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Repost from the old site. Well, they are doing it again. Like the trash trucks that roll around on schedule, come rain or shine, this blog gets bashed as racist on a regular basis by people whose brains don’t work right. Since it gets tiresome to write separate posts answering these charges all the time, I will just write one position post on race and constantly refer to it. First of all, this blog is to some extent a race realist blog. It holds that race exists and is not some fake construct, that there are real differences, both genetic and cultural, between population groups, and we aim to explore those differences in a frank manner. We also discuss how to divide up various ethnic groups genetically and historically, their relations with other groups, their history and prehistory, their cultures, appearances and genetic makeup, among other things. If any of that bothers you, you shouldn’t even be reading this blog. Nowadays, anyone who discusses race at all gets called racist, because the entire topic is shut down. This censorship causes more harm than good. It forces matters underground. Why be racist? Any given individual of any race or ethnic group, no matter their particular mix of genes, culture, choices and life history, may possess the moral character and decency that one desires in a friend, acquaintance, contact, or even, if you find that race or ethnic group attractive, a lover or spouse. Therefore, people of all races and ethnic groups should be treated respectfully as individuals as long as one feels they are good people, lacks evidence that they are not, and is willing to take chances on strangers. Most of us probably have racist tendencies somewhere; after all, we are human. I don’t mind people who are racists and accept them completely as long as they are aware they have a problem and struggle against it. It may well be a lifelong journey, but it’s well worth it. If you are racist and proud, I think I understand you, but I’m sorry you took that road. Peoples’ feelings are sensitive. We should temper our words and prose in a reasonable way to make them less hurtful to others and also to not indict ourselves. People who are excessively sensitive to every little petty hurt need to grow up and act their chronological age. I have dated many women of all ethnic groups all through my life. White Supremacists, or even White Nationalists, do not do this. What is interesting is that many White Nationalists consider that I am one of their most hardcore anti-racist enemies. This blog takes an official stand against all racism and this blog is officially pro-Jewish and pro-Black. Whether we live up it or not is a matter of opinion. If you feel we engage in racism anyway, email me and point out the wording in question. All wording that could be considered racist by reasonable people is monitored when written, during editing and afterwards, and the wording is often changed, sometimes more than once. Two guest posters have already been banned for continuous anti-Semitism and we are prepared to ban some more. The Left says there are Good Facts and Evil Facts. Good Facts are any supposed facts that feel good to the Left, no matter whether they are facts or not. Any fact having to do with race or ethnicity is automatically an Evil Fact, that is, it is not a fact at all. At the same time, the Left says that there are Good Lies and Evil Lies. Good Lies are the lies the Left tells about race and a million other things. Evil Lies are things like Holocaust Revisionism. In so doing, the Left promotes a blatantly anti-scientific project. There are no good and bad facts in science. There are only facts. There are no good and bad lies in science. There are only lies. Like everything else in life, we ignore the facts and swim heedlessly in the lies at our peril. Denial, whether in the form of a charging elephant or a bottle of Scotch, can kill.

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21 thoughts on “Position on Race”

  1. Great Site, amazing information. Keep up the good work. I share your views in racism, what the racists don’t yet know is that in a couple thousand years or so, we will all look about the same! LOL.

    1. “couple of thousand years”
      I think that simple traits like eye colour is going to be able to be gene modified in the future, giving parents some flexibility in what apperance their kids will be. I suspect a lot of heavily european admixed latams and semites would get their kids blue eyes since thats hip in their cultures. Africans and other equatorial populations might make their eye-whites more white.
      Anyways while racism might be gone in your scenario, the aspects of human psychology to cause tribalism and racism might survive into the future, making the bad aspects of racism survive, with the neutral and good aspects dissapearing.

  2. When you make comments like. . .
    “[if White people had their testosterone increased,] then Whites would just act more violent than they are, and Blacks would be just as violent as they are. End result: more violent crime.”
    . . . I believe you are racist, because you seem to believe that black men are naturally violent. And that’s some racist nonsense.
    If you want to clear up the charges, you’ll have to address claims you make like THAT–what’s upsetting is not the mere discussion of genetic differences amongst the people of the earth. It’s hard to imagine someone taking issue with THAT if you didn’t make such ridiculous statements and trade in oppressive notions.

        1. Actually, scumbag, regular commenters do it all the time. But you won’t be a regular commenter. You won’t even be any kind of commenter, jerk. Because you’re banned. Because you have a crap attitude.
          Merry Fucking Christmas!

    1. Black men actually ARE more inclined towards violence. I am black, so I guess i am a self hater. Hey, id rather much be that than be one of those “ignant” blacks who believe dat we created da pyramids n sheeeeit. There ARE genetic differences between races. This difference is both in physical appearance and mental function.

      1. Some footnotes documenting the peer reviewed scientific studies on which your statements are based would be helpful.

        1. There are no studies that have concluded that a person of a specific racial makeup is predestined to social or modern social violence. I’m not sure that outside of testosterone level there is a specific gene that makes someone more prone to modern criminality. also remember that each society around the word has different laws for governing. A criminal in the U.S. could be a wealthy landowner or king in another country.

  3. That doesn’t surprise me, Big G. How about the IQ differences? And how does one deduct for the cultural differences in measuring IQ?

  4. My opinion on racism, facts and morality.
    Im not buying the iq differences, there so much confounding stuff, poor samples and counter evidence to the rhetoric of Ruston and Jensen that you eventually fall down on getting no new knowledge. Here are some samples of third world IQ that arent usually discussed:
    The race and IQ differences are (in my opinion) at max 7 points (no reason as to that difference would have pertain the same hierarchy that Ruston likes to cite), anything else seems implausable for me, or maybe i havent met enough mexicans like you lol.
    I dissgree with heritability studies methedology and implementation (how its done in studies). IQ seems to have some merit, but there are better aptitude tests to meassure specific skills, so i see no use in it outside of picking out really stupid and really smart people, which you dont need iq test to begin with (an example of gaining no new knowledge). IQ only has an correlation to job performance of .3, while there are an large amount of confounding variables in the measurement of job performance that werent controled for (maybe correlating to education inflating the correlation to IQ). IQ is also malleable to culture wich makes it a little flunky.
    The social chohesion argument is interresting, im not too into it, but this white nationalist seems to agree with Swank:
    (now going on a tangent of extrapolation instead of pure facts) I think that if the racists are right about social cohesion there would be self imposed seggregation with interracial cooperation within big citites, research centers/collages for the pure cash and productivity. If swank is right then class and cultural imprinting are what matters.
    (back to facts)
    The race and beauty thing is covered here:
    I need construct valid reliable and peer reviewed studies on this subject, bias is just too rampant.
    Morality are feeling and subjective, a phrase i came up with is that “science gives you choices, you pick”, but even that is inadequate as assuming reality is just a preference.
    Pick and choose whatever science makes you feel good, thats how everyone else works and its going just dandy. Be 100% pragmatic about it. Realize the difference between models and feelings, its hard for people who arent trained, but try.
    Eventually your models and feeling are going to come in contact with social relatioships, thats were it gets complex, but try to be pragmatic and understanding by using models to your advantage, thats my subjective approach.

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