed look of the Malay.
    “You are not who you say you are” Why not? I said I was born in 1974. Nobody over 45 uses the expressions or idioms that I do. Other posters will attest to this. Also, older foreigners 50-70 in the Philippines won’t have the insights into street life that I do because they are living on much more money than $500 a month.
    “Think you own the place” Chinese people own the Philippines. The ones who own the biggest part of it like Henry Sy were born in China. Maybe a few Hispanics, for which the name Haciendero is fancy description of, own some. No, Americans do not own the Philippines which is why Pinoys who are so fixated on Americans are so stupid.

  8. Question for Pinoy Posters
    Americans “Think they own” the Philippines
    It is obvious that Chinese-Filipinos own the Philippines. A few, but not many, Spanish Filipinos own a great deal.
    Why would Americans believe they “owned” the Philippines?

  9. DNA proves they’re not “black” (neither their phenotype or, more importantly, their genotype). Now go find someone to explain to you what those words mean. LOL The Y-Chromosome Haplogroup O-M175 evolved about 30,000 years ago is shared by East Asians (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese) and Southeast Asians (including Filipinos) — meaning it had to evolve on the Asian mainland. Look it up yourself.

    1. Look I have no idea why you are attacking me so much. I agree with your first statement. We agree, so why fight me over it. I do not know your point about O-M175 evolving on the mainland. So what?
      And just for being a contrary, incomprehensible asshole, I am going to ban you right now, Johnny Boy.

      1. I think what John is trying to say is that Filipinos have no genetic relation the australoids.

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