Up With Blacks, Down With Illegals

Via a comment on the fascinating American Renaissance site:

Illegal immigration is Economic Genocide against low-skilled African Americans.
Currently only about 1/2 of African-Americans finish high school, and relatively few graduate from college. This means that there are millions and millions of under-educated African Americans who can only find work in low-skilled, non-professional jobs.
But these jobs do not pay a living wage, because there are millions of poor and desperate illegal aliens from Mexico, who will work for virtually nothing, and hence drive down salaries. Why would anyone hire an African-American at $15/hr, when they can hire an immigrant at $7/hr? The surest way to keep USA Blacks unemployed is to bring in an endless supply of Mexican wage slaves.
Imagine if all the illegals were suddenly sent home. Agricultural, construction, meat-plants, carpet mills, restaurants, hotels, factories, custodial services, landscaping business, etc. by the thousands would now be desperate to hire people, and at nearly any cost. Salaries for low-skilled workers would skyrocket, allowing even high school dropouts to earn a good wage.
The millions of Black kids who fail to graduate from high school are healthy, energetic, strong, and can work, if given a livable salary. However Obama would rather keep millions of African-Americans unemployed for life than protect our borders. Obama loves Mexicans more than American citizens. Obama’s change: JOBS FOR MEXICANS — UNEMPLOYMENT FOR AMERICANS!

This issue is as obvious as the nose on my face. The truth is powerful and sad. Blacks don’t have a very good reputation in the workplace, and illegals, no matter that they are criminal invaders, at least have the rep of being good, submissive, hard-working employees who show up on time and put in a full days’ work.
I was outraged after Hurricane Katrina. NOLA is normally flooded with unemployed and underemployed Blacks. After the hurricane, just about every other Black in town was out of work, if not more.
Yet the locals so hate to hire Blacks that the Bush Administration incredibly brought in 1000’s or maybe 10,000’s of fake “guest workers” on H-2B visas (the biggest scam around) from Mesoamerica to do the jobs the NOLA Blacks were perfectly capable of doing.
They also unbelievably issued proclamations that gave anyone taking government grants freedom from worry about immigration violations of their workers. What the state said was, “Hire all the illegal aliens you want and we will look the other way.” It was stupefying. Illegal aliens from all over the US poured into NOLA to do the work that NOLA Blacks and even many NOLA Whites could easily have done.
Sure NOLA Blacks have lots of problems, but surely lack of work must be high on the list of causes for the catastrophe of Black NOLA.
Why should we lift one damned finger for these damned illegals? We can’t even help our own often-pitiful and suffering Blacks, who have been here since 1619, when the first Blacks came ashore with the first settlers in the Virginia colony. Soon after, Anthony Johnson, a freed indentured servant, led a Black community of 12 homesteads and 200 acres in Northampton County. You can’t get much more red-blooded American than that.
Help Americans first. Help our Blacks first. Putting foreigners, especially illegal alien criminals who invaded our land, above our very own citizens is high treason to me.
The Black political leadership has formed a marriage in Hell with the traitor Hispanic leadership, true dual loyalists who put their own people above America. Where the interests of their own people slam into the face of the interests of the US, Hispanic dual loyalists treasonously support their own and condemn their country to misery.
I am flabbergasted that Obama says he is going to push for mass amnesty of 12 million+ illegals in the Fall, in the midst of the worst economy since the 1930’s. Outrage!
In a meeting before Black political leaders, Black construction workers lined up one after the other to tell how their dry wall and carpenter careers had been ruined by illegal aliens. The Black Congressmen listening refused to be moved by their own people and all but told them to sit down and shut up.
What’s sad is the only Blacks bitching about this are rightwing Blacks. The Black liberals and Left are silent or cheering full speed ahead for the illegal alien enemies of Black America.

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6 thoughts on “Up With Blacks, Down With Illegals”

  1. The powerful will always have their slaves one way or another. Blacks are the old slaves. Mexicans are the new slaves.

  2. I’ve been browsing the Immigration archive and this really stands out to me. I just can’t believe the way the entire left, especially the far left, has completely thrown African Americans under the bus in favor of open borders. Is it because they’re terrified of being called racists by Latinos, or is it the goal of a permanent Democratic majority or the long-awaited Revolution?
    The pro-illegal argument is especially galling coming from “anti-racist” writers.
    For example, Tim Wise constantly cites the disparity between black wealth and white wealth, then advocates completely open borders. It makes no sense. I’m sure he knows how devastating illegal immigration has been for black workers. I have to assume that his main motivation is to look like a moral, upstanding person, and to make shitloads of money doing it.
    I absolutely care more about American citizens than I do about foreigners. They must come first.
    The argument that labor, like capital, must be free to move across US borders is nonsense. Low-skilled US citizens have NO mobility across borders. They have nowhere to go. A displaced black factory worker cannot go to Canada, unless he has certain skills and some assets.
    Here is an article on how illegal immigration hurts African Americans:
    Despite President Fox’s assertion[that illegals do jobs not even blacks will do], of the Pew Hispanic Center’s top six occupational sectors for undocumented immigrants (farming, maintenance, construction, food service, production and material moving), all six employed hundreds of thousands of blacks in 2008. That year, almost 15 percent of meat-processing workers were black, as were more than 18 percent of janitors. And although blacks on the whole aren’t involved in agriculture at anywhere near the rates of illegal immigrants—a quarter of whom work in farming—about 14 percent of fruit and vegetable sorters are African-American.
    For their efforts, African Americans were paid a median household income of $32,000 in 2007. In the same year, the median household income for illegal immigrants was $37,000.

  3. Here is the opposite view, from a 2007 San Francisco Chronicle article:
    Opponents of immigrant rights have promoted the idea that immigrant workers lower the wages and hurt the job prospects of black workers. The main problem with this argument is: There’s no correlation between rising rates of immigration and black unemployment.
    Since 1965, there has been a steady rise in the proportion of immigrants in the United States. If there were a link between the presence of immigrants and black employment, we would see black unemployment rates increasing as immigration increases. However, there is no correlation. Since 1965, the African American unemployment rate has jumped around lot, but those jumps haven’t been linked to rates of immigration.

    Ensuring that immigrant workers, whatever their legal status, are given basic labor protections will lift the boats of all workers.
    This last part is obviously bullshit. The Reagan amnesty did nothing to lift the boats of all workers, right?
    Of course the author is a labor policy specialist at UC Berkeley, so it could just be propaganda.
    I would like to see some solid numbers on illegal workers’ effect on the unemployment rates and falling incomes of US working class citizens.
    A question on Nezua’s site today:
    What specific immigration reform would you like to see? Is it the proposed amnesty program listed at the U.S. Immigration Support site, or something else? Is there something that can be done from the US side to stop illegal immigration besides a fence?
    Nezua’s answer:
    Yes. The US must stop fomenting violence in MX (por ejemplo, the Mérida Initiative, where the US is supplying money to assist MX prez Felipe Caldereon and his drug war which has killed almost 30,000 people so far in México). The US must correct NAFTA, which decimated the agricultural economy of MX and caused so many campesinos to have to seek other work. The US must rid itself of the primitive notion that hungry and desperate people should die in the desert or behind a fence. The US must help México prosper, instead of profiting off of cheap labor and agitating violence and economic ruin in México. At that point, the Mexican people would for the most part stay home, where they want to be.
    So I guess everything is the USA’s responsibility.
    The other day I posted a quote from him where he said “Tell me where I said I want open borders.” But that’s exactly what he’s insisting on here.
    I’d like to ask him if the Mexican elite has any responsibility to help their own people, but I guess there’s no point.

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