Blacks Couldn't Even Build a Boat to Madagascar

Note: Repost from the old blog.
This is yet another in our series of very tiresome lies that White nationalists tell about non-Whites, especially Black folks.
Some of the others are that Blacks never even developed agriculture and that Blacks never acquired iron technology. The upshot is that Blacks were “living in the Stone Age” when first contacted by Europeans. It’s not true, but it doesn’t stop WN’s from saying it.
It’s well known that Africans had not developed a very high level of civilization, but it’s certainly not true that they were living in the Stone Age. Who was living in the Stone Age? How about our very exalted American Indians?
Let’s look into the claim that Blacks never even figured out how to build a Goddamned boat to float to Madagascar, which is “just a few miles away from Africa.” A better way to phrase this claim is, “Niggers* are so stupid, they couldn’t even figure out how to build a boat!”
Truth is that Madagascar was settled by Austronesians, probably from Indonesia, around 200-500 AD.
Based on ethnographic research and Malagasy legend summarized by Roger Blench, the Mikea hunter-gatherers were already on Madagascar before the Austronesians arrived. The earliest inhabitants were a Pygmy-like people called the Vazimba. The Vazimba were probably related to the Mikea. They obviously showed up via boats.
Also, Madagascar is not “a few miles off the coast of Africa.” It’s 250 miles away. That’s pretty far! By 1600, the Falklands, 300 miles off the shore of Argentina, were not well-known to the natives of South America at that time either.
Further, it is clear that the Africans who left Africa 70,000 years to populate the rest of the world did so via the Horn of Africa and must have left by boats. The very earliest out of Africa peoples already knew how to make seaworthy vessels, so they must have learned that back in Africa.
To be honest, African cultural development upon European contact was not at a very high level. One would think that if White nationalists were interested in insulting Black folks, they could just look at the historical record.
It seems pitiful that they feel such a need to denigrate even the rather modest cultural achievements that the Africans did make. It’s as if the WN’s don’t even want to grant the Africans the most meager of accomplishments.
How sad is that?
*Used sardonically
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45 thoughts on “Blacks Couldn't Even Build a Boat to Madagascar”

  1. Mediterranean civilizations took a long time practicing in the Mediterranean Sea before starting navigating in open sea, didn’t they?
    (English is not my mother tongue, so I’m not sure that this is gramatically correct.)

    1. I believe that you are correct. Blacks have never really been into building seagoing ships for some reason. It’s not because they are too stupid to build a boat. Look at all the ships the West Africans make to sail up to Europe – and those are just ordinary people, not shipbuilding corporations. So this idea that Blacks are too dumb to build a seagoing vessel, nowadays anyway, has to go.

  2. A few things might set people to sea.
    1)Existential threat such as a climate change induced famine or invaders.
    2)Just sheer curiosity.
    3) Population pressures, which I think is more likely to happen on limited land, such as in Micronesia.
    4) Need for new natural resources.
    I don’t think any of these 4 things happened in Africa. Thus there was never any need to set to sea. I don’t think it’s an intelligence thing. Pacific Islanders were extremely primitive and they made it as far north as Hawaii.

    1. The thing is ,not just you but everyone in general,we don’t know the race,so we should stop guessing the race and hmm idk how about go to Madagascar and ask but since most of us are not capable of doing so ,we should stop stating our opinions and putting other opinions down.

  3. the ancient west africans did build ocean going canoes for long distance trade. examples of this have been found at archeological sites at benin city and new calabar.

    1. no stupid niggas never made a boat that could get them across the chad river. the only niggas to do it were the egyptians

      1. first off that is the most dumbest thing i heard so u need to shut up.Second off “Africans” are smart enough to build a boat knowing they were the first descents.Now you have your beliefs and i have mine but that little joke is dumb and your not that smart for saying that.Plus the island Madagascar is on the continent of Africa!

    1. babe you stupid i have african family members and them niggas kno more than your cunt ass egypt and libya are the only african countries that are showing progress

    1. Africa is a continent, with many countries.Your brain has shown little, if any intelligence. South Africa is a major country in Africa, showing great progress of modern civilization

  4. I’ve looked at your references and I can’t find any evidence that either the Mikea or the Vazimba were from Africa. Instead the scientific opinion is that they were from the Indonesian area.
    It seems clear that no African culture, for whatever reason, ever did develop sea going ships.

