More on White Nationalism and Zionism

David Kelsey, who has his own website, comments in the Why White Nationalism And Zionism Are Creatures of a Feather thread:

There are definitely some similarities between various strains of Zionism and various strains of race realism and White Nationalism.But an analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian (and with most of the other Arabs) situation is not complete unless one considers the underlying religious conflict as well, something that both racialists and Marxists seem prone to dismissing, not even allowing for narratives. But it is quite an important factor, though not the only factor.
What do you think of the following classification of severity? This isn’t mine, but based on my own understanding of the explanation VDARE expressed grappling with its own classification.
1) Race Realists
2) White Nationalists
3) White Supremacists

I guess the religion could substitute for race here. My point is that Israel is all about bigotry, whether religious, racial, ethnic or whichever. It doesn’t really matter what reasons are given for the bigotry. The comparison with White nationalism was only on the basis that WN’s are bigots also and wish to separate themselves away from and discriminate against the Racial Other. In the same way, Zionists are bigots (of whatever irrelevant tendency) who wish to separate themselves from and discriminate against the Non-Jewish Other.
This is the nature of the analogy, not whether or not Zionists are racialists.

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13 thoughts on “More on White Nationalism and Zionism”

  1. Dear Robert
    Birds of a feather flock together. People have a natural tendency to associate with their own kind, except for purely economic relations, which however are guided only by interests. However, a person can be far more similar to somebody of a different race than somebody of the same race. Suppose that Paul has two neigbors, Peter and Potr. Paul and Potr are both white and Peter is black. Peter and Paul are both Americans, Catholics, love jazz and football and are architects. Potr is Russian, speaks no English, is a dentist, an atheist and he likes classical music and soccer. Obviously, Paul has far more similarities with his black neigbor than with his white one. According to the principle that birds of a feather flock together, Paul should associate with Peter, not with Potr.
    In a room there are 20 children. 10 of those children are English-speaking blacks and 10 are Spanish-speaking whites. Now a white, English-speaking child enters the room. Which group is that child going to join? I would say the blacks, but a WN would have to say that it is the whites, because to them race is the true fault line.
    If you look around the world, you will find that diversity causes conflict, but most diversity has nothing to do with race. It isn’t race that is dividing Greeks and Turks in Cyprus, Turks and Kurds in Turkey, Tamils and Singhalese in Sri Lanka, Flemish and Walloons in Belgium, Georgians and Ossetians in Georgia, Jews and Arabs in Palestine, Russians and Latvians in Latvia, etc. Europe has been a war-torn continent, but all those wars took place among whites.
    A country can have national, linguistic and religious homogeneity even though it has racial diversity and vice versa. If people speak the same language, have the same religion and belong to the same nation, then it should be possible for them to get along despite racial differences. Language, religion and national culture are natural dividers, but race doesn’t have to be.
    It is not bigotry to prefer to associate with one’s own kind. Bigotry is the automatic assumption that our own kind is better and people who are different are contemptible. Scratch a diversity-touting political correctie and you will usually find someone who is quite bigoted toward religious fundamentaists, conservatives, small-town folks and of course those evil people who hold politically incorrect thoughts. They often will feel superior already because they drink wine instead of beer. Most political correcties are snobs.
    Regards. James

  2. Ok, I am sitting here drinking wine right now, but I drank beer for many years. I think once a man gets over 40, he should switch from wine to beer. Also wine fits in more with my self-image.
    I don’t think it’s really bigotry to dislike those who could change their politics or religion or lifestyle any time they wish. The Jews of Israel are bigots. They systematic oppress and discriminate against all non-Jews. That’s the only kind of bigotry that matters. Why do they discriminate against them? Because of their religion or ethnicity.
    We don’t have problems in this country with PC folks discriminating against Christian fundamentalists, rural people, rightwingers, the non-PC or guys who drink beer. Comparing these cultural divides to the bigotry of Jews in Israel towards non-Jews is a false comparison.
    You are correct, though, and your post indicates the absurdity of the WN position that people should associate with each other only on the basis of race. For a modern cosmopolitan person, this is the basest of idiocies.

  3. james: “Europe has been a war-torn continent, but all those wars took place among whites.”
    Yes, but Whites of different ethnicities; there are many different White ethnic groups throughout Europe, i.e. many small White ethnic groups within the overall White race. And many of Europe’s wars can be traced to this along with the obvious cultural and linguistic differences (which are reflected by ethnicity).
    This can be easily glimpsed in war-torn Iraq, which is rife with ethnic tension between Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds, amongst many other smaller ethnic groups found there; they are all of the same racial background (Arab/Caucasoid) yet the ethnic differences and tensions between all of the groups remain strong despite their shared racial character.
    History seems to have been made up more of inter-ethnic squabbling rather than interracial warring considering the three main races (Negroids, Caucasoids, and Mongoloids) really didn’t begin mixing or associating with each other on a large scale until only a few hundred years ago.

  4. “We don’t have problems in this country with PC folks discriminating against Christian fundamentalists, rural people, rightwingers, the non-PC or guys who drink beer.”
    You are incorrect. America has these exact problems.
    Christian fundamentalists are discrimated against in the media/Hollywood (tons of Christian bashing) and in some cases the job market. Also the elitist Jews who run many of America’s wealthiest and most important economic sectors basically shut out all strong Christians from working in them. Academia is also rather biased against fundie Christians.
    Rural people are discriminated against in the cities (looked upon as backward uneducated racists, etc), and by the government who can steal their land whenever they want with eminent domain. Also taxed too much even though rural people generally make much less than cityfolk.
    Rightwingers are heavily discriminated against in the mainstream (leftist-slanted) media. If you are openly right-wing you likely will never by hired by any mainstream media organization unless it is Fox News or something like that.
    Non-PC people (race realists, etc) are also discriminated against in the media; they are never given a voice or interviewed, not taken seriously in academia, laughed away by book publishers, and in general viewed as too kooky, extreme, or weird by the weak PC center.
    Beer drinkers? Likely in some places. Maybe by the upper-middle class wine snobs who see them all as working class prole types?

  5. Depending on your definition, whether “Zionists”
    are more or less “racialists” than this or that “White racialist” movement would depend on the DNA parameters of the “outreach” or acceptance of Zionists (limited to Israeli let us postulate) within the group. This would include e.g. how cohesive Ashkenazi and Sephardic function politically. You’d have to compare this DNA variation, as an ideal and in practise with that of any other “racialist” movement.

  6. Q to Robert: Have you ever seen a retarded jew?
    A: NO! Jewish darwinism. The jew kill off any retard.

  7. hoff2
    March 7, 2009 at 5:33 pm
    Q to Robert: Have you ever seen a retarded jew?
    A: NO! Jewish darwinism. The jew kill off any retard.
    March 7, 2009 at 10:37 pm
    Hoff2 I know plenty of retarded and disabled jews.
    I dont. When did you ever see a retarded jew on TV? I have never seen on TV – have you?

  8. But have you ever seen a retarded jew on TV or in any JEWISH Hollywood movie?
    NO! You have not and no one have ever seen a retarded jew on TV or in any jew movie.
    Is retarded jews on screen good for the jews?
    Hence, the jews dont show the few retarded jews on TV or in a movie. Retarded non-jews are all over in tv and jewish Hollywood movies.
    This is one of the 22 secret weapons, the silent infrastructure of the Global jew mafia. Out of sight – out of mind.

    Establishment of the state of Israel on 14 May [1948] was internationally an important achievement for the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union and its satellites supported the Jews in every way throughout the war in Palestine. The military aid which the Soviet bloc extended to Israel, declared Professor Yaacov Ro’i, was a major factor in enabling the Jews to gain important military victories; it was also a significant factor in promoting Soviet political and strategic ambitions in the Arab world.
    No weapons fron the jew puppet Stalin – no ”israel”.
    Moscow GIGANTIC Synagogue – just look at the picture top of page right

  10. I’m not sure that Robert has ever responded to the
    fact that had “white nationalism” prevailed in America, say from 1880 to 1960, Jews would have never attained the kind of power status in the U.S.
    which in turn enabled them to form Israel’s effecient fifth column here. Even Jared Taylor’s
    soft w.n’ism would have adhered to an anti-Zionist position. (He’s written against the Iraq War, etc.)

  11. Certainly its of the same feather. Its all controlled by the same people. Secret Societies control the KKK just like the NAACP, ADL, ACLU, ect. The radical and cowardly agendas of these people would create a revolution if the public knew about them! Their goal is to create white flight, but I wouldn’t want to follow them.

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