Sophia Loren is 74 Years Old?

I just got a brief glimpse of her on the Academy Awards, and boy, she sure is hot. I had no idea a 74 year old woman could look so great. Sophia Loren at age 72. Hot!
Check out Raquel Welch at 67. Oh baby! Come to papa! Raquel is 1/2 Bolivian, and is considered a “Bolivian-American”. Glad to hear they export something other than tin down there.
Old age isn’t looking so bad after all.
Time hasn’t been quite so kind to Brigette Bardot though, 68 years old.

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14 thoughts on “Sophia Loren is 74 Years Old?”

  1. Bardot is a WN, so she gets extra points in my book. I am not sure of Sophia is. Plastic surgery made her look good for her age.

  2. Damn! Did you see that pic of Raquel Welch at 67 I just added? Whoa baby! Dang, some chicks look hot even into old age somehow.
    I don’t believe that Sophia Loren has had plastic surgery. I just asked a friend of mine that and she said she didn’t think so. I’m looking at some blog posts about Loren’s Oscar appearance, and some are saying she’s ugly, but I thought she was a babe in the brief glance I got. Once you get into the 70’s, it’s going to be hard as Hell to keep looking good.
    Does it seem like women age faster than men? Seems like there are a lot of guys that keep looking good into their 50’s, 60’s and maybe even 70’s, but it’s not so common with women.

  3. Scott, I don’t believe in that crap about racism means you think one race is better than the other. By that standard, most of except PC idiots are racists. You know full well what I mean when I call Sailer that. I’m really disgusted in him. He was keeping his head above this for a long time, but now he’s really getting down in the mud. Shame.

  4. Hoff. Even though I agree with most everything you wrote in your anti-Semitic diatribe, you were rude, condescending, repetitive, and didn’t deliver the goods. Further your jacking the hosts thread about a hot old Italian lady.
    I’ve always loved Sofia. I adore Italian ladies. My current GF is awesome in so many ways, so very smart, but she lacks the sense of femininity that Latin women possess. Among other things I’m a chauvinist pig. The little Italian cutie I left back in Utah never farted in front of me, never picked at herself in front of me. Sure she only had a fifty IQ, could not drive, and lied like Abe Foxman at a holocaust conference, but she smelled sweet and sounded melodic, and was 100% woman. My life is screwed. She has remarried, but wants me back, and I’m planning on going back to get her next month. I’ll loose the best woman I have ever had, and be a home wrecker to boot. What else can I say. Italian women are hot!

  5. Yeah, I love Italian chicks. We have a lot of them in the city where I live now. The Italians are like the White ruling class of this now-Hispanic Valley town. One thing I’ve always hated about Nordicists is their hatred of Italians and other Meds. Those are some of my favorite White people. N Europeans are often just so cold. S Europeans really love life!
    I even like Latinas for a lot of the reasons you just described. The good ones are 100% women and feminine all the way. Plus they really make you feel like a man.

  6. Damn, she is hot!
    Do you see that other woman looking at Loren Mansfield’s tits? LOL.

    The other women is SL.
    Hoff. Even though I agree with most everything you wrote in your anti-Semitic diatribe, you were rude, condescending, repetitive, and didn’t deliver the goods.
    Yes, I know that I was, is rude. Yes, I play god, thats how the mafia jews do it. But I actually think I was pretty nice. Belive me, I can be RUDE. My point to repeat the stupid and ignorant is to wake people up. If they dont underrstand what Im saying, then they are — stupid. And stupidity is a political powertool.
    I will deliver, but not right now.

  7. I think we had this discussion about how women age badly. Generally it is true, but then I began to think how fortunate I am to know so many women in real life who have aged very well. Of course our media driven culture is pretty cruel even to women who make the effort to stay hot into middle age and beyond.

  8. There are 18,000 Jews in Sweden.
    What’s weird is I’ve already met 2 of them on the Internet. What’s the likelihood of that?
    I don’t think there is a lot of anti-Semitism in Swedish society. For such a small community, the Swedish Jews do have some power, esp media, but they don’t dominate any aspect of the country by any means. They’re mostly German and Prussian Jews who came there from 1600’s on, fleeing anti-Semitism. They were treated pretty bad at first, but they’ve been liberated since around 1850 or so.
    What bred his obsession with jews?
    Dunno, why don’t you ask him? Other than his anti-Semitism, I kind of like him. He’s a pretty nice guy aside from that.

  9. To Olive – Go fuck yourself!
    l have nothing but the utmost contempt for stupid fucks that complains on peoples grammar. Only really stupid fuckbrains complain about peoples grammar.

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