A Little Black In All of Us

Repost from the old site. Well, not quite, but sort of. At least in many Mediterranean types and other Europeans, White Americans, North Africans and Arabs. Let’s take a look. The link is dead now, but from this dead link:

Middle Eastern/Arab Group Black 
Iraq (Jews)                 0.0
Iran (Jews)                 0.0
Sephardic Jews              0.0
Yemen (Jews)               *4.0
Bedouin                     4.3
Iraqis                     *4.5
Syrians                     5.0
Jordanians                 *7.0
Palestinians                8.8
UAE                        11.1
Saudis                    *13.5
Omanis                     16.0
Qataris                   *16.0
Yemenis (Sana)            *17.5
Yemenis (Hadramawt)        19.0

* I had to recalculate the Another study showed Black Y-DNA: Palestinians, 10.3

Jordanian Bedouins. These people are 4.3
This group, the Bedouins, appears to be a very ancient Caucasian group, though I can’t seem to prove it – it’s just a hunch of mine. They are on the borders genetically between Blacks and Caucasians, along with Yemenis, Arabians, Berbers, Algerians, the Beja, and Nubians.
Ethiopians are in there too somewhere, but they are clearly into the Black category, although they are best thought of as an intermediate group between Blacks and Caucasians. Bedouins are one of the most divergent genetic groups in the Caucasian race. Bedouins are the original Jordanians, and they still run the state. 70

In the Arab World, or at least in the Gulf, most of the Black genes seem to have come in on the mother’s side. This implies that Arab men were having sex with Black slave girls, given the normative Black-Arab relationship of slave-master in the Gulf for far too long. There is much less Black paternal DNA, which means that Black slaves were not having sex with that many Arab women.

A very dark-skinned, yet nevertheless very Caucasian-looking Syrian woman. Syrians are about 5

All of the links to the relevant journal articles are dead too, but if anyone wants to track them down, here they are: link, link and link.

A Yemeni man. We have Yemenis near where I live; they run the local stores. They are clearly a mostly-Caucasian people, but they do have about 19 This is a very ancient region, and Yemen is probably where the first people came out of Africa. It is surely where the first proto-Caucasians left Africa also. There are still some Negritos here in the Mahra region who are probably the remnants of the original humans that left Africa 70,000 years ago. They are called Black Yemenis, and are treated horribly by the Arabs. There is a high value put on whiteness in Yemen. A young man who works at the local market tells me that he hates summer because he turns so dark from the sun. In Yemen, dark is bad, White is good. I try to tell him that he lives in Mexifornia now and Brown is the new White, but I’m not sure if he believes me. These guys forbid their women from working and their Mom chooses a future wife for them. Mixing between the sexes outside of marriage is strictly forbidden. Some of the young women have abandoned the hijab, but they’re hardly liberated. There’s no trouble at all from these Yemenis or from the sizable Palestinian population nearby. In fact, they are a Hell of a lot better behaved than the local Hispanics, and the IQ’s of Iraq and Palestine are quite a bit below US Hispanics. Surely there is more to acting civilized and having good morals and manners than IQ. I really like these Yemeni guys; they are a lot of fun. Good people all around.

Since the links are dead, I’m open to anyone who wants to research this issue further.

Abir Aramin, a Palestinian. I assume this is a girl? Anyway, Palestinians are 8.8

Spaniards and Portuguese are about 4 Arabs are in serious denial about their Black heritage, and this is a real sore issue with them, so don’t try to bring it up. Some Arabs take great pride in being White and many others could care less. In Yemen, lighter skin is much prized and darker skin is not good. I looked an older Yemeni man I know straight in the eye recently and said, “You guys are White, just like me,” and watch his smile light up the heavens (We were discussing the Negritos that supposedly live in the Mahra region of Yemen).

Check out Rashida Jones – 35 She look “non-White” to you?

US Blacks are virtually another race apart from Africans, so it is about time we quit conflating the two of them. US Blacks Whiter than others: Louisianans (the Cajuns above) are 22 There was no epidemic of slave masters have sex with slaves. Only a few White Southerners mated with Black females. Instead, through US history, about 3 There was probably very little Black male – White female mating until recently. Prior data suggested that US Blacks were 30 North Africa is definitely part-Black. From a dead link once again:

North African Group       Black 
Algerian Kabilyes          1.5
Moroccan Berbers           5
Algerian Berbers          10
Moroccan Arabs            13
North African average     13
Mauritanians              44
Sahelians                 44
Tauregs                   82

The first six are mostly-White (the next two only barely) but the last, Tauregs, are mostly Black, looking similar to US Blacks. Mauritanians and Sahelians are similar to Ethiopians, who are 56 The figures for Black admixture are possibly discouraging to White nationalists, but considering that 90

