Immigrants are the Lifeblood of the Western Economy

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And other lies. Via whom? Via the corporate media, Canadian Israel Asper version in this case.
I am curious about something. Why is it that all of the elites in the West insist that all Western nations must perennially flood their nations with immigrants? Did not the East Asian NIC’s and Western Europe rise to the top of the world’s economic heap without flooding their nations with all of these brainy professional types?
Did Japan need to flood its nation with immigrants in order to be successful? Japan flooded its nation neither with brainy cream of the crop immigrants “for the brains it did not have”, nor with bottom of the barrel dregs cheap labor immigrants “for the jobs no Japanese would do.” They did it all with their own people, who are called the Japanese, and are not only bright but willing to do all sorts of work.
This whole steaming pile of manure called “we need floods of immigrants or the economy will collapse” needs to be called out as the pile that it is.
A clue is in the article. According to this corporate hack, the success of the US dot com boom of the 1990’s was created by having a labor force made up of 90% “cheap labor, can’t code to save their lives” immigrants from India.
These same immigrants produced a Mount Everest of garbage code all through the 1990’s, almost all of which had to be recoded by the few American coders who were not forced to train their replacements and then fired.
These same immigrants destroyed the entire US IT industry and took millions of highly skilled IT workers with them. Decades worth of intellectual knowledge and skills built up in the minds of millions of our best and brightest workers were MOAB’d at the altar of cheap labor.
Furthermore, these same Hindu 1-B job thieves were never even immigrants in the first place. Instead, they were “non-immigrant guest workers”.
Someone run this by me one more time. The Hindu 1-B American Skilled Worker Destroying Device was “necessary” in what way now? The US economy would collapse without this massive job destroying machine how now?
One more thing. Read this bit of corporate bird cage lining closely. According to the lunatic rationality of capitalist thinking, the fundamentals of the Indian economy are healthier than the fundamentals of the US economy. Therefore, if you’re a capitalist, you need to put your money into India and not the US.
Wow, capitalists really are evil, aren’t they?
India, one of the worst countries on Earth, a nation where 50% of the population is malnourished, where half the population is brain-damaged by iodine deficiency, where 200 million (20% of the population) sleep, eat and I guess shit and piss on the streets, on a subcontinent where 14 million people starve to death every year, where the starvation figures, year in and year out, are as bad as North Korea (Is anyone in the world starving but the North Koreans? Answer us, corporate media?) was in the single worst year of its famine in 1996.
This 1 billion strong train wreck of a society is healthier than America?
Than America, where no one starves, where relatively few (Certainly not 60 million!) are homeless, where malnutrition and iodine deficiency brain damage barely exists?
In what crazy capitalist alternative universe does that make sense?

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One thought on “Immigrants are the Lifeblood of the Western Economy”

  1. Good post.
    This is nothing new for Doug Saunders. Believe it or not, but he once advicated importing a million black africans to Canada to work in the Alberta tar sands.
    If you wan’t to hear some more Canadian immigration lunacy, check out the Toronto Star. Almost every day, usually in the same article, there are stories about how we are all going to starve if we don’t open the gates even further and how immigrats can’t earn a decent living and it’s whitey’s fault.

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