New Neo-Nazi Group Menaces India

Of all places. It seems nowhere is safe from the Nazi threat. In the Aryan homeland by the Indian Sea, where there is scarcely a Jew to be seen for miles, the Fuhrer’s swan song echoes in the minds of the original Indo-Europeans. They dream of a 3,000 year rule. H-1 B job-thieving fake guest worker “engineers”, Bollywood movies, the smell of curry wafting into the night air, and politically correct Academy Awards are among their subversive plots as they seek to undermine America from within.

Jews, Gypsies and queers cower the world over as the Nazi ideology even spreads to the land of curry and sutee
Jews, Gypsies and queers cower the world over as the Nazi ideology even spreads to the land of curry and sutee.
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12 thoughts on “New Neo-Nazi Group Menaces India”

  1. The Aryan homeland was supposedly roughly Ukraine. That’s where they migrated from, to Europe and India. There seems to be a lot of questioning of this wisdom these days, particularly as regards India. The traditional wisdom is that the ancient city of Mohenjo-daro which had hot and cold running water in 3000 BC ( I might be a few centuries out on that) and the civilisation of the Punjab was destroyed by an Aryan influx; there seems to be some doubt about this now, but I don’t think any alternative story is well established yet.
    I don’t know any more about the Hindutva stuff than what I read here – no-one else on the ‘left’ seems to attach any importance to it. I know that Ghandi was killed by some Hindu extremists, but I feel that the current lot are just the usual opportunists out to curry favour with America and the jews, to enrich themselves.

    1. Well actually there are Jews in India. Mostly along the coastline with major population in Mumbai, Surat/Vadodara (one of the lost tribes), Kolkata and Manipur (Bene Menashe I think). 🙂 Nazi ideology! most people don’t care. They know who Hitler was and what he did and they are no big fan of his! But I dont think with a population as diverse as India, the neo nazis are going to get any foothold in India.

  2. I know that Ghandi was killed by some Hindu extremists, but I feel that the current lot are just the usual opportunists out to curry favour with America and the jews, to enrich themselves.
    Pun intended?

  3. No, not intended, but quite good now that you point it out – no doubt there was some unconscious association
    SEXIST COMMENT APOLOGY It occurred to me that my last remark to Olive might be more offensive than a couple of thousand dead Gazans or a couple of million dead Iraqis.

  4. I can’t do that, Olive. People have the right to make asses out of themselves in the comments threads, and then if they express remorse like a civilized person might, I’ll often delete the comment. You also have a right to fight back on here.
    Since he expressed remorse in a civilized manner, there is no point to crucify him over his animal behavior earlier. Guilt and remorse are the essential foundations of civilized behaviors and we believe in amnesty here.

  5. Look Olive. Stand up for yourself.
    I have a reputation for being a sexist, but I am a feminist in the sense that I support women fighting back full force yet fairly when they are attacked unfairly by men.
    The policy of the comments section is that there is free speech, but that people are encouraged to stand up for themselves and fight back as need be, just like life.

  6. @Lafayette Sennacherib,
    we indians talk very straight and don’t beat around the bush like many others.if it offends anyone so be it. atleast we dont shy away from speaking our minds and neither do we like to have hidden hideous intentions against any nation. we are not mean and manipulative like many other nations who attack and occupy other countries. we don’t lecture others on nuclear non-proliferation .We don’t behave irresponsibly by bombing other nations. your comment that India tries to please the US and Israel to suit themselves is so thoughtless,immature and a baseless creation .God only knows how you chose to come to such a ludicrous opinion.
    History is proof enough that America has never done any charity without its selfish interests in mind.They take away more than what they give to the world.
    Even its own ally France doesn;t trust it anymore and far more responsible and honest.France proves that it has high moral standards and refuses to part take in any bullying tactics just because they have the might to do it.UK on the other hand is a Filthy opportunist.
    The whole world is aware of America’s the Neo British East India Company attitude. e.g: Iraq,Afghanistan.
    Regarding the Jews we actually sympathize with them for the sufferings inflicted on them during the holocaust and respect them for what they have managed to achieve inspite of half the world lined up against it even the indian congress government.
    IMO, the jews(Israel) would surely like to be in a position to openly co-operate and assit their indian friends if only some particular nation can stick to its own business.
    It is no surprize the jewish and indian intellectuals are a reckoning force in the world today.Plus we get along so well. we have been contributing in all spheres in shaping up America today.
    However,it still remains an american looser’s passtime to blame it onto india and indians for everything that goes wrong in their own country. e.g B.P.O: We never begged you to ousource it to us. Infact your people outsourced it for their own gains and dont forget they are the ones who are chiefly contribute and feed your economy through taxes.
    and what about the things you have us outsourced?
    And don’t tell me an average American is fit only to work in call centers ?is it?
    We indians believe in a very simple concept. Give Respect and take Respect.

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