What the Future Hispano-Catholic USA Will Look Like

Like this.
For everyone on the Left assisting with this idiot lunatic invasion of our land, have you ever stopped to think for just one millisecond about what an Hispano-Catholic USA will look like?
Abortion is not really legal in any Latin American land outside of Cuba, and it’s hardly very legal in any Catholic country on Earth. Italy, supposedly the exception, has a very complex abortion law. In all Catholic nations, including the so-called Italian outlier, the Church meddles incessantly in the affairs of the state and society. Even in Italy, the political parties endlessly pander to the Church.
My leftwing Italian friends despise the Church, though confessing  they are still Catholics. Turning your nation into a Catholic majority state is like tossing a hundred billion kudzu seeds into the fields surrounding your town and assuming nothing’s going to happen. Catholicism is a Kudzu Religion.
Once it gets in, you have a Hellacious jungle-ivy like plant invasion that wraps its tentacles around everything in sight. It blocks the view and trips you when you try to walk. Not only that, but its ineradicable.
How is it that the Left assumes we can go Hispano-Catholic in demographics without turning into just another Latin American country? We can’t. Hispano-Catholic people create Hispano-Catholic countries. What do those countries look like? Cast your eyes yonder down south of the border, down Mexico way…and beyond.
I love Hispanics, but what I like even better is the idea of separate countries. One of the things that made this country great was that it was not founded by Iberian Catholics. One of the things that has made Latin America so fucked up in such a predictable, replicable and pattern-like fashion is because they were colonized and founded by Iberian Catholics.
It’s why we have the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, the 1st and 4th Amendments, and why most of Latin America never developed anything comparable to this very day.
Spain was still fighting semi-feudalism in the 1930’s. It was so bad it needed an armed Left to try to take it out, and the Hispano-Catholic semi-feudalist fascists won anyway. As Spain is one of the Central Headquarters for the Catholic Kudzu Infection, Spaniards probably hate the Church more than anywhere else, while they remain of course conflicted.
One of the most curious things about the recent history of Spain has been the peculiar yet regular outbreak of church-burnings. Whenever things get really weird in Spain, the Spaniards go insane and start attacking and burning down churches.
No one knows why they do this, and my understanding is that both the Left and the Right engage in this mass nuttiness. Spaniards have this relationship with the Church like a serial killer has with his Mom. And yet they can’t let go.
You can’t understand Hispanic culture via Iberia until you understand the Pakistan-Peruvian Axis. This is an axis of lands that were colonized by the Arabs and consequently by Islam. Over hundreds of years, the essentials of Arab culture, similar today as when they ruled Andalusia, were transmitted. So Southern Italy, Turkey, the Balkans, Spain, Portugal, Greece, all the way to Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan all became more or less Arabized.
Those crazy Pashtuns we are fighting in West Pakistan and Afghanistan are a very Arabized people.
And there is no way to truly understand Latin America until you realize that the Latin Americans also have been Arabized, via the Arabized Iberians who conquered and colonized them.
Manically obsessive honor, extreme masculinity, profound sexism where women are chattel property, casual and unthinking cruelty, vast extremes of wealth and power that one may not challenge, and willful, even arrogant ignorance are just some of the Arab baggage these nations carry.
An Arab male grows up in a home where his father is the undisputed King of all things. Everyone in the home knows this, no one talks about it, and there is nothing to be done anyway. As the male is the King of the house, so the boys are Little Kings in their own way. They are allowed to lord it over their sisters, cousins, female relatives and probably even their own mother.