European/Eurasian Group            Black 
Georgia (Jews)                     0
Kurdish Jews                       0
Ashkenazi Jews                     0
Azerbaijan                         0
Armenia                            0
Georgia                            0
Nogay                             .2
Russia                          *0.2
Poland                          *0.2
Slovakia                        *0.2
Czechoslovakia                  *0.2
Corsica                          0.4
Northern Italy                   0.5
Austria                          0.5
Turkey                           0.5
Britain                          0.7
Central Italy                    0.8
Italy (Tuscany)                  1.2
Turkey (Istanbul)                1.4
Italy (Calabria)                 1.5
Germany                          1.7
Italy (Apulia)                   1.9
France                           2.0
Spain (Cantabrian Pasiegos)      2.0
Kurds                            2.0
Italy average                    2.1
Albania                          2.1
Cyprus (Turk)                    2.1
Spain average                    2.2
Corsica                          2.3
Spain (Galicia)                  2.5
Iberian average                  2.7
Central Portugal                 3.6
Sicily (Ragusa)                  3.7
Italy (Sardinia)                 3.9
Italy (Calabrian Albanians)      4.1
Southern Spain                   4.1
Southern Italy                   4.2
Sicily (Castelammare)            4.2
Northern Portugal                4.3
Portugal average                 4.4
Central Portugal                 4.5
Greece                           5.0
Italy (Sicily)                   5.3
S. Portugal (Alentejo-Algarve)   5.8
Portugal (Madeira Islands)       6.5
Southern Portugal average        7.4
Sicily (Sciacca)                 8.7

*These figures include mtDNA only and no Y-DNA, so I set Y-DNA at 0. No doubt the Y-DNA is miniscule to nonexistent. The Greek figure is very controversial. However, going by autosomal markers that typically show 5 I am confident that Greeks do have quite a bit of Berber, Arab and Phoenician blood in them though, and I am very suspicious of Pontikos Dienekes’ (Greek nationalist) work. The other argument, that Greeks have significant Black blood, is here.

These are some classic Greek types – a classic Greek phenotype. Autosomal studies show that Greeks have ~5 A Greek nationalist named Dienekes Pontikos, along with a Southern Italian nationalist who runs the Racial Reality site, both of whom I formerly respected, are apparently behind some Net anthro fraud in which they are trying to pass off Greeks and Southern Italians off as some sort of “pure Whites”, I guess as a sop to White nationalists, or so they can be White too. They have laid into the Kemp paper and an Internet jihad against it has unfolded. Unfortunately, there is far more evidence for Black genes in Greeks than a single paper by a guy named Kemp. Indeed, the evidence is quite overwhelming. Both Racial Reality and Dienekes are generally fine sites, but when it comes to their own ethnic group, the insanity rule of ethnic nationalism applies: ethnic nationalism drives the sanest people completely nuts. The whole enterprise is absurd. Greeks and Italians are clearly Caucasians and, if you will, Whites. Yes, they have a bit of Black blood in them, but not much. Is this really the end of the world, guys? An Azeri man from Azerbaijan. The US is trying to foment an Azeri separatist movement in Iran, but it’s not going to go anywhere. The Iranian regime is disgusting and bans all languages other than Persian from school, but other than that, most Azeris don’t want to leave. For one thing, they run the country. Ahmadinejad, Khomeini, Khatami, Khameini, and most of the top leadership have long been Azeris. It was actually Iranian Azeris who created the Safavid Shia state that modern Iran is based on back around 1600 and they have been running the show ever since. Why secede? What for? These people do not have any Black in them that I am aware of. Maybe future studies will find some.

As you can see, Black admixture in Europeans is concentrated in the Iberian peninsula, and even there, the levels are quite low. At levels like this, we often see no observable Black phenotype at all. I think it is funny that those big, tough German White nationalists have more Black in them than those greasy Calabrians (Southern Italians just to the north of the Sicilian boot) that they despise so much. That’s rich! The truth is that Italians and especially Greeks have quite a bit of Berber, Arab and Phoenician in them, and this for the most part accounts for their darker features. There’s not a whole lot of evidence that either group has much Black genes in them. Note that the European Black

