That's the Way We All Became the Brady Munch

Note: Repost from the old blog. Or, The Lezzie Teensluts of the Brady Bunch. This is rich! I always knew Marcia Brady was a little teen ho, but I never knew Jan was one too! And that both were kinky bi teensluts! Yep, Marcia and Jan were strapping it on and munching the carpet, while at the same time maintaining a healthy appetite for getting dicked. Good for them! More women like this, please!

On the left, Marcia Brady as a kinky bi teenslut masquerading (poorly) as a nice high school girl on the Brady Bunch. This is a rare photo of the first time she seduced little Jan. Note the devious, lascivious look in her scheming eyes.On the right, Marcia Brady, all grown up now, still a hottie, hopefully still as perverted as ever On the left, teenslut Jan, fresh from a wild orgy with Marcia. Note the post-orgasmic bliss on her face. Marcia always made sure she was satisfied; that was why Jan loved her so much.On the right, Jan, all grown up now and too old to play teenage girls anymore, but still a hottie. Jan and Marcia For President!

This is a funny video. It’s Marsha Brady Teenslut, all grown up now and supposedly over her “it’s just a phase” LUG (high school LUG that is) thing, now happily het and strictly dickly. Or is she? As you can see, she is still abnormally fixated on women’s vaginas. Maybe it wasn’t just a phase? Suspicious. All women must be like this! Dang, what we were missing behind the scenes? I think the Dad, Mike, was queer. Great. We thought it was the most wholesome show in TV, and really it was a demon’s nest of bisexual pedophilic orgies. Nothing is ever what it seems, eh? Western civilization continues to crash downwards. Faster, faster!

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