The Arab boy grows up a little dictator. He grows up into a cruel world with no justice, one that is rent with mini-fiefdoms that reproduce fractal-like, a land in which discrimination permeates everything. There is no unity, and “society” is nothing more than a warren of squabbling tribes.
To the extent that they come together for any reason, it’s always a marriage of convenience. There is no ideology, there is not much politics, and there’s not much of a market. In place, there is religion and tribalism, rewritten as family-based clans.
Even political parties are religious and clan-based. Ideology changes more often than styles in a 5th Avenue window, for the simple reason that it hardly exists. Different tribal, religious and clan-based parties try on new ideologies and toss them aside, always jockeying with the others for the only thing that matters, which is power.
Hence, alliances are obsessively necessary, and these alliances, in their ever-shifting form, often absurd and unworkable from the start, still manage to putter along. With power comes loot. Loot buys you everything in the Arab World, and even enables you to escape the Ultra-Kudzu called Religion.
In Arabia, no one has any morals or values when it comes to money and what passes for politics, everyone bribes everyone and is as corrupt as a human can be, and disputes are often settled with the finality of lead. None of this is seen by the Arab as the slightest bit remarkable.
The Arab evolved in the desert, and so did his religion. His religion is as harsh and brutal as its desert birthplace. In the desert, survival is everything. There is no time for politics, for the market, for ideology. You can’t eat or drink that stuff, so it’s worthless.
There are always too many humans for the harsh land to support, so it’s a Darwinian place. People are either friends or enemies, and there is no in between. Friends and enemies can be as effervescent as mirages, and can transform into the opposite in an eye-blink.
The Arab is crafty and devious and has a 1000 plots, scams and conspiracies up his sleeve at any time. This is so he can survive in the desert. You can’t make it alone out there. Other cruel folks are always trying to take your land, livestock or life, and this fact is as simple and quotidian as the burning sun in the sky.
Hence, alliances are essential. The desert is unforgiving, and mistakes can be deadly. Hence, survival itself is an endless challenge of scheming and conniving, and the Arab is an extremely clever fellow.
I always felt that the stereotype of the tricky and sneaky Jew was due to their co-evolving with these Arab people.
When the young Arab man goes out to get a job, he finds more cruelty and harshness. Fairness is not an Arab concept; there is none here. If he wants a job, something is expected from him in return. If you take or receive money from someone for anything, including employment, it always comes with strings attached. Everyone has an ulterior motive for everything, everything is underhanded and often unstated and nothing is up front.
Fanaticism permeates Arab society as the sun tints our day. Fanaticism is as normal and unquestioned to the Arab as the sun that warms our bones and lights our way.
The violence that typically follows mass fanaticism periodically rends Arab society. Thus, the Arab lives in terror of fitna, which means strife. The glue that holds Arab society together is cheap and doesn’t really work, so harsh social rules have to be laid down.
The Arab is also obsessed with sex, and the idea of fitna is imbued with sex. One sense of fitna is that this is what will happen if men and women start fucking casually as they normally ought to be doing. The whole house of cards culture will come toppling down, and the deadly anarchy that periodically sweeps Arab lands will follow. Hence male-female relations are policed rigidly, and you have mass sexual frustration on the part of the men and probably of the women too.
The Saudis, Gulf Arabs and Afghans are so terrified of fitna that they allow mass opportunistic male homosexuality in preference of breaking down the apartheid between men and women and the chaos that may follow.
This has been a brief sketch of Arab society.
Keep in mind that as Latin America has been Hispanicized, to some extent it has also been Arabized. With Hispanicization comes not only the baggage of 500 years of Hispanic culture, but that of the Ancient Church of Rome along with the time-stopped world of the backwards Arabs.