      1. If you say black people were in Madagascar first before the Indonesians, then why are there no other african languages spoken there but only Malagasy, an austronesian language spoken there?

        1. Not commenting on whether Black people reached Madagascar before Austronesians but what I wanted to say is that languages have been extinguishing other languages for eons.
          Take Arabic for example; it is the lingua franca of Egypt but before Arabic there was Coptic, yet now Coptic is relegated to just being a liturgical language.

  5. You see no body in general knows the Madagascar race.Yes they can be Indonesians and Yes they can be Black.But do we honestly know?’I think not so lets stop with the horrible comments or the “I think i know”,but truly you don’t.So unless you actually go to Madagascar,off the coast of Africa then just stop with all that nonsense.And like I said in my other comments,you believe what you believe and i believe what I believe but if your going to put it in a negative way,lets just keep it to ourselves.

    1. Why do you keep saying we don’t know where these people came from? We most certainly do. There’s the obvious linguistic and cultural heritage and the obvious visually asian appearance of the people. Then there is the simple genetic testing that can reveal ancestry. There is no debate about where these people came from, except for nigger apologists.
      The Vazimba are Indonesian, not African. Madagascar is a few hundred miles off the coast of mainland Africa, and none of the native population made that journey. Instead, the inhabitants of Borneo came, from thousands of miles away.
      Contrary to the blogger’s statements, the general opinion is that there were no black people on Madagascar when the Indonesians arrived.
      The subsaharan African people were, in most respects, stone age people well into the 1500s. So were the native Americans, which is not debated, and they are not generally revered (certainly not for being an advanced civilization). The northern Africans, particularly the Egyptians, were part of the civilized world, and there is debeate as to their ethnic make-up, but there is not a lot of people who support the idea of them having been (largely) negroid.
      Black people are, by all measures, inherently less intelligent than other races. There is no real question about that. Interestingly they are also, despite popular opinion, physically weaker than white people. Given a white man and a black man of comparable height and weight, both of whom train to an equal degree for a given sport, the white man is almost certainly going to be stronger, in absolute terms. That said, the black man in that scenario will almost certainly be faster, particularly over longer distances (short distance speed is tied closely to absolute strength).
      Now, we are all still part of the human species. And, as species go, humans are remarkably undiverse. We are very genetically homogeneous. And if you want to take some pleasure or comfort in that, feel free. But the fact remains, black people are significantly less intelligent than all other races. There’s a lot of great resources out there about the racial distribution of intelligence, you should really look into it.

      1. Sub-Saharan Africa was not Stone Age. They were making iron weapons and tools and bronze sculptures far long before 1500. You can’t claim any culture is Stone Age when they have metallurgy. Any culture making iron tools is by definition NOT stone age.
        And even if you don’t believe blacks had any significant presence in ancient Egypt, the Nubians further south were definitely black and a civilization and built ancient structures that still stand to this day.

        1. This racist line is so tiresome. The racists always say that Blacks lived in the Stone Age, and it is so wrong. As you say, any group in the Iron Age is for sure not in the Stone Age. Also groups with agriculture are ALL outside the Stone Age per se, because the term Stone Age implies hunter-gatherers with no ag. Blacks have had agriculture for a very long time (they were perhaps the first agriculturalists on Earth!).

      2. “But the fact remains, black people are significantly less intelligent than ***all other races.***”
        And another thing. Why are people always saying this? It’s not true. The San Bushman and the Australoids are not Negroes, but they have lower IQs. So why are Negros always been ranked as the least intelligent race when they aren’t? At least by measurement of IQ?

