Border? What Border?

The pro-illegal immigrant crowd has crafted a very successful lie, but you can see through it pretty easily once you listen to them long and hard enough. One very successful lie of the more sophisticated crowd is that while they support mass amnesty now (Actually, the cleverer ones lie and say they do not support amnesty at all), after that, we will seal the border like glue, enforce immigration laws like hawks, and there will be no more amnesties. If you’re an idiot, you will fall for this scam, just like the gullible fall for any scam. This was exactly the same crap they fed us back in 1986 under Reagan. That mass amnesty was a catastrophe. I have dealt with those amestied in under this outrage, and while the adults are often decent enough people, huge numbers of their children are low-life, gangbanging, moronic, dropout, lazy, lying, thieving, Ghetto-Black aping sheer human garbage. The truth is that probably 8 This is what the pro-illegals crowd believes, in addition to no border: Once the illegals sneak in here, no one has a right to stop them from doing whatever the Hell they want, or to arrest them for breaking the law and ship them home, or anything. Well, Hell, if that is the case, then just tear down all the borders and get rid of all the immigration laws. Immigration laws and borders either exist or they don’t. If they state refuses to guard the border or enforce immigration law, then fuck it, tear down the borders and erase all the immigration laws. Obviously, this is what the pro-illegal immigration crowd really wants. Either illegals are ok or they are not. There is no such thing as these 12 million in the US now are ok, but we will stop all the ones coming in in the future, and we will throw out any who sneak in successfully in the future. It never works that way. Once they legalize the 12 million, the same crowd will scream and yell that the border patrol is still doing its job and catching border jumpers. That’s an outrageous crime right there to these folks. How dare we police our border! Once the new illegals get in, no one will be allowed to lay one single finger on them. The first workplace raid and the same crowd will foam and snarl like rapid animals. Soon we will have millions more illegals in the land, and the screaming demand for a mass amnesty will begin around. That’s exactly what happened last time around and that’s what will happen again and again. They have a very clever project, do they not? This is why I object to racists slamming Hispanics for being stupid. These folks are not dumb at all; Hell, they are downright brilliant. The only idiots are the non-Hispanic Americans who refuse to police the border or throw out the criminal invaders once they have infiltrated our sovereign lands. The notion that this 12 million is a temporary fix, and then we will get back to enforcing borders and immigration laws with gusto is clearly a fiction. The pro-amnesty crowd is a de facto Open Borders crowd. If you’re for amnesty, then you’re really for Open Borders. It’s really essential to understand this about the opposition. If you can’t grasp that, you’re missing the whole argument.

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4 thoughts on “Border? What Border?”

  1. Dear Robert
    I’m neither American nor Mexican, but if I were an American, I would want the American-Mexican border to be hermetically sealed because things seem to be moving in the wrong direction in Mexico, for two reasons. First, there is growing lawlessness in Mexico, which may induce many Mexicans to go to the US, not for economic reasons but for safety reasons, in the same way that most South African whites who are emigrating do so to escape the high crime rate there.
    Second, Mexican oil production is declining and soon Mexico may cease to be an oil exporter altogether, with serious consequences for its economy. Insofar the US has an interest in a stable Mexico, it could serve those interests better by granting Mexico acccess to the American market, which it already has anyway, and by loaning money to Mexico to compensate it for its dwindling export earnings from oil. Loaning money to Mexico should be far cheaper than to admit millions of low-skilled Mexican immigrants, legal or illegal.
    Regards. James

  2. Those damn foreigners:
    “Some Mexicans fear threat to way of life with rapid growth of American residents
    12:00 AM CST on Sunday, March 1, 2009
    Alfredo Corchado
    Not everyone is rolling out the welcome mat to Americans. Many Mexicans complain about the rapid growth of the American population in their neighborhoods, the threat they see to Mexican culture and language, and the possible drain on Mexico’s inexpensive health care.
    In San Miguel de Allende, the group Basta Ya is protesting the erosion of the language and the rising cost of living generated by the infusion of dollars into the local economy.
    “They think Mexico, especially San Miguel de Allende, is an extension of their country,” group member Arturo Morales Tirado said of the Americans who call San Miguel home. “It’s not and won’t be, no way.”
    One positive thing I can say about Mexico taking over the US.. when it’s complete.. they’ll probably do a good job of enforcing the border.. (unless of course you are well heeled enough to afford the “mordida” to effect a consideration…)
    Their slogan could be: Mexicans.. we enforce the border.. a job that Americans refused to do..”

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