From California: What Racism?

Uncle Milton makes an excellent response in the comments to an Iranian who was bashing White males. One of the things I liked about his comments was that he said if US Whites are such vicious and evil racists, why did we just elect Obama, and why did we elect Willie Brown and Tom Bradley mayors of large cities? And why did we just elect a Black man governor of Massachusetts?
He also noted that in the US, Whites and Blacks do not in general overtly hate each other. This is an insistence of both White nationalists and Blacks. He said there may be some discomfort, but usually there is not overt hostility.
I really do tire of White-bashing myself. It gets a bit ridiculous, though I am sympathetic to the strong anti-racist stance some of these White-bashers take, and they do force me, in a White Studies kind of way, to confront my own internal racism (which is considerable), so they are healthy like good therapy.
Unc also notes that he has been all over the world, and did not find a lot of hatred directed at him for being an American. Latin America was fine, and in Asia he got a does of White privilege. Europe was ok, and he noted that in Africa, Whites are usually treated better than Blacks.
I figure he is probably right on all this stuff.
I have not traveled much, but I remember once in Tijuana we got lost late at night, and I guess we were in a ghetto, when we kept hearing these plinking stones, and we finally realized that we had been being attacked with rocks for 15-20 minutes just because we had US plates.
I take it that your Unc’s experiences are about right. I meet Thai women on the Internet all the time who are looking for White American men. Why? Well, to support them. The thing to do for a Thai woman is to get a White American guy to take care of her financially. Then he comes and visits once in a while and gets some sex or whatever.
There’s also a lot of this going on in the Philippines and a bit in Latin America. US White men have $, hence they are desired.
One thing that I really tire of from both Blacks and White nationalists is this insistence that people always hate each other on a racial basis. I assume I must be blind or something? Because, as a general rule, here in this part of the US, I simply do not see much overt discrimination, racial hostility or even coldness or rudeness.
Of course, I live in California; this place is the United Nations. WN’s assure me that all Punjabis hate all non-Indians, especially Blacks, and all Arabs hate all infidels, especially Blacks. I deal with Arab and Punjabi storekeepers all the time, and I just cannot see it. If they hate these people, they hide it extremely well.
As a White, I deal with Punjabis, Chinese, Hispanics (especially!), Arabs and Blacks all the time here, and it seems like I almost never experience any anti-White racism from any of them. But hey, maybe I am blind. Further, no one treats Hispanics and Blacks worse either.
Racism in this part of the US is much exaggerated. Many Black women, and I suspect some Hispanic women, around here are looking for White guys (Possibly even me!).
Blacks say that all Whites are viciously racist, but I don’t see it in the Whites I talk to. In fact, if I ever bring up race, the conversation gets shot down just like that, with the White person spouting PC platitudes all the way. Around here, you can’t even talk about the insane illegal alien invasion all around us with most Whites. Bring it up, and it’s usually a social faux pas, or at least the conversation gets quickly shut down in some way or another. Even in the local all-White towns!
I’m still trying to figure out how racism works in this part of the US, but it’s not as simple as any of the models. In this part of the US, overt racism in any way is seriously uncool, and most people won’t cotton to it. I do know of one overt White nationalist around here, but he’s anomalous. There’s another guy who tells nigger jokes and talks about “mud people”, but that’s sort of strange too.
I understand that WN’s wish to separate themselves, especially from Blacks.
To me, it makes more sense for them to do this to try to get away the higher rates of pathologies and very high crime rates that typically follow large Black populations, rather than to escape from amorphous “vicious Black anti-White racism. “Black racism against Whites” is mostly a WN fantasy.
Am I missing something?
I might add I’m not good at figuring out who hates me, because I’m sort of the anti-paranoid. Instead of assuming everyone hates me, I assume that no one does, even when it sort of seems like they might. I can’t bear the idea of people hating me or even disliking me, so I just say it’s not happening.
I was recently told that all of the workers in a store I frequented despised me and wished I would never come back. I had never thought they were ecstatic about me, but I neither had I ever thought that they totally despised me either. They seemed to put on their “customer service happy faces” when I came in, and it was good enough for me.
How can you even figure out if people like you or not anyway, or does it even matter?

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10 thoughts on “From California: What Racism?”

  1. Racism in this part of the US is much exaggerated.
    Are not black and hispanics segregated in prison in California to avoid large scale violence?

  2. Prison and jail is completely different. But even in jail the racism is much exaggerated. In CA prisons, the racism is actually enforced from the top down. You can’t compare the racism in CA prisons with what goes down in the rest of society.
    This city is 67% Hispanic and 4% Black. There is little to no racial conflict between the two groups here.

  3. Racism is enforced from the top down in prison because if you put rival ethnicities in the same cell they are more likely to murder one another.

  4. You certainly ought to be able to choose to opt out of that program if you want to. At CA state prisons, you can’t choose to opt out of this program and you have to go along with the full racist bullshit all the way. Not only that, but the racist project is run by the prison gangs, who work with the prison officials. Prison gangs forbid you from say talking to a Black inmate, making friends with one, etc etc. Violation of these rules has serious consequences. Excuse me, but I think that is just messed up. I talked to a guy who just spent some time in a minimum security prison in CA for drugs or some bullshit and he thought it was complete crap. If you’re not a racist by the time you go to prison, you practically are when you get out.

  5. “Racism” is something of a a theological matter anymore. A mythology adopted for the use of non-white collectivism.
    It’s not a surprise in a nation like America, where anti-European American hatred is the state religion that these non-whites would adopt it. It’s a bit funny, since they were let in in the first place by us. They also seem to think that there is no such thing as immigration laws, and they came here in the same way that the wind blows, an act of nature.

  6. Just a minor and perhaps trivial point, but one worth saying:
    You are a very good writer and researcher and because of that your blog deserves to look better.
    You switched over from the horrible Blogger platform yet when you came here to WordPress you picked the blog template: the default?: which looks most similar to Blogger. Why?
    Why not switch it up a bit, try out a few different looks and find a better template? I recommend the Pressrow theme (by Chris Pearson). It looks especially good and is very readable and well laid out, with very readable big and bold fonts which fit your big and bold themes; the picture at the top is also customizable. A main reason to switch would be that the fonts on this current template are way too small by default and the whole aesthetic is very pinched looking and too similar to the garbage Google Blogger.
    Just a suggestion. Hope you don’t take it the wrong way or anything, your blog is still way cool. Your writing and research is stellar, but in my opinion the whole look of the blog could use tidying up.

  7. One of the things I liked about his comments was that he said if US Whites are such vicious and evil racists, why did we just elect Obama,
    Well, white people *didn’t* elect Obama – the white vote went to McCain by a wide margin, something like 55% to 43% if I recall correctly (I’m too lazy to look up the exact figures).

  8. To Reader:
    “Well, white people *didn’t* elect Obama – the white vote went to McCain by a wide margin, something like 55% to 43% if I recall correctly (I’m too lazy to look up the exact figures).”
    I was responding to the comments by the alleged Iranian American Jas on the other thread. He claimed that Whites in the US hate Blacks (I took that to mean a large majority of Whites..) I tossed out several Black politicians who carried a majority White vote to rebut Jas. I threw in Obama.. but didn’t clarify my statements. Obama clearly took the majority of White votes in many states.. basically all of the Northeast, Wisconsin , Washington state, Minnesota, Oregon, etc. So even though McCain got the majority of the White vote overall in the US… Obama won the White vote in quite a few states, thus the notion that in the US “Whites hate Blacks” as Jas stated seems absurd.

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