Best Article Yet on the Mumbai Attacks

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This sums it up better than any others I have read yet. Keep in mind that the Indians always blame Pakistan every time something like this happens.
Pakistan is blamed 100% for the revolt in Kashmir, which has local roots and is based on imperialist India’s colonial occupation of Kashmir, which even the UN says is illegal. India blames Pakistan for most of its other separatist rebellions too, even those in the Far East. Pakistan was blamed for the mass rebellion in the Punjab in the 1980’s.
For these reasons, you need to take anything that the Indian government, its “counterterrorism scholars”, or really any Indian Hindu author on this subject with a pound of salt.
Your average middle class Indian buys this load of horse manure 100%. I’ve spoken to a few Indians, and I haven’t met one yet who isn’t shaking with rage at Pakistan and utterly livid about Kashmir.
India can’t even feed or house its own population and is for all intents and purposes a failed state with a wealthy elite sprinkled on top. Why does India need even more people? It doesn’t.
Pakistan has no right to Kashmir either. The legal future of Kashmir is up to the Kashmiri people themselves.
Keep in mind that the Kashmiri people never agreed to join India in the first place. The place was 90% Muslim, and they wanted to go to Pakistan. Kashmir had some idiot Hindu governor who insisted that Kashmir go to India, and that’s the root of the whole stupid rebellion that has nearly propelled these two powers into a nuclear war.
I have no idea if Pakistan’s ISI played a role in all of this. The LeT Pakistani Kashmiri fighters are a bunch of scumbags, but they have denied involvement, and they usually claim responsibility for this stuff.
Lately, LeT are fighting US troops in Afghanistan. That’s probably mostly for combat training.
There seems to be a very strong connection to British Pakistanis, 50% of whom are from Kashmir. At least seven of the terrorists were British Pakistanis. Juan Cole suggests that this is the real source of the attack. British Pakistanis in particular are very exercised over the US occupation and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and over the Palestinian cause.
The attackers hijacked an Indian trawler to conduct the attack and used it to come onshore via sea. The entire crew of the Kubar (others put the ship name as MV Alpha), a trawler adrift in the Indian Ocean, was missing. Only its headless, bound captain was found aboard. The attackers left incriminating evidence on the tanker before disembarking.
Hostages in general were released unharmed, unlike unfortunate folks just walking, standing or sitting in the paths of the attackers. However, an exception was made for six Israelis and two US Jews, all of whom were bound and executed in an attack on the Chabad-Lubivitcher offices in Mumbai.
15 Indian commandos and police were killed in the counterterrorist operation. The death toll is 195 and likely to rise, probably to 350 or so.
Keep in mind that these same jihadis are wreaking horrible havoc inside Pakistan itself, tried to kill Musharaff over and over, killed Benazir Bhutto, have killed many Pakistani troops, blew up a hotel in Islamabad, and seem to be threatening the very government of Pakistan itself, yet another failed state.
So saying they came from Pakistan doesn’t say a whole lot. The militants tearing Pakistan itself apart “come from Pakistan” too. Does that mean they are part of the very state they are blowing up and shooting at all the time? Hardly.
All nations blame all insurgencies on outside actors. Flush with idiot patriotism and jingoism, vast numbers of the ultra-gullible fall for it every single time. It all boils down to psychological defenses. What nation can admit that its own people are rising up in rebellion against it? No nation can admit this painful fact, hence lies are cooked up about the whole insurgency being imported from abroad.
Our own “field nigger” citizens are cheerful and satisfied on the plantation called the nation. God forbid the slaves should rise up. Such ingrates. Denial plus projection away from the root cause. Blame other people. What works in the individual ego works in the conglomeration of millions of egos called the nation.
The problem with this typical Indian denial and projection subterfuge is these lies have the possibility of setting off a major war between two nuclear powers who seem prepared to actually use their nukes against each other.
I don’t mean to support this outrageous crime, but a little context might be nice. India treats its Muslims like crap. The fact that Pakistan treats its Hindus like crap is no excuse.
The roots of this attack are right inside India itself, despite all of India’s BS finger-pointing and head-shaking.
The field niggers on the Indian plantation are not so happy after all. Deal with it, India.

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