        1. How about some early examples of iron nails, forged hammers, cross cut saws, axes and mauls to create lumber and for basic construction..?
          Any examples of hammer forged swords, suits of armor, plows, disc harrows, iron pipe work for conveying water, gun barrels..?
          Any examples from this time period of their mastery of iron work to create time pieces, instruments [musical, surgical and industrial], how about some iron wheel rims.[not “spinner” rims]…?
          It is ridiculous to think that a people who were for the most part a continent of unclothed primitive savages with no written history, poorly developed languages, virtually nothing at all to contribute to the advancement of mankind …..have so many “shills” working 24 / 7 to manufacture tales of great negro accomplishment while the working class White Man is forced shovel metric tons of support at the helpless negroes so they have food, clothing, shelter and medical care handed to them on a silver platter. What this has accomplished is an exponential population explosion so that now the negroe’s situation is less sustainable than ever before the White Libtards’ failed intervention.
          It will require nothing short of a global SHTF to clean this mess up.

        2. I never saw this person’s reply to me until now. But look at these people. They are literally OFFENDED if show that blacks were anything other than savage animals swinging from vines. Think about that. It actually PISSES THEM OFF if you have ANYTHING positive to say about Africans.
          And if you’re reading this, why the hell are you asking me to show you evidence of African iron tools? A fucking google search could’ve answered this for you. If you are too lazy to look for yourself, I will provide it for you:

    2. thatsme
      Indonesians indeed discovered Madagascar earlier than Africans.
      So did Arabs-Sinbad the sailor, based on an Iraqi sailor whose “Roc” was an elephant bird that was hunted to extinction.

  6. Ook okk, eek eek. Once SHTF Day arrives, your beliefs will all get sorted out as to who did what, who is capable of what, etc. Good Luck with your belief system if that is what will see you through the real test of what you know about life.

    1. I know this is about a year old, but you know, before Rome colonized them Western Europe wasn’t that advanced either, before contact and interaction with Rome neither was Northern Europe. It took exposure to the knowledge of Mediterranean which borrowed quite a bit from North African and Middle Eastern knowledge before most of Europe made real progress. The reason Western Europe and Northern Europe was able to strive is because of the knowledge they gained from the Romans and that they were treated with more respect than Europe gave Sub Saharan Africa.

      1. Northern Europe truly sped ahead with the industrial revolution and factories might have been a cultural product of Anglo-Saxon and German social organization.
        As late as the Renaissance, Northern Europe was somewhat behind Southern Europe.
        When Rome was building English roads the Ireland was full Gaelic warlords galloping around with heads in sacks on horses.

  7. Shang Dynasty of Ancient China
    In a genetic study published in the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science Genetic,” researchers found evidence showing the first African arrived in China about 60,000 years ago. Researcher and population geneticist Li Jin states, “Our work shows that modern humans first came to southeast Asia and then moved later to northern China. This supports the idea that modern humans originated in Africa.”
    A 2009 published essay from the “Light Words from the Dark Continent; A Collection of Essays,” by Nibs Ra and Manu Amun, offers insight to early Chinese civilizations. It states that the first documented governance in China was headed by the Shang or Chiang dynasty in 1500-1000 B.C. King T’ang or Ta, founder of the Shang dynasty, was of African descent. The Shang were also called Nakhi, which literally means “Black” (Na) and “Man” (khi). King T’ang and the Shang dynasty were responsible for unifying China to form their first civilization.

  8. Africa is HUGE. Maps are not to scale. You could fit into Africa all of Europe, the United States, China, India, Japan and the UK. The distance between West and East Africa is almost 2000 miles greater than the sailing distance between Europe and the United States. So there was plenty of land mass to satisfy natural human curiosity to explore without having to sail anywhere.
    Moreover, Africa just wasn’t built for seafaring. It’s inland waters were largely unnavigable, and it had virtually no natural harbors. Europe was replete with natural harbors, calm waters and was a stones throw away from oceans in every direction.
    Finally, Africans were content, with plentiful resources and a land mass as large as oceans. There was very little incentive to explore beyond the continent.

    1. I have to admit, all of what you said what very consistent and makes sense for geographical reason why Seafaring didn’t develop that strongly in Africa regarding it’s geography.
      It’s no coincidence that the best seafarers in the History were Greece, Phoenicia, Britain, Polynesia, and Japan that all lived on land masses to support such a tradition.
      Even then, the Ibo, Fante, and Kru people in particular were well revered in the past by Europeans as canoe men, especially the Coastal Kru people.

