Great Article on Illegal Immigration

Repost from the old site. Here, by the fine writer Heather MacDonald. The Sanctuary City laws (list of Sanctuary Cities ) issue is admittedly complex, and many police chiefs do support them. The idea is that cops want illegals to cooperate as crime victims and witnesses to crimes. But my observation is that illegals don’t cooperate even if they are crime victims. I watched one car full of illegals hit a van with a couple of illegals in it in town recently. I asked the people who got hit if they wanted to go to the cops, but they turned around, got back in their vehicle and drove away. It’s well known that the local gangbangers around here prey on drunken illegals, who are often wandering around at 3 AM with pockets full of cash. It’s called “rolling drunks.” The victim never goes to the cops. It seems like 5 We could easily modify Sanctuary City policies to say that cops may not ask witnesses and crime victims of their immigration status. Heather MacDonald offers some commonsense solutions to the admittedly difficult quandary of whether or not cops should get involved with immigration law – local cops should be able to arrest known criminals who have been deported and are back in the US – that’s a felony anyway. I was stunned that many cities don’t even try to figure out if the criminals they arrest are illegals. At the very minimum, police ought to check immigration status of everyone they arrest. They sure do here in this town. A check of the county jail site reveals a vast number of criminals who are remanded to the INS. I think the ethnic lobbies need to be called out as traitors. The Hispanic Lobby is a treasonous lobby with far worse dual loyalty issues than the Jews. At least Jews don’t form street gangs that lay waste to hundreds of square miles of cities, and they’re generally pleasant, intelligent and civilized in person. The truth is that an overwhelming number of recent immigrants from Mexico in the past 20 years (Almost all recent immigrants from Mexico are illegal aliens – 8 Probably very large numbers of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans think that the Southwest belongs to Mexico, and they have a right to walk across the border the same way they can walk across the border from Oaxaca to Michoacan. Fact is, they don’t think that border has a right to exist. That’s a completely unacceptable and downright treasonous attitude, and it ought to be condemned by patriots every time it rears its head. The entire Hispanic Lobby in the US is basically a Treason Lobby which is loyal to a foreign state and disloyal to America. Furthermore, the Hispanic Lobby and their moron allies on the Left really do advocate something resembling Open Borders. Once you sit down and talk to them, it quickly becomes apparent that they think anyone ought to have a right to walk across the Mexican border into the US no questions asked. And right away, they should have the right to ask to be legalized, and that right should be granted. That’s completely insane. Not only is there a terrorist question involved, but Mexico is screaming with a mad Drug War that is starting to look like Iraq. Sooner or later, this insanity is coming to the US. Open Borders would only hasten the day. People seem so puzzled about why I am so militant on this issue. Let me tell you, only three years ago I supported full amnesty for all 12-20 million illegals in the US. Why? I didn’t live with them. I heard stories from my friends about how illegals had laid waste to whole vast urban areas in my state, but I shrugged my shoulders. Like Black crime, it didn’t effect me. Moving to a Valley city that feels it’s it’s about 5 One more thing whenever anyone tells you how wonderful illegal aliens are. Just remember: Illegal aliens did 9-11!* *It’s a little-known fact, but several of the 9-11 terrorists were illegal aliens – VISA overstayers. We really need to publicize this issue more – Illegal Aliens Did 9-11 is one kickass slogan.

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