Are Amerindians Related to Polynesians?

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Regarding the post on the Moriori, a commenter asks if any of the Amerindians, in particular the South American Amerindians, are related to Polynesians. They are not.
All of the Amerindians go back to the area where Mongolia, Russia and China all come together – the Altai Mountains east to Lake Baikal. Another smaller group comes from the area around the mouth of the Amur River where China, Russia and North Korea meet.

Click to enlarge. The Lower Amur region of Russia can be seen to the left of Sakhalin Island. On this map, tribes residing in the Lower Amur region include the Negidal, the Ulchi, the Nivkhi, the Oroch, the Udeghe and the Nanai.
Click to enlarge. There is no evidence that South American Amerindians, or any Amerindians, are primarily Polynesian. As you can see in this chart, Pacific Islanders and Amerindians are on completely different ends of the evolutionary spectrum. Amerindians are closer to NE Asians (Japanese, Koreans and Northern Chinese) and Caucasians than they are to Polynesians. Polynesians are closer to Aborigines and Papuans than they are to Amerindians or NE Asians.

However, a Polynesian gene has been found in some tribes on the Pacific Coast of Peru and Chile. It’s theorized that Polynesians must have landed there at some point, but it wasn’t a big settlement. Going back 7-9,000 years ago, all Amerindians looked like Polynesians. The closest match to the Kennewick Man’s (Who is not Caucasian!) skull is nothing other than the Moriori whom we just discussed.
However, that does not mean that Polynesians were in the New World then. 9000 yrs ago, there were no Polynesians. We are talking about races that no longer exist.
It’s probable that some of the ancestors of the Polynesians (= Ainu) resembled the ancestors of these ancient Amerindians (=Ainu). In the chart above, the Ainu are one of the links between the SE Asians, the NE Asians, the Australians and the Amerindians.
The Ainu types are really the clue to this whole puzzle. Ainu types or Ainu types transitioning to pure Mongoloids were generalized over much of Asia back in those days.


Powell, Joseph F. and Rose, Jerome C. 2004. Chapter 2, Report on the Osteological Assessment of the “Kennewick Man” Skeleton (CENWW.97.Kennewick), in McManamon, F.P. Kennewick Man. Washington, DC: US Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Archeology Program.

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18 thoughts on “Are Amerindians Related to Polynesians?”

  1. Hello,sir .
    Could you help me?
    Mixture of Tibet and India (Gurkhas) in Nepal look like an Indonesian / Polynesian.
    Mixture of pure Ainu (with caucasoid characteristic ) with Mongoloid looks like the Polynesians (Indonesian).
    Ainu is a mixture of Mongoloid(Nivkhs?) and Australoid(proto Andamanese)
    India is a mixture of Caucasoid and negroid
    What links these two things do you think?

  2. Is Dravidians black(negroid) ,sir?
    and Is Polynesian mixture of Aryan,negroid and Mongoloid
    thank you very much .

    1. No Dravidians are not Negroid. I’m not entirely sure what they are, but I think that they are generally put in the Caucasoid group. They may have some Asian genes though. These is a very diverse and different Caucasoid group that is way over towards the Asians.
      Polynesians are a mixture of Asian (Mongoloid) and Australoid (Melanesian). The Mongoloid came from Taiwan.

  3. If the pure Ainu (with caucasoid characteristics ) people are mixture of Australoid and Mongoloid like Polynesian people.
    Why do pure Ainu people look like Caucasoid while the Polynesian look like Indonesians or Cambodians?

    1. You guys are such a “new” race in terms of time that you’re missing from almost all such charts. You’re not even considered to be a valid race – you’re often just called mixed race people. I think it is because you are such a young race.

  4. Well, the charts need to catch up. The “experts” who sit in conference rooms and put these things together, seriously need to reconsider. They like to either classify Latinos as “mixed race” or pigeon-hole us as caucasians. That’s a little lazy on the ethnographer’s part, frankly. Puerto Ricans like myself look quite different from your run-of-the-mill blonde hair/blue-eyed whiteboy. We’re not Caucasoids; we’re Latinoids. Latinos and Hispanics belong to the Latinoid race.

    1. The run of the mill whiteboy isn’t blond haired/blue eyed, dumbshit. Only 25% of white Americans are blue eyed. The combo of blond hair and blue eyes is obviously less than that. Latinos, Middle Easterners and even some Southern Europeans often take that “we’re-not-blonde-so-we’re-not-white” escape hatch. You’re just making yourself look stupid.
      The average PR is about 75% “European”. That’s more “white” than many African Americans are “black”.

    1. Polynesians are in part archaic Asian (Melanesian). Ainu are archaic Asian. Ancient Amerindians look most like the present day races of Moriori and Ainu, FWIW.

  5. Likely some of the ones who live along the Chilean coast as Polynesians visited South America .

  6. I believe Samoan legends make reference to Samoans visiting a land to the East of them. The people were decribed as pale. Andean Indians are often pale faced at least compared to Polynesians.

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