Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin, Hero

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Goodwin, a psychiatrist, was head of something called the Violence Initiative, intended to reduce the insane violence in our, ahem, (Black and Hispanic, but mostly Black) inner cities. He made the following extremely controversial comment, which I heartily endorse:

If you look, for example, at male monkeys, especially in the wild, roughly half of them survive to adulthood. The other half die by violence.
That is the natural way it is for males, to knock each other off and in fact, there are some interesting evolutionary implications of that because the same hyperaggressive monkeys who kill each other are also hypersexual, so they copulate more to offset the fact that more of them are dying.
Now, one could say that if some of the loss of social structure in this society, and particularly within the high impact inner-city areas, has removed some of the civilizing evolutionary things that we have built up and that may be it isn’t just the careless use of the word when people call certain areas of certain cities jungles, that we may have gone back to what might be more natural, without all the social controls that we have imposed upon ourselves as a civilization over thousands of years in our evolution.

Goodwin screwed up by using the monkey – jungle metaphor. That implies that Blacks are monkeys who live in the jungle. There’s no place in civilized discussion to call Blacks monkeys. They aren’t monkeys. They’re human beings. US Blacks have been out of the jungle for 200 years. And around the world, plenty of well-behaved folks live in jungles, so living in a jungle doesn’t automatically make you act like an animal.
Goodwin was condemned as racist and a Nazi for saying that. If believing that makes you racist and a Nazi, I guess I’m a racist Nazi then. The best way to answer this abuse from the Cultural Left is to simply agree with them.
First, rephrase the comment that upset them. Ask, for example, “Really, so saying that Black IQ’s are 13 points lower than White IQ’s is racism?” The idiot will usually say, “Yes, it is.” Then calmly nod your head and say, “OK, well, if saying that means I’m a racist, I guess I’m a racist.” Say it with complete aplomb, as if one were commenting on the weather.
We really need to take the sting out of some of these abusive words the Cultural Left is throwing at the sane people. Sure there’s plenty of racism around, but there’s less and less all the time. Most of the time anymore, “racist” is a just a term of abuse leveled against Whites. It’s just hate speech against Whites, like calling Blacks niggers.
Goodwin’s comment was outrageous, but it does seem to make a lot of sense, does it not?
The only alternative theories for the insane violence in our Black ghettos are bullshit notions like poverty, bad schools, bad neighborhoods, lack of education, lack of hope, lack of jobs, White racism, discrimination, oppression, on and on the bullshit piles.
The only thing bad about our ghettos is the humans who live in them. The neighborhoods, schools, etc. are lousy because the humans in the ghetto have destroyed them. There’s no jobs because the horrible behavior and mass crime of the humans in the ghetto has driven all the employers away.
The humans in the ghetto are poorly educated because they don’t want to get educated. There’s no hope in the ghetto because the humans who destroyed the neighborhoods also have to live in them, and that’s pretty hopeless.
About racism, discrimination and oppression, about the only racism, discrimination and oppression in our ghettos is against any non-Black person stupid enough to venture into them. The residents of the ghettos aren’t experiencing any real oppression or discrimination at all. Who’s oppressing them, beside the criminals they live with?
Who’s discriminating against them? Whites? They aren’t any White people in the ghetto to discriminate against anyone. Residents of the ghetto probably experience little racism too. They hardly see any Whites, and the only ones they do see are liberal do-gooder types. Blacks in suburbs live much better than ghetto Blacks and surely experience far more racism.
Yet this is what passes for sane discussion of one of the most important issues in our nation – utter nonsense.
Recent efforts to ameliorate the mess in our ghettos have involved tearing down or shuttering public housing and giving ghetto residents vouchers to go live anywhere they want.
As a socialist, I support these efforts. Ghetto residents ought to be able to live anywhere they can afford to, and packing lots of ghetto Blacks together tightly can’t possibly be a good idea. Blacks have moved out of the projects and into better neighboring areas.
The results have been mixed at best. The former ghetto residents act somewhat better, but not dramatically so. Crucially, they continue to have serious pathologies. This reinforces my view that the problem in the ghetto was always the humans who live there, not the buildings, the streets, the schools, or whatever.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Frederick K. Goodwin, Hero”

  1. Well, looking at places like Detroit, it became a ghetto after business leaders decided to go after cheap third world labor. Before that time, a rising black middle class was arising.
    Also you might be able to call ghetto blacks (or whites or whoever else who is there) as monkeys, but you can’t generalize any entire race as being monkeys. Anyone agree or disagree?

    1. I sort of agree with the article. Bottom line, blacks who really want to move out, can move. They don’t want to leave. Any reasons why they don’t? Basically these ghetto people have chosen the path of evil, and are trapped in a ghetto maze of which they can’t escape.

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