US Hispanic Racial Dynamics

Repost from the old site. This is an update to an earlier post, The Racial Makeup of Hispanics. For background on the issue, please refer to the previous post. This post will mostly deal with Hispanics in California, because that is where I live. In the previous post, we noted that Hispanics seemed to be getting darker (more Indian and Black and less White) with time in California and the Southwest. The first study, done in the early 80’s in San Diego, showed CA Chicanos to be 68 The second study, done in 1998, that show Arizona Chicanos were 57 We now have a new study showing that by the year 2000, California Hispanics (overwhelmingly Mexicans and Chicanos) have become much darker over 16 years. The new study includes two surveys – one shows CA Hispanics at 46

CA Hispanics
        White  Indian  Black
1984    68     30      2
2000    47     40.5    12

Two new studies were reported in the Southwest US as a whole from 2000. The first found admixture of 64 The combined total for the three studies was 65

Studies of Hispanic admixture in California, Nevada and the US Southwest represented as pie charts. All charts are from a recent study done in 2000.

What this indicates in that the Chicanos and Mexicans in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado are much Whiter, less Indian and dramatically less Black than those in California. This may be because of California’s huge agricultural crops that attract many largely-Indian Mexicans from Guerrero and Oaxaca. There is evidence that in general, the flow of Mexican immigrants to the US is the same as it has always been – they are coming from the same states as they have always come from:

In general, therefore, we do not find a “changing profile” of Mexican migrants during the 1980s. Rather, despite a few changes, we perceive a remarkable continuity in trends and patterns. Maintaining a pattern that dates back at least to the 1940s and perhaps even to 1900, recent outflows continue to be dominated by migrants from a handful of western states: principally Guanajuato, Jalisco, and Michoacán, and to a lesser extent Durango, San Luis Potosí, and Zacatecas. Together these six states have consistently accounted for about half of all Mexico-U.S. migrants, with the border states comprising another 30 percent and the central states making up the remaining 20 percent. Over time, emigration has also become less selective with respect to education, suggesting that the outflow has increasingly been one of the rural and urban poor, predominantly from the western states.

Most Mexican immigrants continue to come from the Northern, North-Central and the West-Central part of the country, traditionally Mestizo areas. Look at these pics of Tejano singers whose ancestors came from those places. Chihuahua in Northern Mexico has traditionally sent many immigrants to the US. Check out these photos of Chihuahua hotties and see how they are a lot more White than Indian. This phenotype is so common in my town that it is almost ubiquitous. Once again, to reiterate, 50 The border states of Chihuahua, Sonora, Nuevo Leon and Coahuila have traditionally made up 30 The reason that those states are Whiter is because they had fewer Amerindians from the very start. Combined totals of the three heavily Cuban (and Venezuelan and Nicaraguan upper class in Florida) areas of Florida, New Jersey and the SE US show a population that is 83 Hispanics in Pennsylvania are 83 The Hispanic population of Virginia is hard to characterize – it is 64 All told, the total on the East Coast is 79 Let us look at these figures as a chart:

US Hispanics
              White  Indian  Black
East Coast    79     10      11
Southwest     65     35      0
California    47     40.5    12

Hispanics on the East Coast and in the US Southwest are to this day a mostly-White ethnic group, despite the fevered blatherings of White nationalists. This can no longer be said about California’s Hispanics. California’s Hispanic population is now the least White, the most Indian and the most Black of any major region in the US, and it has become much less White, more Indian and dramatically more Black in the past few decades.


Peterson, B.L., Su, B. and Chakraborty, R. et al. 2000. World Population Data For The HLA-DQA1, PM® And D1S80 Loci With Least And Most Common Profile Frequencies For Combinations Of Loci Estimated Following NRC II Guidelines. J. Forensic Sci. 45:118-146.