      1. Phil says:

        Even then, the Ibo, Fante, and Kru people in particular were well revered in the past by Europeans as canoe men, especially the Coastal Kru people.

        Yes, West Africans had naval battles with Europeans. The speed and maneuverability of their war canoes made them very formidable.

        1. Well “river battles”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure the technical uses of “naval” would be with the sea.
          Regarding such battles I believe mainly within Nigeria with SE Traders of Oil and other commodities, particular canoe cannon wielding Ibos.
          The others mainly used it for trade or fishing but nonethless were commended with either their craftmanship or dexterity in crude waters.

        2. Phil,
          I believe any waterborne military activity is naval.
          I’d highly recommend Warfare in Atlantic Africa by John Thornton:

          This book will be especially illuminating to people who thought that Africans were pushovers who were easily conquered. Not so, in terms of military capabilities, weaponry and tactics, Africans and Europeans were more or less at parity until the late 19th century. Prior to that time Europeans suffered a great many defeats against African armies and navies. This is why the colonization of Africa happened so late and could therefore be reversed.

      2. PHIL
        Sinbad the Sailor was an Arab and this is how Muslim spread to Indonesia.
        Phoenicians sailed around the Mediterranean, that is about it.
        Japan and Britain far later.
        Not that I am a great lover of Arabs or dislike them, but as far as sea trade goes they were at it first.

    2. North of Senegal people are Berber and Arab so you cannot classify these region as African-it’s the Middle East.
      East Africa has an Arab and even ancient Hebrew influence from Somalia down to Kenya.
      Only West Africa is truly Africa and this, not Egypt or Libya, is where blacks in the Americas are from.

  9. I love black people. My work with the best left wing negro of 2016 awards allows me to meet with some of my the best blacks around. Do not tell anyone but j zee is among the contenders for his outstanding work in the hilary campaign.

  10. 91st c. CE If you read the article titled Madagascar in Malayo/Polynesian Myth” by Keith Hall, you’ll find find “Indonesians” from Island Southeast Asia (= ISEA) arriving in Madagascar and choosing wives from a pre-existing population there.
    This would indicate the “Great Island” had been settled long before any arrivals from ISEA. Roger Blench has argued on linguistic grounds that could have occurred between ca. 500/300 BCE. Even earlier dates are put forward by Felix Chami in a number of works (some are online).
    The great adherent of “Indonesians” being first to the Great Island was the great British maritime historian named James Hornell (esp. in JRAI 1938). His conclusions have also been attached to comments made by Pliny (1st. c. C.E. Roman) describing seagoing vessels called rati on the Indian Ocean.
    My difficulty with this is that, as rati translates as raft, this calls for seacraft with no oars or sails being moved for 3,500/4,000 miles on not just a sea but an entire ocean by ocean drift alone. For a people with so considerable a maritime reputation behind, this strikes me as an unlikely scenario.
    Hornell’s works were highly influential and he too held views that Africans were too dim-witted to have developed watercraft. In the case of West Africa, this tends to overlook the massive variety of rivercraft there. Nor should the extensive river-based trade-routes of the great West African rivers be ignored.
    As to what may or may not have happened regarding West African ships of Precolonial Africa, see Michael “Dawn Voyage”. Another attempt is also made and described in an obscure German journal by a Polish author in English.
    Instructive here is the scholastic treatment of the Battle of Morbihan Bay (in Brittany in Northwest France) given by Julius Caesar (1st C. BCE Roman). He tells us his fleet sunk 220 ships of the Venetic Celts of Brittany. This is a small Bay with a relatively shallow sea, yet not a single wreck has been found of the Venetic fleet supposedly sunk by the Romans despite diligent searches.
    Despite no archaeological back-up, Caesar’s report regularly appear in serious nautical histories, so this means any efforts at reconstructing Venetic ships are as theoretical as doing so for West African seacraft.
    Lastly, as to Malian sailors on the Atlantic Coast of Precolonial Africa, there is the al-Umari account of what elsewhere I have called “The Returned Captain”. It has much in common with the ancient Egyptian “Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor” The latter also occurs in sober-minded maritime histories, despite containing some very obvious mythology.

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