Interracial Rape Epidemics: A Thought Experiment

There is a well-known and fairly uncontroversial figure out there about interracial rape. In a recent year, Blacks raped 37,000 White women. 10,000 of those were gang rapes. So, there are 100 Black rapes of White women per day and 30 Black gang rapes of White women per day. White nationalists like to say that this is a war on White women, but I crunched some figures and discovered that Black women are about 4-5 times more likely to raped by Blacks than White women are. Appallingly, White women actually get off easy in the Black Male Rape Epidemic. It is Black females who are truly devastated by this human cyclone. As such, I don’t buy the White nationalist argument that this is some kind of racist terrorist war on White women by Blacks, although at first glance it looks that way. Nevertheless, the figures are outrageous and are sure to play into White anger and even racism against Blacks. There’s enough of that as it is, so the media buries these figures. But! Let us do a little thought experiment here: A White nationalist commenter cited figures of 100 White women raped by Blacks for every Black woman raped by Whites. The rape rates are way worse than what he cited. 37,000 White women are raped by Blacks every year. That is over 100/day. However, basically zero (or between 0-10) Black women are raped by Whites every year. Instead of 100-1, it is more like 37,000-1, or at best, 3,700-1. Even the lower figure is utterly mindboggling. Just sit back and think if the situation were reversed: if White men raped 100 Black women every day, 1/3 of which were gang rapes, and there were basically zero rapes of Whites by Blacks. The Blacks and all the rest of the non-Whites, and all of the liberal and leftwing Whites, including probably me, would be up in arms about the “racist rape epidemic” being perpetrated on Blacks by White racists to keep them niggers in their place. Black women would take extreme measures to protect themselves from White men, and no one would condemn them. Black men would occasionally rise up and pledge to defend their women’s honor with violence if need be, and the non-Whites and Left would all cheer. White men would cower and make excuses. “Well…I certainly don’t rape any Black women…but be careful! There are a lot of bad White men out there!” Blacks might even start demanding separatist housing and even residential locations or cities in order to protect the honor of their women from the evil White rape epidemic. The Left and non-Whites would probably cheer this racial separatism on. “Black women have a right to live in peace!” I can see the headlines on my favorite leftwing websites now. Sage liberals would squirm in their chairs yet nod sagely. Every now and then a Black guy or Black woman would take vengeance on the rapists and go psycho and kill a (probably totally innocent) White guy, or a few White guys, and the media, the Left and the non-Whites would all but cheer it on. If it was a few Blacks who did it, the same crowd would quickly name them the “Oakland 8” or whatever, and rallies would be held in their name across the land. Intrepid reporters would grant anguished interviews to the murderers. The Black men, tearful yet defiant, would say that they just could not take the sexual terrorism against their women any more, and they just snapped. The reporters would not their heads sadly. The broadcasts would begin, “While I can’t condone what Tyrone did – let’s face it, murder is always wrong – there are two sides to every story.” Johnny Cochran types across the land would rush to defend the murderers of the innocent Whites. The trials would go forward, and heavily Black juries would acquit all the killers. Defiant Black female jurors would say, “I just could not send another Black man to prison. This prison-industrial complex is genocide against our men.” Whites across the land would seethe, but there would be little violence and no riots. After all, Whites have hardly rioted since the Civil War, while Black riots, so regular you wonder if they riot because they nicked themselves shaving, is routinely elided and mistranslated by the usual suspects as “rebellions” even when innocent Whites are murdered in cold blood. Nice thought experiment huh? I see you squirming already. Good.