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27 thoughts on “What the Future Hispano-Catholic USA Will Look Like”

  1. Catholics are basically Arabs? That neatly wraps up 2 jew targets in one hostile conception. This is a spoof right?
    ” The Arab is crafty and devious and has a 1000 plots, scams and conspiracies up his sleeve at any time. This is so he can survive in the desert. You can’t make it alone out there.” LOL
    NO, NO, NO – ALL gentiles are Arab terrorists, except East Asians who are kamikaze hare kiri, footbinding , little red book waving, little buck-toothed, yellow commie bastards!

  2. This has been a brief sketch of Arab society.
    Might I ask how exactly you know anything about Arab society? How many Arabic countries have you visited, how much Arabic do you speak, how many Arabs do you know in the US, what books have you read about Arab society, etc.?

  3. My oh my, Reader! Such a ferocious defense of the backwards Arabs from the anti-Semites (and White nationalists) assembled here in the comments threads. Go onto one of your WN forums and ask them what they think of Arabs.
    I think this philo-Arab nonsense is just an anti-Semite and leftwinger thing because Arabs are now some of the world’s top ranking anti-Semites (so we must give them acclaim) and they are fighting the evil West (so we must rally round these backwards Bedouins).
    There is nothing at all controversial about the critique I have laid out here. It’s pretty standard and has been repeated in quite a few books. It’s (one of) the generic “Orientalist” critique of the Arabs. If you want to proceed on that basis, go ahead.
    I’ve read some books, and known some Arabs, and I agree. I also spent some time on an Arab political list every day and I interacted with these guys all the time on the list. We did quite a bit of emailing back and forth. Those guys were mostly Palestinians. And here in CA, I’ve known some Arabs, mostly Arab Christians (Palestinians and Egyptians). I’ve also known a few Iraqis, including an author. I know some Yemenis at this moment. And since 9-11, I have been reading about them nonstop.
    You anti-Semites think these barbarians are more civilized than Jews?
    Read up man. Start with Raphael Patel and Bernard Lewis. 😉

  4. Bernard Lewis? – pass the sickbag. If you can recommend that vile racist fraud, then you’ve seriously lost your compass. Lewis is no more an ‘authority’ on anything than is scumbag Dershowitz – they’re both examples of the power of jewish money to place their agents in academia, to further their evil, genocidal aims. And don’t take that for their hyperbole; that IS their aim – extermination of the Moslem peoples (all 1 billion of them – not just Arabs). And then the Germans. And possibly at least Rome and Athens and Paris too – so they can claim that ‘the Lord’ has smote their age-old enemies.
    I don’t think you believe a word of what you wrote here – you just feel like winding us up, maybe because you’ve run out of reefers, or something.

  5. I wasn’t defending Arabs (I’m neither philo-Arab nor on the Arab-hating bandwagon, and I don’t claim to have much knowledge about the Arab world) – just asking how exactly you know anything about them, that’s it. As I expected, you don’t seem to know much other than what you’ve read in a very small number of highly polemical, anti-Muslim books.

  6. Do you wander from your initial stated theme so as to provide an analogue to your infatuation with
    the desultory? From Latino to Arabic to rehashing
    implied affinity for quickly vanishing anti-family Bolshevism of the 1920s, (which indeed fostered state-sponsored “casual fucking.”) Stalin is being re-established as (flawed) hero by Putin and that’s not for nothing even in the family arena. The European socialist-leftist hard line parties of the
    middle of the 20th century were fairly conservative socially-sometimes more so than the moderate “right” parties.
    Okay, here’s a desultory analogue. “Loot” freed bin Laden from religion too and Transcendence made him come full circle.

  7. There is nothing desultory there at all. Oh no!
    Latin America is an Arabized culture. There was no wandering at all. To understand the Latino, one must understand the Arab. To understand the world of the Mediterranean Catholics, one must understand the Arab. These are Arabized peoples. Hardly anyone gets this. This is the point I am driving home.
    The post was about a Latinized US. A Latinized US will be an Arabized US.

