Did These Guys Take Down My Blogger Site?

Keep in mind that I haven’t the faintest or tiniest idea about who reported my site for TOS violations or why it was reported. I’m only aware of one case of the site getting flagged for TOS violation, and that was by a Jewish guy in Tampa who worked for the ADL. After fighting with him for a while, the guy later sort of became my friend after I convinced him that I was just a Commie anti-Zionist and not a Nazi Holocaust Revisionist after all.
I don’t have anything against the guy right now (He is what he is) but for a while there, I wanted to strangle the guy. Slowly. Personally.
Well, that’s just one report. It takes lots of reports to bring a site down. The first shutdown resulted in an interstitial warning box, but then there was another flood of complaints and even the warning box went down, and now only I can get in, and I’m terrified they are going to delete the whole site.
So who did it and why? Who knows? There were gore videos on the site, mostly videos of beheadings released by terrorist groups or guerrillas as propaganda. That could have caused the complaints. Blogger is such a crappy platform that they take down your site and the assholes never even tell you why. You can email them a million times and they will never respond once. That’s what I call customer service!
There is an interesting group that is involved in mass reporting of TOS violations for blogs that they don’t like. They claim to have shut down many Blogger blogs, to have banned many Youtube videos and users, many Facebook groups (106 at last count) and many Wikipedia users and they have rewritten many Wikipedia articles. It was clowns like this that got me banned from Wikipedia. They work with these neocon weenies to try to get users and videos banned from Youtube. They are also going after Digg, MySpace and Google Earth. Google Earth?! Digg?!
I don’t have direct evidence that they shut down my site, but they are definitely going after Blogger sites:

Report Jew-Hating Blogs in Less Than a Minute
Click here and then click “submit”. Then come back here and do the same thing with this one. Do this many times a day. Many days a week and share it with all your friends and email lists. The blogs in question are some of the most hateful sites we have seen and clearly against Blogger’s own rules.

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15 thoughts on “Did These Guys Take Down My Blogger Site?”

  1. Such a shame about your other blog – I hope you can get the old posts imported here eventually; there was a ton of excellent material there going back a long time.
    The JIDF is just more proof of how much organized Jewry hates freedom of speech and views the internet as a potentially dangerous realm because it is beginning to expose the full extent of Jewish hegemony and power; thus organized Jewry is at the forefront to stifle freedom of speech and restrict the free flow of information on the internet.

  2. Damn that’s some scary shit there dude. My first gut reaction would be to counter attack them for abuse of the first amendment and to go on and start reporting pro-Israeli sites on the same platform, but that would be a waist of my personal time. Plus I wouldn’t want to get on their plug list. Actually I’m sort of surprised that I’m not. It goes to show that you cannot under any circumstances say anything which could be construed as a negativity towards the fucking kikes in Israel and there lackeys here. And I suppose that you’re going to delete my comments here which probably deserves it.

  3. ‘Jewish Internet Defense Force’? Fuck me! Next they’ll be holding internet Nuremberg trials. Well, they’re going to have their work cut out with Not-in-yahoo! and Lieberman at the helm of the jewish and democratic state.
    Do you know anything about the Wiki editor Slim Virgin i.e. ex-Mi5, now Mossad, operative Linda Mack. Neil Clark, British journalist and blogger, drew my attention to her – he had a run-in with her on wiki, and so did a lot of other people. I googled the name, and there’s a lot of stuff about her; it’s an interesting case study, because she’s obviously just one of many.

  4. Yeah, I think Slim Virgin is Jewish, but she’s too weird and screwed up to be a spy for anyone, much less the MI5 or the Mossad. Maybe spy agencies use those people against their will, but no way was she an actual operative.
    She’s very fragile emotionally and always seems like she’s ready to fall apart. She’s one of those very sensitive people who you have to be very easy around or it looks like she is going to break out in tears. In college, she broke down in crying spells regularly and the word on her was to be very careful around her. Some guy broke up with her and she totally fell apart. She moved back to Canada and I’m not even sure if she works. She may suffer from Depression.
    I mean, she’s a Sayanim, sure, there’s 100’s of millions of Jewish Sayanim all over the Earth. Any Jew can be a Sayanim. But she’s no agent.

  5. Yeah, did you read some of the posts on the JITF site. They were bragging about how Jews run Google, Facebook, Youtube and Blogger and how the Jews can use any and all of these groups to get what they want. They especially implied that Google, etc (Blogger, Youtube) was amenable to Jewish pressure, being run by Jews. I’m not sure if it’s true, but it pisses me off when Jews get so arrogant and start prancing around like that. I feel like I want to hit them. They’re so infuriating.
    No whisker, that post won’t get deleted. Read the comments rules. Mostly you just can’t attack me and that’s about it.

  6. Yeah they really make you hate them. When I was dealing with those kinds of Jews a while back, I was working myself into paroxysms of fury, and I don’t anger too easily. And I had to keep checking myself to make sure I didn’t let it carry over to Jews in general.
    Glad to hear you joined that group. I’m proud of you.

