Why White Nationalism And Zionism Are Creatures of a Feather

What if a recent survey showed that:
*  Some 55 percent of American Whites say that the US should encourage Nigger emigration (Back to Africa movement);
* 78 percent of American Whites oppose including Nigger parties in the government;
* 56 percent agree with the statement that “Niggers cannot attain the American level of cultural development”;
* 75 percent agree that Niggers are inclined to be violent. Among Black-Americans, 54 percent feel the same way about Whites.
* 75 percent of American Whites say they would not live in the same building as Niggers.
Well, sure, you would not believe your ears. In 1935, or the US South of 1955, sure. In today’s Obama-America, forget it.
But wait a minute! What if this poll was taken in The Only Democracy in the Middle East©?
*  Some 55 percent of Jewish Israelis say that the state should encourage Arab emigration;
* 78 percent of Jewish Israelis oppose including Arab parties in the government;
* 56 percent agree with the statement that “Arabs cannot attain the Jewish level of cultural development”;
* 75 percent agree that Arabs are inclined to be violent. Among Arab-Israelis, 54 percent feel the same way about Jews.
* 75 percent of Israeli Jews say they would not live in the same building as Arabs.
Perhaps we, liberal, Judeophilic Whites that we are, would not our heads sagely, voice “Democracy is not a suicide pact” or other aphorisms, mention that there have been other “population transfers” in the 20th Century that went down quite nicely, like, you know, Greece and Turkey in 1915-1920, India and Pakistan around 1948, Germans in Eastern Europe after WW2, well, we could go on and on with this wondrous population transfer thingiemajoo.
Shall we note that all such transfers were conducted in the midst of mass genocides (350,000 dead Greeks, 1-2 million dead East Indians, 2 million dead Germans)? Oh, pshaw! Why be bothered by such trivialities when Palestinians are in the hands of the Most Humane Military on Earth©?
I always wondered why so many White nationalists, not otherwise afflicted with anti-Semitism, supported Israel.
Well, of course.

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14 thoughts on “Why White Nationalism And Zionism Are Creatures of a Feather”

  1. I don’t believe that white nationalists wish to slaughter those who are not white. But if we did we certainly would not be as inept at it as the Jews are and we would certainly not ask the Jews to spill their blood and do our killing for us.
    Jews in America are the ones responsible for making America diverse in the first place. I think our differences are much greater than anything we might accidently have in common.
    Norbert Schlei wrote the 1965 Immigration Act and Jacob Javits bullied and threatened and slandered our Senators until they passed it into law.
    Look at this old hymie laugh at what he knew he did to us.
    Lazarus is the name of the woman who wrote what is on our Statue of Liberty about bringing the hordes of the world to America.
    Jews changed immigration laws in order that they could seek their own interests at the expense of the General Welfare which was un American from the start.
    I am now reading “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” by E Michael Jones and I recommend it. We have nothing in common with Jews and their entire history shows that they do nothing but attempt to destroy us.
    They are responsible for the destruction of our country thru diversity and they are the ones who continually attack our religion and persecute Christians in America.
    You should reserve your anger for white men because they are the ones who sold us out to the Jews when history should have taught them better. They are the ones who sell us out today and refuse to stand up and fight for America.
    I don’t hate Palestinians and I don’t think that they are the threat to us that jews are.
    I don’t believe that Muslims and Christians can live together and if Muslims get the power and the numbers they will force us all to live under Islam. But they are not worst than Jews who do nothing but pursue their own interests at the expense of white people and Christians.
    It is Jews who have destroyed America and they’re not finished with us yet. There was an electronic run on America’s banks on Sept 11, 08 and since jews dominate the international banks they are the ones thought to be behind it. They want us to bomb Iran for them next and if we don’t do it they are prepared to destroy us.
    Jews form one big international power and they stick together like the pile of shit that they are. The best thing we could do is demand that they all live in Israel or else give the Palestinians the right of return.
    If jews had to live in Israel then they couldn’t worm their way into our governments and own all of our media so they could screw us over. They are destroyers.
    White men are to blame for not fighting against them. We have a crisis of leadership and until white men take responsibility and stand up to the jews we will never be able to save ourselves.
    Blacks are not bright enough to represent any threat but Jews are. Jews are not happy unless they’re causing problems. They don’t want to live in Israel because they are parasites.

  2. Why White Nationalism And Zionism Are Creatures of a Feather

    Don’t you mean “Why Communism And Zionism Are Creatures of a Feather?”

    Perhaps we, liberal, Judeophilic Whites that we are

    The correct term is shabbos goy.