  8. Dear Robert
    The Arab presence in Iberia was very thin. Moreover, it ended completely in 1492. Can we seriously believe that nothing has changed in Iberia since then? In “arabized” Latin America there are currently two female presidents, in Chile and Argentina. Dilma Rousseff, who is at present Lula’s chief of staff, is likely to be the presidential candidate for the Labor Party in the 2010 election in Brazil. Latin America isn’t quite the macho place that it used to be.
    Another Latin American reality is the tenous presence of the Catholic church. For instance, Brazil has now 190 million inhabitants but only 16 000 Catholic clergymen, of which about 1/4 are immigrants. If the Catholic Church has considerable influence, it is due to the fact that most of its loyal members belong to the higher classes.
    None of my father’s laborers in rural Brazil attended mass, was married in a church or had his children baptized. In every Latin American country, illegitimate children are legion and common-law unions quite frequent. You do not find that in any Arab country. Honor killings do not occur in Latin America, although the murder of wifes and girlfriends by jealous men is not that rare.
    Regards. James

  9. There are some major differences between the cultures of Arabia, Spain, Italy and Latin America. Nevertheless, I continue to hold that these places have been Arabized by the spread of Arab culture. I did not say that they replicate Arab culture, I said that they are Arabized to some extent. There really is no other way to explain the relative hostility to Western consensual democracy in this part of the world. When you see Latin America as an Arabized place, this helps to explain a lot of the dysfunction there.
    Also, the Arabized portion of the Americas is the upper class. The lower classes, who are probably 90% of society, tend to act much different and more like the degradation induced by relative poverty in most parts of the world. Further, in Brazil, there is a large Black element which has added its essential mix of sensuality and present versus future time preference.
    The fact that the average person does not go to church is not relevant to the fact that there are horribly strict abortion laws in all of these places. If the Church is so powerless, how is it able to put these abortion laws in.
    The truth is that in both Arabia and the Americas none of the moralistic Abrahamic religions has done very well to civilized the basic brutality and cruelty of the Arabized cultures there. In the Americas, the Church is corrupt and degraded and exists more in fake forms than in an actual moral lighthouse for society.

  10. ” There really is no other way to explain the relative hostility to Western consensual democracy in this part of the world. ”
    Right – that further illuminates the Iran-contra business ( ok I know Iranians aren’t Arabs, but they’re that sort of thing eh?). Pinochet, the Contras, Galtieri, the Brazilian junta, that cunt in Guatamala – they weren’t serving the interests of an elite who profited from running an export economy for the benefit of American investors; they were Arabs doing what Arabs do? It’s original, I’ll give you that.
    ‘moralistic Abrahamic religions’ ?
    It’s conveniently ignored that the Bible plainly states that Abraham repeatedly and enduringly lived off pimping his wife. Check it – I haven’t got a Bible handy to give you chapter and verse, but if you look for the next mention of Abraham after the Sodom and Gomorrah business, you will find that he is reported as having wandered around Canaan for a bit, then gone down to Egypt where, worrying that his wife’s beauty might cause someone to kill him for her, he pretended that she was his sister; the Pharaoh took a fancy to her, and Abraham lived the life of Reilly as the favourite concubine’s brother. Then they left Egypt and went back up to Canaan (or thereabouts) and pulled the same trick again.
    “God said to Abraham ‘ kill me a son’,
    Abe said ‘ where you want this killing done,
    God said ‘kill him out on Highway 61…”
    (Bob Dylan – Highway 61, funnily enough)
    That’s the real essence of the Abraham stories: the conceptual break with child sacrifice, which was a feature of all Syriac societies including their offshoot Carthage. The justification for replacing the actual sacrifice of a child with a substitute, that the honest intent to obey the Lord was sufficient in itself ( that may not do it justice) is a uniquely logical argument that feels more Greek than Hebrew – it’s quite unlike anything else in the Bible.
    What’s that got to do with anything? Not much – it just sprung to mind. But I would argue that anything moralistic in Western culture came from the Greeks rather than the Abrahamic tradition. Remember that the New Testament was written by Greeks, and inherits the traditions of Greek philosophy rather than the genocidal racist bile of the ‘Abrahamic’ Old Testament.

  11. Bob’s modernist-right/capitalist view of abortion can be corrected by his reviewing the material of “Feminists for Life.”