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53 thoughts on “Interracial Rape Epidemics: A Thought Experiment”

  1. Dear Robert
    Whites are about 5 times more numerous in the US than blacks. If rapists were color-blind and if rape were purely random, then we should expect that any rapist, regardless of his race, would on average rape white women 5 times more often than black women. Of course, rape is not random because a man is more likely to rape women whith whom he has frequent contact or close proximity. Since black males have more frequent contact and closer proximity with black women than with white ones, it is not at all surprising that black women are more likely to be raped by black males than white ones.
    It seems that black rapists are color-blind but that white rapists are not because they tend to avoid black women. It could also be that white rapist venture much less in areas where black women tend to live. Whatever the explanation is, if there is a racial bias here, it is on the part of white rapists.
    There are about 39 million blacks in the US. If 17 million of them are male and if 10 million of them are too old or too young to rape, then 1 black male out of 189 commits rape against a white woman in a given year (7million/37000). Of course, this is not quite accurate because some rapists commit more than one rape in a year and also because there is gangrape. Nonetheless, it isn’t true that every black male that a white woman runs into is a potential rapist. Let’s not exaggerate the proneness to rape of black males.
    Regards. James

  2. It seems that black rapists are color-blind but that white rapists are not because they tend to avoid black women. It could also be that white rapist venture much less in areas where black women tend to live. Whatever the explanation is, if there is a racial bias here, it is on the part of white rapists.
    Determining the odds that a black man will rape a white woman if he simply randomly selects a woman from those he encounters seems like a pretty difficult task. But I would guess that interracial rapes in 21st century America primarily motivated by desire to rape someone of that race, not because that person just happened to be vulnerable.

  3. Nice thought experiment huh? I see you squirming already.
    Yeah, not bad, but this is really a garden variety racialist thought experiment – taken a situation and exchanging whites and non-whites and contrasting the expected reactions.

  4. I am sure that you are going to be able to find some liberal-minded rich Whites who are going to be willing to live in close proximity to Blacks so that they can take on some of the burden of Black rape and other forms of violence, in order to be part of some insane racial balancing act. Right? No, Stuff White People Like Whites move far away. Us White Nationalists are going to keep repeating these outrageous rape statistics until Whites are given the legal ability to freely associate and defend ourselves in other ways. We are not going to focus on any ourlier victim of White on Black crime until the until the rape rates until the Black on White rape rates go way, way, way, way down to 2 or 3 a year, instead of 37,000 Black on White rapes.
    White women do not get of easy in any way Robert. It is the Black women who do, for White men are not raping them like Black women rape White women. If White women were more careful around the Black male animal, they would be less likely to be attacked by such a feral creature.

  5. James,
    The way you say it make it sounds as if White males are engaging in an act of discrimination since less Black women are raped. Call up Al Sharpton!

  6. It is actually 37,460 to 1.
    I sent this e-mail to try to get a reaction from the unWise. I shudder when reading it but let’s what his apologetics are like!
    Mr. Wise,
    I have visited your blog off and on and I would like to comment about your recent blog post. I sometimes find myself (this white male) nodding in agreement with you. That murder of the Black man by the White cop was reprehensible and he should be put in prison.
    But a few weeks ago I ran across these government statistics (see here & here) that say that 37,460 White women are raped by Black men yet 0 Black women are raped by White men. Now, I am not a fan of either Duke or Auster, but government statistics are government statistics. Even if these numbers are off by a magnitude of 1,000 fold, I do not see how Whites, including privileged Whites (& some Asians), would not have the moral high ground if they (we) decided to segregate ourselves residentially. There are few virtues higher than ones associated with the protection of one’s children.
    I also wonder where you may be coming from when you pick and choose your battles. Maybe because Blacks really have been the historical victims at the hands of some Whites, Whites should just accept that they are going to have to take on the burden of being victims of a disproportionate frequency of interracial rapes and other assaults until it evens out some?
    I just do not get it.
    I do not think many Whites will put their family into such a position, even if they feel real bad about the present Black condition in America. I have looked at violent crime statistics and it seems like White on Black crime is relatively uncommon, even taking into the consideration of the differential odds of encounter. But it is specifically the rape statistics that blow my mind and make many Whites angry, and I honestly do not think it is racist to talk about it; I hope you agree with me on that last point.
    Numbers like the aforementioned make it difficult for me to join the cause, but philosophically, I think in many ways you are in the right. I would like to know what your thoughts are about my thoughts.

