Zionist Fire Extinguisher

Ok, that’s pretty funny.
I really object though to the continuous use by anti-Semites of “Zionists” to mean “Jews”. This is similar to what Marr did in the 1880’s when he invented the word “anti-Semitism”. The whole idea was to create an innocent-wording word to hide his anti-Semitism behind. Jew-hater or Jew-hater being a little harsh for your average civilized German, you know.
I feel a bit of sympathy for Marr. Probably few, if any, Jews died in Germany due to his words or his organization, pogroms being pretty much nonexistent in the Germany of his era. Nazis didn’t need Marr’s fake words to rise to power. Their anti-Semitism needed no cloaking. It was 100% pure, high-octane anti-Semitism, no ifs, ands or buts.
A little history is in order here. Marr used to be a Judeophile, before he had lots of experiences with Jews. Specifically, three Jewish wives, who all become ex-wives. It was after his third divorce from a Jewish wife that Mr. Marr became a virulent anti-Semite. This is a cruel bit of history, but it always makes me laugh.
I like Jewish women myself, but Jewish guys have been carping about them forever. And Jewish women are always bitching about Jewish guys.
Viva le difference, and let the glorious War of the Sexes go on!

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3 thoughts on “Zionist Fire Extinguisher”

  1. The guy who invented “anti-Semitism” married three Jewish women before he became a real anti-Semite? Actually, that is pretty funny. You know the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. This guy sure had his heart broken.
    One of my ex-gf’s is Jewish too, well in name only. I never knew until she told me in passing, it didn’t mean anything to her. She’s definately not Jewish in other way than birth. To think that there are people who hate her for just being born Jewish. Sick. She was hot too and fucking smart. She saw right through me. Ha! This is why I’m surprised that so many people on the internet are obsessing about Jews, “The Tribe” and all that. My only experiences with Jews were the deracinated atheist marrying-out kind.
    Anyway, being dumped three times by Jewish women made poor Marr feel pussy-whipped. He should have moved on, you know, try gentiles or something. ;)))

  2. Actually, most historians now agree that anti-Semitism was invented by Martin Luther after eating a poorly cooked kosher bagel in a Jewish deli in 1528. This inspired him to write a book called “On the Jews and their Lies” which was devoted entirely to ridiculing contemporary kosher cuisine. Hitler rose to power on the 400th anniversary of the bagel incident, and his rallying cry “Remember the bagel! Jews must die!!” provided motivation for moderate Nazis to continue their killing during the most painful moments of the Holocaust.

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