  12. I wonder if what you’re referring to is actually more a Mediterranean sensibility than an Arab one. I recall reading a book about Historical Jesus research that discussed common features of Mediterranean cultures that held true even in the early centuries A.D., long before the Arabs had even emerged en masse from the peninsula. Maybe it’s just a word game, but I think it would be significant in that it would suggest that these cultural features are not really “Arab,” and in some cases may have actually been acquired by the Arabs from the cultures they made contact with. Also, Hispanic culture may have had these characteristics quite independently of any Arab cultural influence.
    Also, I was surprised that you seemed to slam Catholicism a bit, since you’ve expressed admiration for the RC church on several occasions and in several contexts.

  13. A prominent talk show host discussed the stem cell controversy stirred by Obama today w/o mentioning his Church’s condemnation of
    use thereof( embryonic.) Went into detail re “moderate vs. conservative” Repubs, Democrats, political strategy. Expressed his own support, but never mentioned the RC clergy’s
    condemnation. Probably never considered discussing it though he regularly identifies as RC. The point? Religion has been relegated to the private sphere in US public life.

  14. Olive,
    There’s a certain number of people who will latch onto anything that makes–or that they think makes–the Jews look bad. That doesn’t mean that the Pals are wrong, or that Israel is right. It just makes it more difficult to reach the common sense conclusion that Israel blowing up civilians is as bad as anyone else blowing up civilians.
    Not sure that a dynastic Jewish elite exists exactly, but people like the Bronfmans, various Wall Street figures, etc. are certainly jerks although I’d be the last to speculate about the color of their blood.

  15. Arab culture is generally very tribal. I’m not sure racist is the word for it. Racial prejudice–in the sense of being prejudiced against people for looking different–certainly exists in Arab societies, as it does elsewhere. My guess is that hatred between tribal groups and religious sects is a bigger problem… Slavery generally existed in some Arab societies until recent times, and prob. still does in places like Saudi Arabia. But it was never as racially based as slavery in, for example the New World. There were white slaves, Slavs and Circassians, for example. Slaves could become free and be considered on a par w/ other members of society, fwiw. There is a Saudi prince–I forget his name–who is the son of one of the Saudi king’s black wives/concubines. Anwar Sadat was half Nubian.
    As for blacks among the Palestinians, it’s complicated. Here’s an interesting link on Palestinians of African descent:

  16. Mort, Arab culture is seriously racist. Let’s just say it flat out. All tribal cultures are racist, but I would say especially those guys. It’s not necessarily bad, but it’s just the way that they evolved out there in the desert. It’s not race-based, it’s just that the family – clan – tribe is everything, and everyone outside is just…nothing. They’re not really good or bad, but they are just not important. They are sort of like animals. Well, if you go kill some guy’s camel, maybe there’s repercussions, so maybe you don’t do it. But I don’t think they see those outside their group as fully human.
    This is the basic nature of a tribal society, and it shows that humans are probably programmed to be ethnocentric.
    Did you read that post I made a while back on the Pirana, the tribe in Brazil? They are very interesting. They think they are superior to all other Indians, and not only that, but to all other humans. They are just the best people on Earth. Further, they aren’t even interested in anyone who’s not them. I worked for Indians, and they were the same way. Even other Indians were…uninteresting, unimportant. I’d bring them up and they would just say, “Yeah but they’re not us.” And a friend hung around with them all the time and he said that these Indians here are the most ethnocentric folks he has ever met. He said they are just as ethnocentric as a friend of his who is a White nationalist. All these folks are really on the same page, and I don’t leave out the Jews.
    There is very little of what you might think of as racism among the Palestinians, though I am not an expert. I’m not aware they care that much about Blacks. Gaza is getting over by Egypt and Egypt *does* have deep strains of Black culture running through it. If you look at a lot of those Pallies, it’s clear they’ve got a bit of Black in them. I think when I did that post about Black in Whites, Palestinians had a fair amount – 13%.
    If you ask an Arab if he’s proud of being White, often he looks at you like you’re nuts. They know the score. A lot of them know they are part Black. The real racism is over in the Gulf, probably up in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria…the rest of the Arab world is pretty shot through with Black. I got the impression that Levant Arabs don’t identify with “White” and they see White as European Christians and they do not really dig us.
    The Pallies I knew never dealt with the question of Blacks.
    Prince Bandar is the name of the prince. Saudis are something like 13% Black, even more than Pallies. If you go to the Gulf, you see lots of Black looking Arabs. Obviously, bin Laden is part Black, and so is that Zawahiri guy. Look at the krinkly hair. When you get to the Al Qaeda crowd, they care nothing about race. There are full Blacks in AQ. It’s all about religion and those fanatics only care who religiously nuts you are.
    Palestinian society is very complex, and there have been North African Blacks coming there for some time. Especially Egyptians, Ethiopians and in particular Sudanese. This has been going on for 100’s of yrs.
    A lot of Iraqis really hate Blacks though.