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24 thoughts on “US Hispanic Racial Dynamics”

  1. I find it interesting how when you look at pictures of Mexican American, you can’t help but notice how Caucasian their features are. Just look up “Mexican Mafia” or “Nuestra Familia” on Google images and you’ll see what I mean. Alot of those Mexicans in jail look so Caucasian, that when they and Anglo white inmates (especially dark haired Anglo whites) wear sunglasses and comb their hair back (as they do in jail), they look indistinguishable from each other, even many in skin color they are indistinguishable. Sometimes I wonder how they didn’t assimilate, but people like Italians (who had comparable criminal histories and ethnic & cultural closeness/isolationism) did (and Italians do look like Mexican Americans, particularly the Sicilians).

    1. Thats is not true. Of course recent mexicans are now the majority then 30s 40s and 50s mexicans who are a huge minority i my self come from washington state were we have the countires largest agricultue fields. There is nothing caucasian about the early mexican immigrants as a matter of fact most look very indian watch the documenteries on yotutbe look up the pachucos of la. Southern italians look like some mexican,americans because italians are too a mixed race(mestizo) ppl. I say we look nothing compare to whites but resemble more like arabs gypsy egyptian romainian greek berber paki and many other non whites if nothing else. Whites as your self are of northern euro decent celtic germanic danish nordic very white. Nothing special about those sub races. Tho Southern europeans are a very mixed race mixed society culturaly diverse environement as well as jews turks and many others. Yet you see no one trying to study or observe them like animals at a zoo. I find it quite cool that ppl find us as exotic but we ant dumb we know who we come from and what culture we divered from. Not only can we tell by looking in a mirror or familly traits its much deeper than that its in our foods culture and traditions and every day life has indigenous written all over it

  2. ok im mexican american and my family are from the state of michoacan and i visited many relatives and friends and thay dont seem to look black or indegenous mexican thaye have some native american features but there skin color is white and lots of them have blue eyes and or green these are european features but it dont matter al we know is that we are mexicans and what happen in the past stays in the past and some mexicans are mixed with african roots but does are the people who live in the coast areas like vera cruz ETC please get your facts right cuase you cant just pose thing that arnt backed up with facts . i did a gene test in a lab and turns out im 78 percent white aka european spanish ETC and still im proud to be what i am

  3. This is very interesting. My family is from Mexico. The majority of our background is European, about 85%. The remainding bloodline is Indian. So, we look either european or mostly european. Mexico has a population of about 107 million people. About 17 million are full White Europeans, about 30 million are Indians and about 60 million are some kind of mixturre of Indain and White. The range is from mostly Indian to mostly White or somewhere in the middle. The largerest amount of White DNA comes from Spain, but France, Britain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Austria and other European countries have contributed a large amount of DNA to Mexico as well. Their is also a small amount of Jewish, Black and Asian DNA in Mexico. The Indian DNA is seen in the population more because it is genetically more dominant. So, some one who is 3/4 European usually does not look completey white; they may still have brown skin and some Indian features. Look at George Lopez; he is 55% European about 36% Indian, about 4% Asian, and 5% Black but he looks rather Indian in appearence. I hear many people say that someone is Castizo (3/4 European 1/4 Indian) but in reality they are 100% White. Most Indians are shorter and smaller in body build. They have very dark skin and generally rounded heads and faces. They usually have Asian eyes with broad flater noses and broad lips. Their hair is also very thick and black. They generally have short neck too. Remeber the darker Indian DNA is more dominant to the fairer European DNA so Indian features may carry into people that are even 90% European and only 10% Indian.