  7. I know the feeling. I know that Jews have as many views as there are points on a compass, but they have one commonality, when they feel threatened they circle the wagons. The would be rulers of minds want this, as it plays into there hands and strengthens their most extreme elements.
    Your critics are operating from Joseph Goebbels playbook which says “…The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” When you tell the truth you become the enemy.
    The problem now is that the people can no longer be shielded from the economic consequences of America’s disastrous policies.
    Of interest to me, and pertaining to this subject is that in China today has a best selling book entitled “the currency wars” which claims that Jews are conspiring to take over the world. Japan also discusses this subject quite openly. Japan had first hand experience when Jacob Schiff bought there bonds in 1905 enabling them to defeat Russia, from which they concluded that Jewish finance pulls a lot of strings. I’m not sure how Asian understanding can help our freedom of speech, but the problem with this scenario is that anyone or any country which raises issues about Jewish influence, will become America’s enemy.
    It looks like the government is going to take the velvet gloves off, and or send us to war. Good luck!

  8. hen they feel threatened they circle the wagons. The would be rulers of minds want this, as it plays into there hands and strengthens their most extreme elements.
    Yes, Kevin MacDonald has three crucial essays. In one of them, he goes into this. I think it is the “Understanding Jewish Power” series.
    I’m not sure about Chinese and Japanese anti-Semitism. It’s been going on, especially in Japan, for ages, and neither country has hardly any Jews at all. Furthermore, the Chinese at least are known as the Jews of Asia. It just shows me that you don’t even need Jews in your society to have lots of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism develops even in the absence of Jews.
    I know at least the Chinese feel very threatened by Jews. They think of them as some kind of Supermen and worry that as soon as they let Jews into China, they will take the place over. If you go on Chinese boards, you will see a lot of Chinese nationalists saying, “We don’t want any Jews in China!”

  9. I guess that’s my thing about Jews: How the Hell do they do it, anyway?
    Another of my attitudes about Jews is I hope one hires me. I’d rather work for some brainy, neurotic Jewish intellectual guy than most dumbed-down, unreflective NASCAR Gentiles who can’t even spell simple words and sneer whenever anyone says the word “college.”

  10. Blogger is such a crappy platform that they take down your site and the assholes never even tell you why. You can email them a million times and they will never respond once. That’s what I call customer service!
    If it was the gory videos, they would have told you that it was the gory videos. If it was something you said about race and IQ, they would have said it was something you said about race and IQ. That they didn’t tell you is a good clue that it was something you said about Jews.
    Anyway, it’s interesting to look at that JIDF site. Lots of internet hubs are owned by Jews – Google (which owns Blogger, YouTube, etc.) as well as Facebook. Thus far these sites have been relatively light on censorship but it looks like this may be changing. JIDF would not be nearly as successful as it is without substantial cooperation from the owners of these sites.
    Jews absolutely cannot permit free speech among the goyim and retain their position of power in the US and the world, now that the internet is on the rise and the power of the mass media is on the decline. I predict we will see increasing attempts by Jews to formally eliminate the freedom of speech in America during the next few years.

  11. I have questions or answers taken down from Yahoo answers all the time, and I’ve tried to find out why, and the silence is deafening. None of my qs have anything to do w/ Jews or Israel. I’ve even had perfectly (to my eyes) legitimate auctions pulled from Ebay for “misrepresentation.” Again, I ask why, and receive no answer. That’s the nature of these internet cos. They will remove something if pretty much *anybody* complains or is offended, because it’s just easier for them, and they won’t respond to inquiries, cuz they usually don’t know or care themselves. But of course I’ve gotta be lying to you, after all, just look at my name.

  12. But of course I’ve gotta be lying to you, after all, just look at my name.
    Examples of the kind of stuff that got pulled? You may be telling the truth, I have no clue.
    Okay, I guess it’s not surprising that they aren’t telling Robert why his site got pulled – in any case, Blogger doesn’t pull much stuff, and they certainly don’t pull everything that somebody complains about. Do you seriously doubt that his site got pulled for something he said about Jews?

  13. To be honest, I have no way of knowing who pulled the site or why. Blogger looks at a site after lots of complaints. If the complaints seem reasonable, they pull the site.
    Blogger doesn’t know what in the fuck they are doing. A more customer-hostile corporation does not exist. There is no customer service, ever.
    I received a notice just after my site got pulled. Some Blogger Support, in China, in Chinese! I guess they were telling me my sie got pulled. 2 weeks later I got another mail from Blogger Support, in France, in French! I don’t know what they were telling me. There was no way to email them back.
    My friends who got their sites pulled said there was no way to find out why they got pulled. I know a couple of people who got pulled who were running pro-Palestinian blogs. I’ve heard of some other folks getting pulled who were running obviously extreme White nationalist or neo-Nazi blogs.
    Those are the only pullings I ever heard about.
    I suspect it was the gore vids myself, but I have no evidence one way or the other.
    The Zionist Jews are the only organization I know that is running a huge campaign to get Blogger sites pulled, so that’s suspicious.
    At the moment, we must admit that the whole thing is just a mystery, and all we have are guesses.

  14. “Do you seriously doubt that his site got pulled for something he said about Jews?”
    It’s possible or even probable. This group–I want to call them Likudniks, but really they’re just people for whom Zionism is The Most Important Thing–is a group that has learned to abuse an already broken system.
    OTOH, maybe it’s the Hindu Nationalists. I’d really be pissed off at Robert if I was one of them!:)

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