The father of Ardent, a blogger who runs the interesting Ardent Observations blog and is also an acquaintance of mine. She is of Turkish-Cypriot ancestry and lives in Australia. This is a photo of her father, who left Cyprus as a single young man and hopped a ship to Australia barely knowing a word of English. Some local Turks grabbed him when he landed, got him a job and a place to stay and eventually he raised a family there. I think it is interesting that he looks as White as any White American around. Actually, he looks like my own father did when he was young. My father is German-French. Ardent notes in the comments section at the end of this post that people used to tell her father that he looked Slavic, but he did not appreciate that, as he was a Muslim, and the Ottomans and Slavs were enemies for centuries. It’s interesting that Turks seem to have one of the lowest Black gene But it looks like the whole Anatolian/Caucasus region has received very few Black genes. Black genes made it to Syria and Iraq in the south and to Greece in the West, but seem to have halted there. Germans have 70 Turks are a very interesting people genetically. They are Caucasians, at least according to me anyway, and they can easily be classed as the same European White subrace as Europeans. Turks don’t seem to give a damn if people think they are White or not though, probably due to long-standing hostility between the Muslim Ottomans and Christian Europe. In other words, to be a White Turk is to be the same person as a Christian European, and not only do Turks like to think of themselves as different, but Christian Europe was an enemy for centuries. Some White nationalists say that 30-50 There is extensive commentary from Ardent and a light-skinned US Black woman who has spent a lot of time in Turkey about Blacks and Turkey. The Black woman says that Turkey is one of the most Black-friendly countries she has ever lived in. Turks don’t seem to have much racism towards Blacks, for whatever reason. She also met an Iranian man who told her that Iran was a quite Black-friendly country too. Apparently many Turks had Black servants in recent times and in Ottoman times there were many Black slaves in addition to the famous White Circassian Beauties. The female Black slaves were often encouraged to abort when they were made pregnant by a Turk, and the male slaves were often castrated. She also said some Iraqis were very friendly to her, so prejudice against Blacks is surely not universal in Iraq, and there are Iraqis with obvious Black ancestry in the Shia South. White nationalists like to say that most ethic groups despise Blacks as if it is some sort of a universalism. That’s apparently not true in the case of Arabs, Iranians and Turks anyway.

Here is the data that I used to arrive at these conclusions. You’re free to go through it if you wish and see if you come up with something similar: mtDNA data: Wikipedia mtDNAPortugal (Madeira Islands) – 13 Most North Africans are 13 A study by Gonzalez et al. 2003 found L haplogroups at rates of 0.1 Note that these figures do not count the L3 lineage, which may be of ancient introduction and so remains ambiguous. For comparison, sub-Saharan mtDNA runs 21.8 According to another study by Pereira et al. 2005 sub-Saharan mtDNA L haplogroups were found at rates of 0.62 The frequency is clearly higher in Portugal (32 sequences in 549 individuals; 5.83 Y-DNA data: Y-DNA Sub-Saharan African Y-chromosomes are much less common in Europe, for the reasons discussed above. However, Haplogroups E(xE3b) and Haplogroup A spread to Europe due to migrations from Northeast Africa, rather than the slave trade. In some of the data below, E-M35 is included. The haplotypes have been detected in Northern Portugal, 6 By contrast, North Africans have about 5 James Schipper comments in the comments section:

If only 1 out of 33 black women per generation was impregnated by a white male, then only about 1 out 33 x 7 = 231 white males per generation impregnated a black woman. So much for the argument that lots of white men were having sex with black females. You know that it is the dose that makes the poison. To paraphrase that, it is the admixture that determines the classification. Let’s take 5 mixtures of beer and wine. A is 96 Likewise, calling the Portuguese Whites despite their black admixture of about 4 Let’s use an analogy. We don’t call German a Latin language even though maybe 5

He is surely correct. One of the main reasons that any kind of White nationalist movement is doomed to fail in the US is due to the WN’s insane failure to include Iberians, Italians, Serbs, etc. The number of WN’s who insist that Spaniards, Portuguese, Italians, Greeks and Serbs are not White is very large, and it usually seems like a large majority on most forums. WN deserves to fail anyway because it’s nothing but racist bullshit, but this will just insure its grave for sure. Now, the sort of race realism that Fred on Everything is pushing is usually completely sane and is likely to go over well. Further, it’s possible that his POV is largely devoid of anything that can meaningfully be called racism. He used to ride along with big city cops a lot, so he knows the inner city very well. He’s got some very interesting arguments about what do about the public schools. He lives in Mexico and apparently loves Mexicans just fine. He thinks it’s really stupid to let them swarm in here by the millions. Fred notes that in Mexico, the illegals are considered the least desirable elements of that society. I am not sure what Fred means by that, but you can use your imagination. The whole idea of immigration is to pick the cream of the crop. There’s a possibility that we are doing the opposite with regard to Mesoamerican mass illegal immigration. WN’s have turned their back on Fred, apparently because he married a Mexican woman! That makes him a race traitor in their lunatic eyes. So you can see right now that with built-in faults like that, this is a doomed movement. This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

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  2. I don’t think that there is a pure race anymore (except probably nomads, tribes, and bushmen), nor am I even sure that race is even a real thing, except maybe pigmentation like gingiva melanin pigmentation.