  7. Wises response in below (I rebutted him in a follow-up e-mail). – Shawn (formerly Scott)
    this data is very flawed for a number of reasons that i have explored in past writings. First off, the rape data is all over the place depending on which year you look at. For example, a few years ago the same source of govt data said that there were thousands of white on black rapes…these numbers, as most all criminologists will tell you are very volatile and often off by tons…
    secondly, whites in the victim data include hispanics, who are not broken out separately in the victim totals for general crimes (they are broken out for hate crimes, but not index crimes), so many of those women are hispanics who live closer to blacks and are therefore more available to be victimized by them
    thirdly, this data even as you present it does not justify fear of black people…there are approximately 16 million black men over the age of 12 (and thus eligible for inclusion in crime data) in the U.S….even if every one of those rapes you mention were done by a separate/unique offender (in other words, no repeat offenders, which is unlikely) this would mean that 1/4 of 1% of black males were rapists…how is that sufficient to justify this fear? Especially when you condsider that 5x-10x as many white women are raped each year by white men!! By your logic, white women should avoid white men like the plague!

    1. “thirdly, this data even as you present it does not justify fear of black people…there are approximately 16 million black men over the age of 12 (and thus eligible for inclusion in crime data) in the U.S….even if every one of those rapes you mention were done by a separate/unique offender (in other words, no repeat offenders, which is unlikely) this would mean that 1/4 of 1% of black males were rapists…how is that sufficient to justify this fear?”
      How are you getting your numbers? We are talking about yearly data. It isn’t 37,000 total but about 37,000 a year!

  8. Dear Silver
    Relax, man. I said that white racists tend to avoid black women and you said that white men aren’t interested in sex with black women. Those two statements aren’t at all contradictory.
    In any case, it just isn’t true that all white men are averse to sex with black women. We all know some white men who are married to black women. Each year 1000’s of Quebec men go to Haiti as sex tourists. Many European men go to Kenya as sex tourists. Until recently, most mulattoes had a white father and a black mother.
    Of course, nowadays mulattoes tend to have a white mother and a black father, the most famous such mulatto being America’s first “black” president. I would estimate that of black-white couples in Canada, about 5/6 consist of a black man and a white women. It probably is the same in the US.
    In any case, your statement that white men just have no sexual interest in black women is simply too sweeping.
    Cheers. James

    1. Men will put their thing in anything if they are deprived of sex for a long enough period of time.
      The Portuguese men that colonized Brazil would have preferred if the crown had sent more Portuguese women to Brazil. However, the shortage of Portuguese women didn’t hold them back from mating with the native women and later the African women.

  9. Why are there not more relationships between Asian males and Black females?
    Steve Sailer has written extensively about the dynamics of interracial relationships. He is not opposed to it. I am. But he is is right on the rest as it relates to IR relationships.

    1. Believe it or not, it was once common. Chinese men who were imported in mass to build the railroad system were not allowed to marry white women, so they ended up marrying black women. These days though, black women/Asian men unions are virtually unheard of, though I see it on occasion. There was a pretty hot black receptionist at my last job that told me she had a thing for Asian men. However it seem most women that aren’t Asian are rarely interested in Asian men for whatever reason.

    2. Maybe so, but a lot of these guys married White women too, or sometimes Hispanic women. We have a lot of that here out West. Lot of 1/2 Chinese, 1/4 Chinese, etc. people out there, mostly age 25-50 or so.
      Asian guys really lose out in multiculturalism. In all-Asian societies, Asian women like Asian guys just fine. But in multicultural societies, even a lot of their own women don’t like Asian guys, and the non-Asian women are not interested at all.
      Typical White woman who marries an Asian guy is an ultra-liberal, sort of masculine, super duper feminist type who hates White men because we are “too macho.” We are “pigs.” So they go for Asian guys and often it doesn’t work out that great since the women really try to dominate them something awful. There’s a fair amount of this in the Bay Area.