  17. “An Arab male grows up in a home where his father is the undisputed King of all things”:
    Robert, you cannot be more wrong. Undisputed father authority is the central feature of stem families as they exist in Germany, Scandinavia, Ireland, Japan, Flanders, half of France and one fourth of Spain.
    On the other hand Arabic (and Muslim) societies are modelled after another model whose central tenet is: “The father has no authority whatsoever over the community of brothers”. This is also the prevalent system in Italian, Slavic, Greek, Jewish, Indian and Chinese societies. Which has a number of consequences:
    — Those societies are like a permanent conspiracy against the State (the above listed ethnicities are notoriously very good at organizing crime rings BTW).
    — While stem-family based nations tend to favor authoritarian governance but can evolve towards stable democracies, community-based societies hardly can. There is little or no mean term between anarchy and absolute dictatorship.
    — In Muslim societies, the problem is further compounded by the fact that people favour marriages between cousins. The whole society appears consequently like a tight-knit community of cousins on which the State has no grip, it’s just an impotent superstructure sitting on top of the civilian society but devoid of any influence on it. Which makes attempts to establish a representative democracy Western style (in Iraq and elsewhere) pretty futile.
    Basically, even most advanced Middle-Eastern countries are military regimes just displaying the outer appearances of parliamentary democracy just for the show (no much difference under that respect between Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, Moroco, Egypt etc.)
    There is indeed a certain Arabic background in the South of Spain (most ‘conquistadores’ where from there), but the Italian component in Latin America is possibly more influential.

  18. Robert and Olive: I guess I would insist on racism as hatred or prejudice on the basis of *race;* not that religious and ethnic/tribal prejudices aren’t comparable. It’s true that South Asian workers are mistreated and discriminated against in the Gulf, Lebanon, etc. Israel also imports workers from Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe, and they aren’t treated so well either, even if we ignore the sex workers.
    One thing I will say: I was surprised how shabbily the Gulf states treat fellow Muslims from South Asia. One would think shared religion would mean *something.* You know even certifiable jerks like the Bronfmans, etc. would never treat fellow Jews this way.

  19. As for the Pals and White Nationalism: Again, it’s complicated. Most Arabs are not antiracist in a way that would make Western leftists comfortable, and most of them do in fact hate Jews. In spite of that, Palestinians who are familiar with Western society are aware that WNs are moral pariahs, and eschew their support for pragmatic reasons if nothing else. I have yet to see an open WN at any of the demos I’ve been to where Palestinian rights were on the menu, and I suspect if they did show up, they’d end up somewhat the worse for wear, lol.