  3. i just saw a news story on fox4kc.com out of Kansas City at the same moment I was reading all these stupid blogs. It was about a contraversial T-shirt logo… “WHITE IS THE NEW BLACK” hahaha. strange timing huh? Go to the history on that site and you’ll see this is true. Can anyone explain THAT. (th timing that is) hehe.

    1. There are no such things as race. There are only haploid groups. No way to tell haploid group by someone’s skin color or religion.

  4. Palestinians 11 percent Y-DNA nigger? Seriously? The Arabs who didn’t consider children fathered by non-Arabs as Arab, and routinely raped negresses would allow so many dumb nigger males to intermix with the local Arab population in Palestine? Top lel, nope.

    1. that’s funny. I’ve heard so much about the human genome , hair color , eye color, enzyme switching. ive never heard once that they isolated the nigger gene. so your saying that arabs allowed the nigger gene in and now eleven percent of the population of Palestine has the nigger gene.
      Since Palestine is bordering Egypt and Egypt is in Africa. And your nigger gene is from Africa, doesn’t it make sense that there would be more percentage of the nigger gene in the area around the pathways out of Africa in Eurasia . Lets say that the honkie gene from northern Europe were found in Palestinian. given the time it took ancient man to travel wouldn’t it be more prudent to expect there to be more nigger genes in a country bordering Africa in an area where the sun darkened skin. also is the nigger gene directly related or next to the skin color gene. Because I see many areas around the world with dark skin color or as you put it the nigger gene. those that don’t have curly hair couldn’t possible have the nigger gene. those with dark skin but small lips couldn’t have the nigger gene. Unless of course they had white mothers and all the nigger gene where dormant in that generation. wait did I say nigger genes. it appears that we can’t just have specific traits for the nigger gene we would have to call a grouping of genes the nigger gene group. dark skin, big lips, pushed in nose, dark curly hair, brown eyes, big ass, large cock, great running speed. this group of genes would be called the nigger gene grouping. Anyhow why would you expect there to be a honkie grouping in Palestine. The honkie grouping( light skin, light hair,light eyes, small cocks) would be from 1000 miles to the north with no transformational means other than walking. I think you’ll be surprised to find that there is a much higher percentage of nigger gene groupings in those human populations around the equator . 11 percent is just nigger gene grouping denial. Once again our ancestors mixed more than anyone could imagine. Given the recent findings that 5 homo groups wandered Eurasia 30,000 ybp. 99.99999 percent of all humans on the planet are closely related. If a human genome is 3 billion pairs we all differ by just a few genes. And there is no such thing as the nigger or honkie gene. Or even nigger gene groupings.
      There are no races, there are only haploid groups and that grouping cannot be determined by skin color or any other physical trait. period.

  5. Mr. Lindsay, your exposé only proves just how subjective ‘race’ truly is and that it is actually a social construct than having any real biological or scientific basis. For example, in your writings you speak of ‘Caucasian’ features. Are you aware that there are many black Africans with such features in Sub-Sahara as far south as Kenya and Tanzania and even parts of South Africa. It didn’t matter how black their skin was. Their complexions were ebony as dark as ‘True Negroes’ yet their features automatically made them ‘Caucasian’ instead. In fact, the very term of ‘True Negro’ but never ‘True Caucasian’ as if all Caucasians are true but some ‘negroes’ are fake exposes the whole farce that is racial classification. By the way, I myself am of Southeast Asian ancestry and even my people were once considered ‘brown Mediterraneans’!!
    What’s more is that much of this African genetic ancestry in the Middle East or Europe for that matter from both paternal (Y-chromosomal) and maternal (mitochondrial) predates any historical slave trades, with many lineages dating to neolithic times so I question why you are quick to attribute these African lineages to slave ancestry only. I also find it funny how black ancestry in North Africans is so surprising considering that North Africa IS part of Africa and that the Sahara desert as we know it today did not always exist with extensive gene flow.

  6. Why is this issue depicted as the sole motivator for any separatist movement? Perhaps a people is seeking freedom for their people “just because” it’s pragmatic or of their preference. Why does anyone need special permission to have a preference? This article is proof that “might is right.” Historically speaking, if someone will not grant you what you wish or even mere respect.. well, what’s wrong with using violence? Mr. Lindsay, like so many WASPs, you have a pronounced “Black fetish.” I find everything about Blacks to be utterly boring, and am simply more entirely “uninterested” in them than malevolent. I’ve always found it odd that the Scots (and Scots-Irish), who are often identical to the English, have historically been so prone to racism… as opposed to the much more aristocratic and principally flawed English. Every time I’ve ever met a person that I liked whom had an English surname, I later found out that they were partly Scot, German, etc.

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