  10. White rapist don’t rape black women because black men are in the vicinity. White rapist don’t want to be killed by black men. Its simple, wimpy white men like myself will likely allow a white rapist to tie me up and rape the female in my presence. Black men are powerful and crazy like animals so it impossible to rape black women in his presence. Not to mention that aids is in the black community. The white rapist does not want to risk acquiring AIDs from black women. So white men let’s continue to by-pass the black women.

  11. Who do you think is buying all the internet porn with black chicks in the pics?? Certainly not black guys! Umm not many black folks own computers.

  12. I’m not sure who is buying all that porn with Black chicks in it. I think a lot of White guys think that the Black women in porn are pretty hot though. I haven’t heard that many complain about them. I suspect a lot of Black guys like that kind of porn too though. A lot more Blacks in the US have computers than you may think.

  13. A friend of mine went to college with a girl that got raped by the black male. She was studying in the library one night and some brotha came right in and attacked her and raped her right there in the library.

    1. Yea, he got away with it. She was in an area of the library where no one else was so no one heard or saw anything. I think he hit her over the head with something first and then he raped her.

  14. Rape is a peculiar thing.
    It’s definitely a violent crime. But in order for the rapist to commit the act, he has to be sexually aroused.
    Maybe the idea of overpowering someone is sexually stimulating in and of itself, for some people.

    1. I seriously doubt that men choose rape targets in this fashion. First off, most rape is acquaintance rape, not some woman being dragged off in a dark parking lot. The typical scenario of rape is a guy she may already know or is dating, he wants to go further than she does and he doesn’t stop. It’s a power thing like, “who is this bitch to get me aroused then make me stop”. A lot of rapes also happen when women get too drunk and guys rape her while she’s inebriated.

      1. This is a great point. What’s harder for me to understand are those cases where the rapist doesn’t know his victim or have any history with her – like serial rapists who break into women’s homes, for example.

      2. In the cases of these break-in stranger rapes, I don’t think it has much to do with these guys being sexually frustrated and not being able to get it any other way. If it was just about sex, these guys could just go to a hooker that looks like whatever they want and pay for it without risking a life sentence in prison.
        I think it is mostly a sadistic pleasure in overpowering someone. Just like kleptomaniacs steal stuff that they could easily afford, they just get a thrill out of doing it for the sake of getting away with it. I think thieves and rapists have some similarities in mindset.

  15. I was doing a google search for interracial rape rates and one of the links actually brought me to this blog entry.
    I keep seeing that 2005 figure posted all over the internet. People keep referring to as a “rape” statistic when in fact it’s a “rape/sexual assault” statistic. Sexual assault can including any sexual advance that makes a woman uncomfortable. Anything from slapping a woman on the ass to “sexting”, sending women dirty text messages can be charged as sexual assault. So as you can see, those “rape” numbers are pretty inflated. I’m willing to bet that it’s liberal feminist who want those numbers(to make women look more like victims of sexist aggression) inflated as much as the white nationalist(so they can scream “See! See!Birth of a Nation was right!”) do. Like they say, politics makes strange bedfellows.
    Secondly, I read the Tim Wise response above. He makes some good points. If Hispanics are being included as whites here, as they often are in social statistics for whatever reason, then the number is inflated once again. And I also find it EXTREMELY hard to believe that 0 black women were raped by white men that year. He is also right that white men pose the greatest threat to white women by a large margin. When people here the word “rapist” for some reason they automatically think of some guy with a ski mask on jumping out the bushes in a dark parking lot and dragging a woman off to be raped. But that stereotype is dangerous because it’s not very common. A woman is most likely to be raped by someone she already knows. Date rape is more common than the ski-mask guy type rape.
    It’s too bad that white nationalists are using these stats to try and paint this picture of tens of thousands of black men driving around parking lots at night looking to pounce on white women with grocery bags in their hands. That’s just not what is happening.

    1. The figures for other years are higher than 2005. In other years, more than 0-10 White guys raped Black women. It was just that one year it was so low. That’s why the racist assholes focus on that one year so much.
      Anyway, White women are most likely to be a raped by a White guy.
      But if you talk about *any individual* White guy or *any individual* Black guy she might be likely to meet, I suppose the Black guy is statistically more likely to rape her.
      All women, not just White women, are reasonable to be afraid of Black males as a group due to their very high rape rates. However, tbh, it is going to be a certain type of Black guy who rapes and not some guy like you.

