Permanent Gangland America

I hate to be a pessimist here, but the US gang problem will never be solved in the foreseeable future. That is because Hispanic and to a lesser extent Black gang culture is for all intents and purposes permanent, as is probably their ghettos and possibly their dismal scholastic performance. I am speaking of the Hispanic and Black Underclasses here.
I don’t like Thomas Chittum one bit, but the italicized  sentence above was one great thought that I took away from Civil War II. Chittum is a nasty White nationalist bastard, but he is very intelligent and has an excellent mind. Further, he has extensive military experience. If you just want to read Civil War II as a novel alone, it’s quite a kick. You can download it on my blog here. It’s entertaining reading (thriller) if you like this sort of thing.
The conceit here is that we think that we are going to get a handle on these gangs. This conceit is based on the notion that the Hispanics and Blacks are capable of morphing into Jews, Italians and Irish and doing the the ghetto to success number. Forget it. They are not the same and they never will be. The gangs and never going to go away. When everyone of us is on their deathbed, we will be to look out the window and see an America as overrun with gangs as ever.
As far as why this is true, I am not sure. IQ’s of US-born Hispanics are rising at a dramatic pace, far more than US Whites or even Blacks. US born Hispanics have now cut the IQ differential between US Whites and themselves in half from 1960 to 2009. Where there was a 15 pt gap between the two, now there is a 6 point gap. They achieved a 10 point absolute gain over 50 years.
In US born Hispanics have an IQ of 95 now to US White IQ of 101 (or 94 to 100 by the old system). A 94 IQ would seem to be perfectly adequate to cut it in this modern world. Hispanic IQ all told is 89 because non-US citizen Hispanics (probably 80% illegals) still have an IQ of  87 or 85 by the old system. Hat tip to The Inductivist.
I don’t know why US born Hispanics have such a dismal rate of high school dropouts (40%), college graduation (10%), teen pregnancy (2.5 X the White rate and 6.5 X the Asian rate) domestic violence, gang membership (19 X the White rate) crime (3.3 X the White rate) and indifference (!) to the environment (As a Deep Ecologist, I don’t like this one one bit), but it can’t possibly be due to their lack of brains.
The brains are there; it’s something else that is missing. Culture anyone?
I speak from Ground Zero. I live in an apartment complex in Mexifornia overrun by the Hispanic Underclass and especially illegals. Many of them are not necessarily objectionable people once you get to know them. It’s Norteno territory to the extent that I prominently wear my “N” tennis shoes a lot, and I just about claim Norteno myself. It’s not cool to root for the other side.
I’ve known quite a few of these gangbanger characters personally, and though many of them are likable, their effect on society is not good.
Forget Permanent Democratic Majority.
Get ready for Permanent Gangland America.

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2 thoughts on “Permanent Gangland America”

  1. It’s Norteno territory to the extent that I prominently wear my “N” tennis shoes a lot, and I just about claim Norteno myself. It’s not cool to root for the other side.
    Having about zero personal experience with gang culture, is it okay to wear a gang’s apparel on their turf if you’re not a part of that gang?

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