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Pressrow, for journalists. A lot of people have been telling me that the default Kubrick theme looked like crap, so I finally got up the nerve to change it. Feel free to comment.

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6 thoughts on “New Theme”

  1. very cool change.
    it is MUCH more readable than the other theme you were using, which looked like google blogger but worse. the fonts are much better and bigger in this theme, making it easier to read along with easier on the eyes of those of us who spend a lot of time reading on the internet or elsewhere.
    the picture header at the top is customizable, I believe with several different pictures if you wanted.
    There are also all kinds stuff you could add to the sidebar column on the right if you wanted to fill up more space – look under ‘widgets’ beneath the ‘appearance’ button.
    you could also change the default settings to have comments here unmoderated like on your last blog if you don’t want to have to approve all of them manually which is sometimes a pain in the ass. but some people like to moderate and sort out comments, which is ok too.

  2. Your blog no l0nger appears in a Google search. Google “robert lindsay wordpress” and there is nothing.

  3. Ctrl and + (plus, next to zero) = Increase text size. Ctrl and – (Dash, minus – Next to Right Shift) = Decrease text size. Ctrl and zero = Default text size.
    Mac,  key + same.

  4. suggestion: you ought to change these goofy cartoonish avatars to something better. there are definitely cooler avatars to be found in wordpress.

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