Organized Vs. Unorganized Violence

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A commenter, Perry, questions whether or not the Japanese of the 1930’s or the ancient Vikings had criminogenic genes, given their high rates of wartime plunder. Unstated but assumed, he seems to be ridiculing the notion because both Scandinavians and Japanese now have very low levels of crime and pathology in general.
To this, I say that regarding the Vikings and Japanese, see the difference between organized violence (war, imperial plunder, colonialism, etc.) and unorganized violence (crime, etc.) from Arthur Hu’s very un-PC page. This is a post from Steve Sailer’s ill-fated Human Biodiversity mailing list, and the post is written by Louis R. Andrews of the Stalking the Wild Taboo website.
Andrews is a racist ass, but he’s also very smart, and he makes some good points here. Here the Sierra Club condemns Andrews, on admittedly silly grounds, in a horrible editorial attempting to justify the Club’s unjustifiable and totally insane stance refusing to condemn mass or illegal immigration.
Andrews refers to this as legitimate versus illegitimate violence. Cultures can continue to exist and even thrive while waging regular warfare, while mass crime seems to be destructive to the glue of any civilization.
In my opinion, organized violence, even extreme organized violence, can unfold in any society, even very highly civilized ones with little crime or pathology within their own culture. In fact, these societies may be more prone to mass organized violence based on the premise of supremacy (Nazis, Japanese).

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