  16. Also forgot to mention, if Hispanics are being included as white, then I guess I’m also to believe not one Hispanic raped a black woman that year either. I find something fishy about that.

    1. Tulio,
      Also forgot to mention, if Hispanics are being included as white, then I guess I’m also to believe not one Hispanic raped a black woman that year either. I find something fishy about that.
      I had an analysis on another blog post by Rob rebutting this. It came from an article by Lawrence Auster which was poorly researched. I think he just looked at the latest data available for the year he wrote the article. As previously noted an average over 10 years would be more accurate.
      The data comes from a flawed source, the Department of Justice crime surveys, not criminal reports filed with the police. (By the way Tim Wise has cited these reports when they support his argument….) From what I gather about the methodology, poor and homeless people would be under represented in the surveys. Additionally the survey sometimes has less than 10 respondents (out of 76,000 households..) for certain types of crime categories, which most statisticians would toss out the door.
      “National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) is the Nation’s primary source of information on criminal victimization. Each year, data are obtained from a nationally representative sample of 76,000 households comprising nearly 135,300 persons on the frequency, characteristics and consequences of criminal victimization in the United States. The survey enables BJS to estimate the likelihood of victimization by rape, sexual assault, robbery, assault, theft, household burglary, and motor vehicle theft for the population as a whole as well as for segments of the population such as women, the elderly, members of various racial groups, city dwellers, or other groups. The NCVS provides the largest national forum for victims to describe the impact of crime and characteristics of violent offenders.
      Ongoing from 1973; Redesign 1992”

  17. Men who commit rape don’t do it to women they want to have sex with but can’t. Ask any cop. Those who rape do it for the power that they have over that person. Why do you think women in their 70’s and 80’s get raped too. If more black men rape white women than white men rape black women, then that just says that more black men want to dominate white women than vice versa.

    1. That is often the case in prison too. Men will sometimes rape other men just to show their dominance in the prison pecking order. Or they may even do it as a form of punishment against an enemy. These men aren’t gay in the traditional sense.

    2. Only thing that confuses the hell out of me is I can’t figure out how you can sustain an erection from sexual contact with another man if you are straight. So maybe every guy has the potential to be gay? I don’t know. There’s definitely the element of power, but there has to be a strong sexual component too or certain male body parts don’t function.
      I still haven’t figured out quite what’s going on there.

    3. Well lots of straight guys screw other guys. Some of them fantasize they are with a woman. Lots of stuff. Guys will fuck anything, pretty much. Or a lot of them will anyway. A lot of straight guys act in gay movies just for the money. They don’t do it in their personal life. They’re just in it for the cash.
      I define gay, straight and bi as what turns you on. If guys don’t turn you on, you’re straight, no matter you’re behavior. Behavior tends to mirror attraction, but not always. In a pinch, a lot of guys will just fuck anything. And if there’s no women around, a LOT of straight guys will screw other guys. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. Especially young guys, about 18-30 or so. I’m not into screwing guys, but I can’t tell you how many basically straight guys came onto me when you I was a young man. I was told I was very good-looking (I had offers to be a male model), and was told I looked like a model or an actor. Plus lots of people thought I was gay or bi. I’m not sure why, maybe the good looks. Anyway, I had gay and bi men after me constantly. Plus a LOT of straight guys.
      Thank God, I had women and girls after me all the time too, or I would be worried.
      Basically young men, if they are single (18-30), they will just screw anything that moves. That’s why I think young guys need to get married or get a steady gf or something, otherwise they will fuck guys out of desperation.
      A LOT of straight men have experimented with homosexuality. Hugh Hefner had sex with a guy once. Experimental gay sex doesn’t make you gay or bi or anything really.