  20. Actually, in Mort’s partial defense here, he has admitted, amazingly for a leftwing Jew, that we should question whether or not diversity is “automatically a great thing” as the Diversitologists suggest. Mort seemed to suggest that the Diversitologists’ position that diversity is automatically always and at all times awesome, cool and perfect has not been proven correct, and we should at least question whether or not this is true.
    Mort’s ethnocentric, but that’s cool. He’s not a SuperJew at all. He’s kind of the anti-SuperJew. I don’t see anything wrong with Jewish ethnocentrism. If you’re Jewish, you’re probably real ethnocentric. But if Mort can be an ethnocentric Jew, why can’t I be at least as ethnocentric and yet non-assholic about being White as Mort is about being Jewish?
    The problem is that when Jews are ethnocentric, it’s not always a terrible thing. But once you start letting White people get ethnocentric, tons of them start going neo-Nazi in various shades and degrees, others go White nationalist, others go racist to one degree or another. White people just can’t seem to be ethnocentric without turning into racist shits! So noting that, I can see why there is such hostility towards Whites showing any pride at all.
    Silver, your statement makes no sense. If you study history, the story of mankind has been one of off and on race-mixing, mixing of ethnicities, mixing of cultures, etc. So multiculture and multirace thing has been going on forever. It’s part of the human tapestry. I would however agree that it often causes problems. But so does monoculture. Monocultures tend to act like Nazis and Japs in WW2 – genocidal supremacists to one degree or another.

  21. Silver – ” faggot are sometimes disgusting…” But not always, eh? Is this a sign that you are questioning your sexuality?

  22. How do you explain that today Spain is one of the most socially liberal countries in the world? Ever travelled to Madrid or Barcelona? You’ll see gay couples walking the streets holding their hands, Spanish women practising nudism at the beaches, etc..
    In Spain, we do have gay marriages since 2005. By the way, a new, more progressive law of abortion has been aproved this year (and anyway, since 1985 we already had a more liberal abortion law than that of Ireland, Poland, Portugal or Italy). Besides, in places like Catalonia, the number of civil marriages surpasses that of catholic marriages. Spain’s society has changed dramatically during the last 50 years!
    If you compare the birth rate per woman or church attendance Spain happens to be much less religious than any part of the USA.
    Yes, it’s true that Catholic church still has a lot of power and tries to influence society… but at least in Spain they’re losing the battle year after year. In Barcelona there are almost no locals in a Sunday mass… most people you’ll see attending the Sunday mass are immigrants from South America!
    As for the islamic influence… remember that the kingdoms that founded Spain as a political entity (Castile and Leon, Aragon inclouding the county of Barcelona, etc.) were either never conquered by arabs or just experienced arab ocupation for a century. For instance, arabs were in Barcelona just more or less from 720 DC until 801 DC, when the Franks conquered the city. The northern christian kingdoms conquered and repopulated the south of the peninsula.
    True, still a lot of moorish cultural influence is to find especially in Andalusia. But i’d rather say that Italian, Spanish and Portuguese “machismo” are more a consequence of the androcentric Roman culture and Roman law (for exemple, the institution of the “pater familias”) than a consequence of arabic influence.

  23. As for the burning of churches thing… well, it’s just that the Catholic church in Spain was perceived by both liberals and socialists as a threat. No doubt that the Catholic church has been a reactionary force during the history of Spain… but much in the same way as other traditional catholic countries like France.
    The difference is that revolutionaries in France had more success in setting apart the catholic church from politics and only had to burn churches once, not every ten years like in Spain!
    In Spain early attempts to separate Church from state were done in the beginning of the 19th Century… the problem was that they never succeeded as reactionaries always regained the power soon after every short liberal period (with the help of the Catholic church and the army). As the Church always supported the reactionaries during the 19th and 20th Centuries, population in the cities accumulated a lot of resentment against the Catholic Church, especially in industrial areas like Catalonia or Asturias. That’s why in every revolutionary period uncontrolled crowds burned churches and killed a lot of clergymen. It was sort of a scapegoat for the masses…

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