  4. is this guy is obsessed with Mexicans. listen we are Mestizo/Amerindian you cant divide & conquer the Mestizo group because the early colonist use those terms to exterminate the native race. like the English who had different ways of genocide they created the wonderful white filling “one drop rule” which is made to outbreed the Black race. cause your not gonna go And start blood testing blacks in the U.S who are much much lighter than those in sub sahara Africa now are you?. lol 68% Spanish.. thats not White boo im sorry. why ignore the Indigenous dna likes its not there? the only pure blooded race here are you Europeans who 100% White. i think your jealous of us cause we get the best of both worlds. not to mention the majority of the “white” dna is of iberian roman greek berber & muslim mixed ups. if you wiki (brown race) your not gonna find “brown pride” or la raza bullshit. its the mediterranean race. “white people” lol see were still not the same. although im proud of my spanish heritage we are nothing like NOrthern EuroPEED-ON you pale ass blond headed snake thin lip chimps. our blond haired mediterranean woman are sexier versions of the swedish british polish german ect ect. Lmao but hey consider us the more improved whites. with Aboriginal touch.

    1. Listen up you Brown Berets burrito biter. GTFO. Just in case you can’t leave fast enough, I’m banning your wetback ass all the way back to Mexico where you belong. Shouldn’t you be out gangbanging with your homies?

      1. Wow, so unprofessional. For someone who divulges so many statistics, how do you let someone get under your skin for just voicing their opinion. Ignorant people will always talk but you fed into it. And you even threw in a racial slur…wow. You should be reported.

  5. who wouldn’t want to be a part of Roman history greek mythology ancient iberia cultures the moors conquering mid-evil spain and the beautiful western mediterranean race.. plus Meso American history such as the mexican northern tribes in which the nahuas and Aztecs came from, Mayan calendar and art… i can see why people wanna study us so bad. Mestizo power! mesitzo pride!

      1. @Robert Lindsay – I find your response odd. You wrote a post with such careful, objective analysis. You even dismissed white nationalists, apparently for their lack of nuanced understanding:
        “Hispanics on the East Coast and in the US Southwest are to this day a mostly-White ethnic group, despite the fevered blatherings of White nationalists.”
        Then you make stereotypical racist comments. I don’t get that. What does that achieve?
        I’m just a regular white American from the Midwest. I don’t care one way or another about Hispanic pride or white pride. All simplistic race-based thinking is pointless, although there is a place for fair and reasonable discussion. This post seemed to be offering an invitation for such discussion, but your comments immediately shut down any opportunity for it.
        It saddens me. It’s easy to get angry and righteous. I get that way sometimes, but I try to resist it because it never seems to lead anywhere good or useful. It just leads to bad feelings, if not outright mean-spiritedness. We really need honest discussions about race. We should never waste an opportunity.

        1. “Hispanics on the East Coast and in the US Southwest are to this day a mostly-White ethnic group, despite the fevered blatherings of White nationalists.”
          LOL how is that a racist comment?

          1. I realize you are pretending to be a comedian. For whatever reason, you think you can keep yourself in a superior position by refusing to have a serious discussion because then you’d have to treat people fairly and respectfully as equals. Whatever gets you off.

  6. I disagree with the study since it claims the average Chicano in California is harnizo. I would estimate they are only 25% of California Mexicans. They however make up the majority of the Mexican american middle class.

  7. I am an aging white woman of Russian-German-Jewish descent. I don’t care about skin color so much, but I DO care about behavior.
    I have been the recipient of some nasty comments from minorities, primarily blacks and Hispanics, particularly when l lived in the high-desert town of Lancaster, Lancaster, LLancaancaster, California. Sepecially being called Lancaster, California. I got called “fat-assed white bitch” several times. ed white bitch.”

    1. Oops… goofed there. Ii got called “fat-assed white bitch” several times, which I did not care for. Oy yeah, and most of the time the nasty minority female calling me that name had a much bigger ass than mine!

  8. Black and white is a very British anthropological term. In Mexico, we are indigeno (indigenous) and Spanish (from Spain), and a mix of other people: from Russia (Stalin moved there to flee the USSR), Chinese migrant workers, religious and intellectual Jewish exhiles from Europe, Polish orphaned children from war torn areas, and Americans that fled their own country seeking refuge from persecution, etc.

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