Housing Discrimination, the New York Post Cartoon and the Oscar Grant Killing

It’s illegal to discriminate against non-Whites in housing. It’s an endless lament of White nationalists that Whites are not allowed to do this anymore. As soon as there is a hint of housing discrimination, the evil Feds will swoop down on you, fine you, take away your real estate license, or whatever.
Tim Wise (not my favorite guy) informs us that there are only about 6-12,000 incidents of racial discrimination in housing occurring every single day in the US. Of course, in every single one of these cases, the Feds swoop down on the racists and haul them away, right?
Who’s doing the discriminating? Wise does not say, but it is probably mostly Whites. Who are they discriminating against? Probably mostly Blacks? Are there Hispanics and Asians discriminating against Blacks? Maybe some Hispanics. Asians? Dubious. Why does it go on? Your average homeowner selling his own home could care less who buys it. Money’s money.
The only people discriminating are going to be landlords renting our apartments and real estate agents selling homes, apartments or condos. A few Whites might not sell to a Black just to keep the neighborhood pure, but I doubt if that many are so racially conscious.
If there’s this much discrimination going on every day, the Justice Department is definitively falling down on the job of enforcing the Fair Housing Act.
Wise also says that when Blacks first started moving into White neighborhoods, Whites started bailing immediately due to sheer racism. There’s more to it than that.
The fear was that the place would turn Black and the well-known deterioration would take place was surely involved. Many Whites stuck it out as the neighborhood slowly turned. As the area got Blacker and Blacker, things changed in a lot of dramatic ways. Most importantly, various Black pathologies, in particular violent crime by Blacks, mostly young Blacks, preying on Whites, often older Whites, is the thing that really freaks Whites out in these cases.
Schools start to change too. Many young Black males are highly aggressive, see White boys are weak and soft, and preferentially target and bully them for that reason. These same boys also target and bully their fellow Blacks, but the Whites are definitely attacked because they are seen as soft and weak.
Quite a few liberal-minded Whites have turned into raving racists due to some really unpleasant experiences going to school with Blacks, like getting attacked by feral Black males for years while attempting to get an education.
There are other changes that occur when a neighborhood starts turning Black, but crime and deteriorating schools, especially attacks on White boys by Black boys, are probably the real game changers, two things that send Whites fleeing more than anything else.
Blacks have only themselves to blame for this behavior and the resulting White flight, which,while lamentable, is perfectly reasonable. Personal safety is about the #1 issue for most folks. It tends to trump anything else. It’s not racism to seek to avoid crime and violence.
Wise points out logically that the famous New York Post cartoon of the cop shooting the ape “who wrote the stimulus bill” was transposed by the Post next to a picture of Obama signing the legislation. That is racist crap on the part of the Post; not the cartoon, but the transposition. If you can’t figure that out, think hard. Real hard.
The execution of the young Black man Oscar Grant by White BART officer Mehserle in the Bay Area recently has aroused lots of controversy. Blacks in Oakland spent a few days rioting about this incident, but US Blacks are always rioting about this or that. Yawn.
The Left and the Blacks say this is cold-blooded murder, but I doubt it. Mehserle was issued a new stun gun just two weeks before. He had a gun on one side and a stun gun on the other. Obviously he was reaching for the stun gun to stun Grant with, grabbed the gun instead, and shot him instead of stunning him.
For Mehserle to deliberately execute Grant while lying on the ground would be totally insane. We don’t do that in the US, not anymore.
Who does it? Oh, cops all over the world. In Africa, the very racial brothers of US Blacks would obviously execute a criminal in cold blood like that. The only places on Earth where cops have quit openly and deliberately executing people in large numbers is in the White West. You know, those evil racist White folks? Yeah them.

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10 thoughts on “Housing Discrimination, the New York Post Cartoon and the Oscar Grant Killing”

  1. All this crap about the chimp cartoon is just BS–particularly coming from the hustlers on the Left. Bush was called a chimp all the time. Yet we are supposed to be post-racial (a bad cliche) if we have to be sensitive to historical contexts? That sounds insincere to me.

  2. “Hell is other people.”
    So said Sartre.
    This is just so crazy that Leftists make such a big deal about this. I mean come on folks. According to justice department figures Blacks rape Whites at 100 to 1 rates to times of the reverse, and people are seriously trying to have a conversation about this about some guy who got stunned by the cops, who was probably a crimminal? Think about that–100 to 1. Crazy.
    What if this was reversed?
    Is it racist to talk about this? The Wise & the media would say so.

  3. Society is not responsible for Black criminals. They just do what they do and no one can stop them, nor are other Blacks to blame for what they do.
    However, the police are not criminals. They work under color of law and work for all of us with taxpayer dollars. If Black criminals were working for the taxpayers and representing us as LE officers, we would have a beef about them too. Cops are supposed to follow the law. Criminals don’t, that’s why they are criminals.
    The guy was not stunned! The cop walked up to him while the guy was on the ground and cuffed, and shot him in the back at point blank range. It’s so crazy I figure that he must have thought he was going for his gun. That’s why the Blacks are rioting. No matter the guy was a criminal, no excuse to execute him.

  4. I think Blacks can see it, Mythos, but the whole subject is probably just pretty painful for them. Even Blacks don’t want to live around lots of Blacks. Blacks like to live around lots of Whites. They ain’t stupid.
    Mythos, I just saw your latest post on race. Have you read Civil War II? You can download it on my blog. It’s quite a kick!
    Nice to see you back.

  5. No, haven’t read Civil War II…will have to check it out. Thanks for the heads-up and the welcome back. Been busy and had kind of a writer’s block recently, not back in full force yet but working on it.
    Take care my friend,
    ~ Mythos

  6. “Are there Hispanics and Asians discriminating against Blacks? Maybe some Hispanics. Asians? Dubious. Why does it go on? ”
    In my experience and communication with various landlords of different backgrounds, Asians are the most likely to be discriminatory. You ever wonder why Chinatowns across the US generally are overwhelmingly .. well.. Chinese..?

  7. I am serious when I say that it is crazy that you cannot call Blacks monkeys but you can call Whites monkeys. There should not be a double standard. Of course, throughout history, people have always thought that Blacks look a little like monkeys but that is another argument altogether!

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