  18. Robert Lindsay wrote:
    Experimental gay sex doesn’t make you gay or bi
    That is true — it only makes one a pervert.

  19. Isn’t it possible that these statistics aren’t entirely accurate? I mean lots of rapes go unreported. For example, I personally think, although still relatively rare, that more female on male rapes occur than are reported because of embarrassment, and because sadly it isn’t taken seriously by many people, therefore making it harder to win a case. Same with spousal rape. Perhaps black women are less likely to report a rape if their attacker is white and white women, more likely if their attacker is black? I don’t know, I’m just wondering if this could be a possibility.

  20. A lot of those “white women” are actually Hispanic, since 9 out of 10 Hispanics are considered white. Also, there is a lot of inconsistency when reporting white on black rape.
    In 2005 there was none, but in 2002 8,447 black women were raped by White men. 2001, 4,017 black women were raped by White men. 2002, 2,364 black women were raped by White men. 1998, 3,414 black women were raped by White men. 1996, 6,060 black women were raped by White men.
    Then there were the in between years where there was ZERO rape against black women from white men. Something is not right. Crime trends usually do not go from thousands to zero to thousands again. Just look at the hate crime statistics: most likely to be offenders were men (79%) and strangers (51%). If the victim was black, 85.2% of the offender was white. If the victim was white, 43.3% of the offender was black. Although the same percentage of victimization had white and black offenders (43% of those reported to police are white and 43% are black), there were more white than black offenders (68% white and 21% black).
    (The Bureau of Justice Statistics)

    1. Funny, because if many of those “white” women raped by black men are actually Hispanic, then many of those “white” men who raped black women are Hispanic.
      Also, keep in mind that blacks who attack whites are rarely charged with hate crimes even when they obviously have racial motives. I highly suspect that the percentage of black “hate crime” perpetrators is much higher than believed.
      By the way, I am strongly opposed to “hate crime” laws and “hate speech” laws. After all, only whites can be guilty of hate, right?
      Why should I support a law that only punishes me?

  21. “Every now and then a Black guy or Black woman would go psycho and kill a (probably totally innocent) White guy” What kind of a statement? I believe more than 80% of white victims are from whites offenders. Consider that the majority of black men are killed by other black men, the numbers should be even lower for the number of white men killed by black women.
    “Whites across the land would seethe, but there would be little violence and no riots. After all, Whites have hardly rioted since the Civil War, while Black riots [. . .]” Ignore all the race riots against blacks!

    1. With the exceptions of Woodstock 99 and a few idiot college students rioting during the 90s, whites do not riot very much. And when they do, there isn’t much interracial violence or death involved.
      Besides, it isn’t whites today that are forming flash mobs and beating up random people.
      Oh sure, there were numerous race riots during the late 19th and early 20th centuries perpetrated by whites.
      However, when lately have whites really rioted? As The Clash song says, “white riot! I want a riot!”
      Obviously most whites are apathetic and don’t want to riot. Heck, even those Tea Party nuts aren’t rioting yet.

      1. Another reason why I’m not a soccer fan and think the sport is overrated. White Europeans have absolutely no right to deride their white American relatives as crude and boorish when they engage in that kind of behavior.
        White American football (American football, mind you) fans are not much better. While there haven’t been any riots, football games unleash a torrent of bad behavior.
        In case you’re wondering, I’m also not a big football fan. I hate sports that bring out the worst in my people.
        I am a baseball and basketball fan. Now when is the last time you’ve seen a white riot at a baseball and basketball game (with the exception of the beer riot at a 1970s Cleveland Indian game)?

  22. Although the world is dominated by Anglo-Saxons, and although I have experienced abuse and assault by europeans on the street (I’m Chinese), I do think it’s really unfair for black on white crime to not receive the same amount of attention as white on black crimes. I really feel sorry for those white women (I just read the article linked).
    I heard from relatives who live in the US (I’m Australian) that once a Chinese man was attacked on the subway presumeably because he left his seat (next to a black man) for another seat (unshared spacious seat). That is just selfish and mean- who doesn’t have insecurities?

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