    It’s so difficult to tell when he’s being sarcastic.

  3. Worth noting that the USA is outsourcing a lot of its high-tech computer work to Israel, while replacing its own programmers with less-skilled Indians. Israel is not de-skilling. And its agents are well entrenched in all scientific, computer, weapons research work in the States. The US military is entirely dependent on computer software to function effectively, like on 9/11 funnily enough. See where I’m heading – if there’s a serious assault on America’s command and control systems, it could take a generation to rebuild the skills base to deal with it. Israel has 2 – 400 nuclear warheads and submarines capable of firing some of them.
    These nazi bastards are not just a threat to Arabs.

  4. Dear Rober
    Suppose that the tenants in an appartment building constantly complain to their landlord about terrible conditions and that the landlord always replies by assuring than he is a model family man, then the landlord’s claim is not necessarily false, just irrelevant. Likewise, the Zionist argument that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East is largely true but simply beside the point. Israel is denounced for its oppression and dispossession of Palestinians, not for its insufficient democracy within the pre-1967 borders.
    Israel’s current Prime Minister has been charged with corruption and its previous President was charged with rape. Can you imagine any government leader in an Arab country being charged with a crime? I can’t. Israel is indeed a democracy for Jews. It is the Israeli treatment of Arabs in the occupied territories that is criticised. Nobody is claiming that Jews in Israel are treating fellow Jews badly.
    To say that we should approve of Israel’s occupation policies because Israel is a democracy is like saying that we can’t criticise the war in Iraq because the US is a democracy. Democracy does not confer moral infallibity and democracies can commit crimes abroad as well as at home. It was American democracy that dispossessed and expelled the Cherokees and other Indians. Wasn’t it Oscar Wilde who once said that democracy is two foxes and a chicken deciding what should be eaten for dinner?
    This endlessly repeated argument that Israel is a democracy is just a big red herring. Moreover, just because Israel is a democracy doesn’t mean that Israeli interests and American interests are harmonious. If a Catholic employer has a choice between hiring Peter, a fellow Catholic and incompetent worker, and Paul, a Mormon and competent worker, then his interests should lead him to hire Paul. Interests and affinities are two different things altogether. There may be more affinity between the US and Israel than between the US and the Arab countries, but not one American interest is served by American support for Israel.
    Funny how nobody ever said that we should support South African whites because they are Westerners too and also democratic. Yes, in South Africa there was democracy for whites.
    Regards. James

  5. The Italian party (not sure which one you are referring to) is not a WN party. The BNP is most surely a White nationalist party.
    If you’re not familiar with the movement, well, American Renaissance is one of the premier White nationalist websites. WN isn’t necessarily the same thing as skinheads and sites like Stormfront, although they can shade into each other to some extent. At a lot of the saner WN sites, they support Israel against the Palestinians.
    The only WN who support the Pallies are the super hardcore anti-Semites. Once you take away the anti-Semitism, a lot of WN realize that they have a lot in common with Zionism. Zionism is White nationalism for Jews.

  6. Hey, great post, LS. I didn’t see it until just now. Yes, Israel has totally infiltrated all of our security systems, all of our national security software, all of our phones, all of our cell phones, everything. Every time you pick up the damn phone you’re calling Israel. They do this so they can spy on everyone. I think a lot of Israeli control over the US just flat out boils down to blackmail or the ability to blackmail every pol in the country.
    James, this post is excellent. There are some really great lines in there.

  7. You can talk your way around it any way you want, but the fact is, if “white nationalism” had prevailed in America, Israel would have been on its own since 1960 or earlier.

  8. There are definitely some similarities between various strains of Zionism and various strains of race realism and White Nationalism.
    But an analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian (and with most of the other Arabs) situation is not complete unless one considers the underlying religious conflict as well, something that both racialists and Marxists seem prone to dismissing, not even allowing for narratives. But it is quite an important factor, though not the only factor.
    Robert, what do you think of the following classification of severity? This isn’t mine, but based on my own understanding of the explanation VDARE expressed grappling with its own classification.
    1) Race Realists
    2) White Nationalists
    3) White Supremacists

  9. “Some 55 percent of American Whites say that the US should encourage Nigger emigration (Back to Africa movement)”
    Good idea. No need to expel Blacks from America…how about a simple population transfer? With modern transportation and technology it could be done smoothly and gradually.
    How about we simply bring the Whites from South Africa to America and send America’s Blacks to South Africa to take their place?
    Sounds